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Ranking the top 25 Boston athletes in the last 25 years

Jul 29, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss Mut's ranking of the top 25 Boston athletes since 1988.

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UK -- congratulate you -- you -- her -- -- all you're an idiot you're. Right. Top 25. That they got -- made every big hit he had to make any creature you know I'm aware of what he did watch. Maybe -- you can give an opinion about that keep you made the noble for god sake you pick about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couple things number one terrible screening process cover screens the calls in the salt and -- -- night 37 WEEI cash on the lunatic. He's prepared Adam Vinatieri. Dave Roberts. -- -- compared to almost the Skype. Voice heard me wanna redheaded guy that redheaded guy yeah yeah. And he would have. When you have Adam Vinatieri I had him on number ten little guy -- top ten list. With that much usable mutter christened -- the finalist at in the Vinatieri. 00 wow all of them together when everybody at their own separate list not exactly. What that Victor -- top 25. You heard him say ice I asked him to -- one guy out there because I I have of an omission a guy that. Was very hard to keep out we did this top 25 last 251 thing Matt -- invokes the metro for including media had to go just 25 awful list and Q I admitted afterwards. Even before right talk to those guys on the air I put the end in my column Tedy Bruschi probably deserves to be in your somewhere. -- of the probably because he does he was an omission that have to go back I I might make an amendment to put a man. But that led to they yelled at me about Bruschi I -- take a guy out and salt said. I would first start protecting Adam Vinatieri out of the top 25 altogether. And I compared his moments to. Out of Bobby -- you wouldn't know there is that chance if often. Yeah one of the rare kickers in the game there's a chance go to the NFL whole thing. The Bobby Kielty -- Is -- -- red headed Alford Steve Roberts I don't know is there are ginger LL may be to try to minimize Adam Vinatieri is you heard salt guidance is that enough credit. Actually believe -- he deserves to be. The top 25 in the top 15 am and look at this list though as you have millions and in the final list. Actually at -- -- of the top five in there was no debate at the technical back at the top four. There's no -- Right in the human -- Brady my top five from one through five Brady -- Martinez Larry Bird ray Bork. Paul Pierce yes you know now we're getting into it again on new obit too because. Eight point five years or 88 bird from eighty on we do. What you I would look at it more guys that were part of this city's as far as athletes public burden to keep up -- because of Larry -- you still missed out. -- front bumper to you know breeding bird Martinez but ray -- the top four there announcing Paul -- five. But -- -- that these camps in the wasteland five that now you're looking at what -- has done. Recently with this organization yet make the target justify it says here metro rider Toni Lee gave nearly a boost for recent job with GM I. I mean I think of that I have I have nearly six. I put Paul Pierce ahead of candy you know came nearly help bring a championship here. Off the field. Paul Pierce helped bring the championship on the fields I -- comparable. With Paul Pierce have five delegate what Tony did he's giving a little bit of a ball open will be all that is different I gave Larry Bird did the not guy he can make the case if you if you just did it. The impact of these guys in many hands got bird one. I don't begrudge that. You know I knocked down a couple of days because it was post 88 and and tried to stay consistent throughout but it got top what -- -- a 25 guys but I understand. You know we're Tony's coming from he puts the Alina that top -- like -- six or double one. One slot difference between the two it's not like a left nearly populist altogether. We're out Eragon on Alice well where is -- raised an honest. That's what you get when you call yourself an -- Okay on -- Friday afternoon when I'm trying to relax after this program called about a hundred times on home to come -- and Pamela I get where the Olympics that's not a game what was your kids up the list for you when you came up with -- top 25. And again I don't see -- list anywhere and the first person I asked that I said -- bumpers ski and I get it we'll take out. Again -- the record show the first answering gave -- was Adam Vinatieri that's that's that's because you didn't people don't stand at the top 25 athletes the last. 25 years why is it okay Bobby you're on their immediate seventeen. Bobby or. Text that we're getting right now how is Bobby your 1988. Playing back. -- it's 25. The last point five. I think you look at the top four and then the next group of via candy alien -- years and Clemens in the in the KL it's now which is top in the preference right -- David Ortiz of surprise he would have -- as low below. Sixteen. I didn't as I say it looked. I am I act and the colts I don't I don't know like my school you -- you personally liked my personal bias obviously affected some honestly got I I think Ty Law. Is one of the most hundred athletes that ever seen in this town what he did against the best quarterback on the planet at that time Peyton Manning. Pick him off what three times AFC -- two games -- you go back and looked Ty Law has been most career receptions all time against Peyton Manning. Citi B seven I guess this'll be able to put Manny and Ortiz had a dialogue I think what -- does is so underrated so why obviously pumped them up a little bit because. I want title ought to get the respect that he's locked down that corner made -- -- turn the Super Bowl -- that is. There's a guy doesn't get enough attention. But he wants -- what he's done me any what he's done me. I think men hand and Mikhail Il a lot higher I gotta go back and double checked -- -- gonna -- outside the top ten. The guy was a huge impact in the -- expects idiotic like camp he had I'm just outside the top five for. It's it appeared to flip floppy appears he would Pearson. Blip up those guys you rout of top ten with the mayor mayor's statement Ortiz had a bit hairy so. Your top ten that was my top tent camp camp six style lost seven Ortiz the I mean Manny Ortiz nine Vinatieri tendency as a pretty similar. And hectic at a set after the first four. Now it's just preference act -- he can't get what he's done recently been five absolutely Paul Pierce okay. And then you are talking about you David Ortiz as you Clemens you wanna go to dialogue that's fine so it's it's our preference. Congratulations to all Cuban or -- -- all your idiot. What to think that you would take -- in -- area do you top 25. It was it was a really just one insult it was very episode YouTube I mean he wasn't happy that you're calling the -- -- this Super Bowls mean it'd be cute yes Tom Brady took the team down the field but it Vinatieri kick those field -- talking about any of this right now -- the unit area. Top 25. I can -- all of the hall of fame. -- are not sensitive fame. And it appeared that Dave Roberts and Bobby Kielty and money over the top Dave Roberts at least is in the same. You know. Owners same universe I did Bobby Kielty and Adam Vinatieri are different -- systems for God's sakes I mean this is. That's why is you think about what he meant to the patriots organization and look kickers -- kickers kickers. I hear NFL guys talk about a Matt Chatham jokes about other guys that I had a chance to work with melnick on the kickers. Vinatieri was not just a kicker his teammates talk about half he was a mentally tough he was look at the key in this noble coming at there'd be a top 25. That's I mean salt and holly wanna call me out on the home general accident Friday afternoon in the summertime -- back with a couple -- ones and the first thing he says -- at a military out. I'm not saying that that's salt saying that. So I admit before they use anything Tedy Bruschi probably -- to be here. And hindsight being 20/20 I hate to do with the -- Ben Ben Coates Ben Coates analog -- I grew up on Ben Coates and coach Rodney with not only some early. In my lifetime fantasy football weddings. Thought it was a guy I loved to watch -- Bledsoe. But about a -- over the first Monica's been coats out and Tedy Bruschi and so we're just -- -- one person. Well I know I happen to me that I wanted to get on that I thought should be included on that live to the soccer guys Taylor Twellman. Without him they have done -- I don't know that the yeah we're glad that I think they can do journalists admit play -- -- most prolific scorer at New England Revolution district. He wasn't going on with the he -- including. Perhaps it -- MLS athletes. So this for yourself in the water -- it's hard way Josh I -- this last call. Among that list but that list but Bergeron on your list -- running -- the the the final count. Of the top 25 -- admit per -- to be here and you're out of -- -- you -- them but you think I am in -- state troopers no question if you if you thought would have a tough time breaking them because I almost feel like I would have -- for guys. And then like you know five to fifty would be group and and a sixteen point five -- in the group put anywhere you want -- the net like you could be some PP almost have to put on you said birdie what do you think you're surprised Bergeron -- but I just. And I don't put on the spot but it DI take somebody out you want the Bergeron and you gotta take somebody out like tickled to off like Carrie took out coats for Bruschi. So I I understand -- what you can make a case for realistically. There that's a theory you wanna go Bergeron Martin -- -- Mark -- Teddy version was it Nomar and -- I fully McGuinness stop this listen you could argue Willie McGinest a sub Bertrand had him up on top his list there. So I mean I love the guy help the people on the top fifteen. So when you say something like can't we Bergeron then and there I got -- Bakken and be like what we do when a call once make a trade. Okay you want that player we've taken out 225 took the nine area from the top 1520 in of them would be out. You know I'd be tough -- the -- you know Welker -- the bottom five walker -- Troy Brown Randy Moss. It's though coats coaches met town and understand and in the point five. Somewhere but be tough about thirteen -- fourteen year old what had to put coats. -- you want to Bergeron Nomar. I understand all that -- in terms it was -- no Burkhardt. CNET Jeff Frye -- council. On the other an Olympic athletes on here well look back 25 years seasonal managers on -- -- at the 25 greatest player people that. But in Terry Francona I mean we didn't. Winning -- that route. But I thought it was a tough list I just weeded out linked get much WEEI they took our list that we did three or four Abbas and put together one. Big list and they're they're big list like you set when they took. The full top 25 was a little bit different. Than Larry Bird -- and move some guys around also have the -- the snobs. Guys most respond in the snubs area Nomar Garciaparra biggest snub. Robert Parish Ray Allen Rajon Rondo Patrice Bergeron undertook -- -- prediction on Troy Brown -- the generation. Right years after young. Fan in me just solely years in the -- if we get from 97 when he left. Game on batting titles -- human and agree our. Beat snow. We take out 61777979837. Not gonna put I'm not gonna make you choose not just so -- choice there. I Jason Springfield thought on this list they eject. NATO analysts we made my top fifteen ar fifteen for -- Checking your I was at all that on the signatures more than. I did. Although it would come at a ball. None of okay he is a kicker by definition you are correct but his teammates. In all the drills he would you just a different. He was built their -- his own teammates say that not not me personally I didn't meet the -- to play with them. But his former teammates talk about him being different definition we are regular kicker is a true picture of it that's his job. Do you not think that he you think he deserves to be off the top 25 list point five athletes in point five years that. I -- outside no no question but don't just I was nitpicking and he's got in at more than. -- -- -- It's peculiar to. It secret the sun come get non clarified it had been Terry was indeed a kicker in NFL it's put double it was a -- had a guy Bobby Kielty and there -- -- -- -- against Colorado. That's who we do good job from Dave on Twitter Bill Belichick is repeatedly said that Adam Vinatieri was the best player on the 2001 team. Watch America's game on NFL network he says it up that right there would taste more than just. A kicker that has positioned technically. But it's coach one out of the way. A couple of tweets on this real quick Jason Varitek. Should -- be somewhere and a top 25 could be. Managed he's talking about perspective on ten -- you'd open people he's not top fifteen. They'll great Papelbon -- one getting wise Papelbon -- -- -- top 25 I just. That's cool history he went on -- the post season known to league -- in 2009 against the angels remember him being that like numbers compare herbal Rivera. In terms of closing out games and that's a -- have to bounce. I've I felt confident with a special in the first guy asked salt and Hollywood they take opera Bruschi the answer then Terry. I should -- -- what did an OK job I'm not perfect there are some things I would change. But I'll take my list against -- where's Nancy Kerrigan on well as saying well where is Alley raised an Idaho Oregon. Lots of illnesses. This is soon the comedian so he just he just we are gonna mention -- present -- you wanna go to right now I feel like it's -- I get a best news. Is -- all at Mike's our best news Brady back in offseason work up parking space lest. Nice team getting back to basics -- galloping -- around Europe is -- really. Critics and committed across he really one of those guys. Parent that says you know all -- in Europe with his wife -- note wherever it might be a look at his hair and it would do -- -- she's not committed to football. He lost this parking space is his career just gone down the tube since he's lost the parking space what you know it's nice to see him work hard and lead. Is that what he wants to do it does not work hard does not lead uses. What is this parking space await us in the offseason doing anything that comes in prepared to play football so please have very high level. Q why people care about the parking space. Like he's turned into just mud and an awful in this league since he's lost his spot Lou he only -- 139. Touchdown passes two years ago. He was only 3048. When those with the lowest interception percentage of football last year. If you practiced -- at a better at the touchdown passes if he had won -- parking spot. -- that we get calls like that and they drive me crazy -- -- couple media people in town who keeps and it's been like Brady doesn't work as hard as he used. Well he has a family thing's going to be different but the results in the field. There has been a slight and we elegant and gamble has been a slight drop often -- play. I eggs because of age. Last three years 36 touchdowns to four picks 39 -- to twelve X 34 touchdowns to apex. Point eight interception percentage couple years ago. This is a guy at the top his game. Because -- -- parking spot he's gonna all the sun while they're in for for forty this year. And change around the cute don't use one of them I think -- account got hacked Joseph -- firm now the Keating tweet that out there's no that's a fan. Udoka and as the current active -- by yeah I'm concerned with the entire defense in parts that's animal answer. Every single member of the Taylor yelled yeah I want them ought to have good spot because I want them in the work in the office were remote. Will we should really worry about the separated between the patriots -- suitable than not. Is -- Tom Brady still playing a high level or is that defense taken huge step back. The entire defense hopefully this -- boy here come the techsters parking spaces about leadership. And not performing it's not a leader. While parking spot it's huge you guys were stupid it's not a leader on a few Tom Brady has not been a leader on this team -- and the reason why -- won. Because he hasn't got a parking spot. Because he's grown here route now that he's cut his hair short he's gonna have another big year ABC get back together with terror read. Public just wants to -- place. Okay and disclosed earlier years yet the glory years retirees may be if you have the offseason -- be on the same page of the young wide receivers is texture. Boy that's a good question that's true Taylor Price -- to me it's a big impact would have been an impact player that stupid Brady didn't. -- all over Europe. Troy brown -- list yes years icing calls in the list as he called the middle -- her -- Brady. 6177797937. AT&T text line 379. UT. WE BI your phone call a full week a division play ends tonight. With a big make up game against Tampa Bay at Fenway then the Red Sox have thirteen games in thirteen days including. A six game home stand that features West Coast visits from Seattle and Arizona. That's a look down the pipe proxy by FW web selections expertise solutions. They've got it I suspect can be a lot more on Bob Genesis tomorrow you missed it over the weekend looks like the A-Rod suspension I'll come down this week and all the Biogen a suspension to come down this -- Will say that for tomorrow rivers Nancy Kerrigan on the island. Where is the only reason honest. I don't know I don't know wearing those were on this list I know we're -- -- holing on airline down towards Gillette Stadium mikes all calorie you boys stereo in my. There were put but to kill him and there anything. Yeah that's that's that for instance a -- wasn't making its -- appreciated. Thanks for. Thanks for spending those words over the last few hours to play also really -- surrogate mom put that you want but it's there it's up point five you may be in the top 25 certainly not in the top ten. Maybe it's up to a minute. Look -- top 25 of the last 25 years it was not it's a pretty it's a pretty prestigious list -- -- looking through it and I did sympathize with -- For the difficulty of trying to narrow it down just 25. And Vinatieri is a great player in his own right but he is still kicker. OK I understand that but we got on me for not -- Bruschi and there were to completely recover any codes -- be on our show by the way today at 245 fear for his all fame induction page itself and we'll ask him why he's not. Loaded the -- list. Of the top 25 applicable what 25 years -- thing about I I would that we're gonna give -- your home address in New Hampshire and see what he does love to talk with ten but a case of Teddy in Ben -- out and I ask you though. Before bank -- came up I said who would you take out. To put him Bruschi and Mike your first dance who has been a Kerry tonight saying he belongs in the top three spots in the media to call me when I definitely not the top ten told me Friday he'd be the first guy you take off the list to put in Tedy Bruschi I you have completely. Flip flopping them on what you said 96 hours ago yes. All I guess I would say that -- in the -- thinking of I would agree would view that I have a child like -- -- for I think the same reason you did as well or I just would love to include them on the list even if I'm not sure he truly belongs. But you agree Vinatieri is top 25. I think he's except I also wanna adding Bergeron I also wanna add in Nomar and I think I would -- both of those guys ahead of him to. -- that's the first issue we get per second -- today we can't look at sarcasm. That the best news you've heard -- that a sarcastic tweet that number it -- part spot back now arming the host of sarcastic manner. And I didn't say everything's fine I just said that it's it's absolutely you don't think that's good news on the matter you don't think it matters that number not that he got the -- and zero but that earned it. I don't care where -- -- it's not like -- where he's gonna get tires that's gonna start dragon on the way from the last spot in the parking lot of I think the fact that he was. Working hard enough here at at Gillette the other guys. Is a big deal that -- that's when I think of the Tom Brady narrative from early in his career. The Tom Brady story is the key to out work everybody even when he won a championship. His goal was to win the next championship like -- wanna want to get 213. I got three I want for an on the guy's gonna work the hardest in order to get it because -- sixth round pick with a chip on my shoulder and an attitude. And I've been passed over and now on the guy who who is gonna out work everyone in order to get to the top. And I like that image of Tom Brady and Mac guy who's gonna inspires teammates to work hard more than I like the guy going to Europe for -- -- a month with -- He's -- he's lost that desire to win you get to spot. I don't think you lost that desire to win a fact that I just that he got the spot back but I think it and since -- much better message to everybody else on the team. When the best player you've played on tons of teams in the best players -- the hardest -- is not a good thing for your team yes it is and I still think he does I don't think he's lost respect from his players whose team has lost market -- respect or not I'm sure they didn't stop respecting them but public encouraging them how about. -- be that guy for them to look up to and and and try to emulate. And if he's not here luck maybe he's working hard in Europe I know when I went to Europe for a week I really worked hard every -- nature to go for a run in the morning nature to go find a hotel the lifting in the afternoon I mean. I certainly didn't just eat all the pots that I could in Rome I didn't need all the drink all the Joaquin valley -- sarcasm denies it's up. But I'm ready for pro football talk Mike pro football talk dot com Mike Florio you guys have I've talked when he shortly -- floor on August 3 2010. Tom Brady loses his reserved parking spot of Foxborough what do you in 2010. All of 36 touchdowns four picks a career as second best career quarterback rating of a 111 an eight point eight interception percentage that was -- like to -- Radius you know outside of his MVP year I don't think Tom Brady's gonna be a bad quarterback whether you're in the parking space or not. Guys a great quarterback and he's always going to be one especially on the field of what he does throw on the ball but there's more within that especially when you're the leader of the team and especially. When that team has turned over as much as this one pass and all the conversations. We've had on our show and I think you've had on your show as well about the patriot way and what has changed in the turnover with Bruschi and Troy brown and all of that core group of leaders that's been replaced by new group but guys. The one big columns than other than Belichick and Kraft. Is Tom Brady. Ya I wanna see the vintage Tom Brady. Who's working harder earning his parking space being there for every offseason workout and leading the way would buy an example like that. Good hike a except the result today live from -- guys a -- you all when all else session. -- a mostly Bruschi arrogant governor and we do have had. Bobby Kielty is he available and got a -- -- the Alley raise men and many other Massachusetts olympians are there are there many more Bode Miller. I -- you must get a mud these days from now on Rollins welcome -- Sally reasoning on this list. -- -- read it expects some of -- stunts its -- you know the we've said it now listen at 2 o'clock thank Mike --

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