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Mikey and Joe Castiglione with Dan Duquette

Aug 28, 2013|

Former Red Sox and Current Baltimore Oriole General Manager Dan Duquette talks with Mikey and Joe about his efforts and contributions to the Jimmy Fund telethon and his experiences during his tenure in Boston.

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A great game tonight tough loss for the Orioles they played so well the last two years since these Duquette has been at home as the general manager last year you know he's done a remarkable job -- ball club did you -- hasn't -- -- miraculously almost on cue Joseph. Appears with us right now the studio -- how are you a good Mike -- are you terrific good to -- event it's good to see your congratulations to. Two year old for all that you know I mean obviously there's some moments where the Orioles have been a problem for the Red Sox of late. Not tonight not last night. And I'm sure you're not happy about that -- your current deposition but nonetheless. You know for from red for Red Sox fans those pesky Orioles. And they've been unbelievable when you've done a hell of a job. You know I appreciated and you know we we are guys we got better players now all right it's -- bout -- foot here's. And as well or play the Red Sox a little bit tougher than we had for a few years. They're great ball game tonight then it reflects expects acute and got the one run victory over. How about that the shallow this kid is just turned 21 -- homers and I we've seen him make actually spectacular play hates that. He said for Cooperstown on cellular decorate and you know the hit from carpet -- feel stern movements on a city even Manny couldn't make this but -- -- it is like many makes two plays -- that nobody else can bacon and you saw an idea when -- mostly deployed but Eden and you know it's nice -- again. But Dan I know that -- -- they've been on the radio telephones many times in years with a Red Sox in the about the Jimmy Fund is -- kidding you have a a personal story with your nephew that's pretty recent well -- that you know it's a great cause -- and you know for years -- -- the Red Sox of course. Who we supported the Jimmy Fund like the team currently doesn't you know I'd I'd do a lot of events and got to know. A lot about what they do it Dana Farber and how they help people and you know you you never think that is gonna touch you personally but a couple years ago my sister's son. Michael actually terrific soccer player one of the best soccer players in western mass and and one day. He had a soccer game the next day it is huge bruise and he and he couldn't place -- went on the bay state medical. They do a series of tests than they sent him down here at Boston -- -- some more tests and came up would. The blood disease called a plastic Anemia and he had to find a donor. Perfect match if you will and his sister. Was it was a perfect match Christina. And they told Mike -- -- soccer career was basically over and then of course we came down we some. At Children's Hospital in he had via bone marrow transplant in. Are fairly used all the facilities at the Ronald McDonald house in India. That the nurses in the great medical staff the Dana Farber. And Mike. It's got got the bone marrow transplant. And they -- him a clean bill of health. He couldn't play senior soccer. So Mike Hsu through a gap where he took -- golf and non contact sport right -- and by the end of the summer Mike Hsu stretch garlic and an undercurrent everything of what's going on there if we'll recently. I've found out that might. Has done so well that he's now able to resume his career as an athlete and wants don't know Westfield state plays soccer this year obvious so it's a great great story about. The advances that they made but also about the great work that they've done so many times I know we hear about. The you know that the personal stories of the kids that don't make it and and the challenges of the family. Well this is the story. Would be happy ending and it's a kid that went through that went through the program and all agree facilities that they have here. Through the you know good work of the of the donors in the people that supported. And they made such great great improvements. With the technology and and you -- going to eradicate cancer and you know it's just so thankful and grateful that my family got. Access to these great resources. You know which are supported and your support to talk about. You don't think about it that the battle against cancer it's like it's like an actual war you know in that you know you're you have to fight deadly enemy. And the victims. You know it's some of our our friends and family and relatives of everybody the victims of the war of the people who you know -- -- try to sustain haven't. And that keep them from from dying is really what it's all about and the soldiers are the people that work at the at a park cancer institute fight the battle every single day. To protect lives. To extend lives to save people's very existence and it's. It's you know to to think of it that way it is the battle goes on and that's why we're here tonight. At three million that and looking for 3.2 million dollars. And looking for your donations and 8777381234. The general manager of the Baltimore Orioles did you -- it still sounds funny coming out of my mouth. Does. But I but it kind of closet Orioles fan as much as they've been a pain in the butt for the Red Sox have a applications in many cases over the course -- history. I I go back and Joseph remembers. There was a time when the Orioles. Had such a good defense. Special and left side of the infield all the big Red Sox right handed hitters Ali it was like watching a real game -- watching or nine guys ground to third. -- grabbed a belligerent shortstop. -- overtime you built up respect for the organization that they really do baseball right you know a difficult period. But you seem to of they would that the couple of great managers -- seem to pull him out of that you have. But there is a great job and you know it's it's just in the you talk about the defense the greater Orioles teams and that's what Earl Weaver stress and you know we have we have opportunities that it. When Brooks was playing third and course. Mart plans -- -- Pittsfield mass was placed source yes I as a group policy Buddha. In yet to -- until only one time it. He was -- in ended one year there was only like seven ground balls that went to the left side of the infield and and books and -- -- -- as he moves that I was playing left field for good part of that and a -- that -- -- -- even your -- getting -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll -- here and -- I didn't -- the shot of what -- all star shortstop -- gold glove -- right so we we have a really strong defensive team now and and and that the the key strength of course is Machado and and hard right there there. On the left side -- -- as good as anybody in the business and they can divert a lot of those doubts that we market before. In the you know that makes for much better. Game and -- I tell you compete in the Miss America please this has talked in in an idea of -- the Red Sox yankees. The Tampa Bay has great organization great pitching in the blue jays put a lot of resources and their team. So mean the you know you have to earn your stripes there's an element in this division but I'm glad that the Orioles are back were competitive but there's a great leader and we have some. Players them some great years Chris Davis or seven great years ago that you see him tonight and you tell me at last he did a study and he swung -- more pitches out of the strike zone and anybody. Well he he he's improved on that out here and he's he's a little bit -- 47 -- he's he's he's did more walks -- you'd better pitches to hit he's doing a lot of them. Well I gotta say that if if if it wasn't to be the Red Sox and obviously you know that's where loyalties must lie here. When it comes to the American League east I always hope would be Orioles if it's not the Red Sox for a lot of reasons part of his ITT. Yankees so I guess that's a lot of them. I you know I just can't let that happen. So you know a good luck to you would only do it and maybe you'd like to throw a little. -- lead editorial spin that might be listening and by the way you have a a lot of fans here. For putting together a lot of people consider that you're the guy that put together that throwing all fourteen in a large degree is well. So why you know you have got a lot of credit that the streets from people walking up you say thanks -- good players brought in here. Well you know all the -- are dancers. There are probably the best and most passionate fans and they know a lot about their team and and that they're very appreciative and they let there appreciates me no and a million and I. You know appreciate them let me know bit. You know they thought I was a part of the 2014 men and a lot of those guys had of course a great years. And you know the Red Sox fans that they know what's going -- wonderful book that's for sure there and then it hit the fan base. The team management. This -- We hear you were here -- before that back to right 195360. Years of rights acts -- from literally nothing like it spores that are no I don't think so it and the Red Sox have been a great supporter of the Jimmy Fund and I believe that the people that work with a Red Sox take a lot of pride in that affiliation and and you know put their shoulder to push in the rock up the -- to help. Developed the assets that you need to continue to fight cancer and you know hats off to the -- -- organization. For being a part of that and for making a contribution. To eradicate cancer. And hats -- to YouTube did to care for all you've done misery and over the years when you're near the Red Sox and a thank you for coming in tonight and good luck and those Orioles not quite as good as the Red Sox locked but he really honestly don't wanna win this week we want to get -- so that's what I guess I got seven more games against the Orioles I don't want to what do you think it's gonna put the kibosh on things are going -- well now but. Yet to whatever you can't get those on the right that's -- guys related data it and into your nephew that her Red Sox GM currently the GM of those those -- Baltimore Orioles.

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