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Sox with another walk off win

Jul 22, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Sox 11 inning win over the Yankees. John and Gerry believe that chemistry has played a large part in the teams turn around, Kirk disagrees.

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If you were either at Fenway park at 12:53 this morning or still alive and awake in front of your twelve on television at pulpit to 3 this morning raise your hand. Level provide you this public service and enhance jurors' hands down. Sports teams down no man's gotta do it for hours and 46 minutes it took. Eleven innings 1253. -- were down three nothing. They scored seven on -- runs three of those coming on -- Mike Napoli home run. New York. Click off to -- -- in the seventh -- at 7711. Inning two out 32 pitch. Napoli walked off solo home run Red Sox beat the Yankees 87 that is their ninth. Walk off win and leading the majors. And symmetry -- sixty at forty after a hundred games six. The and forty only nine wins away from last year is when. This is the kind of day ideally where we can all agree that they would not have won this game last all -- And that's the kind of day where we. Have an answer for minute man who would say how does that work how does that work. How does that work when chemistry matters you know how does that work would camaraderie. When the character of the ball club affects one loss column yes it works the way it worked last anchor that's -- works it works. It works -- worked. Over and over this year. How many of the nine walk off wins they would. And then not to change the makeup of this club I would say it has meant they wouldn't come back from -- nothing out last year. Probably not but there were four of five incidences moments last said they lose this game last year you know about the blues this year. It was that kind of game it was -- the a decent team but this is what happens someone asked me over the weekend. Explain to me the difference John -- over Bobby Valentine. And I. -- it's it's all. It's all nebulous. Subjective. Nebulous and ambiguous but it's real you know it's it's tangible but it's. It's intangible but it's tangible you -- that makes any sense because. They don't win these games if they don't change the -- -- they don't win these games last year they don't win these games if they don't all trust one another yes trust the manager. How that works a mature but we saw it work again last night in a sentence. I would say this and how much of the covers the whole thing we use of the difference between fair and and and Valentine Ferrell has put them at a position that all they have to do. And all they have to worry about is getting ready to play a baseball game. Come to work and play baseball game have some fun and laughter and play. With -- it was like well what's today's brushfire are going to -- networks corporation is an ongoing debate right that's the different -- much more relaxed atmosphere I mean I don't think amateurs aren't doing that but I mean they're a better -- All team and they were last twenty games over five -- I can't argue. When you say it felt like it would lost that game last year I can't disagree -- it would lost that game -- why do you think chemistry has nothing to do it quietly but my pleasure as you say you can't prove -- you don't know what it is -- -- -- had this argument for months so we can't prove anything it's weird to say -- -- definitely true of course you can't prove it but don't you -- attempt -- field and -- -- -- -- it's like it's like they're still -- it's like your belief in higher power you know. -- opened your lord savior Jesus Christ like. View it would you believe I guess there yet I don't they are adults -- its -- it's a. Tangible thing and I mean if this -- an object lesson if your team and pick up 500 team blow 500 team. On their owners on the GM's looking at the Red Sox and while. They pass on Josh Hamilton yeah you know they've passed on. All big ticket items unloaded. -- -- Crawford Beckett and they unloaded you know the -- that the famous blues manager they have the this TV star from manager that brought in -- boring old pitching coach. And look what happened -- -- guys like Johnny got on the next Jonny Gomes as we know Jonny Gomes next Camelot Parton but the next guy in line. Is an -- Jonny Gomes and say see it's not about the numbers. He didn't have numbers were two years and ten million bucks. Does baseball reference page looks like someone you'd you'd -- You know and yet -- brits are paid him five million box and he's paid off. Look at Napoli at but obviously the thirteen million dollar a year contract that did initially signed into that they it'll. Change when they found them -- and explosives in his hip right but I thought these moves that brutal winter we talked about all winter. Were they were almost up against the wall hope Britain this chemistry character thing would play -- it would work out. Sure they were really believe it you know there was -- We'll pick a year and we will change the culture change the the environment around this club and maybe may be -- the cavaliers the fans will come back. And like -- again. Yes we're gonna happen much they may want it and I'm sure the Major League Baseball as a copycat league like the NFL has been to your point Jerry. There -- general managers looking at distance -- Maybe there is something to that maybe there is something to not stacking up all the most expensive best talent statistically and getting people complain together in enjoyed being together and spending all this time together. I think people are looking at that announcing may -- that is the way to go. You know that's why I don't think they're gonna make a big deal with the deadline of the government. And that and I'm not sure they get a signal coming guys bad guys is -- like the spit in flap as. His glove but if you're bringing a guy and they were saying he's stud but. Can jerk when they pass when they pass that we can't do Vietnam it's kind of flies in the face of everything we've done everything we've built. Up to this hundred game mark. If you make a deal for a guy and I don't just didn't say it was Milton Bradley -- Were available wouldn't pass on that this year because. Of the theme. That yes this is played out for a hundred games and played remarkably well I can't see -- make a deal for -- You know unlike what we did what we -- them. Third man last yeah reversal in daily winter alone in that -- You're right and I would agree if it's a guy who's not overwhelming it's -- a great deal that probably pass it was close -- ask things you don't -- -- -- -- -- -- boring and -- guys -- -- I don't think is he not topic so it was a victory meals during production. Yes I mean he's not a fun guy he's not a Gomes now that the guy but I bet -- welcome him I mean the team. Teammates -- -- plus pitches might be different weather -- lists in the right in and out in the hunter's fifth day knickers. But you know that the and I don't think Napoli it's a fun guy. But he you know he's a good guy and a good clubhouse guys you could tell me. To look after war profits and see how happy people really -- you can you say they really thrill for him and used to be ago I wouldn't walk off. Ago Manny mania awesome. Napoli hits that are going to -- inflicted genuinely happy you're on -- mean Kirk. I don't remember that reaction say -- 07 median home run Euro four and remember guys just standing now the team unity school through the motions they went through the motions to go back and look at your rhetoric and cold war in Pensacola he would come out of the -- around the bullpen. Last the longest and -- yes they're not Napoli on the walk off from home run and the celebration. It's this it's great you know he's just they're gone crazy and repeat -- off. As far as I'm doing. About winning when a ballgame especially in my. And it. Beyond taking a chance. And changing the culture. Of this baseball team thing about this. Your so called ace Jon Lester has been anything but do your best pitcher Clay Buchholz hasn't been seen since the Carter administration although James Andrews will see him today. Are in spring training. We had. It's called an embarrassment of riches with Frontline closers now neither Hanrahan -- Bailey are available what else com. You promising third baseman. We'll -- Brooks now lives in Pawtucket but you're situational lefthander Andrew Miller haven't even thought of him about it done all this will all of that right. Notes includes I mean I think buckles -- eleven innings exactly two months they had all stars come buckles that dual status and they were the guys that make deals to team all the time and -- -- bright guy bolt out of the blue. Some big league type. Just -- that they you know this season by storm. There MVP is probably. On -- BP yesterday -- -- you know saying a couple of guys. And that really statistically so show me what jumps off the page among. The guys this Victorino grounds that mean apple I -- after last -- long dry spell. What jumps off the page you are that's it. Mean others I mean by it and he's been great yeah there's that this didn't say that's just not it I -- -- you -- spring training I said the gonna win on sixty of the first hundred and who aren't -- different I would not know that people and -- announces name public Memorial -- And we spent a lot of time god knows too much time probably break it down and analyzed in who's gonna -- what. -- -- -- -- -- -- bit above expectations -- yes we go in Moscow outperform. Outperform expectations who has an Ortiz clearly has -- obviously -- wayward whale expert and people plays better but nobody bars of the bastards careers because I think they can't get away if they gave away. People would have been through college but that part of the getting all of your courage and brought -- do run showed up for intravenous -- down for two weeks to get in shape and you can come in and start to -- -- very good idea -- one. -- no question -- It is amazing. Lackey could be. Buckles has those numbers still on the board. And add to not adding any okay the lackeys you're -- absolutely well I should. He -- game one starter you're a -- American League you're Boston science. You are like oh I think definitely you know we use it would not know what's -- -- and that's -- Macy's 500 but. The irony in the news. It's pretty amazing you know a guy who wasn't supposed to be able to handle this division and hell didn't he couldn't. A lot of the times he's been here. When we when they made the greatest trade its history last August. I said you know next -- fall lacking some yes -- -- part of that culture double bag and put out the trash and everyone says -- good -- smiling -- I think they didn't because they knew what he was pitching and nobody else really -- now that's part but I'll tell you what he's going to be -- bargain in the last year of his deal. Usually meant better and -- and a bit veteran minimum when he's picked up some fears that Iran and the Jews. That story and wait for that that's a good question because I think this -- real. Disagreement among people kind of guy he is. As you know I had the bartender yet in the floor of the -- greatest pepper ever. But he would he was passionate in defending. As a personal. Or his teammate even though he showed up we see this -- -- -- -- throws club opens and amid a bad -- yet nobody opposed sending back about the guy all the best was when the department said music. Here in here young player. It is an even ghosts I just give me his check in the eighth but he didn't say India and so as a player rookie of middle Brooks is having lunch with his family. And and like -- give -- Jack. And just -- mean -- give that back. If that's not a sign of a good guy good clubhouse guy good teammate and I don't know what is you can roll your eyes in the heat of the moment. When your pick up the check for Julio Jose Iglesias there and mean. Can you imagine you know only someone in this -- on the that they would. That you don't believe the chemistry thing what a bad chemistry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think. Right they look like it after the game last night but last year was last year okay Cody Ross in the walk off home -- up -- -- -- Those guys went nuts around us each other on this team I think my point is those guys supposedly -- -- -- like each other in my -- and -- sell rated. They aren't good it's good. It's we just don't mix it's a much better. Personal at aloha or personal healthier today and beat he's scored in how they are. -- -- -- to -- -- not your your vacations. And British easily get it to anybody incidentally -- every single offensive category which -- couldn't I know statistically -- power but they're not your -- because guys who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wouldn't -- Brooks I can't play baseball anymore I'm in Pawtucket not that those -- -- opportunities open at the chemistry so great wise white -- -- -- Why is Buchholz -- faking an injury wise all the stuff happening. If the tapestry so bad I was happy to buckle to it to the question. I just don't think he's not the answer of course not if you guys that defend it because it's not dependable. You don't open exists that's IPR percent right what what the odd percent Ron Artest off course but at at what we -- Come around admit you know like like I did. What was an Iran analyst with the removal coma but I can remember way Hamilton Josh yeah yeah eligible than you know how he was it would have been great and I killed -- months of this guy that would fit in Cairo what I mission -- but that's. Europe yes mr. anonymous speech privacy Notre Dame under if you're Quasimodo but you really -- US -- -- but. At what would you say OK they prove me wrong chemistry character matters not what they prove me wrong is an infant -- these guys with the right move that they play well they. Ritual and what is it the same thing open it's the same things -- so let's just -- Tampa catches of passes them in the Red Sox go. Eaten some new form missed the wild -- by game -- the chemistry the republic I don't know I have to see it on fool teams that are 88 would be more than anybody thought this country any right -- 6040. -- have changed expectation that a hundred games a good sample size. Yes a -- -- democracy after a hundred games. You will run it was wrong -- and he never forget that supports and -- -- this world com about how wrong was I I would would Gomes and I'd love this personality but the guy. 209 against right right the guy it was a platoon player. Shane Victorino people called the worst signing of the of the offseason. Thirteen million a year on the Internet and another guy he calls a platoon player right the test to put two players right there. Eighteen million of them this year. And you think of guys like that is a dime a -- you can find them Mike harps. You know for a lot less than eighteen million. And yet they invested in the bright eyes because all of there. Character and personality totally fair question I don't be cancer for two I think there's a chance he -- Gonzales today will be bitching because reportedly sent him like yeah there's one devious and and I expect I think -- -- -- -- wouldn't be I would sit around Oscar and an excellent example I think it's really fair to at least wonder that I just don't have the answer should do. I don't. Do you do it. It's just gave you the answer of course -- pitchers and six and -- It will personally and it's still holding the six in the other team scored more runs in six games in room like they lose like last year when they like well last night. Held well they were brought the ball all over the that was great last the bullpen wasn't sloppy game was a great because they have good chemistry or part of it yet. Would a guy and I don't know who would who would wanna be close it's not a closer. But I have a closer they should not mr. And I would just say you know guys don't like their roles for a seventh inning guy wants to create in the eighth and analysts have been closer that's a problem. Under Bobby Valentine is not on the John Farrell. I was period talk farmers ballot and that's fine. -- he's manager. Obviously for this team up. What is is necessarily better with x.s and all right and managing the game exactly 99% of the manager has nothing to do with you know double switches in the national league world -- know totally -- stuff to put the group that -- at 61777. On 79374. Lines open will talk with you Brad -- 805 Tom mostly in Tom. We see you the only thing more remarkable than what Phil did yesterday is what Phil said on Saturday you know -- it's incredible interest this. We have two big sports stories that were dark element here in the first yes. One of them and did twelve hours before the other yes and maybe get on the same day could get the same day one of the most twelve hours old neo. Has that ever happened that's never happened and we've been on this movement in the tank for -- bet Phil Saturday.

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