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Patriots Captains Address the Aaron Hernandez situation, probably for the last time this season

Jul 25, 2013|

A day after Bill Belichick addressed the media, it was the team captain's chance to answer to the hordes of assembled media about the Aaron Hernandez case.

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I now what. Now Michael. Now -- -- -- now Belichick has spoken. Even Ron Borges about a quarter -- me. But I I think you -- or -- government saying even rob or even -- gorgeous. Ron Borges is cool Belichick yesterday you heard Brady it Wilfork and the rest of the captain speak today. The way Ron Borges was OK with him just RA -- that that was they're breaking news alert this morning and they'll tell him that first game how it really tells -- It is intelligent. Everybody. Everybody can go to rules something. -- majority. Market like you like -- I wish every could see your face right now. Word is that important that they were. Okay. Right -- -- -- totally OK with Belichick yesterday in the heart there if you're not okay with what he said yesterday that you're gonna have to look at -- in the -- and say I guess I don't like Belichick more than -- -- the last time -- you know now. When is the last time. On the same day. Ron gorges. And -- honesty we're both OK with them with something was up it'll hold on with Belichick. -- -- On the same day on the same day on an adventure it's never happened early may be after a Super Bowl win but even then the I'm out of an 01 of those got. Found some sort of ball February 4 2002. I'm guessing if you really go through the -- you'll find that one of them. Had some sort of -- they almost lost I don't think so probably Shalala again now I don't know you have got an -- -- members accurately what would Borges wrote on -- board for 2002 the first Super Bowl what are your best. Wrote about these -- they won the game because they were tougher in the St. Louis Rams talked about the -- talked about. Teddy Bruschi Richard Seymour and Willie McGinest is released -- those guys he's right. He's absolutely right you heard our report do we talked about the greatness of ballots -- And now all know now we talked about how does it. Obviously you know shame on me for even thinking that does that tell you how. How convincing how how compelling that press count compellent rightward. But maybe universe yeah. I universally. I think people looked at and said. This is what he normally does. And this is what he had to do with the situation and he did what he had to do you know what you're totally out of -- -- -- From what you expected in what was delivered yet you'd have to say I pretty. To start moving it forward. Today was very much of the same place and Tom Brady clips here a few minutes and then. That Wilfork spoke Brady spoke -- according spoke didn't say a whole lot. You know that there's very much the same message of moving forward but it isn't in listening to all of them. Specifically Belichick yesterday that was on last night down on NASA must -- Jeff how. From The Herald and we're supposed to do debates I've gone back and forth trying to come up with something that we disagreed on. Couldn't do it I think everybody was pretty universal and in believing -- what you heard yesterday was great so what now. If you take some of it seriously okay especially Robert Kraft in his first statement saying that it did there's going to be changes made it's going to be an audit -- Belichick's seriously yesterday. When he said that they are looking into some changes course left the door open to. To that to not actually have to make them because everything will be done a case by case basis. What do you wanna change it if it the year bill Belichick's advice. I -- you can see right next to Belichick. Sit at the desk. And it turns the -- leader Ernie Adams -- -- they're guarding Adams advisor yes that's where this this is what do you any shadow advisor. He's like he's like he's a factory. The number one guy in the cabinet right. You Ernie Adams but he's even in the cabinet already sort of offset from the cap all. He kind of laughs at the real companies like today on the shadow cabinet I'm -- actually -- come to after you idiots make a fool yourself -- He's like -- that. Possibly yeah. He's up there he's up there are at the right hand. So Ernie Ernie Adams and I come to you today and say okay. What do -- need to do different. I don't I need to change the New England Patriots moving for doing need to stop drafting guys who have this problem where that problem. Do I need to do absolutely nothing is everything is this just bad luck. That Aaron Hernandez happened to be on the New England Patriots instead of one of the other 31 teams and it was bound to happen eventually and so to somebody and so there's nothing we can do we just keep hoping on. With the exact same plan we've always had not talking to you -- -- talk do you make a change may. I'm. Only gonna -- I'm getting less risk. Even if it means a little bit less reward I'm not willing to take nearly as many risks in the draft and free agency do you say. I will and this is where are on ultimately gonna fall. I can take risks. I have to take risks to this is what we do these guys NFL went on that right -- and we had more success doing this than anybody taken risks before and most of the time most of the time it is that worked out forced we've we've been in a slump lately with dark. With our risk taking. And and that's before look at before this happened it was a -- loose -- of sports terms on. This is just a disaster. This is this is tragedy. Mrs. Like changing -- In one way if you look at that the for this is this is a freedom we. -- being taken away and possibly three -- being taken away because there could be more charges. And the freedoms. That he 23 year old man once had are now gone. So let's again -- sports terms and I would say answer that question. If I'm Bill Belichick advisor. I'd say bill. You gotta find love again. You can find a football love again remember. -- remember her. How you felt. Where it. Popped -- first time your first love. It's the game get the guys beat team. Get elected remember what you coats Teddy a rookie named Teddy Bruschi. You remember when you when you coached toward around. The first time and the second time. You remember when there was a kid out of Central Florida and respond to -- to -- Out of Central Florida. And you -- to come by and the only bench pressed 225 pounds nine times but she didn't care. He was the weakest in his group in terms of reps. Wicked -- didn't care because you saw one film and he blew you away remember that round pick Dan -- open. How -- this guy you're in a bit -- productive player out of Boston College it's a good football player. Those guys first. You can still take risk as you say it. It can't act you. We are looking for productive football players who don't necessarily height weight speed requirement -- not necessarily the start of the column buying. We know football players we. Bill Belichick. Back. And get excited now. -- one of our callers is about to say you stole my thunder is about the said he almost the exact same thing back on love yes go back to. Take risks take risks like Corey Dylan take risks on guys but. Once you can't move on from make sure that your Cold War is built from the scene of stock -- original core was built from. The Bruschi is the -- the Troy Brown it's better. And then allow yourself to take the risks somewhere else but you know what. They're gonna be those who say Bill Belichick has not -- this is this is bound to happen eventually to somebody. And I happened to the patriots they were the wanna took a risk in the wrong guys who open and appear if you were Belichick's advisors 61777979237. What do you tell. When he talent he ceremony think about making changes to the New England Patriots this. He saw a different side of me yesterday a little bit more emotional obviously this have an effect on me. What do I do now. What's the right what's the right path. For the New England Patriots to walk down when I was in Seattle they went through general manager change while I was at the Seahawks didn't so -- then move on prominently they went pretty much Ross school. Graham who went into you know in Iraq right now varieties with banners matters floated around a ticket to the current group when they when they Brian -- And -- school's philosophy was very much. Very low risk. Very. You know limited upside he especially with high -- even if the guy he didn't want anybody who's gonna be -- And it didn't and because of that he wouldn't take a chance on somebody who could be an incredible player because you want the guy who -- on in the first round. OK you know wanted to preserve right exactly right I mean it or or plenty of other people but -- that's just that the Greta great example. And and and you could see for years that team had very little upside talent high impact. -- talent because quite frankly he was afraid to take it and not necessarily for character reasons although I think that factored in as well but more just. He wanted safe he always wanted to worry about this. -- they -- this guy that -- -- guy could be great or Jason Pierre Paul yeah yeah I'll never know what one year production. And South Florida he could be great but I don't know we could be a plus I'm not sure. I'll take somebody who was steady player for for three years or four years ago now the -- where we're do you put the patriots on that list taking character out of it and that will will. Inject character backed into the conversation. But in terms of -- already put the patriots on the Specter. I think more on the what if it would. Where in the draft first round or anywhere in the draft where every anywhere okay anywhere in the draft. Go. Outside talent. Can be a big timer. And you're not sure that that talent didn't come out college but he -- and come up in the pros you know take -- it would not to pick in the first round. But stick around to -- And that's part of the reason they've had some Boston -- team. You know -- Johnson didn't have a lot of production at Texas and him but he's one fastest -- in the draft and it's got to get it together -- At the very end of the first round that would Ben Watson. Smart guy get up that something maybe forty on the wonder lake strong fast. You know great body all but if you can get this guide it cute to maximizes potentially could be. Rob Gronkowski. Didn't work out at some production but never became what they thought they picked that guy used to own picnic -- before picked one. Probably you don't wanna pick before the 200 rattle it makes it difficult for them to do so the terrorist your right I think -- been a little bit later. Now inject character back into you do they -- need to take fewer risks in terms of character. Can they not take a character is now. The patriots not go out there and say is the type of player we -- fits all the other measurable sees everything that we want. But when we look back into his history. We have a few question mark you heard the girl yesterday who was talking about the how Hernandez failed his his personality test yes psychologist given the right -- and they not to take someone like I anymore because I think they can't take -- I think they still need to take people like that they just need to. Researching a little better. Try to make sure that you were not getting the guy who has a violent history that is going to come back to bite you. -- surround them with the players you were just talking about Michael. That -- that remain the most important part of the core and who truly love play in the game of football yet I mean. If you look at it that's what that's what they have they've had their most success. Whether it's round one. Round three round five. With that gap with the with that player. Who is -- I want a lot of times. You're not really excited to take him on draft day fans aren't. And he started way back with the with the Belichick's first. First round pick the first first round pick was Richard Seymour who. So he was good. Even good at stopping the Ryan you're good at rushing the passer. Had to have the perfect -- to play their strict system 66300. Plus pounds. Young guy. Could really be the center of your defense the people were looking at David Terrelle. Richard Seymour solid player in the first second round and then in the second round pick in that same draft Matt Light. Except it's nothing. Exciting about Matt Light his entire career except. A pretty good left tackle on three championship teams. Get back to that end and in this at the same time. You -- takes congress because the solid players will always be the foundation of your team and that of the rescue players get on board behind. You've you've you've got this deal you found a diamond in the rough. In -- they don't they're not really making up the the court your team anyway you move on you in you start the process again next it's how -- You if at all change the patriots player valuations strategy 617779. 7937. Do you get a started today in Chicopee ID. I Iron Man. Well I'm. Here a lot now on however -- worried about. The opt in and not be -- -- -- -- -- out by. I think. We're gonna go back and how we used to be all and all year now. Where it's 8% -- 30% on it worked it -- it -- I think they've broadened -- way. -- come at. All this controversy don't want on Belichick Y. Eight beaches seeing rate. Winter ball. I'm caught and now I think they're not a great season this year I I believe and what you believe Brady and they've -- -- past where whenever went on yeah. Well what -- deal of adversity incredibly well we were saying yesterday in fact I think that. This team is. No one's prepared to deal with what's happened but no one is better prepared -- in the New England Patriots are but I'll ask you this Dina Michael -- are kind of tossing this around earlier. -- comptroller Bill Belichick using this. As as a motivating factor in his pregame -- pre season or any point in the locker if you feel comfortable with him using this as a way of motivating his team. Not not because somebody got murder but. Play all everyone commented on how insane and all -- wide receivers are nobody's. I don't why I think you should ever use any one's murder somebody getting hurt as motivation that's I'd probably senate -- latter. Not so much about mr. Paterson were to ask him to -- that. I mean it's it every year collapsed 34 years everyone has -- before -- even starts. Agents are gonna make that Super Bowl -- you can make the Super Bowl I think now that they're gonna come down to. This a lot nobody's. Really calling Matt I think that's gonna motivate at that I think that's gonna motivate -- he could do -- There are OK I am not sure where you -- Indian and I only anybody would disagree that the patriots. Play the underdog role better than anybody they've had a lot of a lot of difficulty playing it for. I want to exercise we can't overreact to this the pats have been successful for thirteen years and who answered -- -- says that you guys know more than NFL GM I think that's our -- Some -- -- show up on the actress -- the that's -- Articulate get it that way that means. At no time when you're following sports at no time are you a lot of blue and no time are you allowed just today. I don't like that at all you have to be a war with everything because you're watching a professional at work. So if if a receiver drops a touchdown pass. Drops a pass and you say you should have had that you can't say -- -- -- A professional receiver and I can't tell them hello this is what we do that sports and I know that part of the fun of that we will do right. Let's Sports Radio or not it's sports and come marks in framing and what's up mark. I get done today the are you brought each topic what's attached you'd like or -- -- in the situation and our credit the more I think about it I think they should do apps we do not think. And recent that is. But -- the day. You know characterized -- -- shoot all you want say you know pretty and it should direct lack whatever you can not are we predict that someone's gonna commit murder. That's right what you can't do that as Martin got a thing about that to forge a ton of this despair. Our -- keep taking risky players you know there's some guys some of our some of our favorite patriots players. Had an instrument or two. That can be considered. Risky or. Not what you're looking for whether it's that Ty Law at the Canadian border. With a little Ecstasy that belong to a cousin of course. Or whether it's Kevin Faulk had a little -- concert or too little way concert and you know urban your pocket no big deal right. So these are guys that we like these are these are patriots some of your favorite patriots players. But I would I would draw the line here. If you see a kid in college. Who -- who was photographed. With a nine millimeter BCA kid in college who has a gun incident although it was not illegal handgun may be used say. I'm just not going to be on board with a -- guys. I seventy at 1718. Years old you've got a legal guns it's probably not gonna go any good direction. You're you're not just -- a guy who was who was raised around people who -- law abiding gun owners -- something different. And it any of you grow up that may grow into something more simple. -- would even more than that have or or or maybe a little less than that if you find somebody who fits all the descriptions that you just that you just list of Michael. What you do a whole hell of a lot more research on that person and someone else. And -- like that's a warning sign that trigger gonna go to America that Brad triggers deep research and really made that triggers the type of research that the Red Sox did on Carl Crawford made that triggers something where you really have. To to find out. All the things that may be were available for them to find out about Aaron Hernandez and his connection to the night with Reggie Nelson and some of the other issue is a moment there's a connection. To something violent and especially something that involves guns. That's the time you've got to go incredibly deep in your research and has Belichick -- case by case basis so what you find out. Doesn't concern you have to do in the research thank you pick did make the pick you do it in good conscience and you move on. If he if what you find disturbs you or makes you gives even -- red flags that now you're saying -- -- is gonna work. Maybe that's your -- to move on from somebody and 7797937. Warrior calls plus Tom Brady in some ways today Michael made exactly your point play of the cut the proves it next rockaholic WE. As Bill Belichick yesterday and part of the sentiments saying we're making changes we're gonna look into how we do everything but. Everything on the and a case by case basis -- which is what it should be by the way it should be you cannot have a lockstep policy through the New England Patriots. A case by case and in most things buses across the board. Not a lot of a lot of good people will will fall through the cracks if you just go cross important don't really investigate and scrutinize each each individual. Ask you this do you think they were saying that. Yesterday because that's what we wanted the year and they will go on business as usual or will they actually. Look at themselves and make changes and they look at themselves and make changes. About what we think they should do. And they -- I don't hold -- personal two questions there I don't know that they're going to make changes. But I do believe that they are going to look at making changes coming in a sense I think -- check is Smart enough guy who looks at it says hold on a second. Duke and the one in charge. I drafted and then gave a ton of money to a guy that turns out to be the worst kind of disaster. Had a -- get to that point did I make a mistake is there something in the our philosophy our process that led us to Aaron Hernandez and not some other team. Aaron Hernandez is that something I need to look at. Just -- if nothing else from a football perspective I'm now out one of my eight. Core guys mice one of my starting tight ends is no longer on the team and I can't afford to have that happen again I know they're going arguing need to look at this again. And I he likes. And I'm gonna pick -- a guy who who I'm rooting for in one sense someone compartmentalized here I'm gonna pick on Urban Meyer -- But I'm going to play Ohio State football club repeat for Urban Meyer picked up. Has anybody from Florida worked out with the patriots is Brandon Spikes worked out is all things considered if you work out. And maybe maybe but. And there's some there's some issues there out of all the people that Urban Meyer has recommended to Bill Belichick. That's houses. Is there one guy use today that could be the first -- first thing you do is caught urban Meyer's recommendation. Let's let how to give that lets wait. Then maybe carries right now or are things less miles than those -- get a -- recommendation. And -- Nick -- rather go back to Nick Saban go back to Pat Hill go back to some of the other people you've used in the past as opposed to may be counting on things that he said because what he sees. In college football is legit -- in the guises terrific coach. Probably the best coach in college so you. But in terms of who works out in our program. He obviously has different standards than we have so we can't take its recommendation on which draft but what did you see in that game okay. It was the you know the Florida Florida Georgia game or and the -- Ohio State Michigan what you see this guy do. Are. You you we watched the Big Ten. Where would you say this guy ranks in terms of guards in the Big Ten tackles in the Big Ten -- Saying this guys all right. He'll be OK once he's in the right environment Urban Meyer I think has lost the right to do -- he's lost. -- credibility strap on that type of thing now what you said earlier. I think makes a lot of sense to say. Get back to the guys that truly love the game and that'll affords you the ability to take some risks on the out liars around of those players Tom Brady speaking with the media today. You read between the lines I think very much he echoes the sentiment. Yeah you try you you -- you trusting your other teammates and you trust them to do your to do their job so that you can do your job in the best teammates. That I have ever had guys like western Deion Branch I never had to worry about and because you know you know what that allowed me to be able to do my job whenever a story about events. Never have to worry about your never for about -- Matthew Slater. What their level of preparation is going to be and with that allows me to do is. You know free mind mental burden -- so I can do you know focus a 100% on what I need to do and that's what I appreciate about guys like that because. -- they allow me to be the best that I can be and when they can count on me that's what makes a great teams when you guys can count each other so. You know we knew when you you can focus a 100% on what you need to do that's how you're gonna get the best -- yourself. Okay great comment makes you wonder. Who wasn't worried about eight -- it was -- word about Aaron Hernandez never heard about Aaron Hernandez that'd mean. Nothing happened I think. You know it is based on his track record on the field I think he was the guy who who picked up picked up the offense pretty quickly that the -- was the guy. Who was in his playbook and he wasn't in his playbook he was just the natural. In terms of picking up the offense that we've heard from many people this is tough it's tough for some newcomers to come here -- just get it he got it. It seemed like he was a practice Mikey was in in pretty good shape. But I wonder. You know what the what the inside story is the inside story that Aaron Hernandez was the guy. He did he did what he was supposed to do but he did it where it. Some adult supervision at all times. Where were words teammates worried about where -- to worry about. But I think Tom Brady makes it a great point here bring in the guys. Who are self motivated. So when a door without for the most part -- don't have to worry if there's something's gonna happen 61777979237. Let's go to Steven dampers. I got no idea what's up Steve and with -- I got to play of the -- often media. In this particular case thereupon a record writers. That it's -- whole thing that completely farcical -- -- the Boston media are frauds I agree. At -- look and think it was so Barack. In this particular case I want you immediately wonder writer or one TV or radio personality. That's an app that they perhaps than Hernandez that it was going to be your list and it was going to be some real trouble watch -- in 81. Person are you. It's like I know how I can't I can't argument to what what what are what -- they that you -- -- a California. He is a local -- -- national. -- -- It would hurt -- -- rare. And I remember this number or the time I think he was covering the league. Norman and I felt for the globe. And he's someone who wrote this story that it was just more than one failed drug test for Aaron Hernandez there were multiple drug test it some teams took him off the board a look at opposites. It's what it and he wrote in the Boston Globe so couple what's the why why are we why is the Boston media frauds because they didn't say -- at the time. A table and look at -- taper off well OK so where is excluded from the prophesy lies everywhere else. Well because everybody is is not saying that you know patriots really people -- -- -- -- -- thing and I wanna know why -- People weren't saying that about Hernando heat and the forty million dollar contract in the with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. It very easy to sit there and pontificate about and chastise the patriot and a multi entered apologists. -- -- -- Yeah I think there's that there's two reasons I think they give you two reasons why one of the page -- to the one who actually made the check and to look. They're the ones are spending a tremendous amount of money and resources on it. And have access to more information and we did that then and I shouldn't say we I have access to very little information but but the Boston media you speak of -- and -- -- about how much more evidence of the Internet but think about what the patriots happening they have a security team but it does this work they have the ability to talk to Hernandez and. It's gonna see this coming down the road in any way shape or form I didn't mean he recalled that the only other guy that ever murdered somebody I'm sure that the car. While the guy and in Kansas City last year the judge Ronald Ellis will tell you that we you mean you have to really want your heart about somebody coming down like Mercury and and -- -- organ that they know it's. That's it I think you look and handle different -- say I don't think chastised the right word. And in direct and that's what I'm -- I'll give you this argument you're absolutely right when you say. Nobody saw. Now and and battling big -- career so law. You know what would become apparent Hernandez you're nobody saw it -- but that doesn't mean because you didn't have the foresight to see that a risk. Marijuana risks would turn to a murderer. Doesn't mean that you can't then look back and have a -- and its depth economic have a conversation. About what do next in the patron to doing that by your logic the patriots are -- Because the patriots didn't see the Aaron Hernandez would be -- -- yet they are stepping back and saying. How do we change the way we do business well let's look at that -- it's healthy it's normal. -- it's absolutely healthy at -- normal and they're also a money making enterprise accident that seek -- -- that would be absurd. But what I'm saying is too that the that the New England Patriots when they chose him in the fourth round -- people technologies and a lot of questions about his character and the -- think you can go down the left a -- forget about Ray Lewis who was now welcomed like a conquering hero in the in the in Baltimore. ST there's no doubt there's no doubt that there's a level of hypocrisy that exists and Michael I've talked about at all or there's plenty of hypocrisy when you talk about sports any day. I I will be hypocrite some point you'll call the -- is -- salt you've been hypocrite saying -- nobody's a 100% consistent down the board. But I do think there's a difference between the investment the patriots are making and the amount of of of investigation that goes into it. And what the media is capable I mean I seen that. The picture of him with the gun. I think I look I was here at the time and if I'd seen that picture. That's the type of thing that did make you wanna ask more questions yet if the patriots had access to that picture and I think I would have expected them to find it in all or or more. I would've -- more expected them to find it that someone in the media with the amount of research they were doing OK and I think things have changed now in the NFL me before. You know as he did twenty years ago that you still larger area scout -- Hatcher regional scouts who were giving you information still have the sources but now. In addition to those those scouts were getting information. Almost every NFL team this is checking the FaceBook. Accounts of players almost every team is following players on Twitter. Port looking at them to see what they're talking about. Instead Graham and if you see some stuff that sketches you out which might have found along the way with -- Aaron Hernandez. Maybe that's a calls for a little bit more in depth to Greece -- at a -- -- wanna make 11 thing clear -- -- the calls here. I am. I'm a hypocrite. But the verbal abuse I have to take it home. On on on a daily basis calling hypocrite property for five time today your wife Colleen evidence and it's really. Accurately why what Sheikh -- have a -- that what he'd do theirs and it's -- How complain about something that she does not do the same now hang -- -- -- call me out on and what do you do when she does. I hear you turned to the natural dog but to kill would -- like vessels. Stole away a point cricket and it's man as there were some point I'll learn how to do that detonate what's going on. On -- let me let them hypocrite and that's that's right John hey welcome to the club at the credentials. And act you know my call about being a hypocrite -- not support in that element Utah -- and I love that look again or. He schemed out there you and you background check army ever happened that the ultimate all in the days -- -- Not interest in the player -- -- and I could be -- in my field I want you guys professional opinion is. The coaches and managers and players in and when you all right and and Margaret. But hold on but now he's not I think that's where this I think that's -- our conversation is coming from Nate is that was true for the first three years but now he's not gonna help. Now I mean now went so far cry we're gonna hurt you that it's affecting your football is that I think you're -- it hurt you are right he's gonna hurt you on the field and it's gonna hurt you off the -- so forget about you don't have moral obligation. Don't have Aaron Hernandez on the field that right -- I'll have to admit that means that you -- -- really good player he's a good player not a great player but on the way to being becoming a really good very good player and it hurt to up the field because. You were forced. And and I'm not gonna not comport you were forced to release them. And that accelerated. Some of the financial and so now you are any any worse -- position. Are you -- he's hurt you and so to go back and look at the way you do business forget about any moral obligation you think you have to anybody. You're just you're -- to win football games and having an Aaron Hernandez on your team is no longer helping you win football games is no longer on your team so how do you avoid that kind of a problem. Maybe not to this level. But going forward 6177797983740. Just say forget it. We keep doing what we're doing with had a ton of success over the last thirteen years. And this is an aberration and it's time for the -- just do what they do go out there and and use everything that's been said about them. To their best advantage could this help the team gonna help bring them closer together do you want Belichick the use it that way -- -- 77797937. Sultan -- and WB. Perez sucks vigil nervous after he saw two of the last three nights we'll discuss coming appeared fifteen minutes talking Ali. On WEEI WEEI dot com more patriots calls in the meantime markets hanging out in Seattle I'm mark how are -- It happening guys that aren't -- -- not that much yet earlier that I would -- or you're. Coach -- invite -- what advice would you give them to basically haven't quite. Well the system is not totally full -- you been doing good things for X amount a year and you continued you know camping out on the -- very significant that point -- needs to be addressed. And you expect yourself to be -- You need to have good people around you'd. Take their fight in if you need help at fort and sometimes that -- and -- -- What's interesting one because my quality is going back to your book on back to war room and in some of the conversations we've had. About bella check not just the coach but. The the leader of the patriots organization. If viewers advisor would you tell to maybe bring a few people around to disagree with -- Well I wouldn't say I would allow them to question them allow allow them. Allow them to disagree with you but that's getting back good questions that -- impractical days. In the oldies. That's exactly what was encouraged that -- that was asked for. It's not a fact it was a requirement. They they were those guys would have loved talk radio. Because the scouts were told we certainly did it. I'm sure it did not they didn't all of tight credit that they might but that would've loved it because they're arts as a as a reached out. This is what the scouts were told. Not only. Not only do we want you to have a opinion. -- job requires. You to have an opinion. You are not allowed to say. I can go either way you have to say yes or no he's a good player in our system he's not a good player in our system and here's why. So there are times where guys would say one thing about a player -- -- Hernandez. I think he's a bad fit for the patriot. And then somebody let's say it was the head coach there was bills at the good fit for the patriots now those guys would square off. And it was not it was not supposed to be personal it wasn't personal so that I -- convinced Bill Belichick. That Aaron Hernandez the bad -- for the patriots. That Belichick was. That before OK good point and now now a lot of times in his heart and that members are members Scott Pioli saying. No I mean he knew it knows Bill Belichick as well as anybody in football. There are times when Bill Belichick if if he says I disagree with you even though you've done the work on it even though you've talked to numerous sources. Who told you a bad fit. Bill Belichick disagreed with -- party that says. Agreement -- the trip. What Thelma I don't know. A lot more football and do -- And maybe not those guys have left while those guys have left. And so you have if you have come into the system you've been one of those guys. You came in as a coaching assistant. And you were getting you're getting all the coaches copy -- is very grateful for the opportunity. To be working in pro football and then you rate that you -- up to the level where you're having a conversation with Bill Belichick and your inner circle who. It's not that you are awards. -- -- your apple Q but aren't all bad but maybe you need to bring in some people who had done it some people who will have enough of their own. What is who is that we brought in a few years ago who'd been gee I can't pass a -- -- yes that type of the guy who -- who lucky -- a fireman's fireman I've been a GM -- here as a special advisor I'm not trying to rise up the ranks and and -- to go get hired somewhere else what does he know what they're looking I don't know but but that. I can give you the right name I can't give -- the right guy you put that type of person like a Floyd Reese heartening to the past seems to be theme not just for me and you today but from Tom Brady who said this. You know we've had such great examples over the years wizards Tedy Bruschi year. You know -- very were Troy brown and Kevin fought guys that have really warned the issue of former Warner well and I only have we been successful on the field. Guys have committed so much of their time to doing things that are better in the community and you know this obviously is not a a time where those things are recognized because you know others there's another situation to deal with Clinton I think that I'm still really proud of all those guys that have worn the uniform of the -- well and hopefully gonna try to make the city of Boston all of New England you know proud of what we do on and off the field. Interesting again in two different bites that you play their Brady. Talking about people who were no longer here pushing to the -- guys first Lisa mentions names like Wes Welker Deion Branch his guys that he didn't have to worry about and then in this one the term you know reflect back on some of the older captains. Who who really helped make the patriots what they -- And it makes you wonder about Tom Brady. I wonder if you installed. Mean it's almost alternate for those dates is installed for the -- god to them as the good old days but just those guys. Where I -- when he named Matthew Slater and Jerod Mayo on Vince -- guys didn't have to worry about guys he looked around and saw in front of them captains. But he was he came up in a system where. There are a lot of those guys in the locker room we didn't have to worry about it. You you you're you're you're close to you connect it with them -- a lot in common. How hungry up and coming up football. Just focused on focused on football other things and -- that your entire world but when he came to the office. You're thinking about football and and nothing else. Just wonder close to now is -- a little isolated on this team was Deion Branch gone Wes Welker gone. -- opened -- his buddies guard Matt Light gone. Obviously Teddy and Troy and Rodney and Mike Vrabel on -- -- anybody. That you know and is a group of like three or four guys. -- his boy he's a great pleasure -- anybody who can question him as one of the leaders of his or a one of the top three guys in this organization. -- -- -- And Brady or maybe not it. Theoretically craft in brick and Belichick can question each other and push each other and say I disagree with that because they're powerful enough. -- Tom Brady. I'd seen as a team Belichick would be the -- to push each other and we heard Brady. Winding on the sideline during the or the well life giving -- all that went missed out on polls and Marshall at all. Follow the policies. That yes let's not. I got a question via text. Basically this I would say probably not -- credit default or is it didn't let that -- A good daughter. We're involved plays and that somewhat that the pretty much hit. But that Damon and they -- -- talk about it I think we're all I got and the deferred the question is it that bad and create their NFL. An -- it is yet what form -- worse. And -- They put out there have been Putin's article you. That and the rest of broad. Nike have been accused of like bad checks. On the seventeenth. -- directly or indirectly bankrupted at least two businesses. Bringing the -- sort salt. So they want to not get a credit cannot prepare credit. Fortunately -- progressed to -- like related charges. Get arrested for chocolate and what -- -- apparently our dependence of lawsuits and they fought and arrests for drunk driving in the last year and that's what organization that yet behavior NFL. Well based on what's your best and why you started ominously as the is that the NBA. Okay but -- killed in a while I see the same answer yes OK yeah it. The NFL -- the 35 members of the United States congress. Also -- church questioned how are there that is rare and -- that all of look at this report gone I loved it I love this debt but where we're richer source what Rick we looked at a distance to -- -- -- it takes a lot of work to look up here it that it that's a known fact. -- -- No prep where it was just a known fact neither of us know it but it's -- where your where did you find it like to give us one website that you. That you start well. I can tell that idiot -- I mean it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of people got it right a lot of you know to -- text -- -- congress senate. Well I didn't go into the gut it out Milwaukee you to. I'm cute too much about life. To get that from C notes are you got that from -- stock -- Well they also does -- they're -- -- that -- -- you know -- -- does -- of -- website -- I -- -- great website about exactly what's -- does is when new when you hear things that are sort of as he said a known fact that you look them up to find out whether -- not -- -- and -- like when someone tells -- You know some weird Internet rumor some scam -- out their snow does the research. To figure out whether or not it's real or weather's just some silly rumor that's been -- now I -- good stuff. Decorate as very -- we'll do everything for example the Richard -- rumors -- what is what they say about the Richard Gere rumor or false false false according to slopes than it's got to -- I mean gotta -- it actually has to be false notices but a 100% accurate. They never get an ever well I mean they do the research -- for the game up they show their work tipped it actually is that are collapse are coming up here last night. I think -- cause for huge concern for a lot of Red Sox fans for the second time in three nights the same type of -- shut down the offense how big -- concern. We get into the next alcoholic W media.

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