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Mustard and Johnson Open up Discussing the Patriots Latest Cuts and of course…TIM TEBOW!

Aug 31, 2013|

Craig and LJ kick off Sports Saturday talking about the Pats’ final preseason game Thursday night and the performance of Tim Tebow. All signs are pointing to Timmy making the team, but why? Is it as simple as “in Bill we trust”?

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It is mustard and Johnson on this five and Saturday who labored days here for most people it's a weekend of rest. British teacher a weekend of dread in paranoia as the school's season begins on September 2 but we're not gonna worry about that. We have plenty to talk about of course this afternoon. Or this evening depending on your perspective 6 PM is the deadline all NFL teams -- down to. 53 players. On their roster. Patriots obviously down the 72 Jake Ballard and gain -- as yesterday. Getting cut at the tight end spot but all eyes will be on fox -- late this afternoon early this evening. As we ponder the fate once again. Of number five in your program number one in your hearts mr. Tim Tebow and Larry any thoughts. In these waning hours leading up until 6 PM tonight. I -- Karen ingredient of The Herald my favorite reporters having a great point when they came to the quarterbacks and she Marla said is it. Is that something that it may be Tivo was here this day no matter how worried -- how bad in the pre season perhaps. A -- help from -- the other night six for 112 touchdowns one interception. You were out the game. Yeah that was you -- -- -- -- No stone unturned you know which is probably sitting back on years ago for you know flipping through but I am at about 11 o'clock are very happy about that a -- actually you know -- it is you strategize that close after the stadium I have one life. Drove us to the game in the -- elect picked this up probably you merry meet people the American friends wife or -- this up my my bride drove us there we have brought a couple of kids along sat way up. War. In the third deck courtesy of a neighbor -- -- can imagine in the wintertime no noon new and new. But eight and our industry and brought the whole game is on -- Morgan that you daddy I thought you were important. I'll -- Either that is exterminated at our house a few years ago. So we were there on hand not that we had any kind of view except the birds I want. And I think anybody who witnessed the game live or on television much at the same verdict. He looked completely befuddled. And be mused. Throughout most of the third quarter then got. Lucky on that touchdown pass great -- catch by the receiver some phantom defense by the giants secondary Sims are right I was young and so I actually missed the final touchdown with six seconds left but I did see the interception so in between the two touchdown passes. -- and you know I'm sure the I did not tape the game -- -- sink to that locating well I'm gonna be taping our game for the pre season. But they imagine. The the wise men on the television set did donors -- we noticed. Over in a Gillette Stadium. The Tim -- perhaps takes a little bit. Too long to decide what to do with the football you and I discussed this a couple of weeks ago with him and in his game and his ability. -- four sacks. 52 yard touchdown and them the last minute. Touchdown what's -- about this whole thing is people are talking about Tebow this morning -- -- not talking about mallet. The backup to Brady. Who I thought looked terrific. Touchdown passes that early and he asked what I liked about him -- each game he was getting better. And that -- today -- past -- their party yet to judge Boris who made a great catch on that. But that's all lost in the wash -- it does come down the Tebow what I like him to make that team yes. Why. I don't know. You've been pretty that best I I got lucky you. I think you respect as a Christian Chris and respect him as I respect and Terry in you know that. Thankfully. Two years ago we have this debate that issue and I but anybody who had this debate. Always. Allow religion on some level to creep in in the thing about this controversy slash debate. Slash argument this time around religion is not a factor now and I don't think he has been. Over exuberant about it. Or Europe is down something that. Think. Yeah I'm blessed because of my faith that. Not to worry about the future then there -- my future and not thanks to use that as you could say. -- is something I try to live by and them. And you know really gives you a lot of peace in whatever circumstance here and. That is true though I mean to say that this were numbered Romans 828 has all things work for the -- for those who love the lord according to -- perfect well in purpose so. The vols who are Christian in lean on that perspective. Then you realize god does hold your future if you worry in his whales slow. -- some point in I agree with another thing he said earlier is you know I -- I go out to the best I can and I have no control over what's gonna happen and that's -- -- version now the other pot -- this is you know and I know we like I said you can pick up I'd newsprint product or magazine at a point to a second you can -- whether or not the person the good writer. I can do that with which with religion -- with with a good article on the they would Tivo offers not unconnected to your book what I'm saying is the danger and all of this is like you were headed toward Rolling Stone here for I don't know no -- -- that -- that danger in all of this however is if you -- football player. A teammate. You know whether or not a guy can play and really I don't care whether you -- -- where the Brady where the or anybody. You can tell within a matter of like I said yet whether your nights are criticize my play and I'm not even our football. Ex football player I can tell instantly he could play he saw the guys who play the game. They can tell whether or not you can play and they really can't and so if they keep Tivo on the squad. -- have to wonder if it was expense. Who was being cut for him to stay on the team. It would play not to play is can do anything about it but will they be satisfied with that because is that message. You wanna put the best 53 men on this team. What -- the message be somewhat hampered -- -- if you keep Tebow in the players know he's not the best he is not one of the better place to be on the well. And you think about how much they thought they had pulled off a -- couple years ago when he picked up Jake Ballard after the giants figured they could cut remembering him back. Ballard was cut a couple days yesterday actually. The of the -- man. And you have such fell as your only only -- as big -- is coming back -- -- take him up with I don't know. Well you'd think that Ballard. Would be a better fit on I'm 53 man roster. That you never know with tight ends that that that particular position seems to have its share of injuries. Mean while looking at the quarterback position. It has just two quarterbacks really for the last season's three quarterbacks has appeared to be imperative. The knowing the technology now is the only thing I can guess it is just a guess him and they called the practices in the media and everything obvious things going on. That we simply not privy to. With forgot to Tivo ave while losing I got it out quick I don't know I don't play that throw that out right where they're asked to be -- he's got film on people. There has to be I don't that he could be the one I don't either but Belichick has been known to our. Have some run into -- video. Let me put it this way I think that there -- two schools of ball one was uttered by marks where if you might averted on replay this morning he was -- Earlier this week with Mike's all guys guess Hollywood's out but whenever. I'm Ivan yesterday Chatham is onto a jab jab which yesterday I heard the report this -- I've -- twice now. -- -- theory is. That he'll be used essentially as a -- player. That any time they played a wild cat or some sort of running oriented quarterback. Tim Tebow provide the necessary scouting. Position. Yet again over the last several years they played plenty -- -- teams who would employ a breast of our -- is actually help you vote if you can't -- right. But they're -- out that's the point it's it's against teams that will. Run the football a little bit more different kinds of sets that are not the traditional drop back pocket pass passing oriented attack so perhaps. He's gonna be used as his scalp where -- where it's. Theory that seems credible. And care hysteria I agree with two other people of a voice this is that they knew from the minute. That they signed this guy. That no matter what happening camp this was a long term. Developmental. Situation in had nothing to do with what he did against the giants and Thursday. Or what he did against hand forward didn't do against the Eagles. They were pretty much pretty much their minds were set. That this was going to be a player was going to be on the roster come pardon the expression come dollar Iowa dot com as stretch it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other theory is in in light of the need in this thing and just how a cloud that is hanging over this team right now. Would you want a guy like T ball on your team. He's a good team guy seems to be likable. To any help in anyway in a much heart and -- running -- he -- Hernandez. I'm just trying to thank you if you want a more positive influence on the team now because this Hernandez thing. As we all know is getting uglier and uglier by the day it's not going away but the reason Rolling Stone article on the light years. -- problem. Bill Belichick -- I think has earned an established a reputation as. A guy that is cold calculating. Essentially. A an assassin when it comes to being coach and I hate to use that word because in light of Hernandez bank. But this guy is not warmed by as we understand it. Passion and I understand that if he's always said it right at numerous times so what I do right what is best for the football right now and I'm not sure that the in whatever intangible. That Tim Tebow brings whatever from robbery. Whenever he brings into the locker room or perhaps even on the sideline. I just don't think it translates into bill Belichick's world. The Bill Belichick cares about. That Tim Tebow was -- nice guy that he spreads goodwill and fellowship route that the team is to have I think he likes him. Because obviously he's had dinner with them before he even went into the MF now when he tried to endorse him in a sense to help promote that way at the key. Likes of -- knows he's a good guy. Does that translate into a you know I like come so therefore I want among my team -- he's never operated that way and it's a dangerous way. To operate you can't operate. In in signed players on your team based on the fact that he's a good. Now here's the same guy -- know this was eon ago you know another lifetime in Cleveland here's the guy that replaced very popular and fairly effective Bernie costar. Maybe you -- your properties future that we did not do. Who have been replaced him -- Vinny Testaverde and you know that was a cold and calculated. In that was certainly. He was not being mr. empathetic with put it that way I just don't see. Bill Belichick this is not. The -- the person that we now this is -- very uncharacteristic. Hold on to this guy unless he's just trying to prove to the rest of the league. That Tim Tebow has some value. That the jets couldn't tap that may be Denver -- -- happy -- let's just advance -- -- last week it was totally absurd he's gonna keep Tebow just to stick -- to the -- that that's absurd but -- think about it step back for a second because I know you worship at the -- -- bill -- I -- and -- an -- -- -- a bill we -- guy you really are -- and you have to admit that -- -- so I don't -- -- -- I don't -- war is being -- in his baffled by this as everybody -- you you. Market I don't think anybody can make this statement I don't think anybody -- -- any of the re write any of our writers down I don't think anybody. Understands. Within the information that we have right Tebow should make this team is that a fair common right but because you are and Belichick. You are going who -- -- power to him on that. I'm not sure that he deserves discount department. Is definitely excused rate at W -- Tebow in every practice. While -- pleased about -- -- -- -- why he's got something now as we are I think OK well over forty who tries to make the decision very well it's all right quarter -- Morales just turn off the better yet let's just put a big giant rubber stamp on the show bill let's get down on Sundays we are not worthy world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And things that you if anything is again. Who do you trust or -- podium in front -- that some baseline -- our discussion now wells not us but I don't have any update him. Written when he was arrested and Larry is discovered the Belichick knows more about football the -- -- any other company now arms thing in this case. I differ that decision over to him and kind of deferred to -- it broke out on a light years I didn't I didn't agree with the fourth and Joseph went and had a lot and I don't like is our post game proud confident. A lot of things I don't like that you and withering and you're not crossing the Yemeni national and I want my humps things. He has been out there every day he knows every single player on this team what they can do them but they can't do I mean again thank you but as a football players play football. Well. Now now you're going to your right you've convinced. It's a persuasive. The I sent it to you before I said it's up to me. I'd like on the team I don't that we cut like I said he's an interesting story the good guys. And but it but I know hey Matt we jump in here. As a former as a former giant map definitely watches all of the giant games averaging ballot was nice guy -- Cry about it out what was her it could happen to her -- -- guys. -- Visit. That I characters and try to stay out and I said to you if he makes that team I do not understand why how that. Right what you want to make the team I'd like to make it make. -- Did this guy is story. It out okay and I say this. Hey I beat you don't you teammate Tebow on the team -- it seems like a good guy in and -- now we don't mean again and then. Football players play football. -- -- -- it to -- agree and this. If he makes the team. It will be because Belichick knows something about him that I cannot agree but why would he make the demon I have no. Clue when -- performed a -- all. Right but problem we have seen right but broadly accept efficiencies and there is nothing that this guy has done that convinces us that he should make the team right I don't we both agree I think Karen's point which has been echoed throughout the Boston media is they were dead set on including him on the 53 man roster. No matter what he did within the next -- why. That that I guess is the next question and then I think it comes down hubris I think that Josh McDaniels needs to -- ridiculous legitimized. A first round pick from three years ago now let's face in retrospect that horrible. Would you admit that -- Stocks but that we -- get I patriots suck up it was a horrible crazy it is and I efficacy and I know check it out out there and I -- edit your ballot check really wanted to drive your favorite -- -- the -- under an -- that agencies and well because anybody who -- Big teams not to practices. -- games. We said at a week or two ago he has trouble. Making the read right he waits too long. -- you have the past when the receivers. Making the break not when he's already at his destination -- what happens is when you see Tebow. Looking completely confused. And holding onto the ball too long and and giving up almost sacks in the as a real news that those are. Off -- what kind -- update and now the status and let's face it in pianist. I was -- you've got to write the operative line I that there conspiring -- eggs at the Ottawa preserve their own Ross council got a couple of eight the assortment well -- just to stay on. -- -- his -- 767. 737. Jake Ballard not a good guy. Good guy. Football players play football. We're reserves to make it then that's. Those are the guys we have to keep him because that. Don't make -- sometimes or home but that's that's our -- Will he or won't he only his head coach knows for sure that would be Bill Belichick future of Tim Tebow is in his hands decision is probably -- even maiden. There is certain school fought that was echoed throughout the Boston media over the last several days that. Mcdaniels and bella check -- they're gonna keep this guy no matter what he did. In the. In the pre season games or on the practice field it was a done deal at a completely. Tim Tebow will be your third quarterback. With the 2013. Seasons would now go to the phones but just quickly. Don't you really think that mcdaniels knew where they were getting. Before they. Get to where it's a shark may even thought he'd be a little better there -- all -- -- -- I thought the game the other night I am. He did complete six past. What is the parade. Maybe he's he's -- didn't get down into the ramp and in the end I didn't notice as I think I could -- -- -- guys that got that touchdown I doubt it. Well you know you I want him to keep -- okay I'm on the racquet I hope we keep them. Because. Because I think he's got one there of -- we. Our expo here. And genius that I -- go bad -- yes indeed well and you want him cut because you don't like a lot of things on the podium you know it's it's funny because I was defending him to the hill and religion has absolutely nothing to do I know that all I know I'm out of that you know don't even notice it in -- He's -- very little about it that's the great thing about being on this team. Because you really cannot express yourself and in Bill Belichick land so that's a good thing he's kept the religion to a minimum. My question is for a team that has not carry three quarterbacks for several seasons why we're why now because he's more than a quarterback. -- -- He couldn't and special teams he could be Iran and that -- I have an option and I MB and H I am just get a what. Where it said. -- Mike -- and Matt Chatham yesterday. There are many good points and here's a guy that you know you might respect Belichick is more football knowledge then all of us. I'm respects -- knowledge the ESPN commentator former lost about a hundred pounds of of these linemen that come on like about what you are -- retired but you insinuating something I am. What I am at UCL a -- at Los about a hundred pounds and -- and in three months are you ripping somebody from losing weight yes I am that I'm very offended by. You sensibilities and that it. And his point was you can convert them. Into something that he's not he's never played special teams. One lined up as a tight and or played fullback. He's been a quarterback his whole life Sutley. To be converted we've -- Where you would gentlemen. Andelman is a former quarterback EIA's former quarterback is Tim Tebow gonna go out and play slot receiver now but the president -- his sometimes you can move people around sometime -- are okay. My opinion is very simple if he's on the team is because they know enough about him that they feel we can contribute in some way. -- all while it's ridiculous to have him -- art is now they are now forgetting about what they're hiding there they have this secret melted -- okay if they're going by what we've seen right and he should be cut. Oh okay technical buys the evidence where exactly -- you are not an evidence based by you don't know how walks like I don't know how they make the files that I think I don't. And I'm not sure what ingredient Tim Tebow is contributing Chris in Boston next which radio hey Chris. All -- yet all right I notice smaller guys doing. One more way to work. Arm and dark request action actual I want it was so so quite must actually actually in the future. -- And while that was a few years ago Chris -- make sure you use your words properly I I'll I wanna say I want a statement earlier. There was 97 you're very good memory and you'll freshman year curse out knowledge they're actually saw one actually was round was almost BC. Mr. BC's the idea how do you feel that Craig left the confines. Of Boston teaching for kids who really needed them to vote to an affluent school like Wellesley this is the teachers big -- here. -- look -- world that's our authorities for. You know Chris you know what Chris. I actually would have stayed the the headmaster at the time. Offered me jobs but she left the go to Marblehead high school and I didn't have my principal there. To keep me Omnia faculty so -- ago where the job we what was he -- I. So -- -- I'm going to a tool to how much as the new eyes grew -- -- across about a hundred in 4000 -- 140 million dollar high school out wildly but double the salary hey Chris I love my experience that your house now and I opera that you guys were great bunch of guys I'll never forget it and it was a fantastic experience. How about I tell you what they've done that you gave it to you is automatic in the -- How do you -- it will become what what a joke which a minute we're gonna get a. And -- called crappy article it irritates. Me ending up it's. I'd like. I don't temperature of the drug that Wellesley rigorous -- -- Angel you're listening. What was the joke -- you remember. -- I would -- a set out what it does not -- critically catch out. Belittle. Larry I thought it was the acquaint my dishes. OK anyway they're -- to -- Chris -- have risen by Chris let me ask you this how's life been for you since 97 okay. -- had a guy that the pitches for itself that he and and other in the double brought -- big debate on an army have a back in the playoffs. Well that's the big question are we know they got to win the -- division -- -- -- that Chris thanks so much for calling and -- -- -- about whether things that you need to survive me the mustard student teaching -- hearing Wednesday what was the criteria for getting an eight. I think you could you tell a joke that I don't think it was accomplished to -- I think the obvious that you know the status -- the Gladys but -- -- about being a patriot fan is that they've already won the division this season as he -- -- and the question is when they're playing six games in the worst division perhaps. These sorry is division in all of professional sports I think maybe not an exaggeration and -- that. I mean I think it'll lose a game in the division. See how they're gonna do that. Buffalo can't find a quarterback cop is out for the year Manuel may or may not be ready. But the start of this I mean even Miami get Cleveland to betting game. Really and truly. This is it it's -- in the first game they're playing as against the team it really doesn't require about. Say to me it would be perfect for the bills if patriots actually did cut Tebow but you think obviously. Belichick wouldn't do that the last he's gonna do is cut Tebow make him available for team was desperate for. Portland renewals and yeah who were trying to particularly where the bills back for a home watch and watch out that's got back up. Well that's what you're Saturday. In -- used -- products. You got a hole. You're mocking. Me that's not gonna beat you throwing what he -- I -- I want my practical man -- Karen on the line radio. Even the -- report is don't know bit perplexed. If you talk about you know that's 53 man roster vs up 46 in game day roster. They have worked him a little bit on the punt team then he tried a couple different things. In terms of the idea that if we carry him on our game day roster we might need someone in the event of an emergency. But his ticket to the entire roster that 53 man roster. Is the development at quarterback. And that's Mike -- earlier this week on WEE I am -- -- and an explanation our -- CNN. -- in the seven they want what about the -- -- -- is a great -- that run the scout team given that there are more and more running teams. Using the option more teams using the option like the Redskins and San Francisco and Seattle they need to get better defending that given the weakness of the division yet I don't believe that the 49ers. Or the mom where the hawks for the skins. Happen to be on the schedule this year so so much for that period of may be some teams. With the option quarterbacks perhaps down the line but certainly. On the immediate schedule they needles and a lot of ball indeed any of the Super -- guy's gonna take Brady out of a game in the Super -- or input TT Tim Tebow in. The other problem when you have one of the greatest quarterbacks. In the history of the game. Why would you take him out for any -- wouldn't you wouldn't -- be no scenario if you do take them out everybody and their brother Knowles why you're taking them out. Right so we're all spread the -- a surprise right and you know what we've been discussing missed throughout the pre season and what we saw on Thursday night when I saw. Up close and personal on a firsthand basis did not convince me because it on the other thing is it's amazing how the fans there. Talk about fickle. They're bowing. They're good morning him on every top pass -- -- ten yards over the head of receivers we have a -- couple a lot of violent and I was throwing him pretty lost fully. Data to -- stadium on Thursday that accorsi he connects and that touchdown pass in the bruins' -- years. In a heartbeat so I think people aren't like you -- cannot really make up there my Heinz. What they think about this guy he's he's an interesting story house that. Okay. He's an uninteresting stories uninteresting character I will. I've beyond that Craig I've been very honest with you I don't know because I have not seen enough of him if he were any other player. He wouldn't we we would not be discussing in this morning to you agreed that there is no because his show I'm not saying as evidence. He might in -- my house I -- radio I had no idea. What's happened in my. And I happened to -- Hannity well there was a rocket about. Actually undermine. The advantage in Iraq -- back. And I'm I'll have excellent front I mean obviously but. I'm pretty sure -- let it seems that -- back at scramble around. Do it all about but I Korean guys. Well I don't know how they don't I don't -- look at this way if Manuel is healthy enough the play in the opening game every endeavor to be scrambling to be running for his life right but Tebow could could could play him and it geno Smith. Pockets that not a quarterback for the jets eventually over an hour could be out Sanchez. Well he'd -- -- for geno Smith -- -- be throwing interceptions right but the point is that you're right there are more and more athletic quarterbacks out there who can throw from the pocket but can also run but did not playing anybody like that I haven't I don't have a -- -- -- -- up like the teams that the texture brought up. 49ers on it and. Being -- they say quietly why actual -- Actors are evidently. Well -- we're there will be playing none of them. That they played -- all the jets Tampa Atlanta Cincinnati. Stop me when you hear one New Orleans. Miami Pittsburgh Carolina Denver -- Carolina registered one. Carolina is a pretty good running quarterback there are. The -- -- let's have a brother on November 18 all right you can make a point and believe me I don't think I don't think thanks for the call you can't get anybody to go back there and Larry how. Are. I wrote Joseph I don't understand why -- I want to among us he come out. But I don't have as well but I don't have enough information I have validated -- can -- you were not on the debate team in high school not only not a question of that armed. Saying that there has to be something there it would not saying. There -- -- -- if he makes his team out there is -- -- equality there that we have not privy to I don't know about that I think the quality. -- the leading my conspiracies he's throwing interceptions on purpose. He's he's he's he's training the secondary to be a more more alert ball walking like -- unit that must be. 61777979371. Hour down the got through to go with mustard and Johnson's which radio.

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