WEEI>On Demand>>Should the Red Sox Make a Move at the Deadline and Possibly Lose a Valuable Prospect in the Process? Butch Stearns Gives His Opion...and So Does an Infamous WEEI Caller

Should the Red Sox Make a Move at the Deadline and Possibly Lose a Valuable Prospect in the Process? Butch Stearns Gives His Opion...and So Does an Infamous WEEI Caller

Jul 21, 2013|

Butch talks Red Sox and their potential to make a run this season ... which leads to the topic of what should they do a the deadline when they clearly are hurting in the pitching department. Danny from Quincy calls and gives his emotional take.

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Dexter says the Red Sox are good enough to take at all clay needs to come back and Lester has to go. I feel like Cliff Lee would be a great move. Will middle Brooks. K a lot one text not sure I can decipher it all I'm asking the question -- Red Sox -- enough to make the playoffs to win at all as it. Just get in the tournament -- in need you know whoever's playing well. Can do that -- mean the number one seed doesn't always win in baseball. There's a lot of rumors just -- up on some of them in the break and a lot going on heating up now would less than. Ten days to go until the trading deadline or ten days in -- Matt Garza. Jake Peavy now -- entered the fold. According to MLB trade rumors dot com. Com here's the teams that had scouts. And -- visa last com. Start blue jays Red Sox mariners yankees Diamondbacks and Orioles. So blue jays Red Sox and Orioles and yankees. Everybody but the race. The American League east have people watching Jake Peavy starts opposes the giants are etched in him he got Houston. Who's just an aberration but Norris might be available. After guy like that. According to MLB trade rumors and another article I read the Phillies aren't going anywhere -- 500 to six and a half games out -- -- -- Cliff -- but would you try to pry him out how would you do. Brian Wilson remember him. Supposedly he's thrown again in the next weaker so he's gonna showcase his arm C worries that for some teams. Many other arms that are available on one year deals for teams like the Mariners left handed pitcher Oliver Perez. For me to be clear with a Red Sox I'm going get a couple of arms or reliever in May be starter. I want a reliever first go to -- Quincy had any. Hopeless we we talked two weeks ago and you you you made this statement that. This is in this and that is winning championships. And I got on the phone anymore autorad. Say it is anything but I sent apathy I almost sent the people want the Red Sox to lose. Because they don't want to have to give up any. Hot and prompted the -- you know. Let me ask yourself in. In the right mind can never write a script of what happened two years and now this is -- championship now -- -- more any less valuable than one in the. -- on -- yes I agree but at what price. Oh that's a parent. Aren't they -- you -- I don't know I'm just test tedium as I want it unless you hold on did. -- -- you very legitimate question. Was did Josh Beckett championship worth channel premieres. -- wait a guy OK I really. You what I really do. Up into a -- and actually you know retaliate after they won the championship says he would rather heavy immigrant -- Before that big contracts he said it was right at him in America at a million dollars. Is what you would make it remained stable at all the getting back at that we would've had to get this championship back. And by the way by the way. I don't know I'm not -- I was in their by the way. But any any by the way let's all agree to further your. Acutely from green anymore but -- -- -- -- is the exception. For him mayor David does. The guys it was supposed to be the next coming who don't turn out to be anything. Okay -- exploit that but look at what the Red Sox traded the sound system so that Adrian Gonzales. Right yes. They seem to be able to replenish that sound system quite quickly which means which means I have always said Satan and the people down there doing the scouting. That they put it that continue to put the money -- organization that continued to put money into scouting system. And use the same technique that they used that to replace every sort of bring it -- in the club with a good crop why is. Don't want everybody worried about an odd thing cleaned out all the cleanup spot. Not do any of them are. Fighting to agree agree to so so -- had said -- so so I agree with you so that said. You need that type of move. I mean you know he dissidents -- names and all you want to do what's right what's that type of move you gonna trying make right now. Now the best pitcher in baseball. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- it's available on the best candidate. I mean I just I -- like Matt Garza against Matt Garza guy's pitching best. If you want if you wanna be you know already you know talking about the produce they don't. OPEC I mean I don't I don't and I say this despite the early in the I don't -- -- I talk to jar had about it people would went up. But say don't let doctor linearity in got to save everybody was on the station and we need to get done the doubt buyback. And I got -- -- the guys acted out what his ownership get a reprieve on the mistake I admit I let them on the first place that I might expect on the on the result I'll replacement as the replacement that it it that would add a that just I didn't dump. But now. It I would say gold -- sleep can't talk about employing about Austria. Let's. Do that and you got to -- to win -- -- because when when we came to women that win helped him. -- image that you did not seem a bit part as a dominant black. No -- so to get Cliff Lee and by the way I would do it all things being equal. And I'll tell you why not only getting hold on not only getting Cliff Lee would you getting demonstrated a slash stopper. Our guy who wants to win a championship could -- hasn't won one yet. And any other thing is that you got him under control a lot of money but you got them on neutral but three more years so. Here's the thing. Here's the thing called here's the thing go right back to the Beckett. Hanley Ramirez thing because you're given up in the -- is to get him he really given up Bogart's. He really -- depending on the Phillies like he really given up Bogart's he really given up remedial rose up. Webster you give up one of those guys he cannot get closely. While there are sort of estimate. The extra. Second I don't know Johnny Mac app -- up to date -- -- except when he does -- but it just Bradley. Supposed to be casino on it what it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's probably the most. Which is more. People which is a more but any. Did he. Brought -- any -- Iglesias your arguments for Jackie Bradley junior doesn't. Happen overnight for young Major League all the time we want I want to. -- -- do we say that's what writers and they can't read and he. Look at the calendar right now I don't know what's got the prospects of -- Happened in two years I guess I'll go back to the original point if the Red Sox due diligence they continued to. Do their homework on prospects they would have no problem replenishing the -- I agree with depth but here's here's my one amendment Baltimore's I want -- And here. I agree here's my one amendment to what you're saying. I agree whole the best point you made this whole thing is if you're big market organization put the money into -- scouting system. That's gonna replenish it all the time I agree full ought to -- that now is the next step if you're at this point this season and you got a chance unexpectedly or not. To contend for a championship in your mind. They you go for here's what else you do. You'll also gather all those scouts together. And you take a look at your current prospects and you decide which ones are keepers and which ones you're not sure about and if another team thinks that your treasure -- tree you're trashes treasure. They -- trade decked out in other words if you don't think Alan Webster is gonna turn into bad guy. And he's got some value not trigger him right now all on every single one of. Advocate I'm not saying that the that the -- they may have to trailed the guys that or that he now. -- hit into the job it is to get this game where they need to get through to position themselves. In the postseason but the players they don't. So she can't play at a performing out we don't play I don't -- for people that it wondering -- and let them play out the string. And then give it looked at Democrat in the post season. He experienced back. We're not worried about the it -- really the one thing I'm really concerned about this game right now at the closing situation also. They are talking way to let one golf 5% from guys that I but on the DL. They did I would. He had something to do Danny gets to do would leave -- What didn't that would be particularly I don't look at a contentious relationship that you might have got -- I thought. About it and difficulties. Saw it different between -- -- -- I'm a big -- and it was up I didn't like some pretty good. I don't out. -- -- -- -- It opened up but not once you would think I can I open result. What did you what you want but playoff spot at any of -- because he's got. And if you -- -- -- yeah. Bush did that kind of back and -- -- -- coordinate. You don't know that they never made offers to either guy they've tried -- sign him just like they're trying to sign Pedroia now before contracts are up and they. I can't embedded -- item the noted that. I'm sorry yes they do look at what he would play in the worst baseball Victoria that's when they should have made. You want then you. Analysts are any who says they didn't try I. No you wouldn't of about what we what I heard about it it felt very -- -- make a semi. And that. Plus an epidemic of what it. -- probably like that you know they don't want to play and then and it. Stay right right. Thanks for the cause you know I would love to have Papelbon back. I would love to a palpable on back you know the reason he's not here is not all on the Red Sox either. Six months 777979837. Its usual the tax and I thought it. Don't talk to gaining too long I think he's gonna have a stroke get rid of -- is screaming. -- yelling at the radio he's not letting you talk the guy's got to bust -- -- -- Larry did you do wonder about his blood pressure and now. Believable why don't let him get through because I'm on blood pressure medication listener Paul works great for me. Guinea chill up my friend it's not an important. Give up -- for Cliff Lee to be worth it -- shut the hell up be worse than that -- I have three daughters I didn't say that. Honey. Stop -- isn't what he was get -- -- show he's spot on. Followed up again he's obnoxious -- shut down a lot blah blah blah. Let's take a break Joey Lawrence when we come back you are up next. We've got twenty minutes to go after the break leading up to Red Sox pregame Joey Lawrence whoever else would like China and it's 617. 77979837. Met Oprah will be kind and gentle in the last twenty minutes unlike the screening process. Which can be very painful up to this point it all changes. After 7 PM so stick around. You know I love what people call it the second half of the season. 'cause it's it's not bad at all it's it's this two and a half months it's like the second. It's like that the last two fifths. Of the season and to look at it for the Red Sox this is what they're dealing with. Including the last two games he played against the Yankees they start the secrets quote second half of the season with thirteen out of seventeen at home. Home is the Yankees home against the rays at Baltimore at home against Seattle and Arizona thirteen of their first seventeen. To start the after the all star break at home they then have sixteen of their next nineteen on the row. They go to Houston go to Kansas City they go to Toronto and they have three against the Yankees it then we then they go to San Francisco and then they go to -- against the Dodgers. Not coming into the end the August so following this the start with thirteen of seventeen at home. And the F sixteen of nineteen on the road in that home stretch is a ten game homestand in that road stretches a ten game road trip. Now you get the last week in August. Their home against the Orioles home it's the White Sox to start September. And then home against Detroit that is a 123456789. Game home stand. From August 27. To September 4. Can you get ready to go back to school. And leading into Labor Day weekend. The Red Sox play all games against the American League east as baseball's done with the sundown schedule they play the division games. All for the whole month of September they play at the Yankees at Tampa home against the Yankees home against the Orioles home against Toronto. And at Baltimore to finish the season with two games. At the Colorado Rockies Tuesday and Wednesday September 24 and 25 in there. So their fifth and fourth final games of the year in Colorado. Against the Rockies so there's your Red Sox. Schedule. For the rest of the season let's finish up with that Joseph Andrew and -- -- Lawrence go ahead my friend. IGoogle to enjoy your -- -- -- -- trading prospects we distributed to borderline policy which at the it he ought to elaborate or they just but it looks -- who gave it looks like. Iriki mean inning that was Larry and sit and that we also traded away we I actually. Embree in -- might Marco to screw up our women are being. Man match I don't believe was at the all star break I think that was before the season but go ahead -- right. That would automatically reporters she's a little -- -- like I Ottawa it's great regard I'd let that not essential but is this situation. You have a two year old are your quick take your quick third down play the Schilling trade. Mom barker helped them get the playoffs Canadian. It bought -- can -- the -- coming or is we're doing good chilling inclement together that you interpret. And it's showing Schilling was not showing his first. Meanwhile search area knew what they what -- media waiting -- -- this outburst you know. -- Schilling in 1988. Are you pitched four game he was 21 years old he started four games in 1999. Like Adam Cuba which -- the requirement so hot. They've also here is before he did it. I understand your point so book but you're pointing to two guys Bagwell and shelling. That you wouldn't give an episode so that means that. Joseph you're not gonna ever treat any prospect is that -- Know it all I don't know I'm much embedded audio to retreat brigade their football basketball wizard it was it was highly greater trust in -- Indian and shame. We're glad I mean from what I do I got. When you were getting in -- -- but you've got -- -- and by the way you were right it wasn't trade deadline in 88 was July 29 but Schilling and and Schilling and Anderson. Excuse me Mike Barnicle was an established pitcher shall prosper. Right. -- Just I'm still trying to see your point for all those that have happened what about. What about the other times that the Red Sox abused their prospects -- -- Carl Pavano and Tony Armas junior from Pedro Martinez's anybody. Finding that about Carl Pavano and -- and that the trade deadline manner you -- about -- -- prospects this -- spread or were reopened shall. Or are you getting you're getting -- -- it's operated pitcher in baseball for more look at that we were getting. So let -- by going by your logic Joseph. If you're gonna trade Zander Bogart's Jackie Bradley junior of one of these guys who you think could be the next -- Curt Schilling are Jeff Bagwell that you would have to get Cliff Lee. -- -- -- What I'm sure there are guys elect epic you got to watch where you're going to feature -- -- Bagwell perpetual gamers -- in -- eight meaning. That's all Larry is that she gave. I understand the Larry it is an argument is is not an argument because it would actually ended up doing. But a left handed reliever down the stretch is it -- some guided people look for. To do stuff you know and into. So -- can do it. This sort of write and I'm sorry right and you're right I'm sorry yeah Larry and it was -- -- -- -- yeah I remember that trade. In your right it turned out to be horrible horrible trade. And he didn't it'll get your pointed to who trades so I'm trying to get your point Joseph you wouldn't give up any of your prospect. No no I'm not sure and that but it actually is like you know their deep somebody's got a call on it Beirut ready to trade he's actually hey -- Our preparation your report yeah -- -- always such a top five are expected to partner and all of baseball. Right so would you trade for Cliff -- Would you trade him for Clinton and. Why I would -- because you gotta be analytical extract tool and if legislation -- an age where he can have a culture at any no right no I wouldn't I wouldn't trade that would put him into the lead at. The two I would I would it I looked at the debate -- -- -- leaks or you know a shot like that -- -- -- you get a W and it's well. But my point my point do you Joseph and I know you're not saying this I'm gonna keeping America's you're not saying you know you don't ever trade prospects but you've you've got to use your. Farm system to both feed your Major League team and feed your Major League team would establish Major League is by using his trading chips you got -- you've got to do all that. You gotta find ways to do all of that that's the good teams do. Well read everybody will be tried that in its work toward that inning Ramirez scores getting speculated and who would know what we're not quite -- My picture there that. And but when we got all we didn't know it was going to be a -- -- people are watching it. Well of course in net thanks for the call John wanna get these last calls -- let's go to bill and Hammerstein Bill Murray of. There was no one on I just wanted to make a quick point about the Celtics. I agree with that call earlier I think there are pretty good shape you know six to eight but that sounds about right I think the Canadian goal for -- it all depends on Jeff Green. So you have faith from what you've seen in Jeff Green that he could be a number one scoring option in the India. Maybe they'll have -- That he's going to be but I certainly -- they think that the yeah. I -- I'm not hammering you on that I think things would call bill that's a good point I just don't know how that translates into them winning NBA basketball game. Any better than Milwaukee better than Philly better than some other teams I just don't know that translate to the winning games next year Andrew what's on your mind. I'm sure it will I don't want to cause us on the talk about some prospect I think would be better to trade for -- recklessly -- content Avalon. This for me actually saw lake standard Bogart surge Jackie Bradley or even giants machine couldn't -- -- -- -- I think. Good to be better hang on to those guys because. I -- the silly culture being usually very but I don't if you like consider the untouchable as. Until late Brandon Workman is. Should he came up and pitched Sunday for the also breaking. These pigeons aren't. He's pitching tomorrow night's so so -- I'm sorry but you're gonna get your time is gonna get cut shorts off on the Phillies on trading Cliff Lee and I'm not getting -- your top prospects. Well I guess -- considered top tier prospects for a given me leave me. For the salute all I know disposable eccentric Bogart or something like thank -- -- I'm gonna give them up so we give him at. They're down Webster. Really go to Sony doesn't Marrero. I'm not -- -- either. Although and and -- my scouts tell me I love Webster's a starter and ruby do -- as -- possible close of Paul and having to your last call what's on your mind. They've put your real quick terabyte -- item at the beginning that that call it at that that the guy above all the stocks you know Anderson trade so what. People forget all that and help ideas about the people all bank what was coming up in the right Michael ware and the capture that we're all right -- -- He never gonna -- the foreseeable -- and. But being the third base and the Red Sox went acutely -- which you know you better watch your whole life. They trade at the time what were at the capitol that you'll look back at all I like it being so light that. But -- -- like biased it's like buying a stock. In hindsight -- read on about apple would I'll be retired. But just say Larry had Belichick could trade at the moment in time we left in the city. We're supposed to. Well I understand your argument and I'll give it to you because on the one that vehemently defends the Eric Gagne trade for that same defense quote. It was a good trade at that time because you get and establish reliever even though he didn't pan out well. For the reasons for the trade it was a good trade at the time. Which are natural quite a quick question is you know this -- it based on the street we tend to over value our role players we always act. The Red Sox for every right -- and Jim -- consistently active at and mocks. That they think that it might be Tripoli player now we don't know the single late superstar would be. That's what -- and that's a good rating and DePaul head into Red Sox yankees tonight on WEEI. If you've got a top notch scouting and development machine. In -- make -- and judgments on some guys that are in the system in Europe making them internally. And your -- some guys and everybody says gonna be great to be that great most of the ones he sent an out. Excellent job met as always. On nice job on the sports flashes by Christian -- can't. Thank you for all chime in any artists on the -- -- W yeah I Red Sox yankees coming your way John Ryder hardest working man in show business -- that. Taken over after this have a great Sunday night everybody enjoy your week to.

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