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Clay as a metaphor for life... what's ailing Buchholz?

Jul 24, 2013|

Even though John Farrell says Clay and the team are on the same page concerning his injury, it certainly doesn't seem that way from the outside looking in.

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That last step for anybody returning from an injury is the mental side because one they're gonna. Test things back at full games beat. They're going to be somewhat hesitant. Has that might come and play here because they don't know how the body's gonna respond. Once they get back at full speed whether it's in rehab situation whether it's here -- us. On how they're gonna. Physically bounce back from that given performance and the -- thing has been so confusing to so hard at trying to figure -- he said she said he interpreted she interpreted it. Between Farrell the organization. -- calls himself doctor James Sanders but. I thought -- for the most part today very very convincing in saying that there are on the same page in. Aids diagnosis is that you know it's gonna take some time but also saying. That there's a mental aspect they -- here right at the and that he's got to fight the ruined whatever that a challenge on here about the Africa buckles about the happy that he RF arm before we get the calls -- -- that did get to the calls -- justice act. Given the conversations that have been going on around town about Buchholz right and they are people column was -- people think he -- he. Could be pitching but isn't pitching because he's not willing to pitch through the pain that. And he addressed some of those concerns last night joked about it with the media said he understood that that was some of the questions that were being raised about him. And yet he also said this which I just don't understand given the fact that he knows what people are saying about it. -- Just the last couple -- drugs aren't. They wouldn't it. What. And I was doing so -- I don't. -- own that we're sort of a hundred. You wouldn't be fun now I I he put her streaky probably the colloquial the way he is the way colloquial. Is the -- that's why I'm giving him an F for PR. I know that he's not talking -- everything to be funny games and everything I should enjoy in my entire life. But the problem with the way he says it is he's essentially insinuating that I'm capable of pitching we just -- it. And I think that's what people don't wanna hear from him that's the exact thing that he's been accused of is any. You're healthy enough your your capable it's -- -- you. But you're threshold for pain isn't that high even though you've now been told that this is not going to injure you it's just don't hurt a little bit I think that's where. I think that's his biggest misstep if you can say about last night. I think a lot of this kind of goes -- our -- I guess I guess -- wouldn't it wouldn't be fun for me if I'm out there are right. No kidding this is what it comes down to for me to the Boston Red Sox believe. Clay Buchholz can pitch right now. They believe he's healthy healthy healthy enough to pitch right now. I think the answers yet. I think they believe that he can pitch right now but they also believe that he doesn't make any sense. China -- a guy that's doesn't think he can pitch right now out of brits we're not gonna force you to go right that's that's really what it comes out so you heard John Carroll once again mentioned the -- peace and tolerance yet I would think what kind of common phrase used about Bob wouldn't that are with us as John Wentworth is going to be up your arms while the -- is right. -- when he can tolerate 6177797937. Richard Providence pirates. -- -- -- -- -- All right well this. Some things that I think. Makes sense. If they can. Get the Red Sox can can. Keep him away so that one. I don't think it would hurt him this I would like to see him. I'm not saying that's gonna happen you know in the very near future but -- this year but that is to put on fifteen to twenty pound. 2 I think if they can they should shut down until around lead the second week of September. If they can't. Well well I a fifteen to twenty pounds and I think that's. That's not gonna happen. Not gonna happen a majority. He's -- And he's already gained. You know 2530 pounds since he was drafted amazed at easy aid to all ranging guy that's just what he's going to be. And you put on the weight. You know you make a run in a more probably if I. On Baddeley and their bodies not that -- that he puts on gets really muscular you run the risk that he's gonna pop something that is always the but -- about I'm I'm curious from entry to actually by the shutting him down to September what you're looking accomplice. Well I I think because of he knows his body you know he may have you know somewhat of a J. D. Drew. Mindset. But. I mean -- For -- of the Red Sox are still -- going along in their first and there are firth plays and they and they are still able to stand first place without him. I think for his bodies they. And for his mind they get everything that they can shut him down for the second week of September he can come back like 100%. At that time I think that's what you can do. Well I think you've got to get you may get that. But but not knowing that you pick up -- what I mean about it. It may take him until September to be ready to pitch. But shutting him down is not the way to go because if you say -- -- stop all baseball activity right now. Once he's once you want him to pitch he's got to build back up he's got. Throwing session in the long toss all of -- -- simulated game rehab game if. For the NBA the NHL ideal for could yet make the playoffs it's you know what there's no need to get him out there. Shut him down for awhile wait until you really need to make sure that he's a 100% ready to go for the players but it's not if you keep them shut down for longer than necessary. You may miss the playoffs you're a dog fight with not just one but multiple teams that would in the wild card is not the same thing -- winning your division anymore because all is a one game playoff so not only -- keep them shut down for too long -- Or certainly any longer than need be 6177797937. Bob and Boston's top. -- -- guys could buckle certainly order. Point five pitchers in the starting pitching in the world and reminded -- actually presently -- until he was answered. I built up a career looked really you know this certainly. Is capable of and they've gained a lot by being patient will never put into this system you I -- only -- detainee policies and it percent. He knows that the that he conceal it he my -- gain by being treated like Ellsbury which we Austrian. Three years ago which he saw streak with a particular report is oh got it you know to every year. I'd like to cut this guy a break that Korea as they'd never experienced this before let's see if perhaps the best way to deal is by trial and error. But the only the only thing I disagree only thing I agree with the Bob that you said is your first comment that he is one of the top 25 pictures talent wise. In Major League Baseball agree with you 100 -- world. And it in the world look at the world by giving that -- but I know he's a he does it. I don't think he he does know. What what do what the pain threshold is what the pain tolerance is what what he's experiencing. He doesn't know on the Red Sox and they've admitted they don't know either that's why got a second opinion. That's -- I needed to hear from James Andrews. What his analysis is that's why John Ferrell said he's gonna -- -- James Anderson we can have peace of mind. And I don't think. I don't think we have a track record with with Clay Buchholz will we know. He's done this before remember that time. They'll play buckles did this and he bounced back to have a great post -- well we don't. He's 28 years old but there isn't much of a track record with clay buckled what you know what you gonna get Stevens in the car -- Steven. I hope I'm proven wrong but I'm just gonna come out and make my prediction which is I think that buckles is toast. But whose first career. First but not necessarily this week this month but I think three years now he's going to be on and the reason in the well. If you remember your three years ago at lower back problems. He's a very slight trying to guide I just think that there is industry here I think that he's had chronic problems constantly. And I think it's it's very -- because I think it's unbelievable now I mean. He's incredibly. I don't think he has what it takes to sustain a Major League Baseball career. Yeah and I think that's a -- -- but why is divided into Tuesday I was gonna say it's told me you're never gonna see anything against saying you don't think he's going to pitch until I was 3840. I've probably agrees he's probably not gonna but I think the question is the question is aren't why is it because. He is just the body type he's just that have a body -- do attitude to be a durable guy or is -- you don't think he has the heart to do. You know I'm not an orthopedic surgeon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't -- that you could tell the qualifiers not diplomats portrait Obama. But look at what struck me was about two years ago at a lower back problem. I set myself Bonnie Parker wrote -- having lower back problems that he's going to be a professional athlete and he's going to be a pitcher in the major leagues. I just said forget these are chronic problems. And it at 25 -- And that that this Kyra that it's an easy it's just a matter years. -- -- -- that your you're right he has one of those scary injuries when you hear back problems broke him back back surgery. Clearly that's one of those injuries that more than just hey you know Israel hamstring injury Hampshire will come back from a would be just -- this cause for concern there but. We talked to backs because I'm out I mean it's the same problem with Rob Gronkowski and now buckled and the guys had a back thing. Doctors told us that they they are doing better with dealing with back injuries than they were few years ago that it is a spot where -- in the has improved right that would doctor Paul he told us nor -- -- on specifically he also says it's okay to get drunk and did. I heard that he said that hurt a lot yes mr. -- it's okay for Rob Gronkowski Dietrich a lot to me that's it would help play -- to get back out on the field a little bit quicker.

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