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Minor Details Ep. 61: Key Sox prospects at deadline; Lars Anderson on a one-year odyssey

Jul 28, 2013|

With the July 31 deadline for non-waiver trades approaching, this week's episode looks at the Red Sox prospects who could have the greatest impact on what the team seeks in the trade market. Also, Lars Anderson -- traded by the Red Sox last July 31 -- discusses his year-long odyssey that has taken him to five organizations and now has him in a state of limbo following his release by the White Sox.

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Welcome back to another edition of doubt on the farm the trade deadline is now just three days away in the Red Sox -- in stark choices. As they try to decide whether to part with potentially important pieces of their future. In order to give themselves a better shot -- this year but that scenario doesn't necessarily have to be an either or. The choice doesn't have to be between present and future. If the team can get some of its homegrown players with little to no big league experience to contribute meaningful ways. And it's needs in the trade market can be diminished to a point where the team may not have to compromise its future for the present. So let's look at a few players whose performances can change how the Sox look at this year's trade deadline for the next few days. First it's worth discussing to Great Britain. Thought -- is making eye popping big league debut he would never pitched in relief in his life so it was entirely guesswork when the Red Sox called an operable -- rule but now. Suddenly thrust into Opel general in the big leagues he's driving a way that could affect what the Sox do in the trade market. On Friday eight Britain blitz through the heart of the orioles' lineup getting in Nick Markakis groundout and then punching up both Adam Jones and Chris Davis. That continue to longer pattern in which is also stared down and retired. Players like Robinson canal and Evan Longoria and Brett Gardner so as Britton runs through these guys through these kind of established big league stars. Where is his comfort level and confidence in the bullpen. -- Next up is Britain's longtime teammate Brandon Workman. The stocks initially called up workmen to help in the bullpen but he's instead moved into rotation with Alan Webster getting sent down -- to his struggles. In Clay Buchholz sidelined at least and to mr. or late August. -- first two big league starts have been tremendous she's given the Sox six plus innings in both of them against a pair playoff caliber teams in Oakland and Tampa Bay. Sure an uncommon willingness for a pitcher at the start of his big league career to attack the strike zone. He could help the Red Sox as a starter or when and if Clay Buchholz -- -- as a reliever. But what he's shown offers the Sox some sense -- they have a fairly compelling fallback option for the rotation or potential make your bullpen contributor. If -- in the tradition of guys like Jonathan Papelbon and Justin Masterson depending on what happens in the trade market. Red Sox manager John Farrell discussed what is stood out about -- and why despite some past questions about whether he can start or relieve. He looks like someone who can help the Red Sox right now as a starter. Of course. They're obviously profiles that you categorized guys put. We all want no exceptions to roll down and I'm watching -- wouldn't say. No this is stronger. Throughout this they have experts were Papelbon -- take place that's so differently you know seven. What's different about Brandon probably -- boxer. The reality especially here. Guess there's a little blue -- right. -- -- He. Was more. This -- big -- help Obama and rotation right. Coming up so what -- all right. Follow us slowing us down this sounds relatively close. They're out there because you've come off your -- your. Showed promise you don't pull it right. In addition to those difference making arms for talks also have players who potentially could offer jolts to the lineup specifically on the left side of the infield. Gone but not forgotten his will middle Brooks the 24 year old third baseman represents -- most interesting Red Sox prospects since his name is getting into the rumor mill while he's and talked it. He doesn't want his name to be in in the rumor mill he wants to help the Red Sox. In the big leagues and he feels like he's making progress in order to do so as he explains -- rob Bradford. In -- Different achievements get everything back on its trajectory it's ones. You can't do that pitchers know visitors things. That advantage of your business. So. You know I really important because one. It's just that we face. Let's standards groups and public. One of them yeah why. Us. Look at them the whole lot of strikes has got itself -- -- good action. From tennis strike -- of the play rises. That is now so I'll just gonna go through the rookie vote to strike and make them strikes. First. 202131. In a full count enough planets that are filled book and in my mind it was it was it effects are laid off. Those pitches he wanted to bring Brian Saint Joseph -- runs on the -- away. -- sets off to just. Is that just go out there expecting something in you know what I think is going to be a match. Thing about the situation there. And it's. MS I think you're obviously it's your chance Sears your name and Neville -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know about you it's something did happen. Apparently you have heard club. I will be here very professional -- mostly I don't know we're concentrating our -- -- right have you ever had to deal with that -- Remember that we trade -- All in all these guys here but it gives me -- -- very blunt talk about the government. Had a good opportunity here its. Traded -- it is. But only very Zander -- he is when he and he is so so so good. Bogart's entered yesterday's game with a streak of 23 straight games reaching base for protected. A span in which she's been one of the best players in the internationally even though he's seven years younger than the average position player. He's been he's shown startling plate discipline for players so yeah I'm walking almost as much as he struck out in team officials as a result of that. Increasingly seemed to feel that he has the chance to help in the big leagues soon. Maybe as soon as next month if he continues to sustain his tremendous plate discipline and keep showing the ability to make adjustments from at bat to at bat. In pitch to pitch. Here's what -- had to say recently about his ability to make adjustments in AAA. It on the -- models like conceivable angle you yeah quietly get along you know. About the fact that you yeah. You take -- walks through the target of about that statement I don't want to -- that -- you can do that. I don't think OK okay. To get -- vehicles. I thought it was a war he's. Grateful -- -- here tonight. I don't -- -- along you know so it's. At this point you know it's it's all hands on deck when you're in Tripoli right like. You're always you know you're -- legitimate step option in their followed you in the big leagues in terms of what you're doing on -- day to day basis. Do you feel if if they were to collier and -- standards like you know it's not that big leagues if you would you be that surprised it would be ready for the -- And I'll I'll I'll I'll be right back. Coming at a time into the top bit you know leaderboard but don't -- him. I didn't want to update you get we'll. After the break we'll be joined by former Red Sox prospect Lars Anderson. To describe what it's like to be treated at the deadline and a strange strange -- that followed. The trade deadline is now less than eighty hours away in there are a lot of lives that are going to change pretty considerably as a result what happens between now and then. In order to explain that point we're going to be joined by -- -- and who until last July 31 had spent his entire professional career starting with being drafted in 2006. In the Red Sox farm system at times -- been viewed as the top prospect in the system. Indeed at many times who's viewed as one of the top prospects in all of Minor League Baseball. Last year on July 31 it appeared that he had no place in the Red Sox organization because Adrian Gonzales was locked up is the first baseman for the long term. So the Red Sox traded him to the Indians. In exchange for knuckleballer Steven -- That organizational change was only the start of the transition -- Anderson. Since then he has been treated by the Indians to the Diamondbacks last December subsequent to that he ended up being claimed off of waivers. From the Diamondbacks by the White Sox after that he was claimed off waivers. By the blue jays from the White Sox after that he was he was -- acquired by the white -- for brief period of time before being released earlier this month. It's been a very strange Odyssey. To explain it. Here's Lars Anderson talking about what the last year has been like. Underground facilities you know -- Some part Kurdish earners isn't the negative experiences. I think a lot of that as early -- media you know appreciate the labor talks where. You know I know. I know you know what well like complain -- all along. -- you get around a little bit here. Your might then or get paid to be complain -- -- And I think there are -- planned for that can atrocities. As Marshall were rescued and the can be added you know professional it always has very little. I think that is where you find the most certain. I think you know part of -- guys and comfortable that I saw the -- you -- remark portion of your original scene you know the relationships. The the object than you know kind of -- People want to be telling our relationship with someone who. That's a good relationship with his views you're gonna treat people they're calling so. Yeah I think. I think it -- outside. And on -- -- A lot of a lot of minor league players now. Going through wait a little weir process in the trade process now in addition. It is sort. It's not but it still it wouldn't happen in win -- transactions happen in short order it is so strange like you know because. I mean use your name becomes like this constant you know this constant presence and in just -- transaction strike is cycle right trade. Trade waiver -- fever you know release like -- say. It -- know it does does that Harden you about what baseball is. I am yeah I think so. You know you get -- and looking at this. Robotic child like wonders now. And you know -- one nation and as well is certainly what reality is now launch which you. Become a piece of property and get the boot her out the -- of you know and general manager you know. Isn't that. You know that. -- forward that it all you out here and now that much different. Well so. It was kind of taking a look back one year ago you know we talk to right before the trade deadline last year and be based on your experience of two years ago with the trade deadline. When you had been merely tell by the Red Sox one year ago it looked like. You know it looks like you were you know very candidly blocked in the Red Sox organization because Adrian Gonzales with signs like a billion years and so. And at -- that first trade that happened was at the deadline. You moved to Cleveland and exchange -- in exchange for Steven Wright. What was was that transaction one that was it was a jarring was it. Was it filled with possibility and -- hope because you know because there was no. First baseman signed or a billion years who has been -- -- -- in Cleveland. Yeah -- look pretty exciting. You know -- an adult life you can. Ten minutes before the trade bill that I was told after the trade deadline expired you know so. -- back on the occasion Rochester and they told him. So I was surprised I thought that it was -- -- the truth is that. -- -- -- -- -- hear -- -- -- -- And did -- -- saying you know. Is it like I think you know it him in the light visceral way like is it like an adrenaline spikes that occurs when you're told -- you know is her head spinning -- -- -- digesting this news how do you process. That kind of the same excitement. You know they're getting carbon into the principal Robert you know my European travelers. The oil. And I although I -- -- like that rare genetic. Anxious energy. While. You know you are so many question the answer. In the light with just six -- I'll might get out there little by little stuff like that they'll go through your mind that. At excited about I'd like Oregon is change and on the other -- it was situation was. All -- from the -- -- well I mean plan called boot up litre in well. I was I was excited about I'll -- And then as you know and then. Whether it was there are still similar excitement like you know how did the used to treat the subsequent transactions it was there a point where it was like. Well this is just taking on a different life -- You know where it where you become less focused on on possibility. And opportunity you know as you move. Between organizations like with the Cleveland -- -- say they wanted me they have an opportunity this is a good match. We're -- in those subsequent moves how how did you process -- Well but I got out of all the I don't know all the trade. And move. What is the move. Right. You know that street Shane Horton Erin island California. And you know -- -- and there's. And Triplett in Reno. Which is you know we are terms that -- -- or -- red -- -- three Stanley. So it's totally I mean that would have been without and -- -- -- I was. Also Sunday column Michael -- -- that violate security one I heard about it. I think everybody everybody's. You know news of the complex about it so Welker so all of the exciting. But it's part. That detonated outside -- -- and claim otherwise thought that doesn't did have been that was the first album. Really hard there -- -- that is why you know. Pertinent review I've been. You know getting getting into the lower I have gotten the year -- although is about -- often you know I mean sure. -- The first however was demoted look like -- big league camp in my entire life you know. Well baseball -- so you're you're just been mostly Irish polish air that has been there and all that being an exception the -- story like that most guys. You know and so they truly reached their thoughtful you know rate and so oh vote hard. Game in my -- talks. Was -- host for violent street train with -- and -- name Alli she's you know yeah. That was I mean we're talking about a pretty compressed timetable right that's like to note to within what like six -- and a couple weeks ago I -- Alone in that pack your bags and go across the country like two after the excitement of going to Arizona give back to Florida. -- -- -- Usually get are excited about. I don't wanna say like I did usual period in Chicago. On the campus but it just happened and what. You all right but the blue -- liability you know into the into the lead so right. Com. I got that right -- -- Rudy while my actual net home. Alone in the microwave their uniforms -- -- -- four -- so. Just separate that out and even -- scout trying -- Complaint a lot of ball. The gulf port because affordable -- -- alcohol -- -- -- All the support it until. Well and you know one thing that one thing that that it occurred to me I mean I did I know that you came down and for at least one game to to Fort Myers. But the opportunity for you to be around you know around like a Ryan K -- or some of the people you know to say hello. Like one of the things it's striking to me about the fact that you had this. Rapids here rapid number of of organizational changes in such a compressed period. You're a guy who for those first six years of your professional career as you pointed out like. These are people who know you. You know they know you by first name they know you they know who they -- know your personality they know. They know you're quirks they know your interest that's sort of thing right in so. You know there's just like a baseline for connection. Whereas like you know that that's the thing that I that I kind of struggle to from a far wrap my head around what must have been experiencing because. You're the new kid in class four times basically in the span of you know in the span of four months. Well. Jerry yeah I mean that -- then went -- -- -- the that's all sorts. World about it in my life balance. You know let down -- -- start everybody -- about big pension everybody. He that I played less than it was a great idea boy. You -- she's in all the training room gave you big. In the cage a couple you know play. -- remember I'm sure the rest. -- doctors in everybody in the trojans should in the players. I gone out in a couple of blocks you know gone and out of sushi afterwards. Brian. An hour -- and Michael. It was just I mean that also -- -- You know it will cool and yes so the capital Walsh. We're seeing the idea that it happens frequently. And it felt like I had. I played well you know I've read something completely out. A -- at the united I continued. Minor league camp -- -- oh like. You know certainly. Certainly. Made a case to be an option now they're on a daily but it. Native -- have been there that would triple day you know there was there aren't on the -- all the news -- hurt. And ball. You know I got to buffalo got traded you know -- for an apartment on. Their. Own. They made -- clear waivers. And then and then -- -- frustrated additional option for. Awhile now. Tell me that you hadn't put down a deposit it on the -- on the apartment. Normal. Ten. Well I mean. I mean that's one of the things that you know Brit between the fact that you're doing with organizations where you don't have fruit and the fact that you are. You know that you're given I mean essentially like at moments when -- doesn't mean there's something you're giving him you know. Even when you're getting signed by another team getting mixed messages from the baseball industry as a whole right like. I I find that you know I I would think that that is like off the field kind of adversity and changed through which it becomes difficult to have to just perform you know. I'm not I'm without your experience of it. I. There and ultimately you know. Whether you like -- sure undergo more now. And so what are you can be get on. I. I don't excellent just slightly. You know am I going to be here tomorrow. Bad -- you know my opinion I am indeed trade away. -- -- going to be him. Certainly it awkwardly. What. Here and now. -- -- it is beaten we would be in the world. Yeah well it's it's interesting because even you mentioned dinner and -- earlier but someone like him who. You know who's now you know and I'm sure that's your interest when it's it's great to see you know to see the way in which he's been thriving but. You know even this spring and even the season he's talked about how. He'd never takes a single to take for granted that he's in the major leagues. He never takes a single David -- in professional ball from for granted and you know now given the experiences that he's had and I'm sure that it. It totally transforms your outlook on. You know on what it means to be successful and you know what it means to be a baseball player and you know that that kind of uncertainty in the back of your mind as a that's strange thing. Yeah go on and -- it all the B. Cheaper in our own fault. Well -- super human players cheaper that they can get beyond. Stuff like. And -- -- -- You you have -- you were just recently released by the by the White Sox which is you know which is a you know. A different thing rightly -- that there was released without being claimed elsewhere. What this is how you know how long have you been -- he as in your back home in California now correct. -- -- -- Richmond Virginia there. So what is the what is this time didn't like you know are you is there is there are you allowing yourself like I assume that you have no choice but to kind of have time for detachment into a reflection. How has this been as. Just a a time too late for the first for the first time. I imagine in your. In your life may be your license you were pro like six years older -- thing. You are at a point where you're not playing baseball virtually every day but like. -- And and -- to blow up you know as far as its augur well. Culturally it's -- -- not gotten any calls and on our job. I don't know. You know par for the course. -- good. You know it's optional exit you know might never again -- don't -- about -- -- -- I mean. But without benefit from playing this fall every day in. Law. Now. And that. Effort I wouldn't you know. What can hit it there then I'll I'll I'll won't look back in my career which would award orders. Virtually is something that I. Whatever that did all what. Will be I mean. I'm good at that. Yeah artists I surely guys so much potential. And that -- a lot of guys in your way and central show you know little. But starlight and when you save getting out of your own way and letting them potential show. -- You know for sure. The letter saying how much saying and what I think. Oh and analyze it. For me. He forces trees and now. Other all the social. One year old. And the outlawed. If you being in the moment. You know higher -- -- -- My. Third you know what I heard. The intrepid true. Well back and it well I think. I doubt about it you. Or out. Yet it is a remarkable thing because like the relationship between you know between confidence and natural abilities. You know like it is not necessary Linear relationship like Dustin Pedroia just signed his his extension yesterday. And I think that there may be no greater example of you know of the fact that you know what you can have when can have confidence I mean he does it not to disparage his physical tools right because he has. Probably the greatest hand eye coordination of anyone I've ever seen. I'm among other things but you know that's a that's a guy who flight is. You know is the most ridiculously -- confident person in the world. Despite the fact that he looks nothing like you were prototype. Actually you know. People who went up. Yeah I mean that's a perfect example don't play. The thing that guy courses and golfers Miguel Cabrera questions well. You know. -- and all of them got it. Supreme then we'll -- certain and ER is central. It is superhuman and away -- because like self doubt is a very you know is a very like natural human attribute and yeah it is it is kind of amazing how I think that you know the people who are people who -- in professional like. You obviously like represent an out liar and a number of plays right like. You know the gene -- -- very favorable to you in terms of you know. Your you know your -- let -- is some. Your size your hand eye coordination like you know you know you're obviously very bright right you have a number of things that have to come together that puts -- and kind of pool of Al players defend. Yet has to be kind of like Al liars out liars who ultimately emerged. And thrive. -- Well also. The other you know and -- -- You know. Right the timing of right perhaps you know perhaps that's the timing it's linked up like two moments in your career in which. You're perfectly confident that you go to the majors you'd ever go back down. As opposed to having like an initial -- that -- that you know lends itself to the up and down. But I mean blocked out and play. One directories. A lot of work. You know and -- -- Though. A great point -- -- -- there -- and then yeah all the options and has lied about it. So at this at this point where you are like are you tuning out -- and you know as much as as eager as you are to get you know to get someone to get that call basically. Are you trying to tune out what's going on in baseball and permitting yourself that opportunity to step away for you know as as we suggested the first time. In your in your life in in this summer or. Are you still like are you you know following what's happening Rex organization and -- organization on -- -- -- -- Internet on my own in my in my sister's house she does -- -- -- you like that. So. I've been around any any. Remarkable television that are order let's at all. There there might be something healthy to having that kind of detached and again like I I wish I had that -- everyone though I'll no Internet on the phone actually sounds like it's much. Busing as a imitation. -- -- Well so. You know as you as you contemplate like as you said as he said at this moment you know you said you obviously UB eager to be picked up by an affiliate like. Have you you know have you thought through. OK like how how badly do I want this to wanna go to -- you know if I don't get a call in two weeks to restart reaching out in T ball teams or. You know or are you allowing yourself still to just process where you are in your in your professional career and in your life. All I knew my Asian boosting. -- Yeah -- look at you any options -- The ball got out all my record really you know site two every option to go on -- so. Yeah is in this job and -- I'm -- We're in the queue up and you know all of you ready. You know I don't think it's or am I hope it's -- you know portfolio offers so. I guess that lends itself -- to the last question that are like task namely you know -- -- have you thought about guys whose paths to success. Are usually you know like. -- for instance one who might think about. Who's you know who's now thriving as the first baseman in Oakland Brendon moss is a guy who came up in the Red Sox system. You know kind of -- reached the big leagues kind of like you were at age 22. And then saw a winding road that last they've done that to come across many years and you know to what degree are you have you do you look those kinds of silver lining guys you know who might represent models for. You know for paid for getting back in and then seeing. You know seeing some of that pretend you know realizing some of the potential that you talked about. Yeah I mean -- you -- It's the but he now I always thought that ability. It's Saturday stick around for Long Island. You have Sullivan in the Heatley says now -- and -- -- -- somewhere and so what opportunities and so. -- shocking for me at the end. You know playing golf and you know out for July. 1 -- 125. You know and you know every year up and so you know a lot -- Russia and you know start. -- it happened quick now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now and answers to to implement our fuel which is kind of surprising you know. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah there's some stuff that I I would dutifully -- what is. Well Lars really appreciate your taking the time I I hope did you know well it's not part of the plan that those eighteen holes with her grandfather. -- rewarding ones you know bid you know that that's. That's a very different opportunity to have in the middle of the summer but a pretty meaningful one -- right. Definitely an hour supplement our.

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