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Dan Duquette, Orioles GM, on the upcoming trade deadline

Jul 26, 2013|

Dan Duquette joins the program to discuss the upcoming deadline, what the price may be for starting pitching, and gives an inside look to how GM's are communicating these days.

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Smuggler 937 WE EIU guys been patient to back to your phones -- promising Andrew and Jeff and George everybody else are from Campbell. I played the Red Sox play for Baltimore guy was a GM here. Now the GM for the Baltimore Orioles on the couple hours away from a huge series in the American League east Dan Duquette rejoins the show hey Dan my little -- -- we're doing excellent gets this time a year and you guys have made some moves already prior to the actual deadline but can you guesstimate how many phone calls a day here make an evolving your team in trades as you approach the the Wednesday deadline for Major League Baseball trade. Well you know a lot of it is done by tech now so you can do really tired yeah. Plus Agassi you get your text that feed your text in the Brewers say what are you wanna give up for K Iraq question mark smiley face here's our deal you know it's at that he was tone in -- so it. Did you know. Yeah yes I did have a couple conversations with Doug Melvin and the Brewers and at least Thomas went up. The current stadium a couple of weeks ago and -- -- now -- Who would match up there are so you know which we do have human contact. But you could eliminate a lot of us steps that would be answered faction out but I doubt. We're very quiet kid and -- they don't like so that an eventual buddies here. Did you guarded me a couple moves here you get Feldman from Chicago for. -- open and -- up but that K rod won his one wanna talk Q Bob because you know bullpen -- searching for bullpen and you guys have a very good one as it is you had to pick him up for nick del Monaco at baseball America had as a number four prospect. Let people sit up big asking price speaks selling price you keep in mind about the teams -- up to think maybe they try to keep my way from Boston might be interest there's well. Well I just -- the secondary consideration but really for us. You know we -- reluctant sort of experience that your. And somebody to bolster our our bullpen. And you know K rod has the experience over 300 -- what he's got. Over 35 innings in the post season you know with a good record so he's got to he's got -- proven track record in. Yeah you know I understand. The value. You know prospects of one of those. Important values illustrated and terrorists to help your club. Over the top so. You're the go to Red Sox I traded Frankie Rodriguez. Threw certainly yes so there -- -- -- are you aware. -- -- You know I mean we're just on the other side of the -- trying to participate in the American League east there and hearing the veteran pitcher for the stretch and though helpful. You get a couple of guys like Lou mentioned and you do it that way ahead of the deadline you know I wondered dance that's done purposely do you go into this month of July and say -- like to make deals before we get an actual date because. The price Michael up more teams involved is that a consideration this time a year. Well at the you know -- to an uninteresting. Quote you -- you're gonna make a deal starting at 2 o'clock Corning that was way back in in June. But you know for us so we had a number of players have hundred years and our pitching wasn't as strong as it needed to be -- and we gave some of pitchers that you know chances that. -- help us Micah -- carrier and we just decided to pick couldn't help or in this year we're gonna look there aren't somebody that could help partner for the cure that or they've betrayed. For Feldman because. You know via American League east is so competitive. You know any game you win and anytime of the year you know could be is. Deciding. Factor in the into the playoffs and eventually player for the so I know I thought it was. You know -- the price was decent. You know we would go and get some pitch and so as soon as we couldn't fortunately got settlement from the coaches helped stabilize the rotation we got. Check and back about the same time this Feldman -- us and then. You know our our coach and been pretty decent over the last couple weeks and that's a lot of bullpen the rest and hopefully. You know you did that sort of. Did back in 1998 that trade abrupt Pedro over here we gave up Pavano Tony Armas junior sent. Is -- -- these days to go and get a guy like Pedro just seems that the smaller market teams are even able to kind of tie up their young pitchers early on their careers. Yeah you know you have to -- important. -- -- -- that kids and a little bit different now. There's there's a couple of more. Mechanisms in place for the you have mid and small market clubs to compete and those little bit better sharing revenues with these. -- the league level you know sort of a -- sort of media revenues are distributed a little bit more evenly. But you know I gotta tell that you know the what all the changes made you know -- team to have more resources there are still able to invest. More broadly and that's one example I give you via the Dodgers. They felt that the competition last year to get -- the kid coming from Cuba went to Mexico and they opened the market there and you know I got a terrific player. You know keep it you have more resources. And you're prudent about learning lesson and still have a better chance to do just more clients and also major -- still have a significant. There's varied but I I think -- also a few things because -- gap. You know -- look at the trade market for relievers and he could sit there and say -- the range a few years back with Adams and we are up played a well. For them they -- give up -- guys have now and hunter and Chris Davis I want to ask you about presented -- on in the -- -- the -- The conversation do you talk with the evolution of Chris Davis shoots him pitching numbers and it in explaining maybe the production. To go along with his power really this year the way it's got to come out. Well you know that -- the great trade elbows and both Carter and there should have been really good contributions that. I think a big thing with Chris Davis is that earlier this year you're inside the strike zone and you you didn't expand the strike zone where -- a lot -- those -- though he was so waiting for his fit in the strike zone and when he got to irrefutable that. Uses power to all parts of all parties a lot of ball out to sell our home ballpark here. The left field and you know recently. He has been expand the strike zone but. That the big go to up I think and his production is really related to put this -- support. Early in the air and of course got that great power and and also. You know put that more regularly. It was reported by the folks at mass and -- that you guys scouted Miguel Alfredo Gonzales pretty heavily is that correct. What we've Miguel Gonzalez desire to him. My Alfredo I'm talking about the DQ. The other middle with -- Alfredo in the middle of us tries his middle name to separate attitude in. You know the other documented it's not a -- Yet it's it was reported do you scout and Evan it's -- supporting guys won't jump into the -- but. Was curious if you did what you saw from him because a lot of people appear a little myself included -- -- this guy's been a guy can had he not to give up any prospects of the deadline you can plug him in. Rotation a couple of starts and and wanna get your thoughts on. Yeah outlawed B I hear the Dodgers in the Red Sox are on them and you know that they're there through the front runners. And that that speaks to my order of these major markets in seven. Where they can -- -- the resources but. You know some consider him as they'd. Ready mid Major League pitchers come up and help. And you know I don't think you would have to you know wait to. -- that kind of money it is it's gonna pick beside him so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Play effectively which we just brought up a Cuban outfielder and -- here. You'll see this weekend and Henry hit. Respective Favre who wouldn't certainly we sent to triple A and. He would think street 67 internationally you know execute that's -- it from opposite route that -- trust. So loaded Cubans are still in -- they have terrific ability and they can make an immediate impact so wouldn't surprise me if Gonzales in the sense that I. You know there -- talk about the obvious his -- Genesis situation for a lot of us look at him more as GM side of it when you. Invest in players free agency extend your role players. You're looking at value on the field how he makes your team better do you think they'll be a day it would mean MLB it looks at it -- the union looks at it and says you know -- Did you get to -- this -- five is a hundred million dollars yearly and you find out that maybe he's not the same player 'cause he's not on the stuff. Do you think there's a point based boss to look into possibly voiding contracts getting busted for steroids. Well they go -- -- that report. You know it's all about Pia. You know the cost benefit analysis and -- to take a look at brought situation front side for over a hundred million dollars. And you got suspended. And what's as far as climate like -- 3% or. -- lose three and a half million you're that young and that that's like an agency to right and that's not a really big penalty. Grew up -- so you know I think that that speaks to -- year increase in penalties. The commissioner stern implements and you know there's there's there's there's. It progress been -- you know obviously there's more work on but. You know I think the commissioner's program that is good one and -- it it's working and I know it's very unfortunate for the send news markets. Like like in Milwaukee it makes it very very difficult. Well it's difficult because you just never know when it's gonna and Dan and to that end up on with this we talked to. Camelot are earlier this hour and asked about lifetime bans -- -- Fay Vincent. Has come out recently and said let's treat PED's like. We treat gambling in the sport and once you -- once you're out of a game in your contract gone NC go by -- never reback involved. In Major League baseball's a GM -- came across your desk from Bud Selig and it was. One striking -- out of the game altogether would you be OK with that. Well. You know it it's kind of hard it's kind of hard when you're trying to help. Player's performance the cup whether. Abilities. Is this card this. Eliminated. Because they they took an extra step outside the rules so. I think that's a little bit stressed the Franklin. You know that there's a lot more work -- courts regardless topic. Then I would like to see your stiffer penalties that. I don't know but their lifetime -- Yeah and I don't see either this year as being in the same issue as there and natural ball -- for example although. They're -- related to the integrity yeah but I think there's a lot more discussion has to go on on this. On this performance enhancing. Topic and there are aren't -- more and more. Nutritional supplement -- you know these players perform effectively that are within the rules and I see a lot of players that are. Movement in that direction and it or not it is you can. Help your body recover quicker but how are you read and but I have a disciplined approach to that news a lot of these natural. Supplements. You know I think that equipment. Boy put together -- very good team down their Baltimore -- a lot of fun the rest of the summer including this weekend and good luck the rest of the time it takes stock -- stance. Why does expect a lot quicker. Always appreciate Dan Duquette in season five days out of the trade deadline has not take a few minutes and join us here. I'd GM of the Orioles on the AT&T hotline decade there was a time is next -- docket -- More deals to be made with speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible you better have good cellphones or stroke unlimited texting. You RB GM in baseball house most interesting thing BMI said he definitely is a Mota -- Do you want. This player question marks smiley face I'm sure that would you take this is Ross I expect -- -- magic picked up the phone respected and nothing he can't really an -- he just said most of our conversation down my text -- When he proposes a deal and Jim says no he Celek and -- -- -- an angry angry today I thought I. Smoke come out and knows. He galloped like Dick like a lot of Compaq answering to do also is different ones. On its its probably just -- today that's great interest in this with to take this huge -- this -- What you call talk about it but the death and where it goes. -- -- ten in my mind deals get officially done only on text about the -- only do that in principle point did anybody. You reached a deal this -- couple for him and no problem -- but there on draft pick next secretly. 6177797937. At the phone number eighteen tee decks like. 379 -- 37 injured Jeff George all your phone calls and able explore. It is if you as a fan we've asked the for a player the best GM. If Fay Vincent got his wish and baseball went to a lifetime ban you be OK with that the only part of our final -- the point where.

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