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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Aug 17, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the middle game of the Yankees series. The manager told Joe that the Sox may need to be aggressive today against Hiroki Kuroda.

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Jeff you had a very busy day here some lineup changes after the initial lineup came out there has to do with physical. Issues. Yes you know we we first put up the line up today thinking we -- chain victory on a day off just because his battle -- left hamstring issue that's been going on for quite some time. And then might you know this time -- -- most every guy is dealing with something physically or physical ailment. And last night when Mike Napoli doubled in that last at bat you know he's been dealing with some playing professional at a you know discomfort and pain. And it kind of stretched to last night. Going into second base and as a result we got to get in my office -- today so a victory and was back in right field my car will be at first with none of it in left field as well. I don't last night you said it wasn't the sharpest performance which is pretty obvious say. Is a club -- through a period like they did maybe in May. Yeah I think so you know there there're a number of things that are reminiscent and that is we create opportunities we don't get that key base hit. But the message to guys in talking with them individually and in small groups is that as long as we continue to stay with what our job is. And what I mean by that is sometimes we again welcome up in this certain situation where there are attempting to do a little bit more and that's when they come out of a swing at times. Or if it's making the right read on base paths or it's just focusing in -- concentrating. In a time when were somewhat fatigued which is normal. To execute defensively and in in one way or another each one of those areas showed up last night. And that noticed it. Well you. Works of pitchers to thirty pitch first innings out of late guys have been pounding the strike zone early sometimes it it's really not possibly do that when guys find the strike zone is -- Well that that's that's the exact adjustment that we have to make you -- going to be a team that does when you -- to be defined strikes on the -- discipline to it but when the the opposing pitcher pounds the strike so we've got to have the willingness to swing a little bit early in the count just to earn that respect that they pitched to the fringe early in the count and then get back into that. Discipline mode so. That's all part of the normal ebb and flow inside of a given game and and when a pitcher's got his command particularly his fastball both sides of the plate that's when we've got to have more of a willingness. To swing the -- early. Well Kuroda certainly been the yankees' best pitcher he goes today yeah. What kind of approach do you think you take there. Well we know that he'll throw strikes just like we're talking about and he's typically been in in good and quality locations throughout the time that he's on the mound. You don't pitch to a 2.3 ERA in this division without being inconsistent or by being inconsistent so. We know that we're gonna have. You know our hands full we're gonna have to maybe manufacture a little bit more world -- we only uses small game -- to move some guys up. Because he is around the strike zone you know we're gonna have to swing about a little bit early and be aggressive to him so. On the flip side of that we need John Lackey to be as equal enough to the challenge as well from artistic standpoint. How about an update on Buchholz and also Matt Thornton. While Orton throw bullpen yesterday about 85 and 90% though will do that one more time here before we've looked to get him in the simulating game situations more on this road trip. I I think given the fact in the nature of the injury the oblique. We've we've certainly like to take -- -- -- restaurant. In a rehab situation just so that there's no effects and he can get past maybe the mental hurdle of really turned the ball loose without. You know and hold himself back or pitching a little bit tentatively so. Regardless of that he's making solid progress clay is gonna throw another bullpen here today you know he's out you're going BP right now. I don't through that world incorporate some ups and downs like you did the other day in Toronto and and he's making solid progress we'd like to see him face some hitters. So our own hitters when we get on this road trip as well. And so far no problems for David Ross and Israel have no nine innings last night felt good behind the plate -- his work and get his timing back here he's scheduled for nine morning's today with the talk it. I and then barring anything for on for you know on for seen. He would rejoin us on this firstly the road trip in San Francisco. Our Mercedes-Benz manages question -- that as a pitcher or and as a manager how do you approach a guy that so hot like Soriano with -- eighteen RBIs in his last five games. Well one you know they've got a great job get on base in front and so that kind of limit your ability to pitch around him sort of speak put as aggressive as he is in such ability will back the ball capability. You almost going with a two strike approach already where you've got to pitch to find locations. Because of his aggressiveness you try to use that to your advantage were not that you're throwing the ball outside the strike zone but certainly you're you're being careful and specific. With that location right from the get go right from the first pitch of the bat on. And the one thing you want to try to do is keep the ball away from being close to him he's such a good pull hitter. He he can get the bat head through the zone very good as we saw last night the three run homer hit off of the -- last night it was actually decent pitch it was. Probably below the knee is but because it was on the inner half of the plate that's where he can drop the bat head and -- ball ballpark. But like division thanks to appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz C class sophisticated elegance with sporting style top rated safety with thoroughbred performance is that your local Mercedes-Benz dealer. For more details how -- job.

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