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Curt Schilling: ARod is Jose Canseco

Aug 6, 2013|

Curt Schilling joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the suspensions handed down by MLB for biogenesis. He discusses ARod's decision to appeal and his tainted career.

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I don't think we have any -- Genesis PD press conferences or suspensions today but no we did yesterday. But ESPN's coverage was lights out Sutcliffe Boone. Curt Schilling part of that group as well who was slow reacting live to what was going on. And it was it it's always good when I get it I watch it a couple of guys be honest at all any back and that's what shall -- yesterday watching that -- it's gonna show because did I hear. He rod playing third and fourth plead the fifth. They -- that -- work today here A-Rod -- third and fourth plead the fifth deadline will play at third batting fourth -- have a good line right I don't know why would you. -- -- -- -- -- -- There was a Twitter follower that through that a third. That -- it's probably. The worst environment first and elect -- to be on in the hole off the cuff reacting biko's. I can tell you about 30000 times during my career I would I always looked about how far away from the ballpark. And that half hour was always to -- it's either -- power where I would be going okay you know what that probably wasn't the right thing for me this day. And they are what are you -- and by the time I get home it would be oh my god I can't believe he did that. -- Other it just as someone watching yesterday it was a great reaction curtains came across as honest and and I faced a lot of time breaking it down but as -- sat through the A-Rod press conference Pacific league. What was that was there one thing that stood out to you as you watch his entire. One feeling one line that A-Rod said he still today sort of shaking heads and I can't believe he said that. Their ability to think it really came out number one he had two opportunities. To two point blank did you do this question where. I've always looked at it like I looked at when you have to go out and I didn't pull back implements and someone asked you about a player that you -- You Pete Sampras won a great teammate or anything else. The person to answer that question. And committee big guys that have been caught there's two answers to did you keep did you take spirit that you -- -- -- the hole or any other answer. And any other answer -- yet. It's sometimes know those 20. I know what what that there are a lot of legal issues and hey you don't wanna say this and don't want which you know you -- there could be some actual real world legal implications. But nobody can now and -- anything other -- no means yet. And that's the world -- -- -- -- and twice yesterday they put him on the spot where he could upset. I did not do this these charges are all like the none of them have done. Yet of them have been nonexistent. I kept and spun by the fact that fourteen guys were shown evident -- talked with some people that -- intimately involved. And -- intimately involved in this process. And as late as Saturday just camp was trying to get a bit of a hundred games. And and the people the baseball public incredulous -- -- one. Q what we have there is no way you're getting out there. Just take the punishment. Shut them out and you'll get the play a little bit after this is over now I can't imagine that they're not gonna go for the whole ball what. Yes Joba Ausmus yesterday when -- came out we're talking about it and I -- her quotes from you earlier on a similar thing. The guy did it he's not looking to get off clean he's just trying to minimize his games he loses that it's an admission of guilt. But you know weight rod he's the most insecure individual and just wants people to like him but that that battles lost. While he did it as Clinton did it again. This is visible -- the whole -- he's done this before. Any you know he'd -- all the -- but there're couple things that. That you know that the county -- for me is when you sit in that format and he talked about the things that are happening it becomes very yeah appreciate. -- in and you know -- you can't -- everything you say what you know now -- -- minimize your mistakes and but but. You just so that we're looking forward and I'm not talking from a place of of our of -- ultimately I'm not -- that end I'd need a lot of mistakes in my life and but I didn't see I didn't -- I didn't take steroids and it didn't take its he would and he hit ball I still believed if you look at that the body of evidence. Around Canseco and -- all the things that come outlasted a Petit is the connection to Miami. And the -- I think he is out to thank you Jose Canseco I think his entire career he has -- performance enhancing drugs. You mentioned talking to some of the guys who had the evidence short of them in Major League Baseball Kurt how how damning in your mind is what they have in Iraq from what you've heard what. Oh did you got one of the quotes. -- from from someone who had -- it was being mountain of evidence and the content of the evidence mentally physically ill. It has anything on -- apparently just overwhelming. Which was which was if you look at citizens but he was never has never -- fighting Mikhail. Is never been saying I didn't do this. The quite -- -- over negotiations around the length -- the suspension. What they'd find it it is I don't know the word irony error or -- it but I find it to be incredibly. Weird that we're not talking about the fact he did it. He he he admitted to doing that basically by his actions and reactions in my opinion. BSE admission of doing it a positive test that puts you -- categories that you Leos have opinions of the obstruction of justice was trying to buy evident that aren't that way yet and that's part. But here's the one that really bothers me chill it and you can talk about this have you heard anything. He recruitment. Right encouraging young players and -- brought in crews are big boys. But some young players that's one of the reasons why I heard they're they're really in the pied piper type of thing at all that's disgusting. That the people that didn't talked about yesterday there's a couple of topics that that was that are very young uncomfortable. From -- you know -- did. The -- -- that forced fourteen and that's an important players are Latin. Almost all -- -- slight favorite to take that into a bit result fourteen or not of the original fourteen. We're represented by aces right now that I'm opening day is -- a -- thing. But but I know as a player that's not a coincidence because when you are when I was represented by it and I knew all the players might agents represented. And it was just kind of look -- at the -- you knew that you'll find them. If that's how I found out about eight PIP -- I would say yeah I just wanted to as well look at you unchecked without doubt -- atomic politicians all of those kind of guys out. I -- it's stunning that that both those things what those sorts of stuff going on yesterday but I haven't been in those conversations are going to be coming out quickly. -- he goes back and he makes that that the quote about wanna play with his Brothers and yeah I feel like an old -- a -- I thought you nailed it when when -- talked before this game yesterday that you never play again and yankees uniform I was convinced that the same -- now he goes back their current -- I can't imagine it's going to be a real fun at your Brothers couldn't -- in games for the Yankees in that clubhouse between now and the end of the year. Well look at a particular little back and implement. I guarantee you that every player at a club -- when him and welcome back what about -- do you know -- underwent. So don't that you got that that you were guys that from the Atlanta Braves talk about how fatigued you are talking about this you know -- players are just. They're they're they're like really we really have to do this. But at the same time. He got point five got what do you like you've seen it or not you play with guys who don't like to put you guys don't get along with some of our -- pulled the rope in the same direction. So that -- I don't think it was a lot of -- -- -- to predict yesterday I predicted he would walk in the clubhouse and sent something out loud incredibly awkward and he did it. That McNamee would just spoke volumes about what happened in the sit there and conspiracy that the -- everybody here. Like with even comparable chuckle and everybody -- rhetorical growing. Yeah yeah yeah like I got -- compared him to the the troubled brother that you find out shown up for Christmas and you like -- Christmas dinner you're like oh man OK a deal with this today. I don't know comfortable and gone back and every time we watched some of the prep doubled and if you watch the threatened -- Robert as well. I kept the one were they kept coming back it was awkward it was so awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Because that I feel like he is the only guy in any event that has no clue what's going on. -- me ask you this MLB. Where do you stand with steal first offense 1622. Offense lifetime ban you -- deter these guys. I think that's where we're at -- I really do I think I figured if you saw some of my head I -- -- -- -- is very very unhappy about the statement that the players association put out. -- but it the players association statement is exactly what I expected. You know -- but couldn't do yesterday what I'm sure he wanted to do. Was broken broke best interest and never have a -- step on the field again however I think what we have now is is. A relationship in an accident on both sides -- are going to allow them to reenter or reopen part of if not all of the CPA. Except it doesn't. Portland that he can physically do it it's not a deterrent it's not gonna work what -- do in an era as a former player rep -- my biggest concern. I know it's minimal and I know the chances are small but I've always I was always terrified of that false positive there once like either I could potentially -- some chances are you're not. But by that -- you know I I would be all for overwhelming evidence on base strike and you're done overwhelming evidence being defined as something. You know significant that the players would agree to but I I I gotta believe we're headed to a two strikes and you're done forever scenario that's the only way. Hitting the pockets of the players is the only way to change it. -- my last PD about -- question is Nelson Cruz selfish for what he did take in the penalty and not playing with his team. The rest the season a team that's fighting for playoff spot right now. Well. Are you are department -- Noted that that was his -- -- ticket that took steroids results running back. I -- so so this was not a crime for them that it took find religion and make an unselfish decision. I'm not sure that this isn't anybody would have made -- met in those -- in their shoes anyway. Because they have to bet they would -- Nelson Cruz will be played for somebody next year might -- -- the -- but he'll be playing for somebody and the week I can't I don't know what they hit will be in preconceived these guys were taken to spent the next here but this year and you know -- -- and they were. People talking -- you know he can come back for the playoffs there's no possible way I don't feel there's any possible way. But these players would be out the ability to be here on the big league club which they won't be able to -- They're not going to be your they've been pivotal play in the post season with -- effectively done. -- listed as does says a rep of the union Jonny Gomes came out now though that you said the they have to active behalf there -- top spot right. Will union dues go towards Alex Rodriguez's lawyers. -- -- players be paying for that. -- I don't. I don't I would imagine absolutely but. I mean at the end of the day. If you think about the volume of money that is in the fund in the -- opponent in the in the I mean it is it is like sort of -- here -- battleship. However I don't -- principal Eric I mean. You know. But there are I would tell you there were 90%. Of the card carrying members of the union are our incredibly good guys and they're not cheating. Maybe 90% policy a bit but I like to think we're there now I don't know I don't know what what that is but yet the union will provide the legal defense for A-Rod if that's -- -- Now if you listen Theriot scored on these scenes and lawyers. You know the way he George points in his girlfriend's. You know it's it's -- of a daily -- -- coming up on him. Well what Wallace is going on the Red Sox have quietly had a huge turnaround the rotation really all year long we've talked on and -- the occurred about different guys. I was curious your thoughts on Felix -- brought who came into the year overweight and everyone was down their Alou and noted spring training had too much weight on. -- it took about a rotation for start and since then he's gone fifteen consecutive starts three or fewer earned runs what is in the turnaround for him from what you seen on a field. Well first -- putting it in and held -- pretty well I was I was really impressed by the last start was seeking him out and he did not have his fastball. He's a load on a good thing you know they'll they'll peek at 95 or 94 here he's got a good strong powerful. He didn't have that the other day and instead -- with young pitchers when they don't have good stuff you can see a three and two thirds. He hits or walks six -- day. Seven scoreless. He went out there without his -- that's one of those. Who looked a little moment when when he got -- -- when you go wow I -- horrible I didn't have anything and I still -- shut out for seven innings. It doesn't the kind of things have happened for you to go to the next level and I think he's he's the guy that. Right now the playoffs started and he went out there for game three outfield I'd be pretty excited about what was what was possible. Thumb and I'm sure he's got there's a good group with guys around there you'll be huge advantage for -- hoop with him his shot monsters in his rotation. And from Milwaukee perspective that was always my big concern when I was looking -- hitters and I was approaching. Other teams that can plant I want to see somebody that threw as hard as I did broke -- then it got Jon Lester. The lean on that I got that huge advantage that the Mets he's got a lot of veteran presence on that stopped. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet maybe Lester needs to look at him not to wanna rescue boat him because. Here's what I see it's almost like front runner mentality in seven starts at point three of five runs or more which to me it's. -- the biggest two runs shall I wanna see him give up two runs and then go seven and give up two runs and that's never the case he gets a two to three early and it's one of the starts every time. Well let's and I could tell you couldn't -- starts into a transition between the -- now he has done he has started to hit away. And -- -- Butler Paul does Brazil and -- back at that -- -- won't supper club. The he started it's in the right. And I got beat. Unpopular with him and -- played him this is the guy with Portland stop their houses and if he can find a way. The minute that transitioned from the inside out I didn't eat I don't so like you got wider. -- it was my forehand -- and medical. Aren't you hate them you are and gotten your left handed pitcher I've ever played with -- -- that I could put him in space and completely because he was 611 into a hundred. And it was intimidating I don't think you can do it -- the left -- and and I thought -- start to make a transition for part starts ago. Went and with the Oriole game and that was a good start reported that Tampa. He's the -- when mark at the home run off them. Are you able to solo homers and want to read -- -- It is it's definitely it it's the way and that Jon Lester understands and that particular concept and start to do that. It got to a particular -- league when he can make them. I might be different but everybody's comfortable -- look at it from him but he's -- -- -- adjustment before that and that to -- accused and I. I think you can have a monster second half. It'll be interesting to see if he can turn it around after a tough start the other ninety's Curt Schilling and has birds joining us here on a Tuesday -- we appreciate doctor -- I Curt Schilling ESPN AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GA TNT. Rethink possible like a bonus -- chilling -- in baseball on TDs get birds. Line and background aptly enough.

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