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Bruins Enforcer Shawn Thornton with Salk and Holley

Aug 7, 2013|

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This -- Sports Radio 93 point seven PWB. Our only answer questions here just a minute -- traditional lending them. Answer the question. We got 88 -- answer today. Your questions keep coming in the attacks 37937. Or on Twitter hash tag ETQ. Bruins Winger slash enforcer -- for joining us -- -- the AT&T our -- -- area. Which which records moniker deal like by the -- is it is it Bruins enforcer or some sort of -- wingers on the hour. I don't think. Player singer whatever I don't care pretty. And -- what do you do. What do you to this offseason. A lot of lot of trading you know a lot of times about a week -- Altman -- -- back to it. They doubled the ultra. Not that but it Florida. Well reported that the excitement in the last week -- the country. Who's your best shot at -- I don't know where -- -- in those so called out all. Woods do. It wouldn't -- it in what each beside the had a period nice. Laughter. We got you coming on today not just 'cause we wanna have some fun answering questions but also a speaking of golf the fourth annual putts and punches. For parkinson's golf tournament you're involved in this give us some of the details there. Yeah well I have a look parkinson's the last fourteen years of her. Why started the golf tournament. But he year after she passed. The -- great getting bigger bigger reader. -- current crop of Amber's middle and this is the it is China and yet a lot of people as well Americans are at a article or as a sort of always fired -- and -- country at all he -- terrible commercial -- these. That's all about Hughes is big -- some. A lot of people want to be involved actually it is unfortunate turn about people they don't. Want to let me sick are proud to call an adult or not a -- the term as well. Are they would. What. It's the cycle of course. He served you're you're having the the tournament to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's disease. What what people know what should people know that you know maybe something you found out and you would like other people to understand it as well about. Well you know. I've talked it over so. This disease is also well aware I remember walking in my. Nursing home near the end when I went back in the summer to visit. She's sitting in the chair shaking so hard work. She sang her arm was in -- wheelchair. Earlier this week is it art does not she could do about it but now the word helped Indian. You know in that. Really really hope you can find humbly hit. -- -- is on the Madison up water. The research and can secure that does I don't think I'm at my worst. Here in -- and all bought -- up you know. It didn't have the person in jail he -- -- people loose. Parents could open a little part of the bottom all of you know it's awful awful news. Oh my are pretty closely all you know due to try and get back some. You know -- that are out there. Well you mentioned that you're certainly turn people away the the tournament is Monday so if you can't beat the tournament. He website here sport and foundation dot org what can you do there. I think it would equipment if you pull off as well a couple of questions noxious it. Probably the last. You can definitely. Area on the web page you can send donations -- foundation that you are all on me not want to. Let us internally for what happened not earlier money itself. The other great content that. This tournament is the result was Parkinson like foundations what it is part of that he had cancer so the other head shaving. And all the guys do in. In April where art world playoff. The jury that money goes to pediatric cancer. Where -- are other. Donations with -- -- -- the right place we're just the thought it was -- the other you get it up from not. I'm not a lot of a little while -- -- tree up. I think -- it's all come together nicely at the -- means they don't think you're constantly -- Very -- in the but. Like the idea of some sort running board meeting like I like this how a lot of different ways of running a board meeting is not something I can imagine. -- -- spiritually -- Is it Robert's rules of -- like are you restricted running the meeting. Hot dog. Very very laid back I got some great people -- or not. People a lot of experience that it really helped along. I would not challenge if he laid out a decree at the meeting I'm just -- pretty much to go along with -- let's get to the question. I have. It's time for answer the question -- -- the question which -- -- this is the big question. So put should be yours not answering any and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question yeah. -- -- do this everyday we answer your questions brought you by heiress restoration specialist -- your property your facilities manager and -- -- All are asked to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place calling 774611111. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All odds and use of these really really pleased to be shot Ayers and even gone for a while. Probably. -- -- -- stick to bury the lead laps left here on and thorough but over the he has now. Heroes because of the size he has played Vancouver is she doesn't even get a shot -- this past you know it and thought. It. Next question Sean when you beat the crap out of somebody on the -- do you talk to them after the game when you play them again kind of things would you say that. Are your chin and I win the majority of them. You know it depends on the person sometimes it's. Advocates and the personnel and that other times not quite different than. It makes it yet and then we'll shoot back up towards a mixture of crystal. -- -- -- I've lost friends over a fight. No I'm not really that I -- play Travis mowing and try to move to Montreal -- and I mean we're roommates earth. Five years Chicago north open one year Anaheim and Delaware but it each other's weddings and yet nobody in -- in the -- and I'm -- that I didn't lose friends again but look closer. And broken cheek bones will do that it it. Next question aren't your vote and I got an of this -- which one of the WEEI jerked would you most like to fight. Although it -- it it. -- Why why why do you yeah. Yeah. The -- at a belt and it wrongly habitat. It figured out you're gonna up it up or at least so he missed notional under the -- as it would show all NCAA and Barbara and I believe it accurately optical -- -- -- I don't feel bad he -- DJ to cook. Next question. 822 when you retire hopefully not for another ten years or so would you retire in Boston. Yeah that's the plan we are terrorists but upstairs and all -- -- here's what I -- that I got its foundation. I think that. Well best suited in Boston. That we love it here so like it anywhere else. Next question. You Lucic dropped the gloves who wins the fight. Flop you know it kind of the I can't give you answer that he would pop the guy I've ever seen but I'm using ninety years old so. You know now coming in -- You've probably. I'm biased -- that he's back he's probably more powerful puncher. I'm probably a little bit more skilled technically -- it would be a -- want to thank you really -- early -- the simple it is pretty good or. There's some doubt you've got some doubt you're from hearing this I feel like you have a little bit would you have some nerves going into the fight. I I don't they're going to everyone you don't there's there's almost every time decisively try to figure out. Would that be here there will -- Is we're trying to defend their -- others. You wouldn't be nervous right now -- Next question that -- this person says my wife and her friend bombed in the fort Rask and Kelly has -- about a month ago. They had their picture taken with them but neither of them realize that they had asked Bergeron to take the picture because they didn't recognize them back is this a true story and if so out of Bergeron feel about. False story for you not there and it was actually -- -- -- so. Layoffs but I'm sure we could take a picture with. Saw Reggie Miller's they've partnered. There's a lot of people. -- -- at least he's an old fighter like. -- yeah I think he's. He brought to our. And I certainly -- it actually might as it was like a camera -- last year was. Yeah we needed help and story with fielded but we've got the bottom. There's a little bit of general faster but not deny. No extra daylight that it did a great guy actually kind of like -- Claudia a lot of celebrities military etiquette that is. Next question. Okay -- what would you do if you're not a hockey player. Well. How I don't know actually and I worked notebook is but when I was. Hopefully 61 of them here on environments -- about my last ticket and a network and quote it is the results -- trauma like hurting out there. I was gonna hurt so a -- chants -- thank god it worked so there are. And acting. We're not acting. I already had today can we now. It. Although it. You know it's an unhappy it's about a bear that -- actually brought a little follow to that consequences are gonna have a bigger role -- -- to. I'm open -- Social media leaders. Whatever Tweeter for that was. Question. We don't need to hand has found one thing that he likes in the world to the Swedish fish get him Cumberland farms today somebody dropped off. What were those the does this sour patch kids have heard lately ruined my mouth for the rest of the day. Is there a AT and yourself like that that you know you shouldn't keep you simply cannot refuse when it's around. That you said same things I do as Reese's pieces man. The action that was during the season it would burn some calories. Album on the counter in -- -- I've made my wife get rid of them it's like get rid of those this summer I don't wanna -- I can't walk quietly crab apple. Some absolutely on the island completely and for whatever reason. The peanut butter Eminem should be the same thing but they're not as -- -- -- announcement. But it. Yeah that's out. Didn't think Andy's show baby how question how much money would it take for you to chop off your own feet tall man. -- -- I won't let it right on number two you would do that you just to get onto a -- he would chop off your -- -- -- -- Verizon are actually face and you have to do what you see is that somebody doing right you -- do you gotta tell it no way. Yeah my wild and walk out. On well we're talking fingers here right in his pocket but actually the one this week the night. What sent -- all -- well down there are a couple of top knuckle that. Yeah. I've route 500 -- and morality is vital and -- yes things the bull. Look at the left and to be -- -- and now I'm not begin losing digits for no particular reason the problem for sport that was him he could conceivably his career complete I mean we just. As a really mean anything to laws -- you still don't if you listen when he appointees. -- -- last fighting question positive predictive fighting caution people wanna know about that you will you miss Sagan are you cool -- -- why isn't he on this team. That night you get hit. Why not here I mean that's what management question and you mean not. We thought we -- -- -- -- -- -- and from what I heard I don't know what they have quite a lot for years but. -- -- would want one more underrated pocket but it -- scores -- five to thirty people last. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it appeared when -- at this question -- answer that question but I'll eat it makes it actually pictures. I think we got up that's the big problem for. I think we've extra for -- and so. Probably you know not all the -- from the current six or player if we can get out and they let that doubles and now there and it. Next question was it weird always knowing how much all of your team to make. Well I didn't. It's thrown out there every single article yeah I I actually don't believe him -- -- -- make a note that I usually more than me but. If I -- it just like every pundit or think about but it felt much debate so articulate enough. Our last last -- question for the dat you mentioned you verses Lucic. How about you vs -- but today knocked him in his prime camera right now. Oh god I gotta be careful -- -- the president in. I don't give on the -- to figure -- just. Now commodity can't be giving away wins about what happens if you gotta fight camp right now about LB to. -- Guarantee he's got 8 o'clock he built it into this thing I doubt but I think he's I think he still thought it. -- I -- with that you can -- -- off these camps I thought it was such as -- as much as. Growing up so I don't -- big -- and in particular -- to walk -- I think it it'd be a bit. Still pretty good fight you're welcome back a lot of -- old video that's their equity they would not employed. You don't like it deals. Before I got here he thought about that advocate I didn't know is a lot you LA let's -- a couple of -- I was on the Jumbotron. A good stuff shall we really appreciated your interested in more information. On the big golf tournaments who for parkinson's research go to Portland foundation dot or we appreciate you stop by do intimates that specialist thanks man. There are chartered John Thornton kind of a few minutes Mikey atoms come about -- Yasser Udonis -- I do now to CTO JB and commodity Jerry that's a tough when you don't wanna hear that prove somebody covering that they can see he just said. Review and deliver the message brought it out extra record poll. Who can sell back at me -- -- -- -- judge has a leadership -- -- -- I think she says it has the same thing it's a good hard lesson to learn these signals -- -- right or you're not going to wait you're not gonna get theater -- the DJ -- -- 1213 I got to spelling is important -- that's tomorrow at 2 o'clock Michael -- we -- that -- didn't announce today will join us tomorrow we believe that three -- -- on Dexia.

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