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Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien with Derek Theall from Eastern Lexus

Aug 28, 2013|

Joe & Dave welcomed Derek Theall, Eastern Lexus Dealers' District Sales Manager. Derek was pleased to announce Lexus's $5,000 donation to the Jimmy Fund, and he may have sold Dave a new car.

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Call strike if we want to welcome -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon goes. Here in the top of the third inning Derek failed the -- the district sales manager eastern maxis. Which is low and inside -- -- Lexus dealers that they're great to see you through as well. So anyone. That's in a while ago. And -- is really stepping up big for the Jimmy on the pitches low and inside. That's -- yet they've. The travel around our dealerships out here and actually talking more about the the Jimmy Fund and everyone has the story. And it's it's really inspiring it's incredible so you had all the area. Dealers behind you on this project that all the Boston area dealers yes. And they are stories about personal stories friends family. 31 pitch outside he walked in the lead -- walk rarity for Lackey. Here's a cloud to ground it out three who won his first time. So what. Arrangement to be made to the Jimmy Fund. Roots then obviously -- you know we understand the importance of giving back and see what the community goes through with the Jimmy Fund them. Dana Farber institute and now making a donation on behalf of our Boston area Lexus dealerships at 5000 dollars. Wonderful. I would help get us. To mark all the runner -- pitches outside ball one. So this comes from. All the area dealers that's right. Where you from. We're our offices down in New Jersey. Here all -- during the week travel there every week. 10 pitch is a breaking ball outside. And it's it's been excellent month so far we have pulled an opportunity event going on right now through September 3. And so it's and it's been a big month for our dealers took care. We also have all new 2014. I asked. It's in the ground now. Roddick knows the pictures taken outside -- -- -- -- safety needed. Robert sliding out of the tag accurate and strong throw by salty but too late stall out when the pitcher. Roberts at second base with nobody out and 30 count of -- -- -- -- for a Lexus owners would call it a place where that. Definitely your and you can. -- the pledged number has that I would call 8777381234. On the can also visit. WW dot Jimmy Fund dot -- More as well as WPI dot com slash Jimmy Fund to make -- donation. All strike to McLouth free and on some of those Lexus owners have already done so. It's been very -- that. Is the pitch idiots in there for call strike -- workers have the unique features of the new vehicle. -- new biases it's great with your -- -- a lot more fun to drive. This time around I I I had a flash drive and it. Lot of technology squeezed into into. The left out of play. -- lot of technologies -- since. Sports sedan that it is and you know things industry first that we subscription free weather traffic completely free. Uses HD radio and customers get updates on traffic as well as some of the cold weather dot com right there in the car. And street to opt out. Pop territory -- because the magic way but the guards take -- coming any -- they can actually -- a large sport not far from where the long. It was we've let it that's the object area. It was that. That could've been a disaster. He was within two and a half feet. Of that trying to negotiate dead area that they can be very hazardous. It was another problem is much posted the catch yourself on the flight isn't moving much at the atmospheric conditions of obviously made it difficult moments of pop ups it's an. Odd night for atmosphere we saw that fog moving in from downtown and it's it's kind of seeping its way toward yawkey way here. May be more women than we think there it's. Right -- all the running close call back this activities in there with a hand tag safely in the shadow of the -- He beat -- at the short hustling. While it like he could get as he jumped forward and show one that's going first. I'm an RBI double by Chris Davis negative talk me on the money -- were sixty or you know talking to you want. That you could look like that you're -- salesmen and that's what happens is another throw -- second -- trying to post the -- play. -- -- Here do. But somebody your way and who call. Having you want to be -- just turned twenty whining. -- time by the home plate umpire Marvin Hudson. One nothing Red Sox. And it second and one out Lackey. Again blocks dissect it -- really distracting him from we shot though. Or happening everywhere this on the broadcast Derek. And that we want to thank you would be east of Lexus dealers right into the Jimmy Fund. And -- -- we've been very excited in this all right thank you so much of it might appreciate your.

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