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Second guessing John Farrell

Aug 21, 2013|

Mut and Merloni disapprove of a few moves John Farrell has made lately. They discuss those decisions in these segments.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI happy hump day. Wednesday get you through after a late night. Loss of the Red Sox after 1 AM I think went final there with San Francisco. And does that count as a technically a walk off walk off. That we're gonna talk about that out -- -- now wants that is end the game that is literally walking off. Ball for there may be. -- lady sets again bases loaded in here comes the real -- Handed in their grade gold strike. -- -- -- Is now outside groups won't for the whole game is -- And then the score BC again a Red Sox have lost this game. In nine innings the final score tonight three -- soon. If this thing came out all messed up. Brutal. -- -- -- -- and that team last night -- stated -- -- -- call right here -- 97. That was awful. And it was just the result it was how we got there and and look I -- for the most part. John Ferrell has done an awesome job this year the manager of the Boston Red -- I give him more credit. That bench -- and for the Red Sox a lot like right now. Right there at the top VA at least a couple of games back because the Tampa Bay Rays on games in hand. But that -- and used last night awful. Bases loaded in new gold Q. Riot or -- and Hillary at all. A guy who knows one thing keynote to do one thing is a Major League and minor league pitcher walk guys. Look at the -- at the comets -- separate Cisco right Marcos -- Once they elected Hillary all the coach -- up and said this guy's got control issues so what do I don't look for a pitch. -- -- -- -- I hated the move. I hated -- well in that spot and I hit it whether it's. All day and a matchup as well you mentioned Marco scooter row -- Elway would he thinks who rose to do O'Malley did do is look at the numbers. You know they got this guy because he throws the ball hard I and account just like a growing in this thing. But he even in Toledo this year he's down there to minor leagues 26 walks in 34 innings off. That's a crap load walked up this year are times you heard me the most important thing you getting them to be a reliever in the big leagues got to come -- -- those strikes. That is number one. For a reliever. Now dig in my sent him down to triple -- through to a third innings -- two appearances. He walked one guy struck out two. There -- no surprise that he got called up to be honest the first place. Because -- just looked at it and it was. -- seen enough from authorities have a good years ago I was getting hit down -- tripling. You know issues blocking it control problems gonna bring a gods get control problems to the big leagues to me you can't bring up reliever toll free at the control issues. It to appear just to occurs at the that we need. Die and to put him in that situation boy. And he came in a game actions like this this isn't good this thing over and over you're right out the next -- -- Cause trouble this is trouble now it was this is trouble -- from he's a lot of trouble. A big trouble. Two super -- there are different levels of of troubled right it was big trouble there one pitch and it was huge trouble there the next. And just deport him and that position. Let the manager's job -- both beat you give your team the best chance to win not set up your bullpen for extra innings. Not. You know go with a hunch. On this guy. And Hillary all we imagine that walks. On this year at the minor league level just be nice I just stuck with a Major League numbers for him. He walks almost six guys at nine. Since -- And that's a spot you bring an -- to sell out to be fair. I stuck around last night the post game not just your act yap about that game but I want you -- John -- that they wanna hear two things in John Ferrell -- one of I wanna hear why he went to Hillary all the first question was asked why a guy wouldn't pitch it's April 20 bases loaded two out tie game. An octopus working on three consecutive days. And that's that was the decision. Art so -- -- the end pitch in three consecutive days or eighty wanna pitchman three -- which -- days ahead. What about coach you we are coach you we are in -- -- seem like the perfect guy to go to what about Koji last night John for normal and back and -- because it would we push across a run that he's -- he's gonna -- -- game now. -- worry about that when it's 200. That cannot be concerning yours to -- on the -- the concern is going to be how -- again and extra innings. I don't like put my team of the best position to potentially win the game winning 1011 or twelve and not lose the game and -- nine because the guy -- on the mound. Is like wild thing before put the glasses on. He looks like wild thing out there we look he'd look like a deer in the headlights when they put about there on the mound. So I got a problem ball those all -- Brandon Workman. As you brought it up for the show. Three consecutive days for Workman. It have to be like that it'd have to be Brandon -- going off third consecutive day last night. Brutal. Why. The gate this is the thing. By I agreed Leone's pretty Workman birdies in -- -- And anybody asked why Britain where I was in the game and it before. Seven to Nelson always pretty Workman right now at a Jonesboro. These three I'm oppressed by the -- OK I put him above EO Brian Hillary out okay. I put above a lot of guys out there right now I like what I see out of Britain work and I think you can trust him again the number one quality has he throw strikes out of the ball went. So -- -- seven nothing game. There's your reason why -- pitches on Monday. To make it two days in a row because if you don't want to -- three days a row that by throwing -- one inning on Monday in a seven nothing game. That you just burned into the next game authorities more important the net you'll burn Villa right now okay I'll Monday night. That's who you burned the biggest U -- is that it's just the ninth well Lester goes up there to start in pints of any similar -- got to give two thirds of an inning. That word that. In seventh or nothing game that's when you bring in. Brian Miller Rleal who hasn't pitched in the big leagues since April a point okay who is has -- moral problems. Give them a -- pressure situation at seven -- they start. Creeping up on the ninth inning then you may be go to plan B in the -- you more confidence in. That's the confidence inning you give to that -- not Brandon -- now they go to -- worked in Arabic to sort sleeps on the other night it's an -- beginning what the -- Like I said good test good ambush right get up and and another good test for the kid but if I knew. That that was gonna mean he was down from last night that I wouldn't have done it. No we don't talk about the games that they want to do this what to do that you manage each night to win that game but at the same point when the game is is not a hand. You gotta pick a -- the next night. And I don't know harvesting -- played out okay but. The fact eating is -- -- we had a -- guided control problems because you -- that before he considered it will -- you put yourself in the best position to win last night. Because of a mistake on Monday -- is zero reason. For you to use -- -- in a seven nothing game in ninth inning. Basically knowing that that's gonna shut him down the next day it's a great -- no sense whatsoever and -- left him. With the option of workmen Hillary Al and Koji we -- at that moment -- out because he -- night before. Coaching out because he's trying to save and close the game and that frustrating even more war. Then did the work and part of this because. He's putting Koji high gains of four this year -- had -- try to extend to game. Or keep attitude two or 33 or 44. To get deeper -- came home and away. Eagle back a look at deftly done and hold and -- and you do what you do it at home there's no question about it. You do it -- exit the home team but in a tie game when I have already lost the lead on on a play right Posey starting knocked it into two. Syndicates RB how do we get out of this mess and not -- if we happen to get the lead at some point. I want coach you are I find that that be completely over thinking the situation. Get through that spot which -- gave -- the best guy to get through bases loaded. To allow I need to keep this game attitude to Marcos to -- professional hitter at the and that big freakish orange glove. That's the got it should be on the mound -- -- counter argument as well but they use coach Elop this year -- attacks are ready I'm gonna cut these calls up the -- He -- rolled pitches in seven days thirteen pitches the last seven days you'll when he last pitched Saturday. He did it Sunday he didn't pitch Monday. You're off Thursday and you're -- next Monday. So there is. -- no excuse in my mind what makes any sort of sense not to bring code to their makes sets to two -- gets hit he gets it but he gives a much better chance. Then bright and Ryan -- gaga Villa real this guy's name is. On the -- as depictions in all walks. I would agree with you -- that. I wasn't big on -- rail come in this game OK and he could sit there and say well you gotta give that to coaching. The the only explanation. I can -- you wanna use in the only explanation I can come up with -- When they get -- up. They wanna bring a man. He's got to come in the game. You know talk about the dry counts a -- in -- bullpen and how I doubt that led the league and -- -- idea you know you get a guy cut out the pen and if you don't use them. You know you've you've actually burned a -- there. So was -- guarantee used to coach you we are up quickly could you give up. You know when you look at that ninth inning. And -- Franklin morale is out there. Yeah he's been a couple appear to stop coming off the disabled list he strikes the first idea is a single etiquette Salina. So it's two -- You'll -- Britain and there. Mean you enemies to a one guy on. What would you coach appointment -- my point I audit Torres he walks Torres an -- second two outs and you think it well. Art maybe we should start thinking about it and somebody up. To be figured I would say is if you -- we are up in -- gets out of the inning drag another rating probably out of Franklin. You're trying to do you want more we got to go to Koji right away of a that's an -- is what he's thinking he doesn't like to get this guy I had known as and that's all I I understand that when he's up he's dominant. I disagree with that because the most important thing is to get out in the ninth inning still like to -- and the pitcher an apple and it's available to me. Was thrown thirteen pitches in seven days and not -- that Saturday is coach you are and if that means I got a pitcher earlier that I want to or. Lou I've got a mop. And now I gotta use them in in the tenth inning navy morale as does get out of you know maybe bill rail comes and doesn't in itself that he starts -- diabetic fine okay. And I've used it earlier but I have the game because I put. Hillary all out there. With a bases loaded situation avoid that I'm John Ferrell like avoid how to put this guy in a big situation for my team on the road. Like an idea use the guys that -- on the bullpen so far this year. I -- you Workman piece about the night before I agree. But not using coach either I think is worse the because you -- -- he was ready to go give a day off Thursday -- -- Monday. No excuse not these and I hate the excuse trying to -- the close games. I'd say very difficult issue of command I thought the biggest mistake was made and it before. That's all the biggest mistake you have to identify. With the guys in your bullpen all our that are gonna come in when you winning the baseball game. Okay your high leverage guys you have to identify them so large -- go to Asia closure is always your guy. Breslow is your guy. -- -- guy bright and Britain. I think those are your guys. It's -- seven nothing game. And you try to get one hitting out of somebody in. And you use a guy and Workman who threw one Sunday knowing he couldn't use to me a high leverage guy on Tuesday. That crazy that's a huge mistake and I think and I say that beckons as you know what I screwed myself on Monday night because I couldn't bring -- guy with the bases loaded. Collect probably have the most culprits with let's -- -- strike. I mean attack comes in throws strikes he pounds the zone worked -- so you got bases loaded the last thing I needed is to bring a guy that might have control problems. All my god look like got -- out really this. Bet of buying together as control problems I'd much rather bring a guy that I know he might give up it lose to game. But he's gonna throw a strike you make Marcos -- earned it. And that I wasn't available because I brought him in a seven to a nothing game on Monday. Boy that's tough to swallow and and Nigeria. And you look at -- Gloria all after last night. He is now face 29 batters. And walked nine of them in 2013. At the Major League level. One. In fact is it is walks per nine for the for the year now I 2013. Is like eighteen points. -- to a couple guys. -- -- -- big deal you know enrollment there the role of the bases loaded tie game on the road. Unbelievable and look maybe they lose the game but it's not the point in the tenth eleventh while -- That ended the matter is getting to that -- Ladies sets again bases loaded in here comes the real -- And in their parade called strike wasn't. Four. And by the way. Hell was going around that -- Not called that strike you -- But he said if the guy at all like don't three balls -- does deserve it -- -- rip balls -- a -- does not count as he does deserve. You give Maine yeah you walk four guys straight on but I got four pitches he goes. And then you go to you'll the next guy. Legal -- next -- maybe you'll get it to you get seven balls all over the place. But 30. That is a strike in 99%. Of the time except last night. 99%. Of the time that pitches to strike us and he probably would drove them with the next one I don't know. They like that it sort of a backstop these -- those were going that -- that I gotta -- gotta get me with that call. Mistakes that the game the best reaction was David Ross David Ross catches the pitch. Not this like a way to close it was like to put -- a buoyant yet way to go. Bucket a probable packet throwers like that -- -- -- well excuse me it looks -- use Google doodle it was this. -- I'm curious people thought about that last night and the decision making it John Ferrell MacKey matches the couple that did the twenty minutes and has been on yet another second bases and is on the AT&T I do so -- 37 the Koji argument is an argument. -- -- As you are eroded some guys have to say I'm gonna use my clothes are meant. I'm just not gonna do Monica said once he gets this guy out he has the use them. And Africa gets out of the inning you may want to extend Franklin Morales for another inning so it all happens very quickly to the demands I'm not gonna use my clothes and -- God does not. -- it. And it's. I'm not not -- So I got a conference -- -- the guys. So you you can make the argument Greg can be upset that -- come in this game I am the the where this was lost was the night before. That was the mistake. Okay that was a mistake -- not have a -- able to go are you of that mistake. I have last night and opera and Koji and as a mistake is a couple others I wanna talk about now asked the question now as a Red Sox -- -- are. It's a flat footed tie at the top the AL east but because the games and handle losing percent and Nolasco -- -- back a lost on the Tampa -- with thirty something games ago. Based on what you've seen so far this year and include recent history ankle last night. Is there any level of concern for the manager and his decision making any pennant race. First time in a situation like this as the man -- the pitching coach for the final thirty games in his ability to get this team in a position to win the division. And avoid the dreaded one game playoff that's what I'm curious about that is a Red Sox 6177797937. The phone number 617. 7797937. You can text us. On the -- deep tech -- 37. 937 word of the most grew up last night and -- -- level concern for the manager going forward we'll talk about you guys next month -- 90%. -- with a 11. Playing popped in Montgomery right field line foul territory. Victor Reno all will make the catch along the line around attacking here's the -- over the plate they don't cut it. Good girl comes in. In this game is tonight. Tied up too soon. I think you have to make the catch. In this case couldn't get the teachers told GM make now. For the go ahead run maybe you'll. Different. Joseph a day with a call. Another one people are talking about decision of that game will get to a -- -- 937 WEEI your phone calls. On Jon Farrell's decisions last couple nights and there's a leader be concerned at all about him down the stretch here is that here's the concern I have it's the world body uses over thinking with -- I look at. You mention I -- last night for -- play your best victory and worry about extra innings and extra innings the guy the coming into the year. -- inherited runners -- faced a year ago. Fifty -- if you -- career coming into this year 56 inherited runners nine scored 60% that's way below. The league average so we can get guys out I don't Ferrell stay away from those -- a broader situation this year but in his career. He'd been way better -- league average percentage of an errand runners scored supportive and active you mentioned Workman. What about at the end of June right we -- forget about that Jose Iglesias is here to here on the cover up the ball. -- -- Randy. Said Jose Iglesias. And -- gets her after the game. Was well we wanna keep this open to do that later. Are right now at the time over think much that's exactly what Ferrell bid in that situation I think last night. Two big situations where would vote is over think it a little bit -- is over thinking the position and that. A manager affects a couple 345 games a year. Unless you start to over think and that's been my concern up he can't managed -- not that is get these pitchers ready but. My opinion would be start over thinks and things and has here since. The novel and really stands out and out last night for short and as the pressure the pennant race. Gonna get him to maybe try to be too much of the smartest guy in the room -- my cancer in the final thirty got them. A media analyst at big John throws an outstanding job. I think he's a very good manager and nobody in this room can manage that team -- and he -- and nobody in immediate committees Tina -- commands his team better than he can't. But he still -- cup years in Toronto. He's entering a different territory he's been pitching coach a pennant races. Now he's manager and his staff is in the similar boat. You know in and whether it speeds up or maybe his decision but you live and you learn. You know maybe made the mistake would not a get a little bit Eddie self trailing in games that you know if it's tied maybe I'll do that but next time but what I'm trailing I want out at a -- my best runner up there got tightest game were over. You know I may may be looked back and say you know and I said right now last night problem was because. For some reason we didn't we didn't take enough ahead. In all but the -- thing on Monday in a seven nothing game and put us in the position that he was he was down on Tuesday we could use them. The mistakes are made. You know and and believe me some of the best managers and history of the game of it make mistakes. All right and they learn from them maybe early in their career maybe later earned a career. Decisions are made as -- the difference to me is that. You can debate certain things. -- did what he should bond with the should -- run with the ship pitched around a guy you know and his whether you should walk the bases loaded. You know intentional -- got to get the base loaded. But there's certain belief that you have the stick by you have to be consistent if your manager -- doesn't like to walk the bases loaded if you're afraid of what happened last night. That you don't do it. If you don't believe -- never -- you got to be consistent. To listen I think you'll agree with you know I don't like the blunt okay probably go with a dispute what it measures like the -- But and there are things like I feel about Monday night. You know using -- Gallic -- to me that's a mistake. Baseball is debatable that's the beauty of the game should've bought that should not about to results driven. It got -- but does a good call he pops up the first and a catcher and all that same person says is a good move says that's a bad move because these other results afterwards. You make a decision. What you think before that decision is made we think it's direct call now the wait for the result what was the right club to supplement your seat. He can't sit around look in way around like weekend and second guess himself he's got to make the right call. Whether it's peavy right whether polymer early leaving him in whatever might be make a decision before it happens that we for the results. But I think Monday night. It was a mistake it wasn't looking ahead -- it was burning a guy that I think is too -- what is. Bullpen in that would not be case or think that beyond your thinking by -- not recognize this is that at the low leverage situation at seven nothing. And he is -- looked a pitching coach at a pretty high level. Right he's been on pennant race teams have been a World Series teams as the pitching coach he's been there and watched Terry Francona make the tough decision but as a manager. 2000 Lebanese 81 and 81 his first year they're Toronto. They go four and six down the stretch never really a factor month of September is last year 201273. And 89. Ended up when he two games back. So -- the idea of him managing a pennant race this is a first for him and these things are going to be scrutinized and the over thinking part of it and I guess your liberal big committed under -- -- Brandon Workman. And it's up that he got to focus on now on these final thirty how does he deal with the pressure race like this and -- Sox fans concerned about that based on what you've seen. Op rats in a car he's up when mark Lou won 937 hi Brett. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You guys that it has -- -- and where none of it's we're worried about -- -- decision making. And I say that and I am. Bringing in part because. You look at that guy who had been jobs forum it's hard to get mad at them can be done such a great job I don't think anyone thought that read option on his sleepy. In its intention to make that play out make maybe make a run at the future. Last year looking out and hit it out the direction looked on -- hard to get out so are -- a bad job but I'm worried. I'm worried that. Come close to the credit rates close to the playoffs. Is gonna come the decision and you know we're not. Perry Sherri if you can make the right -- And you know it is an editor at your Turkey the next couple year's -- on eight years to Rick Francona. It's a drinker and I and I trust that they'll learn it from his mistakes and improvement and manager. This year I think it's definitely concern and I am I'm wondering. It down the stretch we're gonna be and the man and yet in the wrong decision. Well listen we'll see a -- I liked. The baseball people he has around him. In a KB be ticked texting in our boy AT&T text on. Seau what about the bench coach other guys other coaches you know there can be and that's an issue that's a staff issue he says not just Ferrell and I would agree not to pitching coach. Fitness and a nine views work that's two straight down for the night in its bench coach -- over you know it's an entire staff. Going over it and and it's -- staff that. That have been apparent race recently a lot of -- from Toronto. -- will look at I mean you could disperse Terry Francona goes and I got to take 2011 away 2011 was was awful rose district. The teel managed to -- differently in April managed the team usually in April in Maine -- he kittens in August September. Or October. Today there wasn't as much patience showed extreme patience earlier in the year and then made -- but I thought he was he was a guy that'd and throw it. 82 you know he's gonna make the right decisions and it's been -- known for John right now you know we will be judged this is. Not a great baseball -- you know I'm not. Killed a guy from making a bad move getting moves a debatable. I just think Monday night was won the cost them you know sometimes the game the net before it cost in the next night I think it put him in a bad position of his bullpen. Steve is in -- Emmys next month Lou I Steve. I I can't believe. That day even hired this guy after Vietnam's success withdrawal I just on the -- the -- do some damage I really believe this and how we put that wanted to get a lot it is a program okay to do that I mean. I don't know what's wrong with the guys -- -- who put in the game at the right time and he's not the reason this team has a winning record through the team has a winning record they were heading and what pitching. His job the job description I thought that the man who would make important decisions yet on one thing like. So I don't think I think your opinion is. It. -- extreme. No I don't I think he can I think all along he's made bad decisions that are very important time. Are you gotta help me out I gave you Steve I gave you last night a little action I gave you one -- gave you -- I gave the other one Knoblauch's. Should not -- running it should have been Jose Iglesias gimme some other ones that you think standout as decisions that lost this team games. If if it might -- it I think backed -- -- I can definitely -- come out of the fuel wouldn't be so upset about the way they losses -- but I. That is expended a lot of its been pitching decisions while I was abroad -- bought in -- night before. To get a couple I mean you're -- penetration rate now this looks to me like most people saying economic collapse guaranteed. At least in most people are saying that but most reports and get it over and across the children. I'm not uncommon -- not the hospitality industry with three or four. -- that I don't and I'll let you know okay -- saying the same thing here we go again it's routine. It's the same I gotta go drinking at some of these. -- -- -- your observation is that. I don't feel that he's not a quality music he should be sitting on the bench help and that would decision not being the sole decision maker well. There's your extreme pain and priority at 1041 year WEEI over under from the real extreme Ferrell take. You locked in currency peg in accounting they'll pay off. Is that all I have to disagree with -- move is it possible for someone -- -- in your own -- to make a mistake. And not think that the extreme opinion that he's the worst manager and game and has no right being where he is and it's not the reason why this team -- word is that the it's about the players. It's just too extreme for me. Has done an outstanding job for this team this year just because I disagree with one move. To sit there and say that in an awful year well he's the right man for the job the K and he's still young manager this game is any. Third full year right to about two years and throttle was a manager this is -- thirties completing his third full year. As a management pitching coach and in the front office Berkeley and just because you can do anything to base just because -- -- the game of baseball does not mean you can manage. Bill made it personalities. Make calls look ahead. Think about the position in the that they get so much information left and right that you need help from his staff that I agree with a text we get from KVB I was a staff issues well. Texas says -- price -- manager of the year but there are couple mistakes and how many horses runs were lost on base running. Yeah I guess and opened the base running part of it on the manager already do that. I think sales at the shorts on of the is that is a is a base coach somewhere out there or I guess. Listen the question is the the final thirty plus games. That concern level I just I'll worry about it over thinking -- worry about them -- back that's the strength of this team is no bounce back tonight forget about last night. But another tight situation. You know is Ferrell and -- at the way as a couple of things so far this year. As the games as Lucent get -- now late August early September games feel different and April all of the same in the win loss record. Everything -- I -- were thinner I've always felt that people disagree and obviously Windsor cumulative -- six months. But the games are different. In August and September. They just all are -- because you want we want right now. With your -- your tie with the Tampa Bay Rays. What do you you win or lose to make the playoffs depends on what you do the rest of the year. Short there were five or six game get back in April maybe have a legal -- you say that this team's probably won eight games they shouldn't have ten games that they shouldn't of this is that might my theory of of the whole deal right Dempster the other night. Yeah I had drove them it was Toronto was also sixth at three had the lead. You while we are right now with you make the players and not -- another deal would have the other night that do -- last night's game it's what you do at this point on. It it's just the next game it's the next day. Pilots is real quick break we'll come back you guys -- lineup we'll get right to your phone calls and there a couple of text edit text message on a couple decisions last night the quite frankly. I don't feel is negatively about a summer you guys -- Koji haven't amend their bad. But I like it -- -- -- think -- as bad that in your calls next. Butler talk all things awfully tough loss for the Red Sox last night your calls all day 617. 77979837. Text the shell of the ATP text line 37937. Bolster only at noon. Your chance to 1000 dollars at 1 o'clock and maybe more importantly for Lou. Michael Fabiano makes his return. The talk fantasy football -- of the weekly on Friday in Calgary draft preview today. Here one and you have seventeen -- come up so I believe -- -- don't get out of the way and let you figure you're draft status with -- on 1 o'clock. 22 moves last night at least I'll give you move last night but I'm not second guessing that. All right I see a lot of response that's Shane Victorino. Catching the baseball. And I sought on Twitter immediately afterwards -- and calls today into DNC. Not a lot but a few. Catching the ball there was the only move for -- victory there is zero question he had a catch that ball. For a couple reasons one it's Buster Posey at the plate and if he dropped the ball on purpose and its foul. He has a good chance of hit a home run he's a former MVP is a little bit in Ali's one up say. Number two. The ball was compact with that line watch the replay. He's like he's straddling that the foul line. Apple drops and fair by some chance -- windy and San Francisco right nice ballpark. X telling how he would be a -- -- -- now but you can party geez. There I love that -- and if I'm Jake Peavy 20. Well crossing fastball let's party party and chain victory dropped the ball and a -- And number three is that it's your leading in -- -- losing that game you know it's going to foul maybe drop but the score. The batter at the plate error file the only move from victory with the -- that baseball. I was -- move. I'm not gonna second guess him or the manager for he made the right call he had listened to me none. But the ball is obviously follow all or not. He is right there the wall kinda tough and that's. That's not it whether a good layer affair not that it's the fact that's Buster Posey now if it was the ninth inning. And it's -- -- Obviously dropped the ball job is to get through the guy's gonna scored games can be over give myself another chance. Abbas deposed the best Internet teams -- league MVP. -- a great hitter he take the out it's suited to you go in the game he'll keep cute. You know double in the gap -- and a bomb double in the gap base hit and now instead of a tiny gaming 89 illusion game winning side. I I think that was actually the right call again if it was tied in the ninth elect a ball drop. And I think you look at that and you say you move on tough break now the major tech three and today's on JP. Why was JP be taken out back in 92 pitches. I'll look down at his box score you know yet it'll give up five hits and I was a few more but I was at 518 and one walk one. He struck out four Scully has to be taken out a game right come off the mound I wanna be -- of one of the year I'll be honest. 08 was pissed based on the results in Kansas City when he stating give up some runs. On Toronto I don't know what I'd I thought it was time I thought the bullpen was pressuring not pitched night before outside of Brandon Workman. How close was I found that said -- bullpen set up for this you go up resolutely get inning and a third does -- get that we are. It didn't work out but given that he's had a couple of games here where he's given up runs later in games and you had your bullpen set. I didn't first -- Or second guess taken peavy out of that game and ninety. I'd have a huge problem while I'm a lot of credit negative I can understand where people don't want this to me it's 221 but meets at nationally game you know -- in second. It's through one. The problem with that is is really the run support that he got you know -- that's 415 to one game. I think you let him finish the sixth and he probably let him hit in the -- and atop the seventh and it's the seventh at least into the seventh and and go by that but the fact that it was journal one. The office and get the job done early that didn't capitalize in the first inning. I think that hurt him. -- really have a problem with it and -- we've seen previous and then -- this is what I say tell me now feel like this move the wait for the results. Because we've had with every single start from PV we've said he's left them in too long. The meat is really all three starts he left them in too long. So now he takes him out now here he took remote to so. It's unravel pretty quickly for Jake Peavy its -- starts he looked outstanding in his first OPEC on the eighth and say never should start the eighth. You know at any -- he has a lead. -- goes out and he gives it up visually never should've started editing on that it was Kansas City. He gave it right back. To wheel which is. No maybe at the three starts -- for us felt that he's left them out there too long -- can do that against -- -- in second extending our ticket amount. So they're -- much attacks on those two and I never used -- maybe you do 617779. 7937. A phone number -- buddy Johnson Rhode Island sporting a job. He would support article. I I mean I'm not a baseball that I do not think these two -- 92 pitches. Despite its long walk qualified third innings and he used it's a pretty good game I think -- -- -- -- -- a better man to beat people and shattered arm. Well it's -- Wright's two out these -- -- so it's a nationally and it goes America league game. John I think he stays in the game if it's an American League game be stuck up due up next inning stays and. Yeah I mean I obviously think thousand good jobs here in Turkey if you see a good job and he just don't like the guy I mean. And first play well. Again be on the board I'm gonna get a little more about the Yankees thought it would be one. Both teams that doubleheader yesterday to come back until he got the last ten you know twenty games left get back in this thing. I mean I want to do is look at lake traditionally you -- -- begin -- you know. Because Soriano not because of A-Rod Soriano is on fire. So Soriano granderson. -- leader Ichiro I know I mean a pretty good -- now. Vietnam with a -- I am -- I think that that team is now Becton and never thought I was gonna happen. And every study Iran is gonna come back and have an impact offensively and Elvis into that and get Soriano. And walk Reynolds. As Mark Reynolds right granderson is back it's a completely different look. The -- the moment the right now. That is the team that. Rather than having all those games left the into the -- probably would have liked to have played them earlier in the year in their line -- was just discussed. It's -- -- it seem like you see a lot of the at least you're down the stretch I atomic calculus talked to him Tommy or a month Lou. Eight and yet the politics -- a comment a little bit you know. Major concerns with the Red Sox civic personable well Carol not a concern should -- thought he took now he took up he's yesterday and -- -- situation and made it could call I agree with that decision. And look looking toward the major concern to date it's you know all guards stranded bases loaded second or. Yes troubled -- fastball away treaty through email and you know the runner up. Second -- -- on how real quick Arctic -- real drug charges Tom once second. You're ready to tell me it's in a Bogut has troubled the fastball away. Yeah I will conduct I write out you see -- -- detectors I you don't play -- like. And teams are gonna start scouting him and -- that's the belt that's the -- that is his pitch him out of there that's the books you'll see it happening. And I think that team -- stronger with the ugly -- that at shortstop. I -- look at last night. And runner on second patent strategy through loads of police used to correspond to second base at least get a guy at third base may be a base hit that situation. Well couple -- that that little flair that ended up being a base hit -- over stated that it gets to -- it has sent back pocket. And I'm not saying that -- -- -- or gears is gonna develop in the beat great player I think he's gonna end up playing the corner or. And the concern that it seemed at shortstop like. And in moving forward and it got several not to got a jump on is over cheap. I mean the world to me was to get Cliff Floyd you know look I would have I would have I would have done my remarks -- -- I just disappear now. I I I hate you appear to you if this team gets into one game playoff I don't know who's who's pitching it. Now in a closely. Today would it would have been -- would it would have been a decision and I I don't know you know. But I'm just saying that are -- that the stronger team with a late shoes at shortstop. It's it's clear. Well I got -- I it's not what you say it's clear this is an asset it -- at baseball debatable you want. I'd I disagree I think with -- on the -- the way he has pitched in it whatever those three starts are no results are all wins but he instead of Stephen Wright or. I don't again I don't know who would start -- I love Iglesias but pitching depth this time a year would -- up back in the mid September. Is worth more than whatever you think that the upgrade is from Iglesias to Stephen broke. Well well OK but look at look less like -- cute little light -- -- They'll immediate -- for giving up home -- I mean apple in any at all or is it you know. They -- they stranded peavy struck out some guys -- some big -- that -- -- runner at third base side I'll I'll give you that with with no outs and was able to pitch out. Against the -- -- such -- is so he's not able to do in any other ballpark that always is another home run in his wide it's you know fighting stretched. For -- I mean against a team like airports is still that's not that great he's prone to giving up. Convinced yourself an -- last night and I'm Laura. And I vote. All right let's like Alex Cliff Lee is well. You know since that trade deadline is gonna 1460 area and three starts. And you seem to miss the point of -- and give a ditch it BP. And -- functions and can be gut it cliff would -- give him a Cliff Lee wrote. -- So. I don't know it work or stays in the bullpen that's what they want -- Steven Wright would have been your starlets. We don't succeed Daniel and rose with some thoughts on the game and John Ferrell get your phone calls at 617779. 79372. Text this AT&T text line 3797. Twitter at Maloney and -- WEEI entries as ever when drinking this morning. Is -- a five day weekend that's for some people. I might be part of the conversation. -- two more things to get to -- come back I wanna talk about Zander Bogart's. Apparently can't get to the outside fastball up to three bats. At the major level -- concern he's always got a report I mean I've -- notes -- -- is can be Frankie Rodriguez all over again all hype and no substance at the big league level. I don't wanna get to the Major League baseball's reaction to Ryan Dempster suspension I got a little bit of a different take on it. Then I did yesterday based on baseball common now five games talk about that in your phone calls next.

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