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Butch Stearns - Sports Sunday - Instant Replay in Baseball

Aug 25, 2013|

Baseball team owners will vote in November to implement instant replay in 2014. Butch discusses the presentation last week and the ramifications.

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-- so we're leading up to Red Sox baseball it just after 5 o'clock on Sunday night Red Sox are playing the Dodgers. Baseball instant replay has been the talk I found the nuts and bolts of and I'll read it -- it -- -- back for the calls. Talking patriots talk and Red Sox. We throw a couple of other things in their real quick. I do not agree with David Ortiz sitting to start this game I don't care that it's Chris cap -- care -- he's a lefty I don't care that it's tough. Put him in there. This is a different team without David Ortiz in the line up against lefties or right. He hits lefties. How look at the numbers against cap -- I just heard from Christian -- can't -- the lineup Mike Napoli batting fourth. And David Ortiz is not in the line. I just I I don't do that I'm sorry. John Farrell's made some decisions that are that are worth questioning. Over the last month or so this is one of them to me. You start David Ortiz. Specially in that. And and don't get me wrong not because it's a marquee Sunday night nationally televised game -- that factor was one that works in your favor. Would David Ortiz he rises to the challenge in the big moments. I agree with sitting David Ortiz just 'cause it's left. 6177797937. It's far baseball instant replay OK here's the deal in case a lot of you missed ten days ago. Bud Selig came out and announced. That Major League Baseball plans to expand its video reprocess. Out from review process next he's. Managers will be given. Three possible challenges during the game they will be allowed one challenge. Of close call over the first six innings of game. And true challenges. From the seventh inning until the completion of the game. -- -- -- calls that are challenge will be reviewed by a crew in Major League Baseball headquarters in New York City. Which will make a final ruling now what's interesting about -- Is that. No one is saying exactly what calls. Will be review mobile for example. In this story I'm reading. From the Washington Post. By the way for the -- was just bought by -- post guy who started Amazon.com. John Henry bought the globe he bought the Washington Post. 75%. But by owners in November he stuffed the vote on business. So after -- -- he's made the announcement the proposal is to be voted on in by the owners in November. Com it was presented to them by Joseph Torre Major League Baseball -- vice president gave it to the replay presentation represented small thirty teams. Couple Wednesdays ago when it was discussed Thursday morning. Atlanta Braves president John Schuerholz at the time a member of the replay committee along with Torre and former manager only the Russa. Said that umpires were receptive to the change. Schuerholz went on to say that 89%. From nine out of every ten calls nearly of the incorrect calls made in the past will be review mobile but they did not provide a list. Interest. So again it'll be voted on November 75% vote by the owners needed for approval. And then the players association and umpires would have to agree to any changes to the current system. What the announcement was met with mostly praise. At ballparks all around the country for example John Madden chimes in in the story says this is the time it's time to make the right decision was not available several years ago. So just live with understand it it makes things better it makes things more accurate so what's wrong with that -- did anything wrong with that. But there's a lot of questions around. We really need to add more time to baseball games we could have six challenges during a baseball game. Really. And then as much as I like the idea of OK let's pause for a second and let's go to New York. And let's go to the book what are what are they gonna do during games -- see them looking at the replays like they do up top in the NFL. And by the way if you agree with sets -- ski in the Washington Post and some others that this is part of baseball for example the Earl Weaver and the Bobby Cox argue with -- umpires when you know the call is wrong and get thrown out as part of the game what's gonna happen now they take a pause. They get the call. And it's debatable what what is the manager do come out start throwing his fist up and down to start screaming at a television camera instead of screaming at the home plate umpire. Who did his -- did not get tossed from games -- a lot of questions about this love to hear your thoughts let's go to. Rick Karr first about this. -- I don't good. First time caller sure thanks for the club I'm really pretty concerned about this. Only because it taken the human element of the game. And what's next I -- radar. It and you know you're safe at first get a green light. Well AME -- obviously what's next is a strike zone it's not called by an umpire to call by machine. Exactly on the followed baseball since 1965. And you know sometimes you get it wrong but you know they're human. And you go to Mexico although they don't get it right. So I just don't agree with it I don't agree and. You think taken human element out of the game is trumps you think keeping the human element in the game trumps getting the call right I agree. Why didn't say that I'm asking you. I absolutely agree I think it. That the umpire should be the last call in this story and it if they wanna go to appoint debt. They're that this agreement get all four umpires involved. And -- right there. We don't need instant replay we really don't because. He predicted big game at 810 I wanna listen to I don't wanna be blitzes at 212 o'clock. Wonder no real camera game apps go to work tomorrow morning at six. And if you -- -- recall just can prolong game. Margaret -- people agree with you I -- You know in my opinion -- -- I'm still kind of torn about it I don't like the number of them. I don't I think again based baseball football seems to get these decisions right baseball seems to be a little bit off. You know when they make their decisions. And so for example. The all star game home field advantage in the World Series. -- law. Should it be best record. I understand why. I understand you've you know you don't want any longer games and if if I'm running Major League Baseball and I'm in marketing and -- is to have but had some excitement the all star game but but does it. Nelson it was exciting when it was incident is still an exhibition game. I don't play it to win today. Six on 77797937. Texture on the eighteenth tee decks on 37937. Time spent on video replay would be the same thing they do in the NFL NHL and NBA but you barely notice. It's important to get the call right or shot in Providence I shot. A little -- I think similar to a beautiful ball well I I I disagree with C. The idea of limiting the number of challenges rhetorical challenge -- It would make it longer but have been desperate nature of these decisions that make the call write or say it is going to be a a pack called first and their coach can't challenge because he's afraid that can give back all sit and. Well that there again the rules are you gonna get one challenge in innings one through six. -- to two challenges in -- seven beyond. Right let me sort of this in the first inning of the really bad. All echoed very I can't count them because -- -- -- -- -- -- if I need to hammer out certificate. Either that's part of the strategy. The same thing info on how you get to challenges you're not gonna use it out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And oracle already elected the new. If you are correct and -- you get an automatic fair challenge that. And I don't know if they did the implement. -- are you. Like I do know this Vietnam. The last two minutes of a football game at the referees make the call. Rick Rick -- social life so why -- why didn't like why not do the same thing in baseball from the seventh inning -- wanted to leave it up to the -- read to the umpires. Right look my point is if a coach -- something in the first inning and it comes out Alia we could make a bad call you right. Why can't coach now get and keep that channel because they were correct. But if they get that child's right to challenge as they don't get children and you look at. You know -- all if you get two challenges. And -- gamble right now in the third one comes in to also get that one right you don't get what count toward a bit certainly in the culture continue to get -- -- the rest for the continued well. I don't like -- -- -- -- going to be that much longer have to rested. All rest whichever any sport are gonna continue to typical role in the culture and continued challenge and be accurate account it's. If you get out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At at the nature economic incident because I'm a peaceful you know traditionalists and Eric should call it I don't like that there in the replay by. It's the nature of the -- called right. You gonna get all right. Well it would be saved two different things here of course the nature is really get the call right that's why they're don't. But their experience in my art and the traditional I like the human element I want it's it's fairly -- strictly -- home and -- Just because I mean I like the idea that the call can be right by. The human nature that they are irrelevant at all and it. But if they can implement the local. It all. Don't let one between little fur on extending the right get your -- many houses he wants is long he continues to be accurate and -- child abuse brawl and take -- -- now can't count. I would call Sean thanks. Appreciate six or 77797937. How do you feel about instant replay in baseball -- and a vote on -- in November. They put it out there Joseph Torre presented it to reps from the teams but ten days ago. Not gonna be in this World Series but the gonna vote on -- after that. Com. And if they approve it with a 75%. Vote part ownership -- then go to the players association. And the umpires for their approval and if they get the way they want it right now. Manager will get one challenge. The first six innings. Then get two challenges. In the seventh inning and beyond eighth and ninth or extra innings. And right or wrong that'll be it. Those are the challenges you'll get and by the way the challenges will not be done. Stick your head under our ability but they do in football will go to a Major League Baseball headquarters in New York. And independent party the -- questions independent baseball official there. Will give the results. And the challenge -- let's go to Bob in two to -- hi Bob. Why don't good. They -- on the engine replaced. We don't have an art electronic age here. Yeah we sure do come to narrow my Twitter account listened to everybody saying about this. By the way -- the first one call a logjam was okay. However. I'm -- I'm definitely explored -- -- -- get finger right in it aired it we're talking about adding ten minutes it would gain more -- -- I don't know what a horrible wouldn't demonic -- -- review. Was US commitment to a game it'd. And the outcome of the game correctly. -- Obama back. And I don't I don't agree with using your balls and strikes I would never take our human element out of again all of a charge of the F. However all run ball ball ball incredibly big. Certainly that's that's more. -- -- let me let me go to your point about quote getting the game right. We go to your quote about getting the game right. So if I ever an umpire. Who. Has a really tight strikes. And he would make a pitch donors telling me on a Red Sox game at all these strikes to being called balls right. You have one or two schools of thought one school whose bodies calls not right. It's a strike by any account make a pitch on -- tallied up but the umpires called it a ball the other school of -- is wedeman. Every umpire is different it's like a base basketball official the calls tight files or -- files we can play a physical game or not. It tells the pitcher. You can't get that part of the plate you gotta come -- iron -- I'm I'm I'm I'm on the -- side today and you how you deal that is is that all part of the game. -- is part of the game because that's a human element of the game let's call. A mistake on a call at first base is also human it's human element. Yeah I agree. But at the watch in here to pick that up for the ball and it -- it being. Oil overweight women I think you're aboard the point Bob the point is there's right -- wrong here this subjectivity. And there's right -- wrong you're saying that a call at first base was either right or wrong. And I am saying that a ball or strike. That's what I'm asking is either right or wrong or is this subjectivity that. Well I kind of agree with you want that except short report on the actual window frame this critical of the strike. I don't know how accurate and uniqueness check on. I'd like you know I'm not saying it's bad but but at the argument. Most people go where you go look I wanna get the call right look at it adds a little time to baseball so be it let's get the call right it's been good for Coppola. But -- But I won't. But don't give me an electronic strike zone because I like human element with a -- umpire I'm OK with death. You know. I do plan to -- that I can think it's pretty I don't know how accurate data -- -- know there's you know it. Get -- disease as an example because we get it on Red Sox games all the time but there is eight quest back. Thing that I believe judges umpires on whether they got the strike. Right or wrong and they know that baseball has those stats. -- -- of what it is you know. If you're in the ball the way that the local level I caught it I don't -- is 100% accurate. That may be right before that. Not your hypocrite -- -- you like the human element and now if you get it right. I convinced you that that's no different that played first you want the electron. All will remember the better argument that I -- tomorrow. I would never confident it won't be essential for what it's warmer than what location we've taken. Angle -- all of -- Oh that's the conclusion that they didn't know what then I moved it -- just that -- accurate and it will be. While I'm with you because I'm a hypocrite too I actually light. When a pitchers on the mound and he says and I hear Dennis Tankersley your Grammy. For Jon Lester B successfully got to get that inside strike called and all of a sudden Lester throws an inside strike on two into and it's called ball three. And he did last night. In the within a four nothing lead in the first inning Heathrow pitched -- you'll -- first batter the game went right at the knees. And what you saw western looking at the umpire and say is it low is low but he just wanted to do acknowledgment. But what that umpire with talent Jon Lester was by his actions right away -- get that call my friend you gotta bring it up. So I actually like -- I think there's some gamesmanship in that and I like to see how a pitcher can handle that. So is that right or wrong. Is -- called right or wrong. Let the good that's a good good is it rather well outlook. What do you credit that it won't what should go. So be it the people bit -- -- or whatever subject again. Didn't think about. All that really challenge your bottom dollar. Is -- the way. You know there's there's quote there won't be able but I wouldn't want I want the woman who. Yeah I don't know I gonna let you go by because they're gonna take a break David Troy and Jared you guys -- next. -- to to bring it does -- -- our stats I'll try to find him in the break. Obviously in this story about when Joseph Torre came out. They said that 89%. Of calls that were wrong. Would be reveal ovals so they know the number of calls in their opinion that would be reviewed. What the close calls are there are stats somewhere texture as we go to the brakes as business point of view with the instant replay of which he. Longer the game the more the concessions. Interesting point -- more after this. It was good. I know what I'm capable of just a matter of going out there doing it and since the break it felt good physically and -- -- him a good place so far enough so. Just just keep going and hopefully we can we take tomorrow and then have a good -- goes -- so give back home for change. Jon Lester talking about a big performance yesterday Jake Peavy tweeting out after the game Jon Lester is a horse. Jon Lester is a beast he called them -- tweet and said now let's go get a win tonight and come home in a good mood. And PV tweeting that out interestingly enough after last night's cable PDs itching to so to me putting a little pressure on himself publicly catalog that. But interestingly. David Ortiz not in the lineup tonight Chris cap on it was a left. Here's a couple of facts. David Ortiz is never faced -- one net effect only for Red Sox. Have -- Chris cup wanna in the past they are Stephen Drew so for four. Jonny Gomes was two for nine with a home run David Ross. Who's four for fifteen and go for -- -- two doubles and two home runs. Saltalamacchia starting -- and Shane Victorino. In the National League whose three separate the two doubles and a home run so of the nine hits in 36 at bats from the four different players against cap on. From the Red Sox drew Gomes -- victory for them home runs and again David Ortiz is not -- David Ortiz. I'm reading from an article really Goodman it was just put out here by Ben Buchanan in the blog over the monster. And he eased from -- wonders out loud in his blog. -- points of the Zander Bogut will start yea and wonders about David Ortiz sitting. As a Red Sox look to close up this trip and I'll just read verbatim dinner Bogut will be in the starting wanted to -- -- -- is conspicuously absent. As a -- scope would be an important series went. As he puts out points out the 76 and 5521 game over 500 Red Sox will start Ellsbury Victor -- Pedroia. Napoli at first -- middle Brooks 456 Napoli gold medal -- three rice. Against the arm for right he's in a row with Pedroia Napoli golden books and five when -- counts Saltalamacchia. As a switch hitter and Bogart's make it six at shortstop and NG EB. We pitch black. I'm so why is no Ortiz todays has been Buchanan well it's hard to imagine this is a matter of just left left. Given a simple drop off in quality for more -- and Napoli at the plate by the way I looked it up. David Ortiz. Splits this year lefty -- is right. He's hitting 350 verse right he's 265. -- lefty so significant drop to 85 points but. In 155. At bats against left handed pitchers this year David Ortiz has 41 hits that 265. Thirteen of those are extra base hits five of -- 24 home runs have come against -- point four of the 78 RBIs have come against left. So David Ortiz is not Swiss cheese against lefties. 265 with five home runs thirteen extra base hits in 24 RBIs is not Swiss cheese. In David Ortiz is a better hitter and Mike Napoli was -- Canon. Doesn't really nice job with this. Points out. Let's look at some other possible reasons and the way he -- -- and I agree with some of those points Napoli and this is probably would Jon Farrell's thinking Napoli had a good game yesterday. Having been held off for a while by -- to pass the -- could use a couple of games in a row. Now to get ready for the regular playing time back in the American League make -- -- point one. Number two David Ortiz not feeling terribly good right now Carol mentioned he was sore after his first game of personal perhaps two more. Have made him less comfortable than the team would like. Connected to that Ortiz is stirring as -- pat he's so ill suited to the field it's reducing his. Efficiency at the plate and while we may laugh at that. It would -- has been a DH for so long. It's almost like this is a real extreme example those -- you saw Shaw shank redemption. Member -- was the guy guys you know them -- and Brooks Brooks Brooks finally get out. In so institutionalized him hanging himself. It would hurt he's been so institutionalize is DH maybe just -- self. First pace up buying any and all that might be true and some of it are factors. It -- should be in an outsider. By the way. Tampa Bay I believe just lost the next innings eleven to three to two yes they did. Yankees. Mariano Rivera gets the save and Tampa Bay loses. -- to the New York Yankees in the eleventh inning to read it too so there was a walk off but we see what happened here. Not a walk off as the game was in Tampa Curtis Granderson sacrifice fly scored Alfonso Soriano. And Nan Mariano Rivera. Com got the raise 123 in the bottom of the eleventh and so there you go. That helps the Red Sox back to our talk about instant replay. For go to the calls David and Troy you guys were up next when this came out John Schuerholz. Whose the president of the Atlanta Braves and also on the committee for instant replay. When they announced this ten days ago here's some comments from John Schuerholz whose on the committee reached a replay for Major League Baseball -- some comments from him at that time. This -- historic. Moment for baseball. We have we have law. Move forward with a plan that will give our managers an opportunity. To. Help control. The calls that are made an impact their team and give them a better opportunity. To see to -- that. They have an opportunity to win the game first time in history baseball that managers have been empowered. With this capability. You should also know. That the umpires are very very receptive to this they. They have spent enough time theme. Being abused or being the brunt of bad comments about. What's happened and what's been viewed on replaced. And with the advanced technology that we have been replays they understand that it can be of value -- A valuable tool for them. So John Schuerholz making two point there I think overall others one that you're empowering managers and this would be a good thing. And to the -- on. I wouldn't disagree would either point whether empowering their manager is going to be good thing or not we'll see. Our number two I do believe that the umpires want because they look. They're living in the same day in ages us they watch football they know what NFL officials go through. There's going to be less scrutiny on them so you make a mistake and if -- an umpire I may be more confident making the hall. Because I know they're gonna go to review. Because if they're not gonna go to review. I'm gonna hear it from the crowd when they see the replay in the crowd on their mobile device. And I'm gonna know it anyway so I made -- call and it's gonna sit there -- chagrin it's okay so I screwed up on human what do you want me to do go to David in New Bedford. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm looking at poppy instant replay patriots' football. I don't think -- -- be any light on that far on the field I think this should be a -- reopened stand up and not. -- You know open the box seats there and you can call. And that's what they do in the last two minutes of the game. What football game so so you don't like so you don't like the fact that the that the and football coaches actually have the ability to throw that flag at all. Now it's just that it wastes time. When when the -- -- and contain no -- up on the 43. Well the war and I think I'm a little confused by appoint you easy you don't like. That these so you don't like that that a manager or coach has the power to call for replay or not you don't like that. I think you'll be quick. If they kissed that they that they said that they had the guy gets a -- you. You you placed a ball -- put on forty right or. So what what what what what calls did they -- did you start reviewed they start changing every call like. Everytime I think there's like. -- -- I mean what so you don't like so you don't like so to me let me say this. Part of what comes along with giving coaches the ability to challenge -- play. And ideally in baseball giving managers empowering them there is some strategy. The comes along -- I actually like. That strategy part of -- you don't like -- Well why not get how much you what you wanna see him get it right that are located at play called right. And that will be all the played would be basically right and right. They had a challenge it. But you're now you're talking about. -- and -- you stop reviewing plays do you while not I would meet you anything more than 21 now I would review. Our paths and different holding. Don't -- that stuff that they re doing now -- yeah. You know they say the -- Literate they don't review full review pass on and I don't want I don't doubt that so and that's only like that we -- want now. Well placed to pick I was out of bounds to note juggled a -- the yen down. Right they can tell that up yet just cop -- they charge and you got a rocket hit there it's not touched -- but maybe you touched on what you're right. Yet I don't like the thanks for the call David I like the fact empowering managers -- making it part of the strategy of the game. I mean when there's a close call. In -- at a patriots scheme -- you watching it on TV. You know the guys in the truck I know I've been there are automatically showing -- was shot Belichick but you're wondering if he's gonna review -- -- in -- thinking what the -- of -- Guys up in the Booth telling him and his year. They're trying to get a replays quick as they can and let him go to throw that challenge flag or not whether it's worth it they're getting there. Preliminary look at a video review because. It's not a question of get the call right or wrong it's question of whether there's enough evidence to overturn it and whether it's worth it reflects a kind of like that strategy part. Maybe you disagree patrolling -- and there's -- Troy. Great much it's -- good. In baseball and at this point that are in my opinion that they be either replay I think not only for us. Consistency and integrity -- with the image there has been shuttling their own country years we now have split with the era situation that. Nobody anybody then went down with a more consistent. I game calling him better outcomes I am delighted. If it so I think I think that's a stretch -- your saying that if baseball. Does something right it's viewed that they're on their way to getting the game right but -- lessen the stuff around steroids TDs. And. I don't know I'm not I'm not -- -- anything -- -- he would Sarah's pleasure involved at all on the piece of the pie would be image by the Newark such a dog went in. The point where you know like everybody else's -- that is you know -- you can -- called right. Even though but that's contact out as you would then I expanded that. It's such a Dalton -- Fought nowadays. You know I. You have to be at this point. You know does -- go outside and it was a modern he has recruited. Well. It's a good point I mean the other sports have done it is anybody disagree with the way they do in basketball. And it's usually -- I mean there are challenged foul calls. Mom does anybody disagree we -- we did you do in the NHL. Right they go there and a challenge to -- call. They're not gonna do with tripping. Or boarding. And again we talked a lot about football because football is so scrutinized. And we haven't there. There's a lot of legs to this entire thing. We take another quick break welcome back to talk about it more. Leading up to Red Sox baseball tonight it's Red Sox and Dodgers Jake Peavy on the mound against Crist Camp David Ortiz. Not in the starting lineup. Curious to. It's been it's been discussed and there there they've they've read our proposal. And and when we come back in November. It will it will go to the well in the discussion and and there there you have been there for. And again it's historic it's a powerful we think it's exciting. And he should know that it isn't phase -- plan witnesses but the first phase. -- -- -- new resources in the first iteration of our plan. Because you know where. -- and at the end of thirteen we'll go where I understood it the end of fourteen we'll go back and look at what we've done well look what worked what hasn't worked. And make adjustments and and improve it in the next -- the next stage the second generation. And and we think that by no more than yet another third iteration we will virtually. We will eliminate we will have to diminish the intimacy level the number of incorrect calls. What is John Schuerholz the president of the Atlanta Braves and member of baseball's. Instant replay review committee. What does mean for -- At the end of -- policies -- value and put in another phase that balls and strikes. And then at the end of that year they'll put another phase what's. Fantasy baseball route to street baseball. Are either it was the stands and control the -- -- and interesting if you do. Football fans do that now comes -- 6177797. 9370. Baxter says what -- who's better against left handed pitching by the way Ortiz and Napoli. Interesting. To get Chris cap on all going against the Red Sox lefty we've been unhittable -- A lot of dodge pitched -- at this point. David Ortiz and 155. At bats. I just these numbers person. Mike Napoli and 126 at bats against lefties this year Ortiz. 265. Napoli 254. Basically when he less -- expert now. -- eleven point time. Ortiz against -- five home runs Napoli for. Ortiz 24 RBIs. Napoli fourteen. Ortiz against lefties has a 310 OBP afford thirteen slow. Slugging and a 723. OP yes. Napoli. Against lefties has at 347. On base percentage for 21. Slugging and 768 OP -- all slightly better than Ortiz. What to 544 home runs and fourteen RBIs for Napoli. 2655. -- point four RBIs Ortiz is a bitter -- against lefties. And Mike Napoli you could -- interest when you look at the time to go back to the phones let's go to bill. -- Hello how are you know him well what's -- your mind. I wanted to -- what that right -- earlier caller words talking about. Where the ball strike should bury you up or just other place in the I'm of the opinion that ball straight should not be called. What. Catches on her state and out that they should be in the region being. I'll play what made it is not a mistake of umpires missing the strike could be crucial strike if that is true we all know that certain. Umpires favor the pitchers because it's a very tight -- strike zone in -- Beirut at that hitter. My point is there at least they're consistent with -- most of the time. -- it's going to be at this strikes. In the open and I would at least both teams are having that same call -- agree. I agree weren't let me ask a further point do you like it when they swallow the whistle and basketball and hockey in overtime. Like yeah yes I do too. I agree I I agree with your point. That I don't mind it so much I don't think if they're gonna take replay to the point. Where they can't review balls and strikes and archivists in all its jet ski but check the machine but you have to be hauled. My machine you have to give the umpire the ability to look at something we're in he's going blue glasses so to speak and don't laugh because it's not that far off. No I agree I easy if you go to DuPont right. Then you have do you just a machine called ball strike on every pitch. And by the way we think we think of a machine. -- -- I read up on all the time go with the latest Google glasses did you know for example. That England right now is testing. Driver -- cars. Okay and they're also testing Google glasses. To find out -- and while Obama and our administration has -- -- that will not we don't have enough information yet. English is already casting the dual it would Nissan so they're getting this data and an economic judgment. Whether we're right or wrong United States -- sand in the Obama administration has -- no. We're gonna do driver was cars right now will will need more information to do it. So so my point is when it comes to technology. Don't think that's so far fetched that two years from now -- umpire couldn't have Google glasses and have a piece of equipment. In his eyes got a red light or green light we're going on whether to ball or strike. Well absolutely nothing beyond believe -- technology where it comes up ten or fifteen years ago are right. Add another comment I wanted to make which is being an added that the umpires are in favor of it replay. Why would they not when you think about it I'm an umpire and I blow off everybody in the world no record that was Mike -- yeah. Is what I did hear that but my point is an. Now the right call was made if you use replay no clocks are not the -- they caught the play out across the great -- Umpires wanna get it right more than anybody and by the way after all -- -- -- -- sick of the breath while these. Umpire managed to scream and and face. -- -- Any -- I don't know what the how -- would be today manager that apps for the replay and actually the empire was right whether they had a strike the the -- whatever. They can deal with that later but I really would. He totally against ball strike at that point unless the machine could do it since it. You know that's a good point thanks for the call bill about I don't believe I've read anywhere. That if so the so again with a proposal is for Major League baseball's in the first six innings manager gets one challenge. On a play if he's right. It gets overturned if he's wrong does does he lose something I don't think so football he was a time out. And then he gets to challenges the seventh inning on I don't think they lose anything consoles go to nick and women frantic. They say you know -- good. Yeah replayed that. They're not. Is -- definite have been -- -- oh -- strikes are. No -- on and here's what we know. In November. Major League owners are gonna vote on this proposal which is what I just told you umpires get a potential three challenges a game one from the first to the sixth inning to from the seventh inning on. Nine inch extra innings whatever. They need a 75%. Vote three quarters majority majority from owners. To approve it to go to the players association then they have to approve it. To go to the umpires then they have to approve it if they do starting next baseball season -- will be the rule and then. We further heard from John Schuerholz in that comment coming into this segment. Was that at the end of 2014. Our plan. Is to review what we've done and implement the next phase and then a year later implement the next phase are always talked about that what's the next base. Into the yet about it the thing is the way I act is that the that we did he would say I I agree with you get mentioned earlier that he can elect its subjectivity of the yet. Press column about the strike and and it you know and how -- -- that -- you wanna read -- a game and one at the beginning of the game and you'd Anna pitcher's -- -- is as important. At the last is that you know. When it comes to subjectivity with the umpires let's be honest about this -- to make a statement on the if you agree sofa and umpires are real tight strike zone right. The one thing baseball people always say it's -- right I may not like it. But at least make it tight for both teams right itself so the one thing that really this is baseball pitchers and managers off the most. Is when an umpire strike zone changes late in the game that's completely. -- old -- we like it if a refs swallow the whistle on hockey. That apparently the first period is not a penalty in overtime hockey. But we don't like it when a baseball umpire. Calls a strike in the first inning and and won't call it in the ninth or tenth inning when the games close we -- like in baseball and the people around baseball hate. If there was a strike in the first thing why the hell isn't it a strike on the low inside corner in the tenth inning. You know aren't saying because that's the those are the rules you gave us. That's the parameters you set us up for for the rest of the game and not yet now you change in the change and in the middle of the game gimme a break. I know -- yeah -- -- -- and on -- -- key thing. He didn't have government if he cited that you know this year they dealt very like against left or eat at 189 repeal it and put them in -- -- -- -- Right so. Yet on any united you know can work. -- may only point here is. If you've missed. Some pretty good -- whatever reason it and a bit ago. A little bit trying to appear to another guy was a lefty you know switch hitter but yet -- -- that -- yet. It's. I like let's go beyond the numbers them up against a break let me ask you question your John Farrell. This is a big game to -- is David Ortiz in your lineup or not. I -- he I mean if he's not he's not lying on not. And in maybe it is some physical reasons you know but I -- questioning his fielding ability -- I mean. All the factors add it up as has David Ortiz give you -- better chance to win tonight the Mike Napoli. Yeah. I mean -- I don't think that penalty that's arguable at all. Put it this way at the beginning of the year to what Natalie wasn't Napoli batting after -- Yeah he's been baton after a multi year. I just I just I question this move tonight on this won't be inching dear John Ryder on the pregame coming up at 7:20 in the eastern here. -- Joseph on -- -- sure they'll talk about Tim in New Hampshire and.

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