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Mut and Merloni's plan to implement instant replay to the MLB

Jul 30, 2013|

After a blown call that could possibly result in losing the division, Mut and Merloni talk about ways MLB can add instant replay to the game.

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Want to ready. He's the -- when -- the high fly ball right center field not to compete. -- certainly capping it makes the catch the erotic ads and fifth all products. Nine and me. Yeah. He's brought not at all what I've never acknowledged landed at the event argument here not about barking at home plate umpire being held. -- manicure right thing marked as strong and accurate throw Brian Butterfield as well John Farrell still out there right with veiled. I've already got the put it with a naked nine barrels would run parents been thrown out of the game. Known nominee obviously reflected the human element of certain elements which you has replaced kid. And this is this one that. You know most the time that I gets all right just when against the south. It's part of the team and obviously if you're on the other side in the locker room you -- really -- on this side you you care little more so. It's part of him -- we artists who have have one garlic. That's Daniel -- After the player heard the great -- -- Leon on the call mark Lou 937 WEEI it's still not a fan of free -- Across Major League Baseball texture as -- right. Like on a convenience store these days him in the Clark your debit card and they say sorry we don't take cards year. That's 2013. Implement instant replay Major League Baseball -- text of the day so far. On the AT&T text -- 37937. You -- children across server 2008 with first sentence to replace install a Major League Baseball. End of August August 27 it was during the year 2008. A month ago on the -- in the middle of the season it's that we're gonna start and implement. Instant replay on home runs the ball out with a ball's not out and we we've seen it today I was actually surprised it was that long ago 2008. Actually thought it was. Just like to a three year I was 2010 and you read about today set up a double agent Jack -- for second no we've tried to 2000 and I completely changed anything. Five years ago amazing and we're still doing the same thing we're doing 2000. Eight outlets that came out I think it was in 2012. Last year in July 2012. And sedate and expand its replay that third season -- -- post season but. -- was to get trapped balls was the gaelic you know fair files on the line you know those types of things. And it was going to be voted upon this offseason and the costs would be implemented in 2014. Take a step further Joseph Torre said a couple of weeks ago came out right around the all star game and Joseph Torre said. You know we are getting very close mates made it seem like they might do with this year we asked buster role only. At that time about Joseph Torre and what we close them replay Major League Baseball. Hasn't made any sense. You know that the only people don't have access to replay of the umpires and I -- umpire say to meet privately care we take it we would love it. That would look like idiots. They don't want people screaming at their television ten seconds after a wrong call was made. And they're the only ones who don't have access to you to know exactly what happened on the play. And you know whatever happens it's it's gonna be too late. -- dispute don't run -- -- that baseball Mets yankees Carlos Delgado hit a ball without Paul. After that call they implemented a home run read -- I wish they would do it. -- candidacy as soon as. Populace of -- isn't there -- precedent that may be. A couple of this -- right now for the playoffs. Yeah you absolutely if you've got a you know he came up with something you felt comfortable waited and as they say. Team executives all through Oregon why they're not doing it and I can't you be good answer. I three said to come up with something you're called the with -- I have company four point plan to replace -- much he's -- -- MLB replay system navigating my four point I think this is perfect I would like one dispute it that's fine -- all you have to do you break it down. Number one -- I need a New York. MLB replay system but Toronto -- the NHL does a thing where they have guys watching the game every single -- two or three guys they watch the games close call. They get buzz they look at it in Toronto. They make the call dared tell -- on out on ice official -- the call baseball -- that baseball -- that new York at the first part -- -- -- OK with that yes that's -- like. Number two is these are always replace Paul Ron fair file traps. Oh just like Joseph Torre said just like Bud Selig said we get that instituted now need to do that right now if you want to. Third I wanna challenge for team. I -- -- -- challenge because there are some things obviously outside of home runs fair Fallon traps they might have an issue with. And LB out of debates -- W plays at the plate those type of things comedy give you a challenging game and is it umpires that coach's manager it's up to you. Between innings one and eight because in the ninth inning and extra innings of a -- football bust which is two minute warning. Up to the officials on the field close play at the plate night then you need to challenge its okay were on the night they were in a -- -- the eleventh it is extra innings. We're gonna look at ourselves. To me that you could do that tomorrow. As large heavy equipment set up in New York an ad that's my four point plan. Perfect replay system and Grace Kelly -- they already have an umpire up at every game in fifth on par. Emmys are friendly park every night and it's like a valuation type thing. He's already there. So I like the MLB thing but I almost three -- if you're -- have a guy there anyways when actors give him the power. Two to look at you know now we gonna be talking about extending games. You know how quickly could it be done I mean while Jon -- up there arguing the call somebody could be looking at it. And 88 if you hold on right now Joey assembly look at at a rate now gonna -- figured out. There are some issues -- I think every plate the plate just like NFL you know -- -- focus every single score right now yep. And -- -- wondering how that was going to be work that they did a good job with that it wasn't really every every single school might have been reviewed but there was some shall dig up much of the game original they didn't need to but there were some questionable ones. Yes I think place at the -- questionable probably should should be reviewed. All of them to replace the plate now some we'll just be brushed over note I'm -- that obvious first look obvious ball no problem. The problem is the continuation. Of some place that's a baseball tell you. You know whether it was. A ball was caught or not what do you do with the base runner. You know if you have the the he bases loaded situation ball sit down the line and up balls profile and everybody stops and review it was actually fair would you do. You give the player he doubled the score two runs the U. Terrorist is likely be a ground rule double to where maybe sometimes can use judgment maybe give the runner at first. -- -- So that's going to be the continuation of runners is that the ethnic both but I I I exactly perfect but to be better than it is now little. Always perfect should be review -- -- to go some kind of challenge on everything else home run calls please the plea should probably would be. And -- -- streak always call they should always be reviewed if it's a close call on the net plays at first base. Basically. Anything other -- balls and strikes. I don't believe we should do balls and strikes and I know it can affect the game but it's got to end at some point -- wanna -- -- for -- EC don't want a robot behind the plate called balls and strike I -- want we don't replay I drag on strike three call. You know to me now an -- he gets its strikes on guys really really -- year now you said is gonna add to which the time of the game -- wrote something down here. Would not at times of the game because -- told Jonny Gomes to get his ass in the batter's box. Like if you just worried about getting guys in the box and keep takes forever he's not the only guy but I was thinking about last night to educate a lot of baseball and looking to deal. Added there's so much time wasted through the end game yet for they tell the guys that will work -- about pitching the ball keep the guys in the batter's box would you goods we could. Despite focusing on that is as an organization as a league. You would offset any about a time that was added you know a couple of replace and helping to add a lot how many replays a week which have. That's my four point plan I like here you wanna go every play at the plate. -- I -- -- -- that's an interesting decision but even ever replay guy ready to go. 6177797937. The phone number eighteen tee decks life. 379 B 37 your thoughts on replay in baseball like my four point playing like -- take. Your thoughts on last night's tough Red Sox lost Phil is in men who leads us off they felt. Yeah it was up little frustration with us on the annual number -- -- it's a federal law should look at the Yankees. Our situation the -- went into the span caught the ball he can't up for a suspect in. With the rookies coming out. You're on. The English and in net lastly. Second off. I would even be a conversation here in -- the fifteen minute rain delay but -- price. Came back. He in it is continuation -- gave it probably -- it -- up to one. What price and mark Olson he called. They just pick up the -- and check out the -- that he archer were right right shoulder problem. It -- soon -- within -- last week we need to look he's seen it yet and definitely going to be in the playoffs they brought to the second wild card. That we might -- tweaking get a debt such as. Michael Young at the base from Michael could. Colorado Rockies used when -- in the -- contract this year and next. Just a regional. That you think you -- -- got -- calling them up shortly the next couple weeks. You don't I think at this point it's more frustration than anything being a Boston Red Sox team because you're gonna have to do some. The relief pitchers but like your -- is that -- task because quoted young kids were mean and every they did a great. But I think too when it comes down the brass tax you when you give it to -- to details. I can we're gonna have to get a bad. You tweak it at least a little bit. Even with. You know some -- at a Japanese ships were not in the clutch hit we should. -- ought not so sure -- kriegel and -- -- bomb. One -- annual orders. As you gonna help that much against the price our game in Detroit Tigers have a great latitude do that the Detroit guys it's at a very high levels of some which you can do. You know is it's only so much you can do you know wondering about the approach command last night would it change how can change the pitchers dictate whether changed or not. Mail all over the place beat Red Sox and to be more aggressive brits ought to be less aggressive -- but it's not. Beat -- jump on that first -- is put in their Red -- and to take pitches because the biggest pitch count up. David Price is controlling that he is now you do either one. You wanna be aggressive find out -- in 95 and a black the guys locked in. And indicates to -- -- -- first -- now as one pitch one out now going to be screaming to be more patient well the next guy goes up there and takes the first -- it's OTO. When a guy's -- at that level as he can do not one that's gonna help you. You only chance is at last at some point I -- I wouldn't mind seeing it we -- I think last time to. No victory to try to push on against him -- on first base trying to create some things but against this guy try to change up stepped out try to get a -- them. We do get a guy on base you know try to take the back. You gotta try different things and the guys that locked in. And sometimes it just doesn't matter you tip your hat in you move on these we will see you later on September maybe we'll see you in October and hopefully on the same stuff. David Price is locked in right now. Kate absolutely. Locked in and who's controlling the game. If he is like this for the rest of the season move nobody will be just to circle back -- did you want Julio Iglesias or Jose Iglesias I want to oppose it. I haven't seen -- run. He might have good -- he could be quick and did he say Marty Cordoba order Michael could dire I don't know but it has got an inexorable. Still the Cordoba available we cut we go bust could bring Manny back for God's sakes if -- -- don't -- your -- -- not gonna touch him. Doesn't matter 61777979837. The phone number AT&T text line 37937. John can Jack -- all your phone calls and speaking to see in September about the Red Sox and race fired back and forth on all things Twitter last night in September we'll talk about that with your calls next.

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