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Mustard and Johnson Take Stock of the Patriots PreSeason After the Shellacking in Detroit in Game 3

Aug 24, 2013|

The boys discuss where the Pats are at currently and if the blowout loss to Detroit Thursday night is cause for concern. The guys don't really think it means much, but it certainly does bring the team and fans back to earth. LJ's biggest worry is the offense and their lack of veteran WR's for Brady to rely on. Craig brings up his favorite topic - TEBOW - why is he still here?

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Matt our producer was estimates are hard to -- about the pages Karen are you as a rating from meter -- offered everything isn't it it's I've learned to I have probably -- a bit and we were a generation that. Things -- never as good as they appear they had never is bad. Here. I do think physical is football is his physical I don't care what what level you're playing on you got to block and you gotta tackle. In the patriots did need there I -- Feel good about the ought and the defense I I think one of the best pick ups they've gotten a wireless this -- Tommy Kelly not kidney more but. Defense tell ya but I I like him a lot from what I've seen in Yemen in -- in the middle with him. And not channel to Jarome seems to have -- on some about fifteen pounds of muscle up properties on on my program obviously. And the channel four program as well as have to arm Carr's riveting theater where do you bring them out. Just Brit by a more emotion welfare broadcast -- about the -- drove perfect -- -- game last night if you want about some quarterbacking and Rogers and his Kim Russell Wilson is just is just a great. Laid back game you could watch it you can enjoy it. And in this kid harrowing and what he says federal this this is back up quarterback would green -- can actually throw -- pass with a spiral through it I mean it was just like what he says Ryan -- can't do that. O'Brien now he is -- all you're talking about another bag another backup quarterback but I I do think overall. Might my immediate concern. Wise they had a like a third and seven at one point -- and -- dollar is out which is what a surprise he's our hurt. My immediate concern is. We -- is Brady got a goal when when that when the heat rises and you really got to have a veteran receiver. Who knows what you're doing even if they pick up somebody off the waiver wire it you who cut. Adaptable to have to season before they know anything on a play. It wasn't an issue in the first two games because Brady I had all on my entire world. He could just sit back and he could pick apart any any of the Eagles and was the other team they play can't opt out secondary it looked as if they were playing a flag football game out there so no one was very concerned of all these tees they were catching Brady's passes. Suddenly. You play against -- very motivated and physical football team patriots have all kinds of issues with turnovers and everything else to put up a three spot. And now everybody's concerned about the lack of talent in the receiving corps that -- The way it works -- central fumble live that -- -- that off but you know what are your great for part Jamie got. What one turnover can't cause you to all of a sudden I'm going -- cocoon. I have too many turnovers but even then. Four turnovers in the first half and they were only losing sixteen to three so with the defense played very very well. In that game but they couldn't put anything together anything along Ryan great. Brady was sixteen for 24. But that would. If you ask me what was my number one concern after that game it's right that they really don't have veteran receivers when you Needham and a couple of times the guys had trouble. I get off the line in because Brady is such an accurate passer. He passes on the break he doesn't wait for the guy to get the air he passes with a guy should be. In if you have. Widely like Dobson could not get off the line properly. In the balls in the right spot and -- Jobs from as a step late getting me it is an interception. Tebow won the Albanian. -- -- CU. The player where he. Needs to be a player has to be in that spot exactly can even download the adjectives to yet by the way -- you're disappointed I was waiting now I -- I spent way I didn't expect to see him I did not -- Brady would play -- the amount of time that he played in and now economy and -- is okay. But he doesn't bring I don't think anybody's rushing to the front -- to make a -- for him well and you know it's funny because all the post game analysis. At least in my circles does look pretty good. What relevance this -- and -- he's absolutely spectacular. -- -- and interest some. General manager out there. I just don't know how anybody is going to wanna trade for mallet based on what we've seen in the in the pre season has he gotten better. Yeah so OK yet but I mean I I take hours Vince Young last night with the Packers and you we all know his history and where he's been in the past. But I do have a lot of respect for him as a young man I'm trying to think of the McNair. The unfortunate situation when he was killed by his girlfriend in -- -- kids will laughed. And they had to go to school I think the following week or two when they had a out of Father's Day is something that the school. In Vince Young took it upon himself to go to the school to be with those kids those ways have fathers -- so I will always rule. With somebody about like him I know we you know we -- he's new on the scene doesn't know much of the playbook open man that part was criminal like rifles so. The point -- making it even -- Early in the back up quickly by at least that I could world. A soap -- -- my volleys or that are probably always. It's not about get the part where it needs to do that if spike. He makes Joseph outlook like Drew Brees is another great reference from the nineteen -- is like a wounded doc when I was thinking about a joke app went through super ball I don't think -- Tim Tebow is gonna get there. Any time and touchdowns and one game he might if you're Gonzales would do and and patriot uniform. And of course always been known as the coach of the California this. The morning and game the band game 1982 beat Stanford on the the kick off the lateral kick off one of the great plays that may be the greatest play. In football Castro program that -- -- the -- -- and ball at all pop meant nothing worse in gigs all over with a trombone anyway. This and -- and -- fancy -- work here Red Sox Heidi feel about a mighty getting a little bit noise that's. And we're talking about the patriots. Usually around cut down time they got another week or so by the -- that was that the data 75 yen dampened hair down now using his one -- two plays and title please don't complete joke there's really nobody outdated jumps out to me is somebody that I am saying I hope they don't cut him. About Tim Tebow -- last week you were defending his honor. I I -- this notion David my game I July week. Tebow as the why he's at it again because he's OK Google. Diego note I just exit hey hey -- -- nice guy that now -- this last week to keep bush appears nicotine is is a nice guy yeah. Hey -- Joseph Flacco the guy signs this into Super Bowl champions the guys sizes no multi Yahoo! overpriced deal and a video like. So what does he do he shut his mouth off the other day going after Ray Lewis. I Willie agony is okay leader I didn't understand half the -- you're talking about half the time. You just leave that. I'm wrong I'm saying guys like that like they've been so you're saying the bandwagon Tebow the -- Blackberry Latin while not not all that well the question are -- any -- nine. It is ironic now but it's on the table for angles on. I don't get worse not somebody got -- and I obviously got market costs and -- doormat to -- All I'm saying an immigrant rights of phones is that. The mystique about Tebow remained second imply not a bad that I didn't expect them to not a third game. The mystique would Tebow was simply this if Belichick is who he is. In what we've seen. Why is he still here. Tebow why is he still here I have no that's the mistake I continued as a community completely and utterly baffled. By why easier if game three of the pre season is the Dresser is in the game that really matter now via okay you know economic and and I see a guy that you. Did you just expect to see him give -- -- I did you know Brady was gonna play more than you know that he didn't play more than half but he played exactly happen and you bring -- and they want to get -- -- ballot they wanna showcase them at one facility and -- The only but. Again he's I don't believe that's why you -- -- and a half back that's something that we're not gonna say. This is the mystique with him. Either ballot check is working with him behind the scenes on something I really don't know about it its order. Well I don't know why you hear. Luckily does he dark on short can't -- he's a great guy everybody remember that he's a great person Robert Giroux has now like Joseph -- your rally about an extra rather heard from those that. It is he's a winner if he can -- -- he is a winner you can -- seem any different harder invited did rigged underwear and he brought that team back. He's now -- well all I know is that with the yeah patriot getting spanked so badly. By the lines the other night I just think you're wasting your time. Even keeping him on the roster thankfully that's not the reason they lost they lost a game because Detroit it was five more physical in and Ndamukong Suh in fairly. If they play if if they keep their heads on straight they're very un disciplined teams -- -- I like a bunch of thugs out there. But although -- -- -- to give Brady a break because he had a -- shot the clean his clock and -- has forced them most of a little bit but you know physically. -- you have all the means game and they get. You know they that there wide receiver back a mega -- to get him back. There's no reason that team should not compete -- their fourth title I -- because they are disciplined. Totally lost the down the stretch 617779. 7937. Red Sox dropped one out in not tinsel town meanwhile the patriots try to regroup after their loss in Motown. Talk about that in Beantown right here on Sports Radio WB yeah. You. It is really not seeing now. Miss. And I think we all played pretty poorly so I turned loose the way we lost. It's really. As a collective team effort we didn't. -- do much and the effort we -- -- in the first half to turn the ball over so you know her score points in NFL if you capturing the other much good place. And we -- corner to -- and we. You know shoot yourself in the foot so. Got her out how to correct that a couple weeks or else you know it's the same result. Patriots open up against buffalo up in orchard park new York and a couple weeks whether or not EJ Manuel be the quarterback for the bills that is yet to be determined but we know that Tom Brady will be the quarterback we know. Who is receivers are and we expect a much better performance. Then what we saw on Thursday night against the lions in Detroit thankfully it was only pre season. But there were some disturbing trends we're discussing at 617. 7797937. We have not even brought up the -- -- -- the offensive line was sieve like throughout most of that game Brady really was on comparable. You talk about some of those and -- are shutting down our running game right my card private Ryan to a -- well. So all the things that we loved about the patriots Brady just didn't apart secondaries. Against the Eagles and the box. Ridley and marine. And block running -- impunity in those two games. All those things did not happen against the lions a team that was foreign twelve last year granted you know any time they play the patriots whether it's pre season regular season. You wanna play your best that was an important game for the lions. It certainly didn't look like an important game as far as the patriots were concerned. And that I think is of concern for patriot fans because that was the closest game I think you're going to see to a regular. Physical. Game the patriots are gonna have to place them they have to play the ravens they're gonna have to play Pittsburgh the AFC north is on the schedule this year. And that means there's going to be some bruising teams it's gonna be it's going to be difficult on. I -- the biggest reason when Matta and asked me about -- kitty -- or you really upset about the Detroit came normally know -- in I'm still not. But I -- -- -- -- -- And you know well who is he going to have to throw to and in the clock is ticking with him so. I would feel far more comfortable if they could have picked up a veteran. Wild somewhere but apparently very -- This kid god Tompkins -- good he just he just -- remembered too not veer to the sidelines so quickly. But still I would I think when the heat is on. You got a third and six is something and you gotta convert to keep their drive alive. We -- you go to. I Amendola yeah he has shown that he can. We know how important Wes Welker was the -- offense more productive than any receiver in the last five years Amendola. Is really gonna have to do pretty much the same thing. Until grow on its back -- when his rock coming back we even know at this point. Well -- If he's on the -- list you'll probably be it basically sex seven media like and you know. I still liked his kids I'd throw that tight end at they have ballot has not showman much he's not recovering as quickly as they wanted him to in. Who man is OK but he doesn't mean he blocks you'll like that I like him yet he -- -- far different pit road that's a I don't care charities like is like driving ups are up and I feet icy cliff where it -- -- -- and you got Guatemalan and no we -- yeah you gotta stop it and keep going. Barges don't blog. 'cause about the pronunciation -- now -- every critic is right Cabrera was gonna say and I say to myself for him kind of got it this is nothing I -- -- that I started saying it in paused in the middle and then you're just all over the place well I go back to my favorite ballot -- calls them old man. I go back to my classic I never remember the name I'm begging subtext you remember the name that Ted Baxter. It was a Japanese prime minister classic areas that are out -- and my. Yet out perfectly. When he was practicing well and the news -- this is the camera came body tried to say it as it would've got up -- -- -- -- a brain lock all right six led 777979. There are guys. Stuck with the game about 2 o'clock in the Cayman. You know what court or really get -- people. Saying -- mangled stick with the game it's like thirty points who watched. Some drops it and quite frankly a lot of people. It's entry. And and see many camp after but again the Oakmont that perhaps you've got out why you stand. -- that charismatic that he brings you know a reason to watch. And and and root for in the Saint Louis. When Flutie was playing. On a drivable one day trying to get straight game and -- up playing like not so. There are a lot of market like this guy wanted to. OK I doubt you or at least they are fifty or that are on the roster. Never argue at least say about Flutie he could play. Like he can run option who -- And hopefully you catch out so flat and not bring him here are they stupid. He's not reduce output that is not child over to Iraq where you're out so we look at -- We don't -- -- cancer. Well -- rather not know don't don't that we don't meet one -- you can always you were somebody you'll you can bring an uncertain -- it makes sense if if they -- using hold on a second day today. All right well he's not terrible terrible. He -- -- -- know he's not terrible. Ice he's -- standard. Drop back. Big. Quarterback is Tom Brady absolutely not. Move right are so what is. Okay well what situation is this going to occur. I understand. He's saying. And I like many. Viewers on Thursday night did stick around in hopes of seeing him I -- -- I -- -- expect to -- -- not not that thought didn't cross it does not that a month fascinated by I didn't expected I am far more concerned. With whether mallet can play football than Tebow at this point well. If you're rational football fan thank you who fields that patriots would be in serious deep doo -- You thought Tom Brady goes down an injury mallet is is your alternative I don't think it's gonna be Tim Tebow. Although maybe the patriots now on the line don't believe that Ryan mallet is that answer. In two or three years it may be Tim Tebow little development in nurturing from mr. Belichick mcdaniels. And either I'm pretty honest review I don't know where he has now profit Jack I I like -- As a backup quarterback over any of these people I've been saying I don't see any difference between mail -- -- and a lawyer they don't like a light you know I -- -- royal editor -- outcry and a -- I'll release Torre had no way to throw up all I I think -- just as impressive swear I don't and I don't I don't -- have you in house lawyer working out. I don't get out while sometimes certain players can weren't battery and a system. I I am shocked that he has not progressed to more than me that I thought it would have when he was released its funny that they should say that. Agree with much of what he -- but I do -- you how to -- quickly we -- -- giving get an -- of a question the one in site that he had was. Maybe Tim Tebow -- value simply is generate enough interest to sit through -- and tighter and felt pre season football game. Maybe Tim Tebow is all purpose on this team 61777979837. At that we begin our question. Game number four the pre season emperors and -- Team degree -- at least -- and -- read it he actually here's the problem with that how much will you say we you'll see him. I cast my fascinates humid Tebow is in the -- -- -- all mean I was watching these act. So active and her because -- I can't understand that I am saying to you with -- Second and is -- -- -- bringing on this pitcher that you picked up. And you win he would great anticipation -- guys throw heat and everything Indy keeps bouncing pitches. And front of the -- Why is it about it. I thought is that this guy was a -- of tolerance dot I just I'm fascinated. Because he and I liked him but he cannot. I'm fascinated Craig because he can't be this bad. I'm I'm I'm serious I can't beat it. You agree I totally got you I -- how are you or your iGoogle outside right now that that's not thinking about ams and -- talking about -- simple. Brawl. I can I just I've never seen anything like it by the way -- seek and you -- fine -- says that dead. Practice the Japanese runners his name perfectly with the -- ecowas hockey but when he got on the very abetted backing up. Well up hockey -- Look at -- actionable reports on cancel when in this league are not very good when you do the first quarter on the road. Sure there -- less so. Doesn't make any difference what happened any other game or any other week and doesn't matter what happens tonight is eleven tonight. We turn it over reversal on the whole we have the. -- -- Appropriately somber after getting routed 42 of the re an ugly performance right from the start. Four turnovers including three fumbles and a -- And aligns very motivated almost like it was their Super Bowl game number three in the pre season patriots we'll try to well bounced back. Somewhat against the giants we know that tie game four in the pre season is just try to get out without any major injuries home. Amman on my -- we'd like I was that all balls that I -- it was just. Tough. -- Marlins say -- -- much your artistic Belichick you do cause a boom in well I'll tell you what if you have. The B invoking the -- man's name with any regularity -- the pitches are probably going to be in trouble. Because that's the problem the other thing is and I heard John Dennis Scott question John minister garage -- we reading that's. But the pointed -- -- and it really. Can anybody get a check our return pass the thirty outline why interest -- Leon Washington Leon Washington has. You know a guy with so many credentials one of the all time great kickoff and punt returner is so exciting when he played for the jets and then Seattle. So far I know it's only pre season what does -- tell you. Tells me want it tells you that maybe yes -- however I think that's his name that special teams coach that did not. Obviously they're not doing their job about the a year of if a guy is pretty effective -- on the team -- in many comes here. Indy can't get past twenty outline what does that tell you that you're ripping the patriots coaching staff I hope everybody's listening down in -- that was Larry I love it I'm not why I don't I don't suck up to people like you to try to get tickets. And -- in war bird island you're next -- retreat W the guys. I still are we you'll. I'm doing -- -- at art up there creep back into Christmas -- out. I am a statement right and I and you at least that we can throw the ball might start actually warned he would be here now so I. -- that the guy actually has some kind of the Billy said the put on the top and. Are you gonna do -- remember the Miami game fully meet Doug -- could throw the ball well you have to do that mean Tim Tebow had believe and I had a better college career than forty did they both won Heisman is Brooke floored Diaz -- points out. Had a pro career he was effective as a quarterback in the National Football League. That's exactly what I find with the argument against you like fourteen about it. You know and it I'm Christian and I got nothing -- -- -- -- -- and religious convictions which -- -- come -- Whenever there's an argument against him. But you know -- -- it's rough on the right but Janelle this year thankfully since he's been a patriot and I think -- a Christian can attest to this. There's been precious little talk about he has faith it's all been performance related. No one's brought up the faith at all would you admit that Larry yes and the most by its not really hot. The media but I you know when it you know the casual fan like I had argued that Koppel from the title track. I don't will follow that and don't want the one that will bring the religious aspect into. We're -- and always remember. You know -- remember this guys shined brightest when this guy has blackest. It's. Yeah breeze picked up off he ports is that -- up so bad to now I know you've heard that song it's on properly. -- -- What's worse singers throwing wild -- I -- you guys call and I'll write. Eighty degree can't even greater role model but like but packet capture the all my educated football and I watch football here at. Hopefully. And they it and. Why is -- okay to not let me ask you this then. Why is a year. I don't know that beyond the I think apple and I didn't I didn't -- bite 1% to with the -- are creating your own and -- I can't commit legal they're probably at least as we possibly can I think you'll play I think you'll like -- But it it but I I -- I'm. I don't I -- I really don't get it and I I think that I -- I think -- that there are at least I get getting shorter. Here's the problem just now his detractors. Possibly in the beginning. Didn't like his his his Christians the -- But I think his play of Leighton has surpassed that no one's even concerned about the religion and its people and all of -- and the argument we had a couple of years ago when Tebow was playing for Denver and I liked what he was doing it was dramatic. It was fascinating guy with very limited skills. Was leading that team to a three or 456. Great comeback wins it. And they fell to earth very quickly against the patriots and the patriots again in the playoffs but coaches fasten it affect the guy who really couldn't play a traditional. NFL quarterback role was leading a team to win and. When it is because of -- enemy that will happen when you agree much less than -- Our visit to refer street football player. Get a bunch of guys Gore's history not -- -- -- go get a bunch of guys that got to go out and play you know kept the ball by the -- power -- I do this for Apogee -- and insects. That before -- little insects yeah great energies to -- -- peace and and and he's been gone for -- we have via. I went I went out it -- a.'s goal for organized for all it was brutal it it was. Rumored to what was a pretty realized I actually hit -- I couldn't make the adjustment physically mentally Euro rise well that's right and you got to follow up quite right and I think when you look at late pork. -- attacked -- entrepreneur my nearly Bruce budgets and -- can't high graduate died and he can attest to that that I was terrible couldn't understand the playbook now I don't think it was it was it was -- profit I got to -- out I think the adjustment from street all it is in a lot of kids on how does this and now I think they're -- -- -- -- -- -- player. Like get out there rabbit out the Boston plays make it happen he's. Fabulous with that any that I physically superior athlete even in great conference like the SEC. He stills of -- -- LYQ you've been watch him in the pocket breaks down like he plays and that gave the government says -- ballot checked on the play Parker right away just go out and play ran counter in. When the play breaks down. He's at his path. And I really think he's a playground type player he's a football players that -- College while you could say peeking out but he had a great career in the CF well as we now. Well how -- moments for two different -- buffalo and San Diego before is top Britons back. How about how vote against. When he was with number he has the magic moment he did have a a couple of magic moments. I'm I don't know what it is I've finally figured -- he's a playground play. That's. Okay now -- -- infrastructure way to have to exactly do what the play indicates. In a breakdown is the probably can't play in the standard NFL offense that -- out of -- Ali. Change up your entire offensive philosophy and playbook when team Tebow was there and it's the question is is really worth it for the New England Patriots.

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