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Does the NFL need to step up and discipline Eagles’ receiver Riley Cooper?

Aug 2, 2013|

Salk and Holley react to the demand for Roger Goodell to step up and issue discipline over the racist remarks of the Eagle’s pass catcher. PTI’s Michael Wilbon believes that Goodell needs to fulfill his responsibility to the league and penalize Riley Cooper, Mike and Michael react to Wilbon’s strong take concerning the NFL’s commissioner.

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So if you've been following the Riley Cooper thing. Gets caught on video and that Kenny Chesney concert yes Kenny Chesney concert -- makes them so much. A mix up my. The country stars it's got a kitty as the concert on tape. Screen that he will fight. Everyone in there exit using a racial slur not every one uses the racial slur in between them. And it goes viral people find out about it he's got to go that reports to Philadelphia Eagles can't we heard LeSean McCoy one of the leaders of that team. Say. It's gonna be really hard I mean he's gonna try to move. Move past that but he didn't feel good about this and feel good about what is teammate is said and what his teammate is now is a person's so if you have a have a problem there. Some of the reports yesterday at a Philadelphia. Word that he was basically by himself camp that nobody else yeah in near him open excused from all team activities is going to seek counseling. We -- -- we sum up on ESPN yesterday giving this speech. Org or addressing reporters -- try to figure out what. How he even get ready for something like that when when everything everything anybody's ever known about used now. One thing this is if you if you ever hear the name Riley Cooper again this is the one thing you'll always brought. You all -- good receiver. Valuable guy you know our receiver up and comer. Taking over for Jeremy Maclin knowledge that you think are racist but it would solve. He said what he said and it is not the first time as we know that the first time. And in the history of the country that's been sent but what makes this so different now. Is the social media aspect of it will be very naive to think that. That's a party didn't deal with this when he was -- Green -- And when he went to Washington later. Nice to think that all the great coaches. At the college level. At the pro level Bear Bryant as the SEC started to change and he recruited black players. In the air coexisting with a white players do they had to do this before but you know what it was happening. It was happening. In the context probably of the football operation so there's an incident at training camp or you have to roll with the black roommate or white roommate and there are some tension there. What makes this different is that it happened outside. A football right in now the team is saying way to meant. Did he could have handled it they probably could have dealt with it better if it in its unfortunate but it -- double the better if there's a drill and he says something during the drilled to a black player or. He says something better in there's a whole melee. Would imagine that you can imagine that occurring again says at a dinner what percentage of the Philadelphia Eagles to bigger black but that -- happened. It happened I'm sure out. Throughout sport as you when you brought up college. I'd bet it's happened more with college teams -- you -- like by the time you reach the pros. You've been exposed to so many different types of people right away college teammates all the way on up. In college of people who were coming from small towns or wherever where we are really being exposed to -- diverse group of people. May be a lot -- to them so it's almost even more surprising. To see this at the pro level that it call. Yeah I think that -- is that good point and for him we're talking about this yesterday before. The Philadelphia Eagles -- okay you're excused from activities and clearly we're gonna try to trade him. But if they try to freedom you take you take this you wanna be that I'd rather owner had -- -- distraction whatever. But they're not. We said yesterday that the biggest thing for him is going to be dealing with his teammates all of his team that's don't think this day. Up problem for. His black teammates obviously they -- going to be more offended anybody else. But if they are gonna get this right he remains -- Philadelphia eagle. They're just gonna have to stay in the air as a team. Inches inches in just deal with we confront everybody. You you raise a very good point there because in listening to people talking about this and you guys of -- the full months on will take some calls 617779. 7937. There's this it almost in a presumption by some not at all to deal with people who are going to be offenders black -- Like I hope that's not the case I certainly don't think that has been the case. If that's the word that I hear certainly on the black if I hear that word it's not like -- like walled up black guy's gonna be really upsetting you know like I'm upset. And I think most people like no white or black or any other race are upset. Really why would you say that. But I don't believe that I don't agree with that I would oversee some like pat and I don't like the fact you did. So I I don't I think you -- a point by saying all of -- teammates not just those of color because this is not. It's the only people who are upset or those of color within a much bigger racial divide in the right LV -- -- in anybody's giving credit to. Yeah I think that's a fair point here's the other thing about confronting the issue. I don't know if this I don't know what what Chip -- with -- I don't know what the for our owners gonna do little kitty. I don't know I don't know about that they're right way to handle it you lecture. Your captains that the policy and its players only is it the entire organization. I'll say this if you want him to be an eagle. I don't think sending him away. Is the right way to handle it. Don't send him away from the team and bring -- if it -- play it for him to be a member of the team you've got to deal with -- he has to deal with it. While within that within the context of the team around the players to look at so what happens when he comes back he's good question -- you get Graham's story partners so -- where you're wayward UN meeting. Where you're doing presume are not well. Probably be the opposite where you off during racist -- other things they really aren't yet he's the sort of racial art program it no longer races. It's okay how does that go -- hey -- People. Like them. It's not going to. It's not gonna go away and it's is that this -- huge challenge and Chip Kelly probably. You know my biggest challenges of the code to be adjusting to the speed of pro gay pro game the size strength of the players. This is clearly in other players other coaches with it. But they haven't dealt with in the Twitter. That watch has -- no go viral. -- -- I have and I am I can't think of another case quite like not like that's right I mean now Kobe Bryant had had homophobic slur that he had on the bench. That was caught and certainly he was disciplined for -- rightly. But there aren't that many -- players around and there are still. I mean maybe there's more than one these -- added to an official already says it -- if I could but even more than that. For whatever reason fairly or unfairly and I would say unfairly. That word is not cause the same amount. Up up up roar from everybody from here reversal perspective. And a big up front stinks that were probably should cause probably. That -- should cause exactly the same level of anger from an entire population. As the word that Riley Cooper used. For whatever reason it doesn't or hasn't had any good on David certainly good in the league for saying I don't know Kobe Bryant said -- essentially equivalent to that -- I'll let you get away with that. It's a little odd you haven't heard anything from Roger Goodell in terms of any sort of punishment that Michael will bond to talk with Tony Kornheiser is usually doesn't PTI. Was talking we have the sound misses and this is Michael will on bringing Roger -- deals Roland question. Roger Goodell likes to use his bully pulpit for fees and interest I guess somebody using inward. A white player using -- in -- word aggressively. Talking about. Fighting goals eons OK I guess that's not important for Roger Goodell commissioner of the NFL David Stern would never. Stood for this in the NBA Roger Goodell has acted without conviction a couple of times. About the Redskins nickname briefly so I'm discovering a -- He's the most positive meeting with the unified force. He essentially called the name Redskins a term of endearment so Roger -- particularly. It offends me -- Dell's lack of behavior lack of conviction. As much if not more than Riley Cooper's -- of the N word because he's the leader of the NFL he had -- anybody anywhere. While. Strong now. We have with Riley Cooper. -- -- situation. That it will block call for a fine of Cooper I'm assuming. Because. He's right you know Roger Goodell as the leader you do have to face up and -- -- say something. But in terms of the line. Now the Redskins -- wholly different issue and I agree with him I think it it's and his name four football team on the watch for. But that's a different topic for different in this case with Riley Cooper could he. Let's find. Lots of things opened that opened up here if you fine. A player for something that he shares. At a concert. If the player the heels of the players association. Defend. The guy who said what he said are you are you allowed to do that give you you know. Penalized him for something -- Outside of the workplace. Is -- -- as offensive as that is. It -- out it would -- Eagles do it how does that work. Now maybe and it -- well possibly maybe Roger Goodell should've done it. -- -- consequences later sent out to a net and I don't hear appeal of sending the message that this is not something that we stand. You know it actually text here along those lines all the differences Colby said it to an employee at his place of work on TV being -- -- Cooper did not. A ruptured they'll never cared about yeah you do something double we're taking aim at the -- almost that's more leverage in more leeway stickers to whatever he wanted and that's always been Roger -- manner it is. It is it's stands out that he hasn't done as much on this issue as the don't has on some houses can't. If you're Roger Goodell shore. If you wanna send a message that this that you don't stand for this you could find. Art I see that as a court goes through as a league the league's position -- corporate position that makes it. But how I deal. I don't feel that a fine. Is addressing the issue of Riley Cooper so you -- the bottom 500000 dollar a suspension. Okay lets you suspend object is is he. -- he what does he or what have you dealt with you have a I'm not saying it'll save every soul and everybody can be turned around. The issue is. The issue the issue is the issue you wanna come Friday and I don't think you can throw any amount of money. I think -- will change if I can understand what you're saying here. That's lip service that that's PR Roger Goodell would be doing PR by fining him the Eagles I don't but but it's not getting to the root of the problem and really. I think if I initially -- Roger Goodell the root of this problem is not something he can really take off. That's right and the Eagles might do I deal with ER's well -- away and they want him to go way. It get himself right or are they saying. This is football. And for us to confront this the right way it's gonna take you three days out of our preparation for these and we just don't have time for the. I saw it is very possible that it not right away a bit of pro let's say. I still don't know how Riley Cooper really feels they know that he was he said something incredibly mean and hurtful. While it was stroke at a concert I have to assume because he said. But that's how we feels that they right he has that amount of heat in as our guest I. Maybe he thought he was being funny he didn't get what he was saying maybe I don't know but but I have to assume based on the fact that he said it. But there's some level of -- in his heart where they came out at that moment. Is it possible to make that goal way. I think it is maybe not right away -- that he can go away for a week come back the program insensitive and all the sudden everything's hunky dory again. But the story of Tim Hardaway is an interest -- wanna meet Tim Hardaway you'll remember going on the air and -- a Florida -- -- brag about it except bragging about how it was homophobic. Like gay people. He's since come out for gay marriage he he has talked on and on about an Arab League is just PR -- lip service that he's lived it and said -- I was wrong it took me awhile it took me meeting people and understanding the realities of the issue in order to come around but. I almost think it's easier with that issue in this what. What was the what was he had -- it was it was it was dramatic. And dramatic recreation write about real story itself movie remember that remember that I thought it. So happy in X amount to Gettysburg I guess it was we're gonna all be together at this is brotherhood and they had all kinds of issues. So I think that it's happened before. You can deal with that. The Philadelphia Eagles players when -- go there right. And out that I. Guys and that doesn't -- out a bit out of a long time but a lot of that with this I -- really wanna be the in the beat yet catalyst for racial -- day that was at the onset of theoretical win football games over at the onset of schools being integrated. -- that you can see it happening at the time because they were on the ground floor this week they take that into what thirteen weeks before we are obviously we're now six or 777979837. Let's let's open this up for you guys lot of different types of thoughts. On this issue we will we have an open forum index all all WB.

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