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Chris Price, WEEI.com, on Patriots training camp

Aug 5, 2013|

Price joins Mut and Merloni to discuss all things Patriots and what he has observed from covering training camp so far.

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Broadcast here at Gillette Stadium patriots practice has wrapped up Butler and ID 37. WEEI players available and build. Jets at this afternoon -- down to Philadelphia the practice for couple days of the Eagles and Friday night. The big Tim Tebow opener would draw excited about. Here on the show Chris price WEEI dot com does a stellar job covering the patriots. For our website Chris thanks combined for -- great to -- -- -- -- -- let's start with besides how great the weather was today what did you see from the patriots during -- A -- hour forty minute practice session on this Monday. It was a relatively low intensity work -- I mean we're talking about sweats and shells in the -- they were kind of preparing for. Is their trip to Philly got a working a lot of situational stuff there was some some. Goal line or there was some field goal worked there was so hail Mary started it was a very. You know sexy practiced by treating -- standards but it was a lot of stuff that you know of the institutional things they're gonna need to work -- during the year. I will say this too he continues to impress even in sweats and shells acts that felt out of the victory there and a really nice day today. It is looking more and more like he's going to yet. A real shot is put -- we joke about this down the field that that he's played too well now to. Did after the practice squad I think to get through on waivers in so he's kind of for the patriots have a little bit of a fine idea that. They're gonna have to make a decision it was the and it's already. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pads crashing -- which really wasn't all over the country. I think a lot of the guys so Ford camp obviously on the office. Tom Brady in sync with these -- wide receivers would be seniors or for. I you know they're forced these young guys it's clear that the force be working with Dobson -- with the boys Kimbrel Tompkins had been a guy who's really stood out of the -- -- -- the guys who I think -- -- -- a couple of levels he's played well he's caught everything that's been thrown to him. It's also adjusting your guy veteran like Michael Jenkins talked about how caloric. -- So I think that there's a lot of respect the refereed in that's -- Eritrea -- to game action. But he's another guy he's a young guy who's who's part of the picture but the real work in these young guys it really get them reps. They're really thrown into the deep into the pool and the if they could right now. Really impressed by Dobson how the whole lot of boys but I believe right Dobson at least as we sit here August 5. You can projected to have a pretty good years are rookies going today -- -- -- you -- -- before this is not a Taylor Price situation is not -- Bethel Johnson situation. I think he's going to be of the company here and have an impact as well. I get asked that what. What's the difference that what DC from Dobson. They've seen so far maybe didn't see from those guys because those guys were pretty herald they got us -- is. You know and Chad Jackson was justice Carol that -- -- of where he was was taken here Jackson what wire those guys and -- -- -- that what's. And a lot of what you see from -- so -- first of all dobbs has got a team over because he wears number 76 members Janet Jackson Taylor Price and that's a bad news. Bad news. But I'll say this you look at him in he appears to be and if so rating though we don't know what happens when. You know you get down on the field and it is doable with practice situation is one thing but dean's situation it's completely different in him so. We have to see that but to this point. He appears to the a relatively quick study he appears to have the type of body that they really haven't had would you talk about -- one of the past that a lot of these guys. Dobson voice. Really working in the reds is tremendous treaty is a lot like we're housed in that regard. If he is a guy that beat you could rely on the -- and situations of these guys you can talk to look. Sit here. -- would say it is you can talk to Bethel Johnson ten years ago. You do that Bethel Johnson out of you know billion dollar body but it says it. You that tells us school here and you know it was it was all bear with a field of mental aspect clearly wasn't there with him. That's not the case would you talk to judge which she talked here at Dobson you talked to these guys that you say. -- -- DC -- -- you know my best asset is is Molly intellectual ability -- bug bite mark what I bring to the field. In terms of you must report published -- so these guys are a little bit different now. Regard it again. They appeared to be Dobson more than voice they appear to be enough already usually I get these are bigger bodies these guys who have at least right now have a pretty good report -- Well now on Mondays we sit here during the football season thankful calls. And fans who tell us saw they were screaming at their TVs at times run the hurry up where is that her focus when it works what. When they do and it's lights out it works they score they were outstanding with that. This year we're talking about reference your article before the AFC championship game against Baltimore all the stats and how successful they weren't how often they did do it. Do things stand out one familiar. Right if you had guys like Deion Branch out there instead of Brandon Lloyd and number -- Them the mismatch as they had in the field with personnel when you have guys out there you can do so many different things. Unique Rob Gronkowski or unique Aaron Hernandez they don't have those two things a big of an impact this year. It takes time to learn that offensive -- it is it's not just between the coaches and the players but it's on the field it's -- given a look. Two wide receiver and instantly that wide receiver going. What he has to beauty team to root. -- to get in the flow of the team. If it's if it takes but what if we saw that last year because you essentially had guys in only bring in -- aside. You had guys that -- offensive skill position players -- have been in the system for going -- what it was the guy ahead exactly what had with a guy who. Got it would have it was a guy who knew how to run the polio. It really did a great job because last -- I. But -- he could -- at this point Tucker last year -- kind of struggle that's what we saw earlier this season we saw what it did more -- it. Specifically what it would have been no you know the no huddle. -- will say -- that second thing I think that they could still get some business. I Unita get literally with the with the rookies but I think that if this group were running backs itself. Some of those personnel changes which you're looking at -- if you look at the arena arena is a guy with -- always have a great year I think for -- is a guy who could. Picked up a lot of slack that was left by and it is totally in left by but the loss Welker. But if you get those running back were you get Leo Washington readable but we hear what you can still in -- Doing some things about Maria you maybe that's eluded to before but it's going to be different in its gonna take that book all of these disparate parts of the passing game. It worked all through the spring people were -- through the summer we don't know. How quickly it's gonna come together -- you get out there opening day I think this is passing team is going to take a few teams -- find their identity early on but. You know the key is. There's that six week stretch at the end of the year when he the Broncos when we have the ravens if the Texans. Wolf though how would this -- -- are you guys talked before about survival chances will go fifty as a real shot the Super Bowl by the way they played them. Well you talk about the no huddle office look at Chris -- WE yet are -- joining us here spot at Gillette Stadium. What you hear in the past and this is this is more so I think reporters. Not officially become a -- what they see that Tom Brady -- will. When he loses that with a receiver -- he feels like that's not working you'll sort of pushed back out the side and you'll you'll cut back guy out of his football life. I think with this group receivers even if -- as -- it is you talk about and I believe that he asked to have some patience here that maybe he has not shown before. Have you seen signs that patients so far training camp Brady with these guys. Yes. Will say that I think -- understating it to you. Anything other than -- would be counterproductive -- to the system they think he's Smart enough you know we're not looking at an abuse this phrase before -- not -- unity Avery type situation where he's gonna we've -- you know someone's gonna. You know floor Ruder drop a ball executive you'll hear guys out at least publicly you know what goes on the scene that you're a -- Joey Galloway situation but -- that would FF. You know like we're we're we're not gonna get that -- put it it's. It's a work in progress and use that phrase the other day you know lead you have to understand that. Is going to be stops and starts with some of these young guys look it would Dolan has been far away the best wide receiver. East there is no question -- -- -- far we've been about what you forgive me I think that relationship is coming along very nicely I think. What you have to look at it your patriots fans. -- the dolphins the poison that can broke hosted the view of the Michael Jenkins and I will say this I don't think it's going to be around your projected -- really done his part in terms of picking up the office. You've been a constant sounding -- for -- -- -- about. Almost a daily basis. But you wanna look at the relationship between reading -- of what the other big supporter reverence. When we're talking about the wide receivers the young wide receivers in years past the Chad Jackson about the stuff -- -- -- the guys could work out. They didn't have a whole lot of opportunity and I'm not saying it was you anyone's fault but. They were behind on the depth chart you know we've -- Wes Welker. In Ravi moss -- -- in other guys beating get -- -- -- these guys -- get the -- if they're producing with the -- of the rest at least your -- -- guy Julian Edelman back off but let's back up their practice and we talk before. In your opinion of -- and it's probably changed because they're you know obviously is different because last year at the involvement early on in the year. We might look at him as the quarterback in college in little impact -- -- can play defensive back in need it. They'd look at him a lot more than that obviously. They really do if they really do with TV should radio -- from a continuity prospective -- that the other day that all of a sudden you know this guy who was. Got relatively lukewarm interest of the free agent market is not coming back here it is usually wide receiver caught a pass from Brady on this roster right now I think when you look at -- it. The problem that they've had with him is consistent -- ability to stay on the field -- he has been healthy. Over an extended period that we saw that for brief stretch plaster that back to back team that the colts game the jets the he really showed what he was capable of you put up some phenomenal numbers not just of special teams. But you'll also working at receiver -- -- -- numbers he's not going to be that guy over the course -- -- but if you get that kind of performance out -- -- him. 456 have any games I think he'd be very very happy look you shouldn't -- Julian -- into via. 6070 catchy you know your guy but I think what he brings to the field as a receiver and as a returner I think has tremendous volume of. Ought to go back to such filth for second a guy who lose gonna take I believe now the third round without us and it's not football draft after his pump them up and after the red -- catches enemy here. From Brady of practice. He was he got -- Al I've -- reading something you wrote at that time. Graded out as he really good blocker I think maybe the best blocker from the tight -- he was one of the best also really good hands. I guess my question will be how did he end up -- the patriots lap then how does he end up here if you is regarded as. Eight a guy -- -- very good skill set at the play that position coming out of college when a client is tight it is now or Portland ever in my opinion national book. I think you look in his group progression he didn't really put up good numbers to where you're at college that are using college for six years with a Richard situation itself. He was the guy who kind of got lost in the wash over the but he also frankly plea for Nevada so he -- -- Alabama so he was a bit off the radar screen. At least what you're talking about the schools but. He seems to -- that kind of an interesting guy he's big he's Paul he's a little bit lanky almost treat -- it -- as. At least in the body type but you look at the size is 670 -- fifty to sixty so that there relevant to gronkowski who was so. He's got a little bit of both again I think it's a really interesting almost a problem or cause problem but it it's -- it's it's a conundrum that the patriots now when you talk about him because. He's played well to this point I think to get them through to the practice squad. You know you have to expose the got a waivers if you wanna get the practice what we've we've seen guys like this'll last a few of the got to come to mind. Is is an offensive linemen tight end though we'll ye who they beat the patriots they wanted to get him through the practice -- -- -- be snapped up by the gulf and so. It's a dangerous game to play so I'm not saying anything here but you know if they feel like he's not ready for the NFL I would be surprised if he had a injury. In -- put up by in my player quotes here patriots red -- you -- -- Grassley got the code the takes a Richard Neer fundamentally it learns. You know how to succeed how to clean vehicle but with that. The depth that title is -- afford that's that's the other question you can you afford to do that with a guy who might be able to contribute to -- you can put up. On you know you could put -- -- you. What what what was the phrase they have -- in Africa that the the proper phrase that the use but. Shiancoe came back last year and operative interrupt you bring it back in the -- after like six weeks of there's things you can do you know you have some options with them but again. He's created some very interesting problem for the Internet. He's playing too well to put about waivers to improve the product competition for spots there at that -- -- exactly and in agreement it'll say this to -- -- at -- situation with. Where will be in his sleep very well this over. You're looking at a situation where Ballard would ostensibly be your number one -- but has -- of a bit of a -- daughter isn't it true that you ready to edit within the team jacket you know we don't know how healthy is so there's the question with Ballard at this point. I would like to see him indeed actions to see if he -- you would CP to forgo. Between now the start of the season but yet there's there's some. There's some movement there at that I hated to lose there's some things you can do it in again that you know I mean we were bringing this up but. There's some guys who were out there were still available you know I mean if if you're not happy with where you are you going to get Dallas Clark. You know I mean it -- there are some options that you have in terms of veteran free agents that stated position you can kind of still play around. I know the patriots this offer information constantly in daily basis to view -- and I let you in this guy you know the really lets you know what's going on line. But with that said any word that we talking Rob Gronkowski pup list for 6634. Weeks. What is the cut off if he's -- if they think he's available week five. They say you know what we're not gonna go up lists that we six when -- get one game is worth it. With him by eighty stating it's going to be the office if you look at it six weeks it. I I go back to this have said this before the writer I go back to the fact that it's gonna take time from the re above -- he's gonna. You know he's not gonna be Rob Gronkowski you know week seven when he comes back. I think the patriots would be well suited -- through the first sixteen to play are absolutely lousy run defense. I would be surprised to see that run the ball would have been earlier in the year did you come out with a heavy set. Lean on guys like -- lead and guys like marine -- -- guys like you know if if what makes this team folded. Leon Washington. The saints the bills the jets role awful against the -- question -- I could see the patriots opening up this season are run the ball more often and they happen. We spent a lot of time of the offense he's a drab performance compact talk the F stuff that good -- Chris prices here WEEI dot com. We will come back and talk about the other side of the football because it might have been aboard port side terms of the development also here. Offer Vince Wilfork who spoke after practice here today. We are at Gillette stadium -- patriots practice training camp rolls on Sports Radio WEEI. Couple days away from the first. A 43 -- against the patriots will be Philadelphia on Friday but live ID 37 WEEI Chris price. WEEI dot com joining us he's presented by. Chris gronkowski is their doctor doctor Robert -- -- A bit over their -- I am I am because stoker's started out the the running -- that would defense but what it is running game just one question because. You know we all aspect and run the ball Ridley had a great year last year but Billy back -- that he was outstanding but the question that I have is. Was he effective I go back to his buffalo game when buffalo just paying their heads against the wall stubbornly refused to give in six defensive backs out of that -- time and -- they're bottling now with a run. How much of the success of this running game. Had to deal with the fact that they or eight pass first team with weapons left and right weapons galore teams are defending net which opened up the run. If it's not the case this year. Will the running game still have the same effect. That's a great question -- double click -- ticket and make an opening where where you don't know if that the fact that the patriots running you did so well because the only team loading the stuff the past I think -- and for fourth quarter yeah we did you stated that an -- other teams out there who did -- -- -- I think. The difference -- I think the reality forward. The patriots. How real balance last your office for the first time it's it's really provide -- that -- or go back out for. I think the combination of Wrigley. Pulled it flashed what Washington read I think the combination of that group. You'll be able to get a steady consistent running attack I don't know if they're gonna be able to replicate what he did last year. But all you need to it was -- offices here is the ball you need it for -- -- and one of the things I still can't believe that the case. Bill Belichick has never had a running back. Goal for a thousand yards back to back. Head coaching here. Cleveland where. Or would it do it if what if they do it I think really could be that there had this year I deliberately let it be that guy think he can do without. Were -- what his defense -- stalked to let's hear from one of their defensive captains that it will work speaking today following practice. Army is better America thank you bring it up bolts and you don't to camping you beat each other. No doubt what could we and to see for his face into a new team come in and and -- depressed again. It's one of those there's always something good so. We look forward to do with -- about it we've been doing for three years. Things suffered through for us so. -- look to your bearings -- what what can we users -- price adjustments are you from. Did -- was different looks and everything so hoping to be good for. I'm gonna say is it breaks -- -- Vick has almost it puts an immoral you know seasons here. Present pre season and -- on this here so. We -- afford to reduce censored you know get -- work to do some good but good football team -- young team to the coast recovery wouldn't. What little swagger that he's -- collagen. See where we're. Well. Is good because like groceries -- -- go -- season seeing different -- office all our years so. Well forces going to a pre season game offers day -- -- and then go get some different than what we customs in every week where dolphins. Is big you never know when you might need down the row you know we have seen them on this now that. New quarterback situation new -- news -- -- -- so you never know Marbury Tuesday and so. It's big for us you know I think is something that we definitely learned I don't think it would be everything to be perfect. On -- -- face a team like us you know look different for them also so often work for both sides know is what is a good opportunity for us to go out there. And do this against a team as have a lot of talent watched the I Gaza for Beckham -- -- -- so. Will be charged for what -- sense something to -- of this group was something that was in the general. Focused on the team. You have doesn't McCain going and doing things in the right. So this ball so. We're going right if you listen to what Pope made the correction make that assessment. Think if someone who dispenses some Gooden gave away from things. Who. Rigors of military. It just comes quicker break camp hope we'll do so. -- put us in the -- for you know -- is needed thing was he when he came account balance through you know have a game couple days so on this phosphate. Since world war volley patriots practice today here at Gillette Stadium last about the guy's gonna play. What is left and right in tailor Jones you know I'm on record as saying that. One -- does not make -- defense Chris -- it it would Jones able to take its first half his rookie year. An extra set out to a full year and beat that impact over the course of the season he as one player can drastically change. How this defense looks at how -- he looked do you support camp. I think it was good I think that he is part of a group of guys who need to be believed. You know we always thought Michael you weren't UTU. In the new challenges to that that arise out of that but you look at it Sheila Jones a look at -- -- -- look at Alfonzo then those are three guys who. I think if they continue to progress. As the patriots hope they will. I think -- look at it three guys who could be regular defenders in this -- of that vehicle so particle that impacted but it goes there those are guys. Who will be plug and play players are you in theory should be pleasantly guys that -- years. Across the board. They were headed in the right direction and I firmly believe they were headed in the right direction if you know you're -- to leave. The addition of the lead with one thing but you look at the growth of guys like human shields. -- -- -- -- You know you know what you get with Vince Wilfork you go to -- -- Jerod Mayo. But Devin according. Steve Gregory at -- -- last year. This with the defense by any metric you wanna use improved over the second half before the season whether or not that would be just to leave. And that allowed them to move. 42 -- if you pick Kyle hearing to decide whatever. But defensively they were headed in the right direction of talk through what you guys this year about how do you carry that over 2013. -- -- We need to keep doing what we were doing you -- -- -- -- -- a group but I think that the continuity that has come out of that group. Because your essentially talking about the -- eleven guys with the addition of -- -- -- would be -- -- -- Kelly I think that it is confused by that group. Looks good going into this season could they be atop their defense out of dole but they're tough to be competitive if there aren't sure a lot better -- they were three years. Yeah I think that's the optimism that side up and say well what they really do to improve if you mostly came back. And I don't look at it that way because when I look at the great defense is. We know there's a lot of talent when they won super balls for what -- that team great was you had your brave bulls and you Bruschi who knew where to beat you know they do. What their job was that comes with experience that with every year -- Mayo now you know it knows where he needs to be comes up with a big plays and reads offenses. Better than he did as a rookie or -- -- -- third year so that's we hope to -- his comments from -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- big question -- Over him what's gonna happen I think it's August 27 -- before that the point -- game a pre season game. They have to be planning their attention to detail what is plea and be higher -- I thought Thursday that they put according over there quarter probably more for just it. It -- they needed. Is it Kyle every -- is that because you like to keep him in the slot. I think -- theory you move to a situation will be airing today on the outside you would have to work -- -- You know one of the rookies. -- in the slot you also have some flexibility there because. You have a guy and I point to this guy Steve Gregory who played the quarter college you know it is -- You can go there. You can have it be just what you could have obvious like -- if you needed to you know it's not an ideal isn't it it would -- bright as you can sense of helpful or whatever isn't exactly you know you -- -- this versatility with or you know you don't want to move it back -- quarter but. Usually -- if you could move back here to leave. You know the injury history last year oh over the course with -- republic or what apple after the -- a few red -- but I think. On one year five million dollars shall be contract I think that was a good Sony for this team. What they have -- the secondary. The five guys I would point to the five guys to leave dinner airing of these reporters. In there and Gregory slash Wilson at safety record wolf that it dubbed the court you know that's that's a good second there. That's a that's a pretty good second the problem comes. If you lose one of those guys it's a domino effect but what's the theme for every team but I think -- be a bit about -- it's going to be tough situation if of one of those guys I get the -- of this the versatility could move some guys around but I think the starting. Really the starting defensive backs starting to if you start or if they have clear that he -- chief. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised one bit mentioned accordion -- a jokingly of fans I think obviously argument that safety position rather than a quarter wasn't as you -- -- yeah. But I wouldn't be surprised because the devils with forty not covering the number one wide receiver. Is better. Covington number two guy is not covered Brandon Marshall anymore -- that's -- screwed -- up yet dissect it here. They've tried to -- -- it to be this like he tried to be QB it would shut down order. Where are you okay you just go take rated Marshall will take the recipe for it you know that so much that position. Is about confidence and he got baked up over the -- or some other than I think it was that we think that this Jack McDowell yeah I mean -- -- got that guy is that guide to leave -- interesting because -- the little bit bigger bit. These forums are a little bit longer if they think he's a better match up better individual matchup for the speaker -- receivers those because Andre Johnson. Those you know those those with Calvin Johnson. Was it -- -- -- bigger receivers I think he's a far better matchup on those guys the post but we're but that'll. There because I look at -- -- -- look at that safety position -- if you get a forty and you've got you know Gregory and Adrian Wilson and table Wilson. I can dig according and I can line him up reporter. Led to -- take the star wide receiver. Any -- voted against those big guys anymore he's probably gets guy number 20 who's not gonna give them you know he's got to have nightmares over. If you do should it be viewed -- as if it goes to play at all. We don't know I mean we seem to be played pretty well over its -- he was yeah really I just if he can be if you could mean it is now. If you could have a -- there. I I did speak. Deep -- to beat you wolf it is going to be so important for this team just -- on the field but off the field. As a guy who could you know help the other guys -- -- locker room we beat the compares before the possible but here's the type and I think that's what an awful lot on his shoulders earliest he -- career. But even at wolf if you approach he brings to the field the attitude. The skill set that he brings as a big safety the linebacker out there really. Believe he played a lot of linebacker and oh over the course of the summer for this team. Haven't developed there. Changes the thickness of the things you can do you know not think it's gonna be like these that lead last year but the addition of Peter Wolf it. You can move -- things that give you a little bit of versatility could do it executives. It's funny were talking about confidence and losing it in somewhere Darius Butler were dropped around not -- that -- -- I don't exactly Chris is talking about -- good for what the question every time we talked so here's my don't want today hopefully the only one. Is very punter competition right now I mean I thought soul pop vesco. Was the punter of the next ten years and they didn't bring it Ryan Allen in here ray guy award when he what exactly was the best punter college football he is still here and I am reading about. At the potential that there is actual competition do you believe that -- roster spot is safe right now. I think it's safe but I wouldn't be surprised to see that companies and start you know ultimately I think. The -- because this team. It think you -- right now practice squad. Look you look in the article often or what edges you look at careers as college career with the best -- college last year. In you know -- it did they got him where the U justice we take a portrait but. I would be surprised yeah -- At least of the practically spent the draft pick they admitted they spent time on looking at this diet where -- was they Britain abandon it a bit I just. That's what don't question don't know I think you know it makes perfect but I do I -- -- be ready to -- interesting debate and I liked it because we talked for forty minutes we probably brought of people. Well that's that was planned up. But it does bring that I was not letting up it doesn't does bring attention to the pre season like never before Korea because I've ever look forward to seeing the fourth quarter were pre season game again this year with this guy yeah it's going to be. It be fun I love watching guys around bounce passes the morale for OPEC's of people be are well it's material that -- -- if you don't if you like a he'll say it's because he's out there with wide receivers that aren't great. If you don't like legacies go against the fostering defense so it's it's a perfect world for everybody you're gonna have your moments. -- those evidence evidence that you wrote it would be the -- -- it's just like if it. It's just you just Buick Tebow camp guy you know you don't you you and I you know what yeah if you love the guy if you don't -- a great guy everybody loved -- speaking of practice here the other day it is he was he was sorry for people 45 minutes after practices. You can't keep up but it was an individual I I think he's a fantastic guy in my limited experience -- any great -- team. You have to look at this from the value based perspective you have to just before we -- it but it's just. You have to look at this Ethiopian -- do we need to -- third quarterback who can maybe give -- some limited special teams value. Or do we wanna carry an extra defense that predicts a wide receiver. Right now my -- if roster project quiet it was the 53 -- the roster but if you think you know what. I think we need to carried extra quarter I think we need to carry extra wipe any injuries do we need to you what it is is what if it's olds. His roster spot could be tied it to what's going on the right guard that Brett. Because if you need if you feel the need to carry another interior offensive lineman. You hit it to -- -- you know but little back up the keys the currently markets can have -- problem. His roster spot to be so goes the questions left us with Tebow but right now as it -- I have him again -- my 53 often you know the great desperate to period. If what you're talking about him is that -- -- practiced. Because don't what are you don't really plots don't even know what you want them. You know you all 32 teams have a shot -- we've freeagent go find the right people and adamant about waivers to get through the practice that's it. Think all night talk a roster projections give me for a guy you're giving a name of a guy that. No one's talking about getting cut -- you might not get companies -- name. They might now they -- or is this what you do with this team we've that you love you know bull bucks that you -- to come -- You look at the patriots in camp it wherever they have the least amount of depth. Where you would never think that would happen. That's with a guy gets cut last year right secondary safety they had any help at safety you know James Sanders did I or the hell is going on yourself. Whoever they limit themselves and depth. They're gonna cut some. But yeah yeah I -- guide it jumps out to be it'll preface this by saying he's had a pretty good deal. In part this would be tied it was salary part of it would be titled what Lou was talking about depth questions stuff. I Google did you felt mixes. Perfect fit no depth at tight end with perfect fit I think contractually I think his salary is defeat or that they'd like to spend. Plus if you get sudden felt Ballard who is we have which he would have gronkowski -- -- back -- -- accept it. We couldn't get over we can -- ecstatic Gregory. Contract pretty good getting it it might not be in line with what you're getting out of him on a daily basis. Played very well here the way. But you know yeah -- -- economic growth of four by Tivo it. You have to make value these judgments -- the back into that -- to the back at that depth chart. He might be one of those guys with we makes you real quick detection at right guard position it finally kind of kept out of practice -- -- and he missed spreads it there was some kind of injury I believe it was a Tyrone green arrows green another guy he's -- nicked up feed -- will speed that we've been there it was a it was a tackle who is. What really helped yeah I mean -- essentially place holder that he practice they're down there for the fifth. Right guard that's what I think he's going to be back for the start of the season but. You know he's to have you done it did. You know exactly that's the you know it's just a respected -- until I can play regularly -- -- we we talked a lot about I don't know about other positions on this team about. Fifteen trees out offensive lineman. Like. Forgiveness that we you know I just it's just guys. You know I we we've joked about how free agency probably your guys like Donald Thomas wouldn't go with that of my you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He should hit part of their salary back in a big -- contract is if you give -- -- because of firmly believe -- Donte' doctors predicted it would be one of the greatest position coaches -- -- wrestlers and the yes star office I just -- -- -- productivity this ability to you're talking about talking about the office we got a business that he got getting that it. The Patriots offense. It all starts and it's really would brief but you get into the office the office like this off with the boys still -- the record question. It's still one of the definitely in the Baghdad has to figure it to you when you're talking about how this office complained that we've passed itself. One reason for optimism. Yeah -- the wind is still pretty. He is Chris price WEP I'd WEP I'd dot com it is steep price NFL the alias there I say great follow and abolished while some -- we talked with him. Throughout the year respects visa. That hypocrisy price joining us here to let Steve what's this get a break you guys have been very patient. Honesty and out of that 106177797. Not 837 gets up your patriot calls here and some names are the leak out. Off the -- Genesis list we'll get that as well what.

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