WEEI>On Demand>>How much (and how many years) is Dustin Pedroia worth to the Red Sox? Long term deal talks heat up.

How much (and how many years) is Dustin Pedroia worth to the Red Sox? Long term deal talks heat up.

Jul 22, 2013|

We discuss Dustin Pedroia's place on the Red Sox, his importance to the team, and how that should translate into contract terms.

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Beautiful Monday and Boston. Salt and Ali here at WE IWEEI. Dot com as well you can check us out there. It's so beautiful Wednesday. Its -- There it is it's only the early eighties -- less than -- used to what -- out Friday. We start off in 99 -- -- got a 10203. Nixon it was a 170 theory we kept making it we care. Making the temperature. I'll tell you what I went to the game on Saturday sit on the stands on on Saturday. We're we're a settlement to their third base -- OK third base line. Way hotter than -- I don't know what the correct adjective is whatever is. Whatever you like to say heartland. To July -- -- -- that -- it was incredibly hot and just. It was more just sweltering because there was no but you could see the flags moving if anybody was there on Saturday may -- this phenomenon especially if you're on the third base side. Where you could see the flags blowing on top of on top of the stadium and you're like well. There should be Brees -- and was not it actually in the state they have they have those those little girls fans those personal finance now. Now and they ran out of water at this point. There -- water but the sixth seventh inning guy comes as that last call for water. -- of -- -- -- -- water. Under nine degrees out when -- last call for water. When I do arguing -- Wear shorts or short short -- And I took candies advice I decided to do exactly what Andy said before I went a use the powder before I went to make sure that I would be comfortable. Throughout the entirety of the game and work. Mean it works as well as anything's gonna work in 99 I mean that temperature you're ex you're sweating there's just there's no and you probably were swearing before. People -- all right well we took the teeth are so I'm really all started sweating about. Oh we we took the loop there we're gonna take the tee back at them like you don't. -- Agree on a red -- to the Green Line yeah. Is there anything sort agreement. If you hate the Beuerlein. Who lost a slower an agreement dictate the bee line out the Boston College. I think that's the slows things on earth going out on the map that entity which guys that. Naturally. I was ever I think -- -- -- normal helmet and a bar and have got rattled when you're waiting in park street and that part being inside park street waiting for the I. I don't you know like the Barack's McChrystal. That was one of the suggestions made for me from my sweaty arm -- my singular at least when he arm and I feel like Vietnam now anyway so it was it was pretty warm in there and I had the delightful experience. Of sitting. Next my wife on one side which is great. And just like Joseph average yankees fan on the other side of me and I was agree not because I just I get running commentary for nine innings from Yankee fan perspective like his own disgusting his own team is owned discussed in the in the Red Sox one thing I did find interesting now. You know who he was most disgusted with in terms of a comparison looking at that the guy who played the same position for the Yankees vs the -- ought to think. He was most disgusted. On his own gains on his own team. Gartner now. Now that was the day after Gardiner got kicked out for gunning is home to the blade right -- it was also did you know that Kirk. Absolutely this is how I loved it. You know it's so great about that further development down. He was actually surprised that it got through and I really didn't let expressing emotion. -- like that right after I caught a little strike which is. According to -- it is known was accurate after a call -- strike argue. You -- -- -- former page and a walk away like not gonna happen something's gonna happen. Public in Brooks last week we had on from Brooks baseball dot net and you really liked him like to site really interest to recycle great guy I would say even under -- -- -- site. The immediate and look at its artists -- incredible -- the advertising that he and upbeat but guys it's like the immediate itself. But what a great job of advertising amicus on the -- instantly identify -- the pitch zone is the enemy compared some but -- not Brett Gardner who did -- on his home and against the label out of character with the Robinson cannot. -- serious condone made an error can only to sloppy play at second base and he was serious this guy. And and he was hammering on about it for what must've in the next 3540 minutes and the overwhelming thing I can hear from him was the Droid isn't that. Tell me the last time Pedroia doesn't get himself set to make a nice play and that's who you soaps at 1004 was just. Not taking the game seriously enough being immensely talented probably more talented than Pedroia if you were to if you -- scout. Watching the two of them plate of this guy can do ever. I enemy he can he he can hit for power hit for average. Mean -- he has more talent and put air quotes around that and then Pedroia I don't know I think the only only thing he does better than -- -- hit home runs against. Is that a predictably big deal when your second -- well for him corporate Pedroia can do everything to my point is that jurors about a player that there's no argument here they Pedroia is a better player and I think you'd rather have Pedroia on your team. And it's interesting to see that a Yankee fan and and it really obnoxious want to. I mean like -- just everything you think of when you think -- -- knowing Yankee fan guy. Who just was so jealous of -- of death of Dustin Pedroia and instead having to watch Robinson -- -- I was sent those guys be approved if you're gonna be that guy I don't -- that guy. So connected to that type at a game if they're gonna be funny so gonna be -- and he's. Running commentary people you've got to be. A spokesman. Or spokeswoman. I have. Shortly resume where you have you have played in front of crowds that you play to crowds. Of people have said on average -- funny. Otherwise it is obnoxious what is. Ninety plus degree we want. Screener posing right. Next. You can -- -- -- much at night wasn't screaming I will I will say that -- was -- he wasn't the younger version of the Yankee fan it's screaming at the game the whole time it'll be honest. I don't think anybody was doing that on Saturday there was no life in that -- and it was too damn what you should have given him. Ambiguity in that window between a -- partner the it's hard it's quiet time for like you knew about forty prime minister and now she can't do that you can't -- of them would you do that like it's on its minority that ball look or -- Upwards. -- it's got to chip in to support -- -- Group than -- hot dog at best at best you get that at worst you get the guy action wants to fight. Come on man I'm here at my wife and her friend her friend's boyfriend it's a 195 degrees and horrified -- -- wearing flip -- -- things like I don't wanna fight. The only fight I saw or something close to find us on our section. Was a couple of Mets fans. Who were sitting in some abandoned seats nearby. About the sixth inning the owner of the seats comes -- is like hey could you get out of my seat is that six yeah no I was late to be fair was the sad thing that's really but that's when he showed up to wanted to seat may need to sit somewhere else for a little while on. And the kids -- like now. -- don't like -- with expanding its delay. Like there but to. A bit and it states get the hell out of there if he's all right we can't keep those he's right he's right he's. Is writing papers but. Right. Game with -- I'm assuming he was somewhere else for awhile maybe he was up in the EMC club or something for awhile and then went down to with seeds. You know one. Pretty eco gear in the wind club where -- go before game at Fenway what's -- what's the holy to anyplace to go before a game. What's the answer -- that. That's good that's like if you're down in that area as their place were like you're making a statement about yourself that your kind of above all if you go there before the game. Yet the press box that I. Maybe after the press box salt is totally making that up I'm not making up any of this I will not make anything up above my experience at Fenway it was 100% legit. From the guy next to me who is who is caring on for an entire game to the couple of Mets fans who were few rows back to decided that they. But they deserve seats that they'd been city and even though they. Hadn't actually paid -- C Andersen -- most most of time people -- that most of the time. If if they're sitting in the seats they don't look around -- done them for instance course shouldn't be fit and then. You're looking around -- -- times the -- went to overcome in the book is coming sometime we're gonna enjoy this. Every moment of it until we we're asked to leave it at that -- people leave right. I did that it in the press box forever Bruins can each year -- -- -- have a seat forming in the tourism Australia for the money -- and we count. So yeah the entire game stuff like god I hope this person from CBS America's sports or whatever the -- seat I was in doesn't come in and decide that he needs the things that those kind of ruin the experience imagine you mentioned Pedroia and Robinson canal. Pedroia over the weekend reports are out that the Red Sox are gonna sign him oratory in talks with him and his agent. For a long term extension. When he million dollars a year for Dustin Pedroia -- It is -- good news for the Red Sox. This is good news that Dustin Pedroia. I think you would think you would believe his good news the Dustin Pedroia tarmac here but my question is if you twenty million dollar a year. When -- million dollar per year player. On the open market does he get twenty million dollar and -- I got the first question you gotta ask is on the open market does he get twenty million dollars a year. Is there another team out there that looks at it says hey we got a chance to add Dustin Pedroia yeah we'll do that for twenty million dollars a year. My instinct tells me there is there my instinct tells me that it Dustin Pedroia goes to market the -- if his deal were to end at the end of this year to know it doesn't if he were to go -- -- -- free agent at the end of the season what would commanders at least one other team out there that says wait a minute you tell me I can get a guy. Who hits the way he does as his amount of power. Shows up every single day plays with that kind of energy attitude leadership and does all of it at a position that is not known for its offense so I can go you know maybe four to do something else elsewhere on my arm might lineup. Yeah I think he command twenty million dollars somewhere in the open market really -- so if -- tell -- you get Dustin Pedroia for what is it five or six years twenty million per. Yeah I have -- I I think he got there. Somebody would pay that and no problem with the Red Sox saying that the perjury twenty million dollars a year if it doesn't affect. A negotiation with -- in other players prepared. So that that other player could be Jacoby Ellsbury. And you can you give coach can you give Dustin Pedroia twenty million dollars. Per season and then turn around stated vehicle feels very well we can't afford it because we paid Dustin. When he -- I -- when I look at the games played list every single year and I know we had a one injured another Matta -- He -- are gonna show up -- -- LI I don't know about -- one example okay. It's very free agent there's somebody else out there does this prevent you from doing the business that you wanted to do but cute. -- you look at. You look at the the amount of money you're spending on jury in this interns say what we can look forward. This league player I think the Red Sox would do that the red faction do that is still high payroll payroll team. Even though that the payroll is less than expected to being. Wind on one glorious offseason they sign. Carl Crawford and trading for Adrian Gonzales. It's still lower than that but it's still high payroll team I don't think they should be in position. The thing. To do that. Well not when it comes out of that orbit their team and it rich rock I think they can do that on the periphery but I don't think they should be doing that at the core their team now it's interesting you see the Yankees come -- over the weekend. You get every three. Every advertisement -- areas for not spending huge money on one player right as you watch the Yankees with the money they've got on the DL between A-Rod. It's not on the deal but CC sabathia all the sudden looks like -- potentially disasters investment for the next year's Jeter Teixeira. Jeter -- you list granderson and I mean you look at all of the money they have tied up and disabled list. Looked like the Red Sox did a year ago quite frankly but even worse and for how much longer those guys are going to be out. Music out of -- spent twenty million dollars on any long term contract. You better make damn -- war. Think he's the right guy and I guess my answer he would be is there anything is there any one thing to suggest the Pedroia is not that guy. Is there anything about Dustin Pedroia any single. -- you would have before saying the Dustin Pedroia is not amongst the core of your team if not. One of the top two or three most important guys and your team that he's gonna be for the next -- leader. Even if you -- injuries are concerns that guy has played through an injury this year. And is put up good numbers so you could say well I just equal to rugged little to. Reckless in a good way in the field. There's always going to be able to hold up well he's been hurt this year hurt the first series of the season. And has continued to play at a high level but this. The last time you saw the Boston Red Sox do this with one of their players in the it's it's we've gotten used -- you lately the last 1520 years we've gotten used to. Lifelong Red Sox all grown Red Sox. In their prime going somewhere else whether it's Mo Vaughn. Leaving after the 1998 season or whether it's Roger Clemens. Leaving after the 1995 season you know or 1996. These guys. Who you were saying. OK they're gonna spin their careers here. It. Rice rice is the last guy of of major significance to have spent his entire career an element of big time big time Red Sox player. Who is. With come to this point. 293031. Years old and they got an opportunity to stay here go somewhere else and yeah. Well the age is the interesting question I -- we're -- open this up here to -- excuse me six or 7779. 79376177797937. As we we ask you. For your reaction to news that the Sox and -- talking about it long term contract extension somewhere in the in the somewhere in the annual neighborhood of twenty million dollars but. If you're going to create an argument against it it's gotta be his age right. It's gotta be that he's 29 years old you're talking about five or six year -- getting him from age a centrally thirty to 35. -- And those are not typically your ultimate prime years -- the the the top of your prime should be age is 2731. Maybe 32. That being said. You're not giving him until he's 38 you're not giving a lousy years at the end for Dustin Pedroia. He's this he's a guy that I would expect I know plays the game hard and that's gonna take its -- law all from our -- over the course of his career. But DC Dustin Pedroia being done at eight. 3435. I don't I don't either you know you ask where the counterargument counterargument here is on the AT&T -- are reaping possible. A -- -- 508 says to address the concerns are injuries. Not a leader referenced 20112012. And wait too much money for a second baseman only power hitters. Should get that money. Well I think you become opposition players sure I usually get it it does it does get your attention. In his work that I mean that's why the question today. It is worthy of debate when you think of of Dustin Pedroia. Even though he's an MVP we have this conversation before you know he's he's a recent MVP. And a terrific player. You wondered if you as a superstar I think he has a superstar music. Homes because our power not quite a superstar Brett but I think of all the things that he does. And yet their tentacles and intangibles and I'm factoring in if you if you tell me you're not allowed to use intangibles. Just look at just go out cold hard facts -- Dustin Pedroia I'm comfortable. With with my argument was possible with him as a as a great player. He's a great without there's no doubt he's a great player if you -- again if you wanna take the argument against Pedroia. You look at OPS is if you if you believe that that is the reasonable indicator of what kind of player you're dealing with the terms of the hitter. I -- I don't wanna get too you know stats and says chronicle PS. Is a very good indicator would you agree without -- -- -- and yes I am at. Adding on base the -- OK it is a pretty good estimate of what kind of hitter you are he's got a very consistent. In his career. Since 2007 if you skip a couple of games he was up in 2006. -- PS is never once been below 797. And that was the bad year 2012. And as always and has always been between 797. And 869. 82386981986861797814. Incredibly. Consistent you know you're gonna get from Pedroia. -- -- in year out you know you're gonna get very good if not great defense every single game he plays hard he plays an atomic games 139157154. Injured 201075. And 159149. Of the injury last year and he forced himself to come back and play at the end and he's already played in 99 games this season. He's a gamer that in China out of 100 he's a gamer he's a leader he is a very solid and consistent hitter you're right. He's not putting capital PS over 900 he's not putting up the David Ortiz Manny Ramirez in his prime edging towards a thousand. He is not. That -- is that there is a tech guy but as you can still be as consistent as Dustin Pedroia and still be a superstar. Now it depends if you if you want to guide would be -- because superstar is. Only. The -- Miguel Cabrera types were Albert pools a couple of years ago or -- you know Josh Hamilton a couple of years you kind of guy -- right well. I don't know really where we go when -- just got one of those guys getting aren't they getting a little more than twenty they are. 22:23. AME think you're saying. Pedroia is -- notch below. And if it is -- six -- six years a hundred million. They're talking about less than twenty million dollars a year I'm not exactly sure what kind of contract -- -- end up -- but if it's in the seventeen to eighteen million dollars a year range. They're talking about exactly what he would be worth beat the wrong below that huge. Power hitter superstar -- I think this Dexter got it right so far the clubhouse literate earlier across Texas today. Seventh that forces Pedroia. Is -- doctor Bergeron and certainly. And bam bam got -- 617779793. -- take some thoughts on this. -- at the hundred million dollar five or six year extension. Being discussed worth the money. -- an axle -- WB yeah. Great to think about me and notes. It's hard this is -- -- misses -- because my family and everybody so. -- that point it would be great. Dustin Pedroia talking about a long term contract extension on the Red Sox. We find somebody says now we find a Red Sox fan it's as I'm not interest and I'd be surprised I'm sure that guys out there well. I think you might find someone who says I -- I want Dustin Pedroia -- be lifelong Red Sox player. I don't wanna pay him what they're gonna pan am not gonna get that opportunity that I mean I don't it's gonna cost to get a victory but I don't think that point of view as realistic. You know based on what players are what your your good players you're all you're consistent all star player's -- in that category -- You know you don't -- superstar he's consistent all star. Consistent all star players. Who are a couple of years away from free agency. Will command this type of money when they are 2930 years ago which is where he has so I think there are being proactive here. I think it's a Smart move knowing that when you know goes -- market. Is going to be crazy out there and I think you know is. And if you look at it if you look at it objectively I think you do have to give the edge. Robinson cannot figure out your 'cause of the power that your objective baseball and look at these great defensive player to. If you look at. If you look at the year your average. Objective baseball fan yeah they were probably saying -- knows better. But we -- victory every day I would rather -- Know it's funny it was because just listening to this Yankee -- his as annoying as he was and he was very -- -- running commentaries and -- -- to make -- -- now right now because I'm not trying to be funny he wasn't trying to -- -- and try to -- if not he's just like he got a guy with them that was -- to them don't -- -- up to -- -- But he was somebody younger he was like trying to explain the every little thing he is basically playing color analyst. For -- streets -- to try to be funny he was trying to just expressed his knowledge of the game for you retired never to a young John Sterling hit -- Switzerland. It's been silly and certainly while I was around somewhere fortunately the Yankees didn't hit any home runs the entire week in order to get a call but. Well the one thing that he point up I thought it was a great point was. The play at second base where I forget who was might in the Mike -- -- you know sliding in safely to second. Stretching a single into a double income no. -- dot com on he had his back to the play. He kind of feels that it not only easy manner didn't really think there was going to be anybody coming and if he turned around really quickly and slapped the tag on him. Probably what happened at second base I think it was carpet somebody apart on them and that's fine. And and his point was Doris do that the jury takes seriously all the time he's always paying attention to your nose got the skills to be great fielder. But does he take it seriously 100 I think. Does this is like a different style like Pedroia. Is. He is got -- Rugged as the word that. That it stands -- -- it you can see him being. He's got some Marshal on -- you know you can see him. I'm playing another sport that -- played football and being a punt returner and has gained is catching the ball without a fair -- and going right to the defense. Our tackle me and as you can do it. Robinson can know if this move. That's -- and I think -- Shouldn't be misunderstood war. Nonchalant while nobody on that play was nonchalant I mean he was pointing out something that actually was knowledge that everything -- for the most part everything he does this mood in the makes it look easy and is that. I agree that I know which -- saying. I also think that there are times or he's on July in addition to being smooth and and you just don't get that from the jury does not take. Plays off whether it's a little hop step before every play at -- part of what you love about don't get your calls on him. It just a second here 6177797937. A -- -- balls and on that but I also wanted to just introduce. The other major Red Sox topic of the day which in addition to the nice when that happened last night taken to a three from the Yankees ready for the race to coming here for huge series. Is there to pitchers at the top of the rotation who continue. To just raise eyebrows -- being Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester you can start Lester who gets pushed back from his being pushed back. Even -- supposedly the best pitcher on the team the ace especially well while Buchholz is out he hasn't pitched like -- recently you'd expect them to wanna use -- right out of the gate make sure is pitching. You know give him an extra time in the rotation but the opposite was true. They skip them then they push him back from Sunday until later this week. In order to get Dempster in their against the Yankees which fortunately for them works out. You have to keep asking questions about Jon Lester what's really going on us after 181 for me that the wondered what was gonna get to the bigger. It certainly that you'll just start there are pushing Jon Lester back yeah it is it suggests that. Maybe it's fatigue issue with him maybe they need him to. Or maybe maybe he has said to them. Any little more time more maybe they've taken out of his hands. And they gonna give him more time and it's it's still July. You're still in first place that you can afford to be cautious with Lester if you don't think he hears the injured who. Pushing him back in two out of three in this series. You get -- and the rest. They -- one through grim -- aren't there but -- but -- anytime I hear names -- I'm sure doctor James Sanders has mini. Great stories and patients who went that was really banged up to see doctor -- he assured me everything was fine I didn't have to have surgery. Story don't seem to make. Those stories don't make ESPN's sports and do. Those stories on the radio of those great ones where there's no surgery involved -- doctor James Andrews but that's the name. It's like IRS and terrorist is calling -- -- that died a message from doctor James Andrews to know was something. Well in in this case sixty minutes but -- -- back -- sixty minutes but that's a weird about it Wallace wants to talk is John -- doesn't really seem to think that it's perhaps what you wanted to puff piece of our that's what makes this one strange. This is not a guy who seems to be seriously hurt and you're sending him off. This guy whose team that does not seem to think that he is as -- as he has and I know there as he believes. I know other people are gonna say to not speculate on an injury you don't now how dirty is your being irresponsible by speculating on an injury and I'm not gonna -- second I don't know. How injured clay -- to release we just talked about this on Friday we're never gonna reeling now. But I can react. To what John -- I can react to some of the John -- comments and it sure seemed to me as if Ferrell was at the very least questioning. Clay Buchholz. Given all clay is dealt with with. Start and stop in this whole -- process and rehab. Associated with. Shoulder neck all the all that. As I've said many times he's extremely frustrated with that and as it seemed like he was turned the corner on the on the trip to when we went through Seattle in the throwing it was doing and it hasn't so. I think more than anything to get some verification and clarification. Your doctor Anders. To put his mind of these is probably as important as anything. That he's dealing with from a physical stuff. This to put his mind at -- I -- that to me as a manager saying that I don't know that I'm sure is hurt but I wanna make sure is mind is put the ease of that he's actually able to go out there. Well -- it may be tested. Maybe they look at it and they can't and it's at the point where. If your manager tells you from a baseball perspective. -- you gonna have a Little League and have a little discomfort as part of the game go out there and in pitch is not gonna hurt you that's one thing. And you're thinking maybe in the back to -- -- baseball man you. And he's being paid to win a lot of games and then really care but the rest of my career you don't know what he thought my he's not a doctor well go see him go happy and see. One of the most renowned doctors in the sport and it doctor James Andrews says the same thing may be they buckles comes back if he's assured that. Pitching will not. Hurt. You -- that exam on Friday the test results from strength are all consistent with what they've been. So that that's where the I guess the puzzling aspect of this really comes him the strength is there range of motion is there it's just. In that repetitive movement you know he'll feel some. -- restriction at some point through throwing. The range of motion. Are -- others John -- on Clay Buchholz and again I think it's a very leading comment. When he talks about he peace of mind for clay buckled six point 777979837. -- has -- today in south -- Accounting audition ticket might call an additional -- gonna pop culture they haven't actually there's going to be a matter just about here. Stardom or at least a couple of rehab starts and then. Don't sort of -- well known and if you sell supplemental -- out of the outside it's like the optimal case scenario would be about such what you got to do it trying to get over that mental -- Armstrong on. But you know -- I think Pedroia went -- what they know it over five years it's. You know is an excellent offer them kind of surprises that -- Obviously it. And talk in terms of position players and they're united maybe. -- the reference -- Roberts now I mean the guy you know obviously you don't. Excellent position player but I think particularly you know I think Detroit plays every single and no matter how routine the players. It's always hard in all his mind on that play -- -- look at the -- Dustin Pedroia the smallest guy in the group of people still enslaved Odyssey and sort of monster out there and he's he's just doesn't this game. It's been reported hurt. You -- old third and he can back out there. Yeah you know it's funny it's it's hard to argue I mean ever every point you make is right on I think it's you know Michael I think both believe that he is gonna be worth the money. That there are likely to pay him get any concerns about the fact that he's going to be for this length of this contract. Somewhere in the thirty to 35 year old range instead of 27 -- 32. Absolutely not in the redemption that is because he's got the heart he's got the markets for his mind is indicated as -- -- in the case it -- long and distinguished reasonably healthy. He Pedroia is -- how they break the mold when them people -- Detroit I think its largest party in the game as much as it is today. -- little game. Indicated that march what he's 33 what is. Thirty or what is 35 and get out there was going to be 500 is our duty like so important to insult as any major injuries or anything like that. -- play again for the love particularly. And I and I -- not -- sure there -- a lot of -- I'm on the same premise you know I'm in Jordan plays to capable of hurricane agencies within a very -- out there. Matter compound without the Sox aren't any different situation. Doesn't right there and it could execute all about you know in the mind -- I I think I don't see these HP and a factor for five years down the road I really don't. Now with -- trying to think of you know it just criticism does is his game built on speed in any kind of way now. -- not so if you. If you look at it and he he does get a lot of doubles but you're paying a guy gets a lot of doubles and is a speed guy and he's well and in your paying him. Top dollar well into his thirties. You may have the fear that he won't be able to achieve the same level because speed is a part of the world -- not a part of his game. Not really I mean he's a good base runner. But he is not he does steal twenty bases -- army and he's not advocate base runner might -- -- -- attractive Dustin Pedroia steals thirteen basis instead of twenty in his season he's still very valuable player he's not Jacoby Ellsbury whose value was very much caught up and his speed and a reason why I think we both. Had at least some level reservation about a huge deal for Jacoby Ellsbury going forward because you've seen what happens when guys who were who are speed guys get that big deal until their thirties this as we lose that. This is what stands out to me about Pretoria when he doesn't do. When he doesn't make a play. That you felt like he should make whether it's in the fielder at the plate you're surprised. Mean even last night now I don't think they scored on it but he had a situation where he had he had the ability to advance a runner. I pops out router goes to third or -- Didn't score after that I think at that point was six victory in the eighth they scored later to make it 73 in the Yankees came back. But that's what he does not situations if you need if you just need to bring -- -- or a runner home. One out. Runner on third it is gonna get a hit. Where the sac fly something something is gonna happen. You don't say we can't strike out here he usually doesn't strike out need to make this place needs something big to happen that's what he does so to me. And that he has a superstar but not the oh my god it's so obvious I've never watched baseball my life and I can see these guys authorities are. He's not Miguel Cabrera he can't I want to Miguel Cabrera not think that a Rodham or over pulls a few years ago before sort of broken down a little bit in in jail time. But that's sort of the that. That's the one cautionary tale is when you spend huge money on a guy. You have a lot of question marks the difference I think in this is what makes this such a no brainer from Red Sox perspective he's already their guy. They're not signing an unknown they're not bringing in into a new market -- knew. Ballpark or new organization or new philosophy or anything like that they know he's already comfortable here and we have this conversation a few times Michael. Free agents are becoming less and less important. In baseball it's becoming harder and harder to finding really good quality free -- we're seeing more and more mistakes made in the free agency market if you're not gonna spend money -- Steve and I mean that -- -- -- 20000025. Million dollar a year free agents the Hamilton's the approvals as it's better. There are gonna be that many more of those guys available in their prime especially given the steroid era has at least in some way come to an end to where else he can spend the money. If not on your own guy Dustin Pedroia six point 777979837. Kevin at Wakefield I can't. They would go to guy -- -- what let me get -- Michael we. We are -- not knowing that it happens I know exactly who you are know what you said on Friday we -- that I was thinking about over the week. We don't need it and we don't go back there appeal we don't go back -- we don't need to collector just go ahead because I'm the temperature got the future I got to. Again Michael and I -- that they're literally like you do every day and eat great intangible of appeal but other. Other team the other players can't do he's not worth forty million dollars a paper of all he's not that he's a Smart these -- the the difference. He doesn't not getting more than eighty run. He's not getting hit 340. He pocketed more than twelve or fifteen a month I don't think he ever had even -- MVP -- I think you're eighteen and that we're gonna pay him that kind of money. The red crepe paper and -- -- Wikipedia VIP our -- -- you probably -- at least 82 baseman Ryan Sandberg. Jeff Kent hit it 4045 point run. Well let's hold -- let's first -- let's clear up some of the facts about what you -- some of that stuff is simply not turn. He has hit as many as 21 home runs in the season. In 2011 he had 21 home runs that same season he also drove in 91 runs. So the idea that he doesn't driving in eighty the idea that he's never -- famine he has done -- I didn't think -- -- game. -- -- put it that. Who cares about your readers are amateurs -- 162 game average is 79 RBIs -- can't say you haven't I say I got me there not be accurate and I got the -- result OK you got an out it can't as well if you're saying he's not given knocking an eighty and is a 162 game average is 79. I would suggest you that you're splitting hairs. -- immediate career. Once -- twice. Twice and he's knocked in 72 another year. Act. And like I get 600 at bat right. 611. -- is -- general student protests he 600 mile northeast personal career knew that you know. I -- so they keep this person I knew that he uses that word. We have to be careful like Colin I thought all the great picture we got to be careful that we label -- and we just doing that because look I can end. Only doing it because it is the guy in particular saying -- that typically -- when he nearly a week laughter. Not only so I think it Dustin Pedroia is on the open market somebody gives -- twenty million dollars a year. Just give BJ Upton last year how much money to BJ -- get Justin -- stinks. BJ Upton was given that money entirely on potential has never really done a damn thing. Pedroia has won an MVP goes the all star game almost every year has that the mentality you'd want as the production you'd want. And I I gotta tell I just I disagree the -- Well we agree to disagree I -- I think he's a great player I don't quite get to that appoint some Red Sox and I love the guy when he gets up he feel comfortable lead in the he'll be guilty. But he's just not -- twenty billion dollar. What you are what's what's worth Durbin how much. I don't say that at fourteen or twelve -- the elegant woman dollars. But according to Michael you -- pretty -- -- Did you think he's worth I think I think he's worth about what they're paying. You really don't yet know. You wait received an -- Let's play clip plays a pitcher and he's personal he's making what once I was already make it anyway gonna make it 25 here and got it up to 27. Second -- many American legal let alone break it. If new pavilion here not even -- that they can -- you guys. Let's say is that the best second baseman in his division the guy who who is in -- that you talk about Robinson canal is gonna make a lot more it's gonna make up more than two. I don't know if it's got -- -- -- -- I don't Kevin is gonna slot exactly like you think -- -- you think. Robinson could no should make more money then Dustin Pedroia he would. If you think you should make a Laporte and Dustin Pedroia he will. Well especially the jury get to steal first because whenever he gets for the deal whether -- 151820. Or 22. A Smart agent for Robinson to know it's gonna find a way to get him more. Just based on the supply and demand that he's gonna be able to it to find on the market 61777979837. Talking Dustin Pedroia at a potential long term. Extension to stay with the Red Sox plus Clay Buchholz heading to Alabama to see doctor James injures your thoughts on that talking Hollinger WER delivers Napoli. The drive what it did -- that date back if -- driving home and -- bad but I certainly wouldn't want the ball or not. All lined shot right over the -- your barred the second and all of that late Jerry. And I walk -- win but the Red Sox and seven bonds bit. -- -- from from hero to go to -- again last night for Mike Napoli I am curious whether they're Red Sox fans. That are still mad at Napoli Italy won the game for the -- he could do it a couple of innings earlier and allow them to go to bed when they wanted to go to bed instead of what he was ready for them to go about other People's Court. Mostly it wanted to don't just think property during that game ended at 1253 -- on a blow. On Monday morning we used what they were just out on the West Coast last week the week before the year kind of used to -- this -- essentially like a West Coast gamer. At the very least a mountain time game better teams -- people -- -- Colorado in people with real jobs. And real careers. There is no way really there's no way most posted twelve Katrina and you port at all understand. -- happen -- -- at twelve victory. And and so on political today it was a compelling game I was -- dollars but those compelling games leading up to and I think that's the one thing I would say it was a compelling games leading up to -- -- Red Sox yankees games move and he glacial pace and it's very annoying and that's when did it absolutely did obviously put. Compelling game to watch last night's -- on 77797937. -- of -- I'm Bob. Go to a Bob you know well. Keep up and construct well we replace it. I think I certainly wouldn't wanna pay more importantly. I would hope that's the upper happen. He's a great player. He's. He's not over the power numbers I. You have to -- the -- and see how old you know he's in the all star balloting all the time is right there he gives is something consistent. He also is it something else again a little bit -- coaching ability I think. If you think actually differ politically if your offices and I think he's likely to be a batting coach and. Well maybe. I don't know I don't know if he has the patience for that. You know by the patient and the of the possible negative if things go bad will these sort of because school like you do Lester. On the other hand he's competitive he's such a winner it was so frustrating frustrated and the frustration came up well. You gotta like that competitiveness. Or -- you know Bob we had a texture just wrote in a few minutes ago is that people never factor in the marketing aspect of this it's a great point. What do you think gossip into you know whether it's with Dustin Pretoria Robinson -- -- you -- canal was slightly better or you think their. Overpaying Pedroia by a million. Her too much to me and per too much. It's immaterial we think about the big picture they know who Dustin Pedroia is they know what -- means to their culture and he is recognizable. Face. Where their fans it is the business of baseball we have to we have to think about the business aspect of -- -- now it's it's a problem. When you think about business. 90% of the time in baseball 10% of the time on -- that happen. You still have to -- wink and a nod toward the business aspect of it and I think if you look at business. It makes all the sense in north Chris is in New Hampshire I Chris. They have legal guys actually take like cause I was looking and your guys talk about twelve to fourteen per Pretoria and I just think when you talk about clutch and you talk about somebody who can consistently give you good numbers you can't really. UK -- while ago like that otherwise you cannot find I'm calling somewhere else I mean. I mean how much how much. Would we put a price tag on the consistency. It's like when you don't hear -- wireless carrier to buy new only gonna pick the street on the going to be good for a few months and then you don't want something and you know you're gonna want to open -- -- that he's gonna -- -- even beyond that Chris I think it's what you said -- at the beginning there which is is keeping your own guy happy. It's it's letting your own guy you know. That you want him. Other such you can afford to pay Dustin Pedroia. And you -- not feel -- days you -- not you know we're not some chump team that doesn't have the cash and has to make it difficult decision and everybody every single move you make has to be measured down to every minute detail is if you screw up. Just as much -- one guy. You could -- your payroll cuts he just he just not good anymore he loses that he loses his ability to be Dustin Pedroia. You're screwed if you're the Red Sox you can survive that you can't survive three or four of those the Yankees by showing you that right now -- the Yankees are sort of I mean they're not on. Yeah so maybe as aggregate they're not a great team on the -- division competence and one division. They should be a lot worse and they are bright and long term they'll be OK I mean even though their pay in these guys they do of the capital to go out there and make sure that a one year. Dive is not going to ruin them for five or six years the way it would for the Oakland a's are a team that has a really small payroll. You can afford to take this risk and show your own guy that you really appreciate everything he does. Speaking of the eight that's that and call from joke mystic human and -- ammonium radio. Mood doing the analysis. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. A star. -- has a while I was -- He was fantastic. He was able to he was able to to artillery attack after another -- we also have I what I think may be the best open my question that we have had. Yet on the ship since we started the open my cap and started asking for your input throughout the show. I think Andy came up to W yet.

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