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Tom Brady on his near perfect preseason

Aug 19, 2013|

Tom joined the show to discuss his first two games and his near knee injury. He said there are risks involved but he has to continue to improve.

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-- paid trip Monday and that means -- interview with Tom Brady is brought you by. Northeast electrical distributors Tom has always joins us AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and now the most reliable forgy. LTE network according mr. radio how are you. I nice. Are -- you look back at. Ebb back edit he -- let's start with this does it amuse you or confuse you Tom that an entire region goes in the high panic when you get knocked down and grabbed unique. There were a lot of people that practice that it will restart it's over there where there are certain practice. Very Eric you are never very good about it. It's just. It's obviously the nature of you know what are at all that's a social media itself but it. You know it happened on the practice field it happened and again utilities' feet from injury that happened over a course that preceded both football. Not for that saying are you get sponsored birdies and hopefully. Not too serious syndicate is prospect Trevor Milan. I I know it's a cardinal Beatles in just talk about the nature of the injury so we -- has been described as a bruise on a scale of one to -- to bomb when it happened. How frightened were you in the first thirty seconds after you went down. I wouldn't say -- you're just -- by you know you're just wondering. -- obviously see. Anything you just -- something and and then. You know you'd react and I went back and further related finished. Or period out that we had coordinate. You know and just talk urged checking into in our trader we just figured. Try to be safe so I just thought that it actually better cause war of media stories that are actually it was worthy of -- -- -- hatred literally draw attention and that's sort. You know what we're just trying to be the -- About it was amazing when the stock market dropped to go to -- And you know that that little civil war in Egypt stopped just -- -- until we get a diagnosis Brady went out -- yet anyway. Hey Tom I know what you gonna says it would choose which as you think like always to get better can always improve but. In the first two pre season games could you have good things have gone any better for the starting quarterback and his receivers. But they've got army you know I would say they've gone pretty much the -- it's. Appreciate her conference including -- camp and we've we've shown you know some steady improvement so. And I would say that this is in -- -- far from where we're gonna be. You know hopefully by the time record book we'll get another. -- three full weeks of practice before the game is played and no we got some good things out there are returned four possessions -- -- retouched around the the partnership and better America -- trying to. So we're doing some good things which are -- yeah -- -- -- consistent picture about what pro football's all about because whoever but he is capable of going out. And making big plays that you got to do week in and week out. It's got to show on the practice field and got in on the team of all over the course of the season with injuries and so -- so. You know you have you have an idea of how you want things ago. And then things change pretty -- probably -- certain -- they were able to offer applies when her candor are cheaper so. It never occurred just that he. Developed to achieve this is so important -- army here. And he would hire. Fundamentals -- team this is really what you built those fundamentals because bird feeding your dirt cut up -- important vote. Get to their first point you know where it really mean here with this sport also also -- got to look. We gotta keep that look back at practice today. Well it has been a clinic and just look at the two numbers eighteen of twenty for a 172 and two touchdowns. What went wrong on those two in completions come. And they're -- bad read -- quarterback. So. Yeah that that. Not torture and get better you know trying to. It'll be really official BitTorrent traffic you're efficient practice. You know -- bit. You try to work hard over the course glossy and have a good training camp -- you really want to have a great training camp for their belt for your Jean -- You know assert that they know they can argue that. That's -- world trying to do at this point still. The Amendola we saw on Friday night is that the guy you've seen pretty much since the start of training camp. Well he's giving he's generally he's been everything we've asked them to do -- He companies in coffee. You know been an effort practice including. Through the spring felt. No other receiver positions in and if the level of conditioning and a level of intensity of the opposition on a daily basis cut it in Iran gave it. It's all the explosive movements to -- guys -- Don't prepare their priorities we don't make it and then he's been out there every single day so. It's where credit is hard work and is. In our determination to get better be part of that team then. It's for these are really struggle work for peace in that -- -- -- -- are -- if you're very aware catches balls everywhere he's fearless. Eric everything you're looking forward Colbert super. On sugar tired of the compare and contrast Amendola and Welker question but it can you tell me how did the same and how they're different. Well I have to. That's that. You know over at reporter had a little different. -- actually went to the same college and were they know each other very well so yeah they're both incredibly hard work and I think that's. I was lucky enough to play with our first longer I didn't -- talking a lot shortly. You know so many things that. Aren't prepared here receiver how to prepare for England. I think it's Michael Griffin and you know weren't officially did -- well. You know great. A web -- such a productive career I think it's pretty unfair to create expectations for any that are what -- Did it and and both figure to be -- a lot of things how well you know any president continues to improve in. A lot of that. It's you know how well have -- -- around some place so. We got to make sure that everyone else is on the same page quarterback -- here -- -- that we can all productive together. Our -- conversation that Jerry and you and I had several years ago went wrong in her NAND is render NFL infancy and they were playing well. You acknowledge that you also said he pump the brakes on this guys because they only learned about 13 of the playbook would you say something like said -- this is in that realm right now. Well we we. You know we've ever had irregular contracted ship so part you know what we've done the last few weeks we actually practice against both of these teams that probably got -- -- we're pretty comfortable over billing event. So we've. -- that they -- -- during the course of the week is (%expletive) It's just so pumped up and and it's superfast. And you know -- thought twice about plays and happy about it Ayman. You got what you practice a -- and it's not like you have -- are screwed -- ball and stay and then. Do all those commuting an outburst it because hurt that you moved onto a different phase of the game and in the facing a strategy work on first and second down on Wednesday. Third down -- First they very -- on Friday if you screw up first and second or you don't get another shot and so. You know a lot of the maturity. Is -- important -- you know our team to recognize it. Okay well this is. And we at that they'll be saying we can't make that mistake. And then covered it all have to make the collection we need to stop making mistakes and we don't need to make the correction and that. Well that's a team -- and what we're trying to insert. -- -- The captains were talking about the coach in Bangkok now you know look we don't wanna lose again on Sunday becoming abundantly clear we -- them a better you know we rarity need to know we -- You know to do it better so that's important thing you know where the mistakes are gonna come from and to try to improve them before. You know they really pitcher -- and not. That's how they get off to a great earlier this piece in the arm you know you try to talk about it and how well other players -- through that urban policing. Well we've been talking for years about guys who can. Grasp the offense and can keep up with you mentally. Out there and guys who can't and we've seen and come and go and whether it's. Chad Ochocinco or Doug Gabriel was seen guys like Deion Branch and and and Wes Welker who are always. You know thinking playing right along with few. When really you know these rookies if if Dobson voice. What we you know -- Phil is. Able to do that if -- if they can grasp the nuances and be on the same page review at Pitt Tom. Well I'm I think you got a pretty good idea after being in Iraq for reform unfair you know all of -- parents. Have really. You know coming -- and done. You know. Exactly what it. A coach was told he would do that's like brought an end up waiting to help well. -- -- thought that it in -- sure after not all of these players and our. -- all those guys were brought here for a reason so. You know they they've commanded the the good part is they've certainly been able to be underdog and I think that's. Through their work at their preparation and what they've done on the practice field and he noticed a couple that. The week we count against -- opponents. I'm including an approximate it really continue to do say it all spring and there was Katrina yeah so. A great thing for our team. We need really good players when you lose good players she got popular -- -- players and you know how long -- record -- all these. What what happened over the course that you cannot be determined by what we do enough I would I'd say now or what I hope it's really by what. There were able to establish a week by week basis so. It's been fun with so watch the guys have proven. Ourselves I mean he he really you know continue to make improvements -- really impressed. You know everybody because of the way that you should come out for practice every day and the orbital work harder and get better at the things that. If he wasn't very good at coming out well. AT and where -- Josh Young receivers so that we haven't done the same thing -- all I've come out -- -- -- through the coaching listen. The other veteran players that around them and that's. That's a real credit to them and their understanding and hopefully they include -- to be a really great professionals because. Not very not a professional you don't laugh in a place for a Bill Belichick coached and you better be argue better because you better put the control. We're trying to figure out last week Tom and man we thought you were hurt for a day or two. We're trying to figure the value of you playing any pre season game the risk vs a reward. What is that the value if you planks a two series in a pre season game with the risk of injury. Well I'm an aggressive in your practice rightly or hurt and injured driver number 8 in the morning. Then. Another really seriously. So it. It's really. It surely game -- from -- I haven't taken a hit an eight -- so. It's just hard to say well it sure. You have to against buffalo you've got to. You know you gotta put it and if you or your. Perfect game in the -- he said. They exert its art differed in the game and we're here we're here under the pressure like clock -- the game clock and then. They had phones while on the substitution -- and I got a call. A different light not our -- You all -- little bit. You know one clay you know Rick regular game can cost you so. You got to try to work those -- felt. As best you can -- you know before the start -- You know we're trying to do that we've got two more games to give you that either couldn't get into the fees and you know you're far from where you're gonna be in November December so it's just for -- they're building -- -- -- appreciate it really important building process. Tom I'm sure you heard the factoid that down. The guys who caught 84% of your passes last year are unavailable this year and the ensuing had a -- that was well as a result. Tom Brady won't be able to score with this -- -- 35 points a game this office cannot be as good as it was in the past we all know you'd use slice and doubts in the past as motivation does that kind of talked motivate you this year. Well yeah that big at this point my career at your. -- pretty much everything this swing vote. You know I guess I'm trying to focus -- what I can do beat the best I can be and not worry about. All those other big news. You know -- power rankings that are you know which are fair and you know where -- what are your victims in the feet for all that crap you know because I don't. That matter and at all. You know it's prediction and it looked at school it's -- it's great to talk about in that conversation. For either about it Spartan. You know but let's not that's got out but what a game they -- for help us let it -- -- -- -- -- You know ever worked together to be honest he preached to alert and can make mistakes and push the limits and if you are aware of the tribal. Use the guilt for all the guys here that we can best be your best we can be built but he goes what we're going to be our team doesn't go that coaches don't know that. Our players don't know that I mean it is livid about it. So. You know it's it's it's not for -- for make those predictions look at all you know we went every single thing about fifty point but I. You're gonna -- that doesn't mean that perhaps we gotta we got a lot of work that as a you're out there. What happened to vote played out on the field -- -- -- great part about -- all look you're gonna have your chair. Here are your chance to beat cop here without your chance to be physical you're gonna have your chance -- -- -- -- -- not that you're gonna have your chance to play and the pressure. So that's where you decide whether it wins -- losses happened not. -- -- not this start the year where you know look you got a lot of free governor and that you are you know get into a heated debate. At least in the course. It after the men's health story came you know you famously said -- you feel better now than you did I don't know where it was 7810 years ago. And after these first two -- season games. I was -- -- actually believe I thought you were just saying that you know like I feel great you know the way people. You look as good as ever out on the field. Answer me this thought -- wide what do you attribute that to -- -- mentioned sleeping eating those kind of things but is there one or two things that you think. Have helped you maintain this level at this age. Well I -- I yeah I talked about it and you know article. You know I think like it's that it is -- -- get a -- decisions so. You just -- You know you you can't. There's no shortcut. And the shortcut you know for me what I learned there. You know sleeping -- import your nutrition it's so important that culture that -- -- hydration so important torture -- The way you -- It's so important the work that I you know there. They're so the work that I get my body coach. To prepare my body to which -- and the or something happened -- practice last week for better and better becoming a two week injury becomes for our -- -- -- -- you can. You work through overnight if you prepared your muscles and your children. For those types of things so. You know what may happen. Yeah yeah they say they thought they hurt by you can move on past there so -- you try to eliminate. You know Eritrean the issue and you know hold water -- have been. You know I don't fortunately you know unless it's. Contact into -- to deal -- those things because later -- trainer prepare. And it's not like it's rocket science not electorate -- I want my real. One other thing that I really aren't you excited about it. Telling people about. But wait I feel because and they and the way that I. Don't feel the -- I feel on the preparation -- do because I feel like. I've been so luck yet come across some of the people in my -- but it taught me some important things that is all -- different than what. -- -- -- You know from. You know a lot of people in my career so you know the way to have a -- now I'm pretty efficient what I do it. I'm really efficient and later take care of myself and my -- my arm there hurt -- It's a district council as a practice I used to worry that I was -- and I was and now you know I can throw a lot. And my arm doesn't scream let me know what he's doing you know why you work your initial market. You know our muscles just respond there. The way that I ask them treachery and hope that. You know I think spread that information to a lot of athletes into a lot of people -- you know rests in my life that it has. Thank you get older you describe the stock. You know that it doesn't have to beat LA now if you wanna cut about a quarter -- it's gonna feel. But it doesn't have to be away and are a lot of guys that really want to work hard which if you've got to work hard doing the right thing about -- to me the most important. -- final question and that will cut you loose we've seen you on the field post practice with the Brady boys given the violent and dangerous nature of the game that you play would you discourage or encourage them to play the game you love. And -- mom have a say in this. I'll let us say it every. Dark about its. It's -- to me it's the greatest sport and are -- to play a fully support that I love. Competition -- and most importantly I think the camaraderie of the guys achieve its debut at its its open exported that. Here you're held accountable. To your teammates -- yourself on a daily basis. And because you have the perform at a high level everyday and every -- every practice and if you don't -- paid the price. Not just. You know by a big bad article written -- -- -- get -- get the crap -- And that. That physical aspect of the game you know regulate everyone -- regulate our attitudes -- Regulates how yours is great if you could stick around for a Long Island. They're develop relationships with teammates and friends the last few. Years in the year two other high school football or Peewee footballer. But you know college football but for those -- the -- -- -- -- not only -- -- but it. You know I've had some really great relationships -- people a year by the way that I saw them commit themselves to something. Was it just about themselves which was about the team that. That's really a great lesson for legal under a great that's not a lot -- -- -- -- Stuffed dog glad to be back got to talk to next Monday morning. Brady Dennis and Callahan and I -- alongside the Brady interview was brought to -- north east electrical distributors. And as always he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T as the nation's fastest and now the most reliable. -- GL TE.

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