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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 08/22/13

Aug 22, 2013|

We take on four off-topic topics... today featuring Ron Jaworski's love for a certain QB, the NFL's new bag policy and what the heck is Mike Tyson doing?

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-- And now word -- and -- swollen already roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. Mean. It's. On its rate W. The Moffett recycle them only that he's at it. Yet that's exactly it -- recycle. It's called breaking down to its value form over couple times and just a different. To be particularly -- -- -- and now. But we're a knife. You the cubic. If you're like they're solid -- -- embarked yes they're giant that care forgot to call. I. Think box they're huge Michael and there are forced maybe even -- That. They don't and indicated when he whichever one of view. I would thank you so. Texas' old people -- boxes throughout. Young people love the state the boxes for your daughter she can build for the moment we put that box on the ground she immediately go out the top of the box which she was like oh -- order when you -- Question number one ESPN's Ron Jaworski said yesterday quote. I believe -- it can be arguably the best quarterback in the history. Of the NFL I truly believe Colin -- can be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. It's very similar to that you know. There's an order quote he's kept saying on an ordinary game where it's -- be and -- -- -- art not a gamer and a break and you know hosted. Did they ever mr. Crawford. Ever know. And I know Montana later hosted on later. But -- asked about Cris Carter what Chris Carter. As he was he was an ordinary looking. And Chris core. So the question is can we take -- seriously anymore as Catholic these animals jaws you know it's crazy and that's when I love that line. I didn't make more fun of them in my hands at the same thing about it. I think it's possible. To go the right way I mean it's not like he's there right now. It's not even like on that project it's unlikely to wise it's unlikely I -- -- -- -- like right -- -- -- -- with -- so that's why I think it is is out there it is especially when. In San Francisco. Once observed this kind of roll their eyes that you. Yesterday about it Jacksonville quarterback. Quarterbacks in Jacksonville. Whittled around we have seen it Syverson its month and I -- And and now can't predict is gonna be the best one bad apple I think we uncovered is gonna end up the best quarterback or. It's it's hard it's a hard thing to saint Joseph's a Smart guy I think in the bush appointed -- from looking -- spends on jobs and talking quarterbacks with them because he he's such an interesting guy. We see that -- -- wise rate. -- or if you're gonna say about anyone is Andrew Luck and Manning speed he's got mine he's got the army's got the size he's got -- running ability -- mean like. He's the perfectly designed quarter. If anybody's ever gonna put together I would think it would be him. -- Yes I am Michael recently Graham plans Zach Lowe wrote a column ranking the best nicknames in the NBA. The Celtics came in third followed. Followed following the 76ers and trailblazers what is the best nickname it. All the sports and what is the worse the best -- -- sports. -- that's a tough one but I don't think it. Hello. Is tremendous staff writer. -- he's really. He's got I got this list right. Currently. Tripoli Tripoli the group went about 76ers. To get the Celtics. Obviously top five. Romo and the lakers. Lakers 91. What's left of the grizzlies were not enough loved Italy. This nickname and -- don't ask the question. The raiders Europe -- degree. As kind of -- -- -- simple though. Raiders did not like I mean like the red raiders Texas Tech can turn -- -- for Hillary the -- I think it would. You know they don't use anymore wheelers. If you look at what Houston but also like they were there but -- it but the veteran Houston. A lot of oil in that area that about him. Don't know don't know enough and but I think -- I think that's what they are but there is just boil your Texas oilman. -- it gives an order -- Erica. Eric in his helmet goes on -- The mind. They get that items. At that they write the best time giving us the answer is sort of this is the number. The last over the last thing to leave before. The first compact. In my sister's. -- -- -- there's like four foot eleven and half. She advanced to go there were both lurking in the same time is definitely -- same time I. Right around a lot of steak guy and he did mention the -- at all I mean it's just you obviously that's -- it is great group of guys talking about. Pre pre. The NFL is instituted new tax policy the policy states that all bags just to clear and smaller than one gallon incised. -- hold. It although -- challenges women face and try to and it tells me that regulation. And it has restrict women. Carrying their personal items increases the size of their hands. We take these rules of attack on women and our freedom of choice. -- Is this -- completely ridiculous rule by the NFL. Who was it is without a spoof -- person who did that couple YouTube. This I think is stupid. Have you seen the bags likely have to buy the backs are still there like ten bucks for the bags that you combine that and even have a super. I don't take all my stuff to a patriots game bide your stupid clear back. I mean if I were aware are errors and that it doesn't even have a zipper now return to Safeco. Right -- in -- -- music and that they and that the impetus for the rule that you just trying to. He's trying to increase apparently has been can check your purse at the line feed him for it and apparently -- -- long lines pre season games check if things get your perspective and it sounds like such a pain in the ass. She we have after a woman you need some personal items for that particular time right you put -- clear plastic -- and it sounds like just what they wanted to. That's something great you know were they don't have a bad policy where New England Revolution games. They have people like that game you're out on the policy out of people come how many people need to be for how do we not get South Carolina Gamecocks was that the best the best they can also be worsening our cal Santa Barbara but I don't -- Not -- Barbara that's. Stickers. Cal state -- Okay. But from the Redskins you can figure out what its collection which. Crimson Tide Crimson Tide is it would cut actually reflect back to when -- was just talking about about what women are trying to bring in the patriots. -- and -- Dallas road salt grass is that it to -- a little light now just think the rally around words like not a and we met one another. Grass man plus he -- the Buckeyes on the live -- give a purse for your ratchet wrench -- When Iraq it's different from right you can't. Tokyo AT&T question of today. What the hell was my -- and snowing here -- Michael you have to hear this art mr. -- old school. They're. Back over Oakland. -- -- hole and oh wow it. -- Mike Tyson in the renovated. But you. I got a box. Right market. In Tyson's -- -- for the first time he has ever played like that weight but it gave away the -- collapse Joseph. Anybody who knows -- Joseph would. Like this week -- great that's the belongs. It's kind of funny watching players trip. These terror. He should be the noises he's making at the end of media seriously. Is Mike Tennessee the only person in history to lose to last you know if I ever heard I. It's almost impossible to lose that yeah it. He's terrible dating him aka the glass Joseph and then. On Kaiser is that second. The police and then for double double. My point and then to implement a moment ago and I -- pro tiger. Tiger and then. As for Obama. That's an image well hopefuls or we really lose the. And oh cool and -- but. -- yeah. It. -- It was the start off as well source. Entity needed to select. This year. Texas' -- the with a -- right Tyson's. I know it's double 0737. The the bonuses crazy guy. 5739. Or something like that. It's. Something remembers probably like -- 373 you don't when you're emirates which your -- your -- holder to -- I've never even done it. Like I never I never went to go point -- I remember that it was double 0737 threes never -- echoed those easy things to remember why you can't obviously at the -- extra eyes. On him and in that game. Well you know I really do legit tour and actually got here's the thing I'm terrible games. And so I never close -- and I couldn't beat second global war vote in a year. Ice age super much offensive -- I've -- against people like into the code on the trick plays in Madden a couple of things you can do an early man games. That would be automatic completions. And being attacked multiple auctions and with the prop -- that could have I don't know man. Did you really would you throw money down. Yes college and you give an edge to whoever had to use the second controller no. Horribly a month ago -- the second controller over the backwards we bet big money how much. Went too much. Like almost twenty bucks -- -- a hundred. Check out. All almost picked two students when you almost accounts agree McDyess and people. -- of the fine motor skills. It was 22. 22 Los I don't I don't like it's just too much of Britain how much about like a power box so much reference shock. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was shock -- is in college. To Africa here's is what I'm imagining right now is Eldridge being the play by play about solving this week you know play but I fifty dollars on. A video game to stupid. He says doubling of the -- enough. -- -- -- -- -- that are out milk from Google or another -- Acutely now. But you're the 200 what what's the game. Memo -- that. Dublin about 100. Do. This is ridiculous. The last war this last one I'm not that I'm not gonna make you -- you lose us an academic paid 800 dollars megapixel. He lost. The ball in the morning. It was given. To. Publish. Like to Britain you have to pay you close. Got to get out. It got a discount. At the odd way to get it off and have close and as well you know -- -- up -- up close you don't have any of those close and Crowley extra celebrating. As you won them playing Madden that they've offered far from it. That -- in recent 35 lines close. One person and it just. Seven remember -- that's a pretty pretty famous TO. Long and and it was how. I'm sold off by in the whole America's sweetheart that from my -- -- know he's not that I mean he's he's the darling for some people but you still can't get past some stuff that he. I don't I don't I don't and I know a lot of people do they love Tyson postal funnies Iraqis raid in the room. Hang over and all that and and now really do want to rape and Obama up the kind of thing that I still find it a little hard to get over there. I don't need to hate him I don't think the thing that he should be in jail. Tough it's tough for me to get over that stuff Michael -- kind of the same way and he's even gone out and and really apologized and made significantly changes. And it's like it's not that I hate Michael Vick I don't I don't spend all of my time thinking about -- I find it hard to like completely forget about everything that's in his past. NASA's Michael Vick -- and and you don't think about that now. Look at Tyson is that's a different level. That's the things that he's not as apparently Donner are crazy right. And talking -- you're talking about a professional boxer hitting a woman I mean the things that are that are off the charts horrible. And yet that it's funny though just watch Mike I mean it's like he is it is a really. Strange in late night TV you know -- went out on fox got his one Broadway yeah. The whole thing really is straight right phone caller still hanging on here but it wants to talk about David Ortiz his comments and -- teenage years. Is -- a bad teammate well we're gonna get to more your calls and ask the guy. Who did the story Jorge Ortiz is the one to talk to David Ortiz and got these quotes we will talk to him next it's alcohol WB.

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