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Dale and Rob have major concerns about the Patriots 2013 campaign

Jul 28, 2013|

Dale is concerned that the Patriots offense may be facing a shortage of weapons after the departure of Wes Welker and Danny Woodhead. Rob’s concerns lie on the other side of the ball with the previously porous passing defense.

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Our -- to the sport Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. My name's Dale Arnold rob Bradford from WEEI dot com is seated alongside and we are running through our normal sports Sunday H smorgasbord of stuff I -- escape a reporter type question sure before we get to -- others up here. I was driving in this morning listening to ESPN radio because Alex wasn't on. You were learning everything unit have to know about New York sports scene I -- pretty much and and rich so -- was on talking about the New York Jets. And he was talking you know Connor about how different it is covering the jets this year he said last year. The jets were practically begging ESPN to show Tim Tebow at the Helm of the wildcat. And you know how different it is this year as opposed to last year. Any sudden now we as reporters aren't allowed to report -- tweak on when the jets are running in the wildcat in practice. Remote antenna went up by some -- hit that. They don't get to tell -- that they they can choose to run it where you can't see it yeah. You're sitting there -- training camp covering the New York Jets watching the jets practice. And the jets get to tell you was a reporter. But when we're running the wildcat you can't tell anybody OK and you're gonna go along with that seems awful specific. I think and if somebody a football writer can text me whatever. I think that there's restrictions and maybe you can tweet during a patriots practice not. But when they're running certain place I mean -- and and I'm just using this is an example you're sitting there watching the patriots training -- Yes and and you -- player -- ever since you're during the tweeting time on the you're allowed to tweet. And and you -- player acts yeah. You know. Tended to by the trainers in the golf cart comes out takes him off the field. And and you're not allowed to say -- player -- just headed out looks like he got hurt. And because we have a lot of those happening in the last few days and in the NFL I mean you know big time season ending type injuries. That point does the NFL get to tell you what you can and can't for content. Report on in tweet I I don't. I don't have an answer that I I can only relate to baseball. During Jon Farrell's. There's restrictions and tweeting with the Red Sox. During John -- press conferences in the interview room or actually -- -- -- his pregame. Press conference post game press conference you are allowed to tweet us. -- why they're going on. You also aren't allowed to tweet in the club house. You actually have to it's got a comical actually something happens and then you have to step out in the hallway. Greeted in and stepped back and so those are the kind of restrictions that we have is baseball writers. I think there -- certain times three can't -- during pages practice but I'm not positive but to be so specific as saying they don't tweet when we're on the. While we're running the wild cat like like first of all like everybody else around the NFL a sitting following the rich some meanings Twitter feed my god the jets running the wildcat now. Shock I mean c'mon -- you know -- you have to do in that case you have to make little subtle. So tweets about oh there's an angry feline on the field exactly or something like that it says that if it. Or there's an -- to not let that either when I heard him say that this morning I thought. I understand there are certain things you can and can't do. But I've never heard were an NFL team can -- reporter. And his words were report or tweaked. That we can't we're not allowed to report or -- when their running the wildcat on the field if they have access to that if I don't watch yet it like you said if we know with the patriots practice what they what you win for a first fifteen minutes and you're allowed to report on what you say he had this stretching out it's very light and yet there's nothing to report there's nothing worth reporting on but I've never heard of anybody any teams say. Where -- you win but you can't report on what's going on. You can't report on what we're doing I was shocked when I heard him say at this -- Because it just did it seem so evident to me that if they elect you win. You get to report on what you see I've I've never heard a situation where you command. But don't tell anybody via. It's between Hamas and it's a secret that seems bizarre. That's seems bizarre but you know what the jets are bizarre -- I thought the road you're gonna go Dow this is Tim Tebow. As to -- accident that is where it was headed ultimately. It is up it is amazing -- Stephen on this team. Other than seeing the jerseys why don't know why why why exactly if you average shares the approach up. Don't think PM children several editors in the pro shop that he and shouldn't have well but that's the point and and and I guess the point is here you would need to know he's on the team. And -- -- we talked about a there was a team in the NFL. Built -- to withstand that Tim Tebow mania it's this team. You -- even think you would even know he's here here's here's the -- staff except Ron Borges putting him on the back page of The Herald I don't say actually -- on the back nine. The by here's. Along those lines amazing that we are talking about Tim Tebow the merits of a football player instead of Tim Tebow what -- Tim Tebow stated that and that's how it's gonna continue to be. Tim Tebow as much as possibly like our third. Quarterback candidate. Which is absolutely amazing. It's amazing. If you juxtaposed against what went on with the jets last year. Well here and this is the point where I become the harbinger of -- old nice. A waitress and and I've as I've been watching as everybody is -- thank god football real football not the stuff off the field that has just horrified all of us. In -- on the field today's the first day in pads actually but you know on the field and all that stuff. And I I -- all the the fine football analysts out their talking about the patriots they'll win eleven games to win twelve games and with what. I mean I think Tom Brady is other were don't think there will ever twelve games. I'm just wondering who's who's gonna throw the ball not -- They may -- AFC championship game -- Jabar Gaffney. Jabar Gaffney would be one of the leading receiver charged -- in right. Doug Gabriel NN -- I I I hope -- delay is a great receiver for this team I'm very excited but you just look at the guys available right now. I don't know what the long term ramifications of Rob Gronkowski back surgery will be we all think he's going to be able to play at some point but we don't know when. -- of its three games in or six games and it's not going to be to start the season apparently. -- Chilean government starts the year on available. When right now. Shane Vereen is the leading receiver left the Tom Brady had on the roster last. You have to look at eight catches that doesn't that doesn't. That's not a good example. It's not a good example I I I see a lot like that they have an offense right now that he's got it let me ask you this. Do you think we we reference that whether the 2016. The Doug Gabriel team. Chad Jackson Doug Gabriel. Mean what do you think do you think they have more weapons and that team I think they do. Potentially you know we don't know what it dictates that they are right now Danny Amendola you know we think it's a fine NFL receiver and had some issues staying on the field but you know I like him but I've never seen in the patriots uniform at least not in anger. I mean tell me what -- what's the offensive game plan right now. All the offensive game plan is exactly what they've always done and it it's the exact reason why they were able win games that year. If you have Tom Brady. And this system and representative. Amount of talent. The you're gonna win GameStop. To they have represented -- -- real I think so. All I I have questions about it whenever we have we haven't even got -- all excited about the free agent wide receivers are targeted catch touchdowns in the first exhibition game. Every gotten there. I think that they haven't -- now it's. Way too premature for me to say absolutely they have -- up talent because it's ridiculous to get to know what these rookie wide receivers are gonna -- I understand that. But they'll have going for them is they played a division with the jets in the bills dale I think the dolphins are improved but maybe not enough and that's what the patriots have going for them. More than anything else as they get to play in that division. There. And all the entire time this during this run. Tom Brady you have Tom Brady even when you have Tom Brady 1112 games eleven I think -- and Tom Brady. The system. Nobel checked. You win games. The bigger concern this team isn't above the offer it I guarantee you it will be about the offense I think will be it will be about who is going to stop good quarterbacks. I. I think that that it is going to be -- a problem I think that the patriots. Points per game average is gonna drop some I don't know how much yet it is as I said I don't even know always going to be throwing two were. I think that there are enough question marks on this team I think that they this question might have lost a lot of guys who were you know very good performers ought to be an example of a guy. Under the radar but who I thought was eight a key offensive dole contributor. Rule -- yes I agree. I agree. I mean I thought he was a key especially third down kind of guy. Caught the ball out of the backfield. Wonderfully I mean -- I thought he was a key offensive guy for this team -- and he he's gonna -- how well they'll they'll. A play out -- not say that he -- we shouldn't seldane he would make sure I thought that he was absolutely key part of -- team. Absolutely underrated just like I thought it was as long as he can get healthy. Keeping Julian Edelman was important. I think that's that's a subtle thing I think Julio -- gets gets a raw deal sometimes. Of very good player. A very important part of this team by he has to stay on the field there are is no doubt there are questions on this team -- there's no -- I'm I'm I'm concerned about this team offensive I'm going into the pre season we haven't played a pre season game yet today's the first day in pads all of that stuff. I'm worried about how this team's going to be able to perform offensively in the NFL. And that's fair but I am telling you I have more concerns over how the -- stop a good passing game. Especially if Denard looks ends up somewhere you that's this week right top right they push it back all they pushed back until later on August. So -- write him and he got a couple of extra children playing -- so it will be playing up until that point at least. -- -- this is to me this is what was their downfall. When -- got hurt last year in that game. That's where it that's where it went -- That was their biggest problem and I understand it better offense. They hit that they do now then this just see how it plays out over the pre season let's see what we have. In those wide receivers those -- rookie receiver we. A tendency me included throughout the course of the Belichick Brady era. To just automatically assume that Belichick and Brady well it's about an automatic yes 101112 wins. Because it has been an automatic 101112 points. But I'm just trying to look realistically at the offensive weapons -- round Brady can't do it alone but -- we don't know what those offensive weapons are you I -- know was not here yes OK I know who is not available yes and -- -- -- -- -- don't -- out because in in some cases you know they -- they are your own decisions. In other cases they're not your decisions you're too tight ends are not available one is never going to be available. One is gonna be available at some point but we don't know went. You're leading receiver who caught a 116. Balls last year is gonna catch a 116 ball. Peyton Manning taken lightly I understand. All of saying dale. This see what they had -- you what they have. If you we sit here right now. Yes questions. Up the was do I understand that that's all I'm saying is based on what -- seen. Based on. Looking at the roster and try to figure out our who is he can throw the ball to veto this benefit of the doubt comes up a lot when Belichick and Brady deservedly -- right. I learned it right absolutely you know so so they've earned the benefited Dow up offensively in my mind. They have yet -- earned the benefit of the doubt defense. It happened to let's see what they have this Steve Jim Jones can take it to the next level. See what these guys who -- That's where they haven't -- benefit of the doubt so until I see otherwise they have a good conference they still have to prove to be to have a good defense or -- I actually feel better about the defense that into the offense right now it would knew that's what makes -- a great show dale I am I actually feel a little more. At least I know what I'm dealing with via defense of offensively I don't have a clue I mean you know with the offensive line is thank goodness. You know Tom Brady is thank goodness and outside of and I don't have a clue but that's what makes Steve fascinating. Out because there is skewing bit dale that there at least its potential. There's potential for what we hear now I know you can break outfielder Josh Boyce. He admitted that no but while we hear this potential for some of these guys to be yet. Now we go through the present I think this can be won the most fascinating pre season's. In recent memory audio ballot -- has his head in when asked about the what the tight end situation was bringing up Lou Gehrig and Wally -- But even ballot check is saying you know there's an opportunity here there's somebody at a check he's saying that this week Jake Ballard URR Wally -- -- hasn't played in a year and a half well knows it I should say. It goes without saying this is going to be most fascinating pre season -- -- just because of one -- Because Tim Tebow. It is really not sitting down. Miss. And the ambulance here. Lot of -- Sunday morning we fancy tie it and I hear people say that you know while. I I think Greg Hawthorne and I think. Tim Tebow now playing quarterback but that is no. That's every time I think each bracket -- -- As -- -- Barry arrested 6177797937. -- the telephone number the AT&T text line which were having issues with at the moment we'll get them straightened out. It's available to be -- 37937. We talk Red Sox we've talked patriots will talk about whatever you'd like as well as we get right back to the calls we knew coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.

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