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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/19/13

Jul 19, 2013|

You ask us, we answer it, its so simple!

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It's time or answer the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. Are we into your questions every single day here right before the end of the show -- -- -- your program is on location right outside Fenway Park. Always brought you buy a car -- We then almost. As great. Legit good you know we'll we'll leave little for awhile it just got to beat them this past week here at your graphic actually of the roof -- got a good. It's. As a talent -- What's that as a talent and I think it where right here right now or yes I remembered TV circuit to roads -- good. Yeah it's good like your -- everyone's everyone's everyone comes -- we're like we did you test are we got the answer by the way thank you for some of the Texas Jesse Oscar bachelors -- Roscoe white Myers also to accident in the fighting about Mike Myers who wrote -- about John Franco hours ago. Jon Frankel what you're writing them is what was left pitched. Was he out of Citi Field for the -- in Boston that he was in the celebrity author. -- -- -- trial at all and that it at that because of it off -- they don't conform. Pilots say to your questions we do it every day at this time 37937. Text -- in if you have a chance to spend the day with G force and Ted Williams or you'll Clinton in their prime. Who would you wanna spend the day. Frank Sinatra Bob -- Obama I don't go -- Clinton. -- go with in their view of where it is incredible what he points but it's beautiful they -- NC needs. Narcotics it. About the politicians that -- from both sides yet I'll I think everybody it was a bit more about that Alex. You immortality you don't across hateful that I mean that much formal yet so -- do with more than a beautiful women ever add garlic Ted Williams yeah submission dealers everywhere. On the -- didn't have to my standards. Now I look at -- the after you -- Monica when -- was busy man. Stressed out to all outside the office didn't we don't blue dress renewed -- is viewed as a writer that the true with -- in our court. The girls need love too much I -- -- the girl but that's the -- -- She is excepting. The sort of put this in words that -- completely vulnerable the active she performed she was revealed to put that. Yesterday I don't want to -- good I got back from both sides. Of the ball Gerber. Hope corner next question -- you guys after dark. When you order Chinese affairs Wolf Blitzer blown. Well both are generally next question had been preferable if they come wings would -- about -- -- for years that's all they had to go to. I would tell you seem particularly Monica. Next question. Otherwise. What is your biggest fear. -- salt can request a whole album from MCP. Terrified of -- most disgusting animal and plant the John writers gonna retire. Can tell -- what leadership is a word that. They are going to be the next question of the next question. Our. Next question regret. Rules. But just hours. -- The deputy marshals lesbian lover. -- -- him very well. At times. -- -- At a piano teacher that's. And keep it that's what I thought to choose. Quite the you know for her forties -- there for a -- -- an -- -- -- old spinster is absolutely right. She's sitting next to him. She's next to me which is coming in. Indio is what age spots which. -- -- questions. -- -- -- It's called baby about it. Before the David stick up your pants on a daily this. You -- be it's what do you know we put them before you come and you carried with him. About an ice pack in the correct. What's what's so if you. Since it's five bottles oh yeah it was as complete -- Summers of my outlook but monkeys but Daria oh -- I guess I haven't tried it I'm supposed to. I don't sweat my my rear end up. A cool glass again. Who it was quite -- -- or an elderly white people -- I don't know what the real answers but I think what people wait there -- and it did exactly what dead straight. The next question I'll definitely knows how to play better tonight. I'll watch this on average you'll like this assault on average. How many times showed you guys did that but that is what an idiot about a caller for about a -- I was -- Daytona batted about but it's. How many times. Averages just could not -- what we yeah. What did you have thought twice about it. That. Members are not -- the after school we never say that'll do. Don't -- that'd have to have a Mike calls -- do it. Not running via half. I think you would have if you were to fall over who with the stations -- you -- -- -- -- in the about it you know what their relatives. And you know like you struggle like who once I was certified. Years ago but it never gonna -- the recent addition. Yeah how to play we don't know how to hydrant I don't I would want to get music America's avenue whenever he's. I carried downstairs and I had little higher that's the question I can't answer that it's less -- obviously. This is what you want. Laura. Why are you mean. No Euro area. At work. The only about it watch or give you see -- like -- Might go to Fort Lewis. -- would lose I don't know what it was like -- I'm positive. Thing that list. Of course. Your answers. -- -- to me. The next question. -- -- -- -- The arrest him personally grows worse yet. I -- There. Yet. People ask these questions you like it it would ever happen. Where the -- can never again washing sheets. It. Ground. Watch this question as question what is the first concert. -- that Jimi Hendrix. The first went. Whether. That. Art was at the emotional memorial and Hartford cost three bucks -- -- yes that the Worcester centrum and I. For some it's no one was singing along to songs but some IP -- when we didn't -- -- -- -- If you listen to -- and that's better than Hendricks -- It usually it may have -- about. Providence. -- reference to be realistic. Friends that Houdini. As a terror in the what the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While. That's on the backs did you solve the and I would not change is not enough time with the -- in an accident. Swear to god that's going on every day and I always -- it's so if you're rabbit hash it absolutely did. August off. The worst -- I've ever. Which well hear about. About their jobs are different still beats that of your friends right them in your contacts on -- question -- her on -- of I played it all the other day if you -- sick of what people away. Already there would be old school -- holes with its history. Yeah Lester over to -- may have been there through. -- -- take you up to Red Sox baseball at yankees in town for three hot weekend anyway but important series the Red Sox all the major from people all the studies three. Very well they announced -- -- -- at these three very good pitchers for the Yankees will trepidation for the Sox the series with him just only small lead. In the AL -- with the guys on Monday at 2 o'clock. -- --

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