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2013 Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon Day 2 Montage

Aug 29, 2013|

Listen to some of the highlights from Day 2 of the 12th annual Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. Thank you for your support

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The. Yeah. People know. Cancer. When they hear and know people. Like I need make no experience women die down you know I've done. Stage -- leading cancer I'm gonna die. It's just a matter of time. -- hasn't happened to an end here today to tell you can still waiting for them next shooter draft and it hasn't charms her own. It's different you're very articulate. In the very confident way about it she. This plan before he -- and I wouldn't say change me just trying to get faster and again you are really -- can't sing and he struggled just -- best opinion I would get like an elegant it. You know little drive and -- they will -- to have quiet lunch and I -- thing. -- -- -- to him every -- and only -- and -- -- one thing to look forward to that's one thing to be happy about it. It was a day that us. She's found out through this storm system in the Daytona. He just -- to write him a letter and just think that's the only contact you -- say thank you can. I'm not to them. I want -- and I was very passionate about him hanging slider and he finally looked at me and said I'm not raining and I complain because he can save my life. You saved my life. Picking -- and passionate about your job. It's good. Knowing that I have an impact on him. And you've been through this process and continue to fight. And your wife Julie maybe ten years and found out recently that she had breast cancer goes inside and turn on. A mastectomy and Dana fibers -- we it's kind of funny it's jokingly I said. We can do -- into dance under. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One of my biggest concerns when he was first diagnosed as we have three other children. Kids and I was trying to figure how we can manage all that's. Kind of -- that as far as you can easily come individual and join the activities can comment that Lisa plans so many special events for the whole family and my son Parker and who just turned seven and at one point recently said you know. -- having cancer can be so much fun but. Patrice Edwards is going towards one year -- -- -- -- ago is Beatrice and he's a disappointment. Another moment like a -- ago so does the fear of the unknown and and from the many want to do you know. Farmer from the very first minute all we got was reassurance that right here in the best care you can't be any way better and we're gonna fight this we have people that -- researching this every day. And it's just unbelievable. How many people are dedicated to. Helping Gavin do business the Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig. Joins us right now thinking I wanna make it right now I'd certainly moved made 60000 dollars and -- and ended the privilege. If -- two members of the Red -- -- partnership and -- Larry -- is with us as is Tom -- this year we we'd like to make -- donation. 100000 dollars I had -- cat scan yesterday which -- unfortunately that I now do have some more ground. And it's now in my lungs so I'm. I'm lucky enough to have qualified thanks to Dana Farber and I'm going to be qualifying for aids clinical trials. So I feel very lucky that I am an independent and another chance until I can keep. -- in the lottery here. Tell me about New Year's Eve I had a stroke on museum into 2010. Where where you always. In the hospital. None of -- -- -- rounds and then we'd just come home from the hospital. And now after the woman of the truck. And he said I can't tell when the charts and among them in an ambulance on the senate -- But I -- -- now. It looks great news. -- always good to see you see them. And you only do amend this is what it's all about research dollars and now I want you to show on TV are tolerant family bear in a battle this morning. As we speak. Common sense was -- Alison you know I I I hear that you are a great. Dancer and a great singer. Is that right so you wanna do I. Yeah. And yeah yeah yeah. He can't really old. The -- that she started it was called on camera famine. And she's first child in the world never take this -- some clues about two months ago that you found out that -- -- that she had. It's gone. Yeah completely gone right now he's cancer free so. You know we took it just hoping and hoping for the best. It's I mean I return -- call.

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