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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/25/13

Jul 25, 2013|

We tackle four topics we wouldn't normally touch today... Tim Hudson's injury among the most gruesome of all time, plus what's in a name?

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Now toward its -- and Ali swollen painful rate roller board or -- for -- me TE. Well we solved it Kelly. On sports radio and WDE. -- I think it's Citi Field Tim Hudson gruesome off broke his ankle and beyond. Ground ball off the chance to. It's. Eight -- who lives in Hudson might have been stepped on. Little boy. This is not good folks. This is not good he had his right foot on the bag it in his -- came up and. And it's not. -- -- injury you've ever seen. No I think -- ones that might be worse or people taken line drive straight back in the box as a pitcher but. In terms of -- on being hit by a ball. Type of injury I mean it's pretty difficult in yourself without without the baseball being involved in baseball and to this extent. You've seen the video it it is it is gruesome. Still the worst one I would like to unseat. Mike Cameron. -- But out of the ball but yeah it with a bar and I know those loans or worse yet but but my my camera collided with the collision -- collision in the outfield now. John Belton I think -- be losses -- Oh yeah Democrat and actually did Johnny Damon and what was the guy's name and Damian Jackson Jason Kendall plea. Suppose at a Gloucester -- this was was impossible to -- yet. -- -- -- it's mostly really great guy great pitcher for one are yet to tackle the really talk to go on with the one major Iraqi member of that now you don't want they're direct. To date -- -- to I have to but it worse than Tim Hudson are -- -- Tom Browning if it's worse than. Yeah forgot about that. -- Anthony Weiner AKA Carlos danger has dropped in the polls for the New York City mayoral race. What would your alias name being. There's so many -- went. Out we're -- some good sports names earlier. You're my man X ray hip. People are ever X ray hit for EX the XREEX. Ray hip eggs ray camp now they're -- I didn't notice the Arab Brothers. College play college basketball one of Virginia that the other with a Florida and him. The last thing this map in a PP -- what is majestic wrap it it -- -- the other what is scientific map. There's a guy please think Johnson's first name is God's -- God's gift God's gift yeah. God Jim well there was -- and god yet but -- to -- God's gift to scared he's IE I know who he is actually has got -- when I was in Seattle the Washington Huskies were trying to recruit God's gift. It gives it a big man. We have got to give to the big day he's he's he's far he's not from the United States he's from another country again. They were trying to they were trying to -- we had some fun -- God's -- couple years ago. The best name now when you think about from a from an athlete's perspective the best name and I think our Connecticut listeners. We'll know that and recognize this and especially if you're over the age thirty years -- bizarrely collapse. You'll never beat that for me if you're gonna have to disease in your name old I think defenseman for the Hartford whalers are always collapse skiing. I don't like it use it as my as my alias because I think it's hard to spell that's probably pretty long. But it was the last is -- And has got about the other way you know is is this one past I think it goes. Razor shines. It's a real name -- razor shines. A great game. Now our our internal character Sam had a great idea. If you put a city here at the end of any name and makes it sound. Like Joey bill record yet or -- -- it. Jack rent them -- At. Atlanta Montreal. Bobby asphalt. A and they -- I'll go bothered at all and have to be a Massachusetts and it works. Chris West Covina. Los Angeles San Jose. Ron Mexico and Colorado Mexico doesn't go festival time -- of the country there. -- Speaking of crazy names New Orleans Noel has signed his deal with the 76ers. So some two -- are again asking it. Her answering it what's the best name in sports history. By so. Sorrow is olasky at the winner from our service sports history though in the history of the game. Because of the name and the story behind it even better than metal world peace. I'd -- world -- for. He changed his name from Lloyd. To world because -- is shooting with out of this world. Lloyd B free -- -- here might have a -- Dick Trickle. The guy's name is Dick Trickle either race car driver and what is picture that's not something you wanna brag about while it. It's the Q what are our bracket mobile world -- -- -- you wanna brag about me what you say -- -- -- -- I don't not what this -- on sports but this texas' current US news news it. North or northwest. Thought about I thought about it a lot of putts like that for Avery but decided to go for all -- tennis outfit with them -- -- ago but to get them. Tomorrow at Turner Field Waffle House it later to add a -- which one would you like it to. See this this. Question takes into account a lot do you want fancy food your ball park that's the first question you -- Nancy do you want fancy food at the ballpark or do you think the ballpark should be reserved. For ballpark food only you could only have. Sausages and hot dogs and meat meat chicken fingers out to out OK all your popcorn out to fancy food -- on the street. Opinion after a -- believe in the other foods and achieves a very dark and I far there's a priority spending eight Dollar General up dog is if -- fancy right and it's going to be even more. Then does the run of the mill food so now. I don't want it -- for that nice restaurants out of can be expensive and gives illegals. Probably. In -- like actually inside the park Les Paul I would love Waffle House. I know that the real problem which I would love a Waffle House that the report why I. Did not Waffle House -- -- while the ultimate happiness that we're you know it depends where you are. What else in this most at -- pretty damn good. I mean it's it's not like it better. And it's breakfast -- seeded Anke it wobbles. You know like breakfast room look practice through -- prepared to get the same meal differently user data users -- -- -- -- my answer -- -- you were taken my -- like that where you go friendly's man. Put friendlies in their allow me to get Reese's peanut butter -- Sunday allow me to get comfortable on a hot day -- and strawberry ripple. We would like the mr. Everett for -- That was my answer right from the beginning I can't -- -- that you think the ports sponsored -- sponsor brings. Up -- report go off about -- roast beef and why doesn't why doesn't somebody make that happen I'm surprised that has. But it like a natural fit. They're not create they're not equal substance abuse. And night talk. That you're speaking my language you whenever you couldn't do you could not recreate what makes him TARP via special. At Fenway Park in order to get the full cent target experience. But I guess you could they have like this disease Finley sausages and settle once they grow up fresh I got an effort separately yeah. -- -- -- All. Of my favorites got about JQL. Whole section at Fenway Park where you can get friendlies JP licks bring guns Kristi is Christine or Christina is in Inman square you can give me a whole ice cream section. At Fenway Park and I would be totally cool that. And it makes sense hot today that would be perfect -- bottle was I want. I want soft serve. And sometimes I do want to give me the free the full range of ice cream options for hot day at Fenway Park. That's another one for you guys -- can put any restaurant locally any local restaurant at Fenway Park. What would it be you can use the open Mike but bottom right hand corner of the WEEI live -- That is always brought to you for either your iPhone or your android device brought to -- AT&T. -- it was provider of the Boston. Texas is polluters. -- -- I mean he could have voters there. I don't think it fits with with what the -- the friendly that way image let's throw that they've that they've they're currently repaired from the voters we -- with the kindergarten at a drive -- texas' chicken and waffles right but Waffle House not really known for their chicken and waffles. Okay who is I think we'll toss is trying to do they are you confusing waffle house with I hop. Note do you drive on 95 says there's like yellows so awful it's. Every -- if you go to a Waffle House and New Orleans or Atlanta Jack or. That's -- Jacksonville I can just because you from exterior equipment that. Was active I think if feasible is that like Perkins. Yes Perkins is Perkins terrible. I think tiger. -- the terrible for me a -- road trip to New Orleans and baton Wendell Perkins it was not the highlight of the trip we stuck to the cracker -- after that. So it was it of the Perkins in New Orleans was now but it was somewhere along the way Alabama or something like that. Tennessee there's got to be more to the story than that nothing much in part due -- this is not much about Marty's in Springfield I'm Marty. Now I'm Marty I don't -- So yeah you've -- it in your old broccoli or a Ellis or whether or how. It was out. What's that about Obama and yelled -- yeah. And that's a yard has seen it hanging out -- get there. While you suggest that I wouldn't suggest that south I wanna be illegal homeland front Darby and I beat and we can't -- hotline number and -- as it makes it doesn't really make it take you to that level really. Believe deduct -- can we'll absolutely not. You don't buy that if she's feeling that bad example I want -- one. There are guys that I had an expert and why she's so -- -- go to leaks of that I don't know why I. Maybe she's happier on the water I don't know where I am. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the car and an egg ultimately. -- -- and do you view. Can you imagine Ellis Island you wouldn't wanna see the DUI video of that check yes you would you would not. That's like that would make pop sperm are already like the highest rated episode of cops ever that it could find the do you wide video of that girl that is the definition of -- -- from reflect. Are you know you know. All right coming up next the Aaron Hernandez drama is it truly in the past the patriots say that it is. Are they right is -- true for you are you done with the Aaron Hernandez Drummond fully ready to move on its alcohol and W media.

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