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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: If ARod snitched, "It's disgusting"

Aug 16, 2013|

Kevin Millar joins Mut and Merloni and talks about the latest ARod allegations, how to fix Mike Napoli, and the Sox lineup.

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The man who basically I think is given up working in baseball median is not just taking pictures. On vacations between the base we give up the beach vacation photographers Campbell are joining us suffocation -- You know I just learned. I'm not done a bit differently -- a guy you are like -- so you hire. Don't make -- -- problems like apologize till like twelve followers. But when you're on vacation. -- -- and and I got four kids. They're all told heads. And they don't stomped on fire but yet they -- and we are not wanna go missing in action percent and -- sucker born daughters like -- speaker and a lot of my three year old walking around hilarious but that's figures are appalled that our partner. That's that's okay we instant fought for equality from the time have we not believe it too early -- my family snowstorms but that's okay what it's the quality time volatile but let me ask you. But this latest erupting nick came out here now you know right browsing never showed up in Miami Herald story originally by Genesis and going to sixty minutes in surpassing Yahoo! Sports apparently he gave up Ryan Bryant's name in his teammates named Francis ghosts of belly does it. To a ticket to another level with your teammates haven't back and accept him back all his faults that maybe now he's -- maybe note when he teammates. Load the bottom line this and you know well lately he's like held a lot more democracy Democrats liked in the club -- right it did that they cute story. It they are so many different scenes about you get sick talk about Alex Rodriguez. You know you get -- act now under review at the bottom line achieve like a plane and almost got your job Lackey quote she ran out. Those are so bow. Out -- it -- you want that stuff back it's not right I don't know how to play and it has to appeal process -- -- and that -- legal side bit everybody else what appealed you're out Rodriguez. I'd say five million dollar and 34 million you're gonna get suspended or 211 game got it so now the story come out. So -- other side of the story a little. If you after the sides saying here's another way for somebody to drive a wedge in between now Rodriguez and the players okay. Let that side. And the other side -- that. It is true how disgusting it is right -- it would shock and you write it that -- -- loves company. So it's true. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The leaked the name not yet expect go out eloped got all the leaking games and our ballpark that was all think what it said I don't hear what white -- Mike Dee but. It's disgusting right. You know what it's discussing it this this true and it's not like Alex Rodriguez has -- sit there and went to. You know major -- for a lot of weight room Rania and their violate you know that's about it it -- There's a leak and and and quantity that the documents were white he'd get the document to a wider name Serb rebellion brawn and all the guys on the you know it's crazy. Well I think you nailed it and -- I think the the issue here for him and maybe you'll -- and talk about a -- as a teammate Kevin how are you received an up. I know the clubhouse is sacred place you guys have said that time and time again. So one year old goes against you you know I know what it's like when when players speak out against other players -- something happen in the field I -- I see what happens when. I see up this guys get way in a closer leaves early and the middle infield got to explain why they blew the save that night so if this happens and it is true. Putt it was Yankee teammates Kevin received that he bailed out if the aired out one of his own guys. And markets that were going at it it didn't sit through -- yeah if this extra that -- -- because immediately we hate cheaters in general -- as as. IP we hate cheaters now do you hate cheaters that match. Right Nicole Canseco saying we hated Jose Canseco one he -- all the benefit from cheating. And and -- they would acquire all his Porsche and Ferrari stopped when he cracked. What Madonna but yet and he's done and now he's got -- snatch. So that's -- -- whole think -- -- an airport like everything he -- almost. And could become not true or even more disgusting but -- -- -- cheater equal to snatch. That's tremendously it's gotten. Out these allegations are true so in that clubhouse there's their support club aspect puppet. And it makes me sick when you see that boys club aspect of it to leak out and that means quite. That Hitler Maloney -- jot down article outlined why choked him out in the locker room great backstage between -- Boys club secretary leak -- To bench honesty and that is the -- step that are going on these days -- who we trust. You can shower curtain GAAP earnings shower and they -- we took a picture apparently make it is a million dollar I mean it's it's it's weird now. Bet that locker room and -- boys' club aspect. It's almost a sacred anymore it's just not -- But I just get this team because we were group under a Twitter we're gold back and forth a little bit because. This Mike Napoli situation I was surprised that he was actually in that line up against the righted that they give -- day -- or maybe two exotic loan catches. Get to breath a little bit late in the game off the -- and -- -- at the point now where. Amanda be run somebody else up there might -- give him a shot or Daniel novel or what it might be in. You've said you'll pinch hit in the show I don't think you do when April meant to get a goal with the button August. -- got him to got a struck on nine times last twelve at bats and is all for twelve and it's just has really seemed lost the use would still stick with him at this point. Look a little -- -- -- -- get a chance to break now but. I would just in my opinion when you said you got to pinch hit. For Mike Napoli. This is what makes me mad at that level -- -- -- not a guy you could support if you wanna give Mike Napoli eight days off or two days off to clean it bring you make a great point. That's the case. Mike Napoli eight threats. You don't pitch from Mike Napoli who -- threat who want swing the bat -- and what happens he'll go through struggle just like you -- just like I did. Metropolitan -- but you're still right. And what happens the other one good swing left hander won't seem so all all marked by the game that's why you pinch hit anybody act like a. What what you're building of an aptly closer because pinch hitting -- and my biggest fan I at the back in my career. You know I would get pulled up their candidate can support current. Or I would be a pitcher higher -- is not easy I don't care get Barry Bonds -- down the debt strapped that. The guy that's in the game with the latter actually liked taking over three and a -- -- a better chance at times I'd like Napoli that are threats. And the guy coming off the bench and Mike Clark. -- -- -- It's not like you have Tony lake and not -- that's been doing that for 25 years. So my point being is that you don't pinch hit those kind of guys period. Don't -- guys you're gonna have to run him out that we got a great April over -- -- and and I know -- prince got one. Adam the last two and a lot that's what direct shot out now. If you wanna give the day -- greatly thank you or because they're granny -- week to get hot. Now it's September. And what's he do for the Rangers he got hot in that World Series and they'll carry you aren't so you don't want to equate it competence right now are silly little August games. Are -- good point in the patriotic thing let me ask you this the way what do you do with him because I do believe they need to know they can't they can't give up on him. But when you see -- -- go to the -- he is in the struggles what would you do would would you kind of be careful with him the next week or two would and to try to get this guy go. He'd be acquired a guy -- -- he's our guy obviously what you do -- you got comedy if they opt. Egypt based optically their -- we don't need help side Napoli -- -- I needed the -- because you know as as as man. We wanna be out their figuring it out what state ball it's it's. It's call a call an average per region in a -- -- Mike Napoli is to have twenty home runs and driving 85 and ninety RBIs before that here start. -- Unfortunately didn't hurting them in April and any struggle through on whatever -- out but moral of the story is amply. He's got to get some fire and the dynamic area club got that ability and it scuffle there's no doubt you could -- these couple great. He's also a guy that won't public wants wedding one walk and get locked in when you need -- the most that's come and how little September. -- and October so. It's just that final I would give him what they opt out date Arctic. About an answer but -- applied against co wrote you an example. A couple right hander for America a pinch hit pretty I'm never gonna pour out on deck circle and put in my -- mark or Daniel Nava. For your confidence really out now you might not ever get out. Well that it's a rare case reaction agreed you make a valid point for the first times a long time and he should get a couple days off here and there I wanted to. I wanna critics ought to look -- Yankee bag and a Mike Carp all you want you keep Taurus name out there -- garbage that 315. I'm not I'm like are you all right Sam Mike Carp like I swear word or something. Now -- -- radio -- radio and it -- or scattered now onions in my carpet welcome back to lose it. Should pinch hit more Napoli but anyone beaten that you run home run tonight that would likely -- -- like tweet afterglow -- that's why it'll pinch hit. From Mike Napoli caught has done a great job -- -- all -- players phenomenal job about -- absolutely -- this year. A bunch of belt aren't they're bunch of Billy Miller but so I. More story and pinch hitting. Mike Clark or not Obama or Tom -- apart from the raiders from Mike Napoli -- -- I'll get there are important but I'm not pension or. Not aware -- go to this rotation because at the peavy last night nuts got a one man rotation p.'s control all five. -- good last night but. You know Jon Lester again -- gusting -- the other night he goes as that game defensively they were some issues and that's two games and road not placed on ball real well and a study of people that are you know we know whatever might be the guy's not good fist daughter whose name was -- this is that something do you still like them for some reason but. Last couple games is kind of giving you kind of what you want in this rotation opponent in Toronto. Kind of had a good answers. I don't miss the ball in the first intensity. OK get your run out the big my -- argument that last week. You know and held on Thursday night so we went on Friday and they are pretty good and and -- analyst and. -- the problems didn't know the -- on you when you're what it came while they're well it certainly answers the grass is greener side it's like the day -- he's seen. What Francona pinch hit for Mike Lowell base -- and -- struggle on April Ortiz hit Matt -- got. Go -- report -- -- trust me you'll realize what you have when you lose a job same kind of guy. You know he's not make -- 28 million are here. He's out there they can normal my salary or starting pitcher and got a pretty good job -- not -- like much no doubt about it. Who dug and that can how can be key to the Yankees. I mean are pregnant point five billion dollars and anybody else for awhile okay we don't quit -- those guys. Jon Lester and resist any apps aren't any particular point being sent the last couple starts to move court -- -- problems we can't remove all my. Kevin real quick on this offense you you spent is is one man rotation -- only in the playoffs the that you spend more time according to your baseball reference page of street check every day. You spent more time batting fifth than any other place in the batting order and I'm curious how you -- deputies this team right now. His haven't real hard time getting seller attempt protective Ortiz elder says no one to protect them just has worked there's not many on this team there's no guys really gonna given protection would you keep. They -- argued -- more are also welcome on our -- Marco had. Will argue -- behind Ortiz if that 274 batting fifth seeded pretty good job in that spot would you keep. Trying guys there until it -- because -- the Napoli drew Knoblauch whomever they -- a hard time getting some of that behind David Ortiz how you fix that number five. You right here -- -- -- date -- well -- could almost put Detroit behind a -- that's the only other guy that's gonna record I don't you know. Can really protect them any patent protect and what that threat of power -- -- protect good Pedroia it's good -- -- So there really nobody else because Ortiz and Ortiz why do you protect. -- -- superstar out there right you -- have an -- RD Troy aspirin go to protect Cabrera you really don't protect. Cabrera. A neighbor -- keep it got stars. He could have -- back start okay reps not don't have that. What you do have a -- got to hit good pitching aspect Pedroia that's the only guy that that I I think she can really protect it rookies that can make adamant ago oh. OK do we want to get not a strike out put the ball played like a basic right -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think there's got a -- we all Apple's. What you -- secure -- and hopefully the hot hand behind your rookie but I output Pedroia back there if they need to in order guy actually pick it really you know protect. A real quick you. What's your response to this guy in Toronto you where there's a player named Kevin -- are just gonna kill everybody -- we it is. You guys it was important don't great obstacle we might catapult our I've heard the name ID card to -- obliterate people out and it come back -- like. And I -- that you Oprah or Barbara three. They do they do is you and I can come back from north -- felt bad nobody knew what it could run well. If you order -- online drive out all you can point out standard order. I give back to Alaska is making to the beach party yell at you next week can thank -- Port -- -- kitten. There are kit you know a pinch hit in the show odds -- guy kept large rocky biker vote attract -- gras French plan. By -- insurance by commonwealth mortgage. -- and by gulf Smith and he joins us of course on the eighteenth the outline ATT the nation's fastest now the most reliable forgy. LTE network -- -- There's -- news -- a couple of fronts Alex Rodriguez. There's some new news according to Bob nightingale and on Ned Jarrett Ramey. There is some new information some of what you heard today support the reporters -- and his arraignment just about half hour ago or have that for you with your phone calls.

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