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Mikey and Joe with Lisa Scherber and Jeff Brown

Aug 29, 2013|

Mikey and Joe talk with Lisa Scherber, the Director of Dana-Farber/Children's Hospital Cancer Center and VP/GM of WEEI Jeff Brown. Lisa and Jeff worked together to make this year's Jimmy Fund Telethon a rousing success. The final number raised surpassed last years total. Lisa speaks to her interactions with the children and the amazing feeling the entire event brings.

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But we have special guests now people open up since 4 o'clock in the morning I think both of them let me introduce from left to right first of all like. The head honcho of the Jimmy Fund. Yeah Lisa Harrison -- -- that everybody's O Jeff Brown general manager of WEEI sports rated network. Greetings guys I don't we didn't -- Qaeda you know worn down yet know his energy fix it right oh we're ready -- ago now. Police first of all we haven't updated number. Yes we do it looks like you as I point to the teleprompter. Glad this is radio it's 3256899. Yeah me and I do believe. That tops last year it does indeed I've just Joey had the fish is done the research corset tops last year's number. So Lisa congratulations to you Jeff he gradually as you project up 4:30 in the morning is the -- know. These are the best two days of the year Verizon will gladly get. At 4 o'clock to be here and work for this cause we're fired up being last musical that we. You're watching teams come together. The sixtieth anniversary of the Red Sox in the Jimmy Fund an absolute. Labor of love we get up at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning if we can keep it going. Letters like our ballclub until late finish in the -- close. Absolutely and I think that's what you look at Florida -- I guess it must make me the Koji who -- this group. Coming under close the thing but Lisa this has been a remarkable couple days and of course we always wrap of the broadcast by playing some highlights of some of the tremendous stories. From that the souls of people who you know -- the work of -- Dana Farber Cancer Institute really affects. It did did did the most deeply. I I think to I mean today yesterday it has been an amazing two days of lots of tears. Lots of smiles. You know for us watching our our children get up there and talk about their stories they think of you know -- on. Who just. Made us laugh so hard when he was talking about his journey with cancer which you would never think laughter would be a part of it but it is the end it with a -- You know that's one of those things where you just feel so much joy that your part of this journey with them but there are lots of sad moments as well. Shura laughter and saddest part of life you know and unfortunately. Until cancer isn't part of our lives this work is gonna continue. And everybody's going to be at my 4 AM is if you work around the clock 365 days a year. Fighting this disease. That has been sold so tragic but it's got to make all of us feel feel good in Europe particularly sent to know it. The numbers are going in your direction for curing cancer and hopefully eliminating some -- completely if that really the bottom line. This is it's an absolutely amazing feat that's been done her over two days with WB -- in NASA and in the Boston Red Sox and you know I think with this three over three million. It just is not just raises. Money it raises awareness and it raises people's. And and towards cancer that there is hope and that we need every single person out there just pick up the phone. And and just give a small pledged as we can do a lot. With the dollar. I'm a regular number get a on those very words from Lisa servers 8777381234. That's the most important number in your life right now. It's also port number our lives right now we want to use it. By picking up the phone calling. 8777381234. Now this is always a different mood it's like a circus around here. When the Jimmy Fund radio telethon goes on because. This that generous sponsors -- of WEEI come forth. In in the big large groups out and we parade of up into the Booth. Joseph brings on the air and we think of and they feel good and we feel good and a lot of money comes from the the great sponsors we have the radio station. Absolutely you know -- -- -- donated nearly 150000 lives commissioner Bud Selig gets 60000. To partners match. This year from Red Sox ownership and management. That ended up being right at 200000 dollars in our partners AT&T hundred and is Lisa mentioned. Every dollar counts we were fortunate enough to have. The family of -- collier and as you guys know the story many years ago. He was touched by the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. And every dollar mattered to him and he gave a few dollars every single mind. And to see something so tragic. Today and also bring some good so that officer calling here. Did not die in -- To see his family -- tell that story and inspire the next wave of donors so that the great work by the angels among us at the Jimmy Fund clinic can continue. It's moving it's inspirational. It's it's it's one hour here it's why he's the best it is a year. And -- these are nameless faceless people they're not statistics. These are. Relatives reserve daughters sons sisters mothers fathers. You think of the individual relationship we have with -- members of your family how much you love them how much you think about every single day and you try to put yourself in the situation where their lives are threatened by this awful awful disease and that you can kind of relate a little bit more. To why the work is done so diligently and so well whether people at Dana Farber why this comes together so nicely why the people of Massachusetts -- New England becomes so generous because it's an unimaginable pain. To think of somebody not only going through it even if they survival -- trying to go through all the different treatments. And losing their hairy deal with the issues that can confront a cancer patient. That's where it all comes from a good breaks your heart. And cancer impacts everyone. And the everyone him one point your life will be touched by cancer and I think it's one of those things where. We know what to do with these funds that are brought in. It goes to research but we also know how to make their lives more bearable while they go through the research by the -- when they wait for the cure we can make things better we know we can't. Deficit and governor -- you next treatment baseball card proposal based office. Jeff Brown has to jump over to the -- inside of these -- and probably better you -- -- -- with this space since its television. Well before I go I just wanna say thank you. To our team at WEEI. To our partners and as -- to everyone at the Jimmy Fund clinic. -- Dana Farber. Red Sox I appreciate the collaboration and everything that's been done thank you to the listeners need to the fan base every dollar has mattered thank you. That's Jeff Brown general manager WEEI Sports Radio network thank you Jeff he's gonna go over -- agency -- on TV. It's going to be good hero over the area. By the high Def -- and that they leave this thing is remaining in the act talk about a biased as I haven't -- out thug ever -- and. At this is wonderful we lined it up this way every error and we usually and I think every year we -- the big smile. At -- -- you know because and there's so much could be done here. And honest to god I can't I don't I don't know anyone who's ever worked -- -- -- -- a telethon. And work within the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Lisa that hasn't. Come out of an event like this or anything they can ever do to raise money for the Jimmy Fund. Without feeling that smile. Of satisfaction and again it's it's like the people calling you do what you can't as long as you don't what you can. That you're gonna feel good about yourself that's and that's who were hoping people do tonight as we get down muted maybe would have who -- -- -- -- 3.3 million that would be fabulous yes. And I've already beaten -- a beat last years joke. And data has something with a Red Sox final address I've played too because the last couple years they have to lucky on the itself on nights. But this the last two nights have been love. Blowout win it and I have a perfect game may come from behind and a close one run game. And I understand the numbers are very good during the game and I'm sure the -- team had something to do with that so -- We're very thrilled about that. Now police I ask you ripped it in this. The reach of the Dana Farber cancer is you probably have had patients from everywhere. But you have all the country is that is that true they come from everywhere everywhere -- LB Missouri farthest away patient that's been -- out of -- like is there what do you need from Singapore some. Yeah I mean sure this and they come from everywhere and I think what's so interesting at the F heard feeling after only say how grateful they that in their own backyard they have one of the best. Cancer institute's going you know and it's the best feedback to I know these -- daddy -- -- I am the best. It can't since it's it's right in the backyard and that's why we need to support this because this is this is our family this is what we do. What about the again -- -- -- -- subject up again because I have a three year old a seven year old and I hit it's hard to imagine. As a parent of a little kid. I think she did nevermind the age really but I think maybe particularly more difficult when there really really little and they can't even conceive of something. Being unfair or unfortunate or. You know tragic they can't even conceive of what those terms mean all they know is. Their mom and dad take it for treatment all the time to deal with something that they have to do. -- it is that the most difficult thing for the folks there Dana Farber is dealing with -- -- the explanation. And they did the satisfaction of of a kids' curiosity. I think you know an instant they're childhood is snatched from them and we can't give them that back. Well we can do is we can make it better and we know that this is a week that a lot of kids going back to school. Things should be normally go to Q school supplies you go get to school outfits and for so many of our families that day school is not gonna happen this week because they're getting treatment. So that's something that we all take for granted as parents with healthy children that the first is school is so important and we have a back to school program will go into schools that's part of my job yeah. And we we talk to their classmates -- what cancer is and what they can do to support. But I feel like it's it's one of those things that that's -- -- therefore within -- to provide the medicine but the other kind of medicine that kind of medicine. That's kind of you know make them smiles just so bright and when it -- back on this time in treatment they're gonna realize that there were happy. Memories of -- we see that all the time I would lease which he brings a group of teenagers. To spring training and then that. To a regular season game usually that a road location issue he came to Fenway went to Bob and now sixtieth anniversary we had to do it. And -- just to see the binding of these kids smiles on their face and we usually have a couple of mine in the air and -- always nice. Pick the most and colorful and articulate kids. I'd say it's amazing it's sort of you know the players and they come out early is amazing but you know -- -- our own guys come out. All the time I know you'll lock and down that field to see your kids. And it says it's an amazing feeling what you guys have all done at WEI. And naslund and the Red Sox. For us at the Jimmy Fund clinic and you really let these kids in these parents know that they have people that support them. And that truly is the biggest gift that we give these families is the money is fabulous and we Sony this but. And know that there's people out there battling this fight for them and they're not alone is huge. Given hope Lisa server you're an Angel you know that. And you folks can join the ranks of the angels might get in on the phone right now. That's -- that's really from wherever you are that's the best you can do we hope you do to you about the numbers again. At 8777381234. Still whole staff and phone answering people out there ready to get calls right down the wire at least a get out of it we don't care we just keep -- a if you wanna go on the web website this two of them actually to be -- dot org of course. And WEEI dot com slash. Jimmy Fund you can make donations that -- and my favorite way that I just learned about texting. -- just just yet but the program. Text take cancer 220222. And that'll be an automatic ten dollar donation. For you. On your text message there you can do up to five times now just past the 3.3 million -- -- -- Who -- got lots of them right over half a record three million. Lisa congratulations to you for -- to do it for all the Jimmy Fund does. It's it's really remarkable event. And again thank you Peter thanks for everything you do on the announcement doesn't think you know those listeners and owners out there we love you. And -- Leo you don't game. That's always great to where we will -- I think at after I close I may have to remain at that you're duly chosen Abu setup man you guys. So stick Leo the great voice of Boston Red Sox. As we get ready to leave -- hear from Fenway Park. Our thanks to all of you for all you've done today get this over this magic number of last year's number were happy about that. We're also violent down here I hope yours mine where you are. And we're gonna close out the program. We a little bit of a recap of some of the wonderful highs and lows of today's. WEEI. NASA and twelfth annual. Jimmy Fund radio telethon goodnight everybody.

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