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Patriots offense is coming together with new receiving core including Danny Amendola

Aug 6, 2013|

Coach Belichick is generally happy with what he's seen from Danny Amendola. We discuss the Patriots new faces on offense, and how things appear to be working out for Brady and his new core of receivers.

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-- the -- practicing in Philadelphia leading up to their first pre season game on Friday you believe they're gonna play pre season football game Friday night. Already Ford so RD party prepare for my pre season with the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins are now already. Patriots Eagles. On site for which call for me is it's actually the two teams I'm most excited to see picture. He would do what chip Kelly's gonna come -- fine I'll be here in measurably excited -- -- a -- -- -- Chip Kelly. Coach in NFL team I think it's going to be fascinating I can't wait to see -- doesn't stick. I can't wait to see what he does on the other quarterbacks and what he's gonna do -- -- can use and the packages he rolls out how he. Alters the type of offense that he's been using in college or income -- guy when he was UNH. -- I'm -- on each of callous or easy interest in the local -- and yes on oh I love that. And then of course I'm obviously very interest in what the patriots have to see them get after each other Friday night. Statements imaging some today practicing to get -- that we are following the eleven he loved due up pre season football. I -- not us now are not compared to the real thing first I like the first quarter -- when the players but compared to everything else. Maybe it's just the whole mythology. The myth making of NFL and we think it's coal -- everything's great we pay attention to Ortiz. And we pay attention to come by an NFL network. -- that stuff from which into every edit the draft. But compared every other sport. We are not in to pre season baseball well spring training. Likely are in and football -- -- -- you know recently and basketball we're not into it like we aren't I don't like hockey. Now I do like spring train like free games spring training. Better than training. That makes -- like before they're playing games just the act like. The whole thing of spring training and watching the guys that pitcher fielding practice and who's on what the like I like a lot of that coverage -- like the February spring training coverage. Before they start playing a -- of games in the -- get a little tedious but you know. Playing that way and when he fighting that's too much but there are children or that I laughed as the whispering in its hole. And it's nice out for the first time in mean down there not here we thinking about what it's going to be like here I do like not the stuff but I like pre season football I like the first quarter knew I was gonna say I won't watch the now you'll watch the whole game. I mean I guess I will sometimes work but it it feel -- the end of the game feels like work I will admit that this job almost never feels like work. I love what we do for a living the fourth quarter of a pre season game feels like all of which you have to watch her for the -- the guys that we are confirmed. Two in the games at the same per. Is it is it. -- -- -- them out and recruit and a lot of things right. His nose out as Dan roach wrote as stupid as more -- I had a talk show out now a four days daughter now. Too bad -- that I love -- love locals. And Christian Fauria. One of the all time great guys. It was almost the sport listening to your cricket. It's like this like what Mike Royko once said about politicians and you know we. It's kind of like you know catching the fish and. On -- back in there -- really matter Adam. Just it was just the sport of it so. Quick he was horrendous and terrible. I didn't want them a spiral. Part three -- thing it was bond listening that president and put your names. -- may have just beat us and we all over the Red Cross they were terrible together. But I want him back and. -- -- -- -- Are -- it'll come on just the banter with -- a little bit in the middle of their patriots brought us out but I but I look forward to it well a couple of tweets today I don't know the care at all about a play by play a practice against the Eagles you probably don't do so few of these you -- toss out this went from Mike restate rookie tight ends next sun filled the with -- active role level Levin's comment when he or touchdown on a seam route DeMeco Ryans and coverage came from that was from like it to these acts expo here but what. -- -- What is wrong with you. Use all that injury. I wish people could live in the studio Michael Oliver will -- you have two very bizarre characteristic. One is that it's on -- -- of soda coffee waters that are and the other you're complete lack of ability to put anything into that basket that you shoot it. It's really like I would eventually would go into the trash can by accident that trash him. I know what you missed from like six feet all the time lowering to three feet are currently that they had an actress. And Americans were for the tech's rushing blows up as the army equipment -- danger that the tax receipts so. Yes the paper -- could you please. Remember there are pretty immense debt to be. Careful I don't mind that a little while at a state of the machine. Second -- second -- patriots final eleven on eleven series the first team offense and on the down. As a wide open -- -- handle dropped the pass over the middle from poverty that's my collecting. I take it all back I'm sorry errant -- -- I'm going to go. On. Did you taken stock no of course not any evidence Ottawa if Brady turns round tables and John Lackey. Danny Amendola is just days using guide. You'll be complaining about -- much as I know that he's out there. -- -- -- embargoes as well -- goes -- football well let's Belichick's. Your dad works or is that its -- set -- Smart it's to untouchables has been good skill set and he's very it's become very dependable player force that make many. -- -- You know usually is in the right spot has been understanding the -- and you know what he's supposed to do you can toes in his Bentley for years. He called it a very dependable play very dependable Sam entered often make Michael do this is to talk show. Because in -- can say that doesn't mean you can on just because at Michael's -- like you better than him now doesn't it do. -- you sleep Sam alone saying the intern and the intern leave him alone I was hoping he would just tell maybe mop up the -- sleep I got -- -- get over the -- sent a thank you Sam preached they're almost is depend doubles Wes Welker. Sam is incredible that was done by the way it's him. My my kids. In my plugs. -- -- More than they love me. Hugely quickly how that occurred there will come back to the Welker thing I know you went out of town when -- up and what went -- to Philadelphia for a week -- for the week and you had Sam collide my -- scrambling isn't. Yeah this is I say welcome Jason walker I would let him than to welcome the new Welker never dull game those -- be the better -- so why Israelis in Philadelphia. -- -- -- him -- without for the weekend drove it is we cannot take the -- we thought of it the last minute on them -- about it -- to plugs. So I came into the offices and from -- who wants to make the easiest money. They've ever made to give it -- Sam who's who's to be fair and it said -- best intern I've -- That task may be any place I've ever been may be the best intern I've ever became by what you -- stores were offered do it -- it known Christian. How could well that's different government -- a -- that's our own dysfunctional what -- brig guard dysfunction to the public of how highly we thought there and it is gonna kinda edit that part out. But Sam -- and house to figure out what was gonna happen to get the routine yeah. Was in the house for five minutes. Kids said Stephanie. Went into it with us. To you know what you want to check out our our. Voice. As normal the normal five minutes you guys indicated that it. Sam atop the start of spelling out and -- to start the start of grab -- get merit doesn't add. How old are you I'm 23 putting three -- are you -- your -- on a family are you -- -- -- term he admitted that. Significantly. Younger siblings or something give -- says you're the youngest. And yet you -- a magnet for little kids. Like -- ahead -- even if you -- -- quicker but in the door way. For compliment what's your favorite -- up. Is -- called on the Iowa defense and before you have kids anything that you hear about like being -- good with little kids makes you think that it's something creepy. Like I remember going to those first go to baby classes before he had a -- yes you go to that first class like our here's how you hold the kid. Or she can album rates and a football football over principled. But it's like the other one with a sort of like reach up between the kid's legs and album like by the piper yeah you're like and it sounds. Really really gross and especially when they handed the ball. And they're like you're just hold the ball that way you know like I'm not doing that while it would depend upon what was not holding the ball. Well he wasn't holding the boys -- It ended in a good appropriate way. I'd say it's Robinson or could go get out now couple minutes they're trying to figure out figure mountainous and were trying to. So. And second mountains. If he thinks -- spine and went to -- -- Play the drums play the guitar so venue and it might restrain says the dogs are the reason that he's there -- not dogs we got the -- -- by some immediately jumped on we've talked about the dogs before the dogs of the you have to watch Michael performance night and judge exactly what was doing I don't -- -- -- not not not enough to watch. It's adrenaline it's a rare occurrence so here's little confused by Sam comes by for a couple of days while you're gone walks the dogs a few times speeds them to make sure that there hold firmly suppressed no Sam. When Sam come back with -- -- the pugs are first and they do not what happens I don't know do you do well -- I probably girlfriend him longer perform. At all. -- there are White House in order to try to know you do that. -- -- -- I don't know how connect mom and that's not right and that's kind of disrespectful or -- president everything right now on its way. The -- are so wrapped. Up. I like it are simulate it's going to be of benefit thank you and aperture -- -- may be over now that Michael's that's going to be the end for Sam's -- come to come back to the -- and they'll. You believe is dependable. Belichick says he's dependable do you believe that. Not yet. I think what he's on the field he's dependable right he's on the field. By. I don't know enough about Danny Amendola has. As a guy who could be out there. Consistently. That to call him the column dependable that -- and onward to -- -- ask him to do a lot of things and in some things that he's never done before -- the bad news and people pointed this out all the time. Oh yeah the guy I was an offense with Sam Bradford. What do you expect with the what what you would expect from a while I'm one of those people get their point or point oh Sam Bradford is not gonna put you in in certain positions to be successful. But Tom Brady so you'll be out there you'll be you have a lot more opportunities a lot more plays may -- off the ball thrown to you more than you ever have in your career. And we have Sam Bradford. Throwing the football yeah some fluke injuries happen I -- of people -- column that. But with hombre OK -- Tom Brady throwing the ball seeing to have the ball in your hands a lot more often and he's going to be if you're the new Wes Welker going to be going over the middle a lot more often. There's going to be some punishment more punishment you gotta take now. Can you say that he will be dependable and a big dependable right now guess that's important. I'm not sold yet this Tom Brady some like a guy who feels comfortable with -- everybody around him being dependable. There's a lot of new guys you know we're making mistakes were trying to learn from the mistakes to mean offensive football is about eleven guys being on the same page and really being able to anticipate. What each other trying to do so -- -- -- part of offenses when he got new guys and may not they're not really -- on -- on it I'm not really -- when they're gonna break and you know a lot of -- we just have to work out more -- we get the better you know we're going to be such as the content everyday and make these -- these improvements are important because you know you can't -- -- four days -- cracks -- just -- so far -- especially -- -- -- And you come very compatible player force. Does -- -- confident that everything is going smoothly no it doesn't but am I confident. That the patriots offense will be good I am. His office -- personnel they -- succeeded with Reche Caldwell has -- Doug Gabriel I mean they've they've taken. They've taken some of his favorite targets away from him. They brought in some guys who really didn't buy it or who really didn't live up to expectations. And he has dealt -- He's dealt with -- he's dealt with a lot. And has performed at a high level why don't you think they've done that -- -- a side note because I think the question salary cap league it's just salary salary cap league and you pitch and you think it's all in the name of getting better it except for 2006 where it was just a thought they -- manage that situation. If you don't lose given you can't lose branch the same time and just kind -- got screwed up so that wasn't part of the plan that. With Chad Jackson. Why they do that they thought it was good judge Jackson Laurence Maroney in the same draft to have a back like -- -- -- receiver like Jackson to -- going to be. A big part of your offense and both of them. At different levels. Failed. And you had to make do even though there are some resources committed to just. We're talking about this a few weeks ago just always has felt like they keep moving the bar on radio like he did this we're gonna take this away from -- a good job you able you're able to succeed by the way. We're gonna take this new guy away from you as well just. Feels like they keep moving the bar on him and every time he climbs over one they said a new bar -- For all I know maybe it's the best way to motivate Tom Brady -- Belichick always believed that Brady responds to a challenge and so this is part of the challenges they always motivate him with. But when you -- Brady say those things you know sort of the back history of now branch being -- of course Welker being gone and -- can Aaron Hernandez that center. I guess maybe -- you're listening to his comments a little bit different year than you might have been. Oral all right I'm I'm fine with with Tom Brady. And -- maximizing this office. That's one. Two in this is. I think this is this is karma. Underplayed. Brian Dave Ball is back with the with the patriots. Brian -- ball. Is a whatever his job title list. May be beside the point Ryan Babel is a great receivers coach. He's done a US Troy Brown Astrid -- about Brian -- As Deion Branch about Brian -- ask anybody who has David patent David Givens. Does a really nice job of working with the patriots receivers and letting them know what's expected from them. Beyond just the obvious you know get open catch the ball. If they're asked to block you know why blocking is so important in this concept. In in this offense. So. A look at -- -- working with who's already here the guys that we use that we -- Julian Edelman and the Danny Amendola that the veteran guys. But he'll bring the the young guys along he will accelerate their development. I hear what you just said in and try to. Reinterpret it we just say it is all those known name major receivers -- turned out to be really good yes that's because a brand able and Arab or least in large part -- part because some of it's going to be due to Tom Brady I mean is that that's got to be huge part of it right well but. Not every receiver has turned into a great one -- Tom Brady Chad Jackson been one of these -- up. Hand and it's funny that you mentioned Chad Jackson because Ryan Dave balls. No thanks. Work tomorrow before the draft. They -- about what you think now not our guide me guy. Got straight line speed but not really good route runner not our guy drafted him anyway. So now he's back that he was out. And that leads me to another one on the offensive coaches because the question we ask for it to -- -- that you're asking just a moment ago which is how confident are you in the Patriots offense. I don't know that I can answer that question yeah Michael because I don't know what to think of Josh McDaniels. I don't know what I don't know what he plans to do this year I don't know what his goal is. I don't know how much he plans to shift gears I don't know how much stocky plans to put in his new receivers. I don't know how much he plans to needed is more of -- running style this year with some of the guys that they've lost. I don't know yet what. What Josh McDaniels wants to accomplish. With his version of the Patriots offense whether it's gonna be the high flying attack -- -- -- or whether he's going to make some major modifications to. Until I know that -- do that I'm not sure how I can answer that hit this on its innocent almost 6177797937. That that's sort of the general question how confident are you in the Patriots offense -- Eat eat it relates back to the dependability of Lehman dole according to Belichick and some of the stuff bradys in there as well in terms of his trust factor that all eleven guys have to get. I'm confident are you in just their just their -- forget about the defense welcome back to them later. -- confident are you in the -- 61777979837. Your answer plus Michael spots in the -- next talk at all W -- And there were -- -- good skill set on. Smart gets to touch -- has been good skill set and he's very it's become very dependable player force that make many. Mental errors all. Got to you know usually is in the right spot as good understanding of the fences and. But he dropped a pass today in eleven elevenths that's their. He can't be Wes Welker -- him -- -- on our way dropped a pass away as a Welker did. Two of the biggest spot he were -- as a patriot Obama deal it -- I've sort of responses texture yes I want our clear just in case it wasn't clear. As it no matter what Brian -- position is right now with the patriots. Using great receivers right. Another hours and hours after receivers coach. That's helping with -- you see any great. A -- easy easy agree. Consultant. He's a great. A great guy helping out with the receivers and I I completely understand a guy to have around -- is the receivers coach is hurting our daughter outburst your report -- -- -- strict. Got good thank. Regardless of of of any I'm trying to answer the question that we post which is how confident in my in the Patriots offense. I don't really know how to answer an intelligent and not because I -- dodged the question enough because I don't want I don't wanna leap to any conclusion to worldly although some of that is true. I want and what Josh McDaniels -- I think he's incredibly Smart guy yeah he's very creative. With the way he uses formations and avoids tendencies. And and finds -- way to get the ball into the hands of the guy who can do the most with all the I think I think he's a very very intriguing person back with the patriots. And I think they lost something when he left the first so I'm excited about having him back as much. I think they lost a very creative mind of -- I don't mean that became bad team yeah they may -- our creative mind the the. Offense didn't suffer when he left. But and that sounds like a slight to Josh McDaniels -- it would Billy O'Brien did when mcdaniels left office is still very -- But this is what I'll say about McDaniel. -- of -- for the system. You he was he he what he was he was raised here in the NFL. Hasn't understanding a report Tom Brady. It just this makes sense for him now that's not necessarily a great thing if he is looking to be a head coach. In a year or two because you can go back and say -- you agree with the patriots but when you what that would do with the rams and they averaged twelve point two game that's not so good and and you went to the Broncos. Yeah short helped up Kyle Orton but. And that the team really struggled under your leadership. As a matter of your patriots fans don't care about what happened with programs don't care about what happened with the Broncos. He's perfect for this system and he gave you a glimpse of what he was up -- With last year look at last year. The balance of their offense. Now that they are very balanced offense last year they have the ability to do that now with this personnel and that that's the question. But what he did last year it -- -- -- they -- ready to be even more bow -- this person -- to be more balanced. I mean in terms of running and passing last year that the the amount they -- run the ball more than in the this year they could run the ball in a higher percentage of times -- -- -- right. And a lot of Russia's last year. I don't -- but it's not like -- they led the league in an irony Amy Grant in terms of percentage we said they were second terms of Russia's -- not even close in terms of the percentage rise as they ransom anymore plays I don't know that I'm looking for them to become a running team. But I am curious and wanna know how much he plans to change some of that balance and react to the loss of some of the guys that were lost. And how it plans to use a guy like Danny Amendola who can be used outside of can be used inside you can -- a bunch of different things -- seems to be acorn quote. Dependable guy you have to see some of that before I judge whether or not I really trust this group and what kind of offense again. Well I'll tell you. If you watched the first four games last year. There were two and two after four games. Outlaws in Arizona right in in Arizona loses that game and -- -- gonna win it touchdowns called back. This house he misses a -- -- to the ravens. Late field goal for the ravens gives in the win. But -- four games you look at it was almost like. Josh McDaniels was trying to prove to everybody we can be running team we can be physical and it probably went overboard. It in those four games and they're just insistence it wouldn't run the football. I think they want Iran I think it's I think it's been discussed there they wanna be. A a running team that can run in a number of ways outside runs it would be an inside power running team as well. It sometimes run the football and have a lot of diversity to their runs they I think they wanna have. I hope they do I hope they run the ball up more this year insane and for awhile now. And I hope they find a way to to throw a lot -- the little screens that they've done for a long time that I mean Brady. Does as well as anybody I think his ball handling which is probably where you don't use all the time football but his ability to handle the football. Make a fake throw quick screen I think he's second to none at doing that stuff and I hope to see more but this year 617779. 7937. Alex in Connecticut Ohio. I -- that. Talking about you know the person out for the patriots -- -- I mean you look at the patriots that who know even after 2004. And up until now some of the guys that add. If you ask you know who would Rob Gronkowski. You know. Who would -- Hernandez and even -- Welker you know these guys are. Pretty much came out of nowhere for the future you know. I'll go back farther I mean who was David Patten who was David given it's always been. In. In the Indy communicated about you know Tom Brady. Not coming out of the draft obviously had the without pixel. Lowered the patriots you know this here all I mean Bill Belichick is probably one other. The smartest coaches in the NFL. As far as you know what he knows what you know who -- -- Lynne what role they're going to be playing. And it's -- well you know hobbies that -- play -- -- about you know who is going because we had you know Chad Ochocinco look at how are you. You know. Sharon and look -- they're. There is -- a eight trend with the patriots where they've had more success. With a non brand names on the outside than brand names there's one huge and notable exception well. And that's Randy Moss when he was here he was fantastic especially the first year plus maybe the first two years he was fantastic went to the numbers couple weeks ago. It was a brand name that really did matter -- plugged him in course any any apple lately changed the way they did business. They certainly don't seem to have anybody like that right now in your back to the and than non brand name guys and trying to get as much out of them as possible. Dobson is close to me is a sector Compaq right and he's a guy that people like he's the second round pick. Got into a fight today with Carrie Williams -- on the sideline or in the middle of the practice with the Eagles. Mike -- tweeting that Chip Kelly. Said the coaches spoke for the session about sitting anybody who got into a scrap -- -- sat after that moment which I -- and I guess you like to see the fire on the other hand dude. You need all the reps you can't we just played the Brady sent him saying every single one of these reps is valuable he's trying to get on the same page is Aaron Dobson. And the idiots get into a scrap of some guy from the Eagles and I was not and for the rest practice c'mon man I cannot seem. C'mon I mean it's it's it's football what you're due out I'm a -- at its footballers in the structural teammate and we saw. -- was we saw Ridley. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It but it doesn't make it and it was don't know that I would say it's down it's easy for us to sit here and there were sitting here in an air conditioned studio talking about football actor actually playing football and sometimes emotion. You're putting your hands on people the year you're competing for a job trying to prove yourself and sometimes emotions run high and you wind up getting into what. What do these these like slammed the guys I head to the -- I didn't -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- that he was -- they got a ways they got into -- training camp skirmish right. Which in general I like -- just. What happens. All the time unaware except that you had a all the -- which is if you get into a skirmish during training camp practice with the eagle Chip Kelly you don't want to beat the rest of practice Chip Kelly -- Bill Belichick agreed that they were gonna do that -- -- players -- got into. -- so they got into the only the players knew that ahead of time. I'm am assuming that the players knew it ahead of time. And then -- assumption that seems kind of dumb to miss out on those reps -- -- -- of -- -- -- should never be training camp right I don't think I said that I don't think -- -- -- what's the point. -- is what. I'm just saying any situation in which they've said it does the rest of practice if you get into a fight -- I'd rather see the new wide receiver that you're coming on not getting to a final I don't know any coaches. Mike who who look at a fight. And then say on the fight is over it as you work go back any time we get into a fight in training camp. You're probably going to be pulled off the field probably going to be pulled aside -- -- -- most of the time yes. Every time they -- that's molded it to you don't need to beat the rest of practice it every time with the most it's okay what they look I don't wanna make amount animal -- sort of stumbled upon I don't think it's the biggest thing. An idiot I forget all I had to look I thought you know what you're gonna totally off the moment they're gonna put you off the field it -- football practice because -- It seems really dumb to me I don't know yet does when their football I don't mind fights practice usually I like the idea of Parcells -- in some -- reserve. Somebody's gonna be part of the somebody's going to be on the special teams -- -- fight the guys the second round draft pick your counting on to. Get his ticket -- just aren't right with Tom Brady both I'm glad he's got a I and I also want about on the field not a man. I'm not mad at Terry Williams eagle who did it unless something dirty capitalists -- Terry Williams when it -- -- -- unless he's trying to injure him but now for the game. But this is two guys competing. In August during training camp and they start shove and each other and they and they are separated and there off the field for a little bit lose become okay were Josep prophesied. Well. Again Clinton. -- you know poll called that little oil. And I cycle and although -- -- -- -- -- talk about Rodham football. I mean what. We have Colin Howell already because the film like that -- they called -- That you feel like. The -- wickedness was not the piece of the armed robbery. And succeed in the differences. -- the title of the Patrick any more likely that he argued not going to. And repeat. The fact that. What what the crowd. -- it has far below what the people that they have a round. They're going to see there and that we're going to be OK -- kind of on the football we're all running football. Hasn't won the Balkans. I'm Joseph you're you're creating a whole story based off some opinions. -- quick so the patriots and come out and say we're gonna run the ball 70% at a time. We're trying to figure out what their what is their offense gonna look like now that you have probably I don't know Joseph Holland. Which Jennifer it would -- its gonna look like without Wes Welker. And and without Aaron Hernandez. So it's speculation it's like you're making it's like the patriots came out and announced to the world we are now running football team didn't say that. Which struck out and have worked out. You know there -- sentinel reported and a look like slightly above average that's what they're -- gonna look like unless there's some serious -- -- -- There aren't training ample salary ought to appoint. I think this team is in trouble of course that was made -- what's a little. What was troubled. Home if you went -- do we want LS it would Tom Brady. That's what trouble yet he -- ten games yet you've got to win the AFC -- Yet she probably have a home game of the playoffs but no you're not going to be the Broncos. Locked. Up and get electorate many different not better and brought. You know the biggest problem is seen as and our commanders and welcome. That's the biggest problem ask -- and upload your right now unless something. I can get -- that's that's probably the best things and I'm going to be that. -- ethnic it's like to use that performance pretty good still a crowd. Oh we're looking at virtually Colo. Now. -- maybe they are -- let's say they are okay let's say they are you ever Shea called the store and all the way to the AFC championship game and write English in the -- and and nearly one that company. I don't think so ridiculously. The Broncos and us. Not a phenomenon known resource model years a year they beat somebody else your boss of the colts after the had a pretty big lead right when -- asked him and then the defense gave it up in the second half I -- as bad -- that receiving corps was. With Caldwell in and now what's Doug Gabriel. That -- pretty far with that team. Personally the way this team has been built I'd like to see them run the ball more. I'd like to see the runner more than half -- doesn't mean they need to become a power running team they don't need to become San Francisco 49ers they don't need to do that. But I would like to see them on the ball more I would like to see Brady throwing a lot of his dink and dunk passes because they think he's incredibly effective at doing that. And and and regulating them up the field slowly and then eventually once they have to commit to that. Operating goal at the top. They'll let him throw the deep ball I think there I think the BA. I think by adapting to some of their personnel that -- and will be an interesting team especially until the Dobson and and voice factor. -- that we can see what that is until we can see who those guys are and what they're going to be in this and. And there's and there's it would cover the receivers there's another factor here rock. What do we have mentioned as they onetime -- what to expect from ground is he going to be here. I think most people have already said art first six games brought out topless. -- even game seven can you still have after that pup list is to have that 21 day window to figure out. Where they -- ago. If he immediately back for game seven maybe that game seven -- -- game -- So he is talking about half the season with a ground canopy comes back. In game behind him. You know what do you expect from a guy who has missed. Missed last year's playoffs. And missed all of training camp in the first half the. Our love for your patriots calls and comments excellent 777979837. Howard Bryant wrote a piece about Tom Brady in -- check which I think. Does not even close to tell the whole story will hit on some of that coming up as well -- alcohol in W media.

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