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Willie McGinnest with Salk and Holley

Jul 18, 2013|

We discuss the stigma surrounding the Patriots this summer with a former Patriot, Willie McGinest, now with the NFL Network. We also get Willie's take on how the team will fare in 2013

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Risky scene to take you very personally. He says he has been walking round hurts. Walking around his house. -- sad about the image of the patriots following. Aaron Hernandez. I really hard to build and Maginnis is in that same category as Bruschi of guys that were here. Under Parcells. Under Pete Carroll and then for all of the championships under Bill Belichick actor category right -- mean because they think they kind of lived through so much. Well of what being a patriot ultimately became that they were big part of how that whole patriot way it was born. I could see how those guys are our -- What's so where is it hurt. What's the right word for it hurts that. -- -- blood vessel we will begin this kind of to take a few minutes with us here via the AT&T hot in the now of course with NFL network longtime patriot. Will it. Fairway. Let's -- up. Palmeiro just just work in their lives and the dream are you guys. Pretty good there will used to root for the Ohio State Buckeyes in football. -- success wasn't what allows state Buckeyes -- as -- guy you know that. I know obviously your niceties with that all the time away shortly we're talking about this before he came on. How Tedy Bruschi went on a national. Radio station earlier instead early in the week said he was. Is close at over what's happened with the patriots how they're being perceived because of -- Aaron Hernandez -- arrest. Really go flies in the face of the things you publish its champions and with the paper's -- the same way. Well you know is just. It is I don't know I don't know outs that borders just there's not a good feeling because. A lot of guys like Tedy Bruschi. I came through that organization myself a lot of the guys that does spent a lot of time on the toward browser the world to Tom Brady's. You know guys. Worked really hard not just to go out and win football games. And they're -- professional work to -- have that clean image and stay away from all those types of things. And you know -- deals saying here's a couple. Bad apples don't roll in the hole. Notable -- -- so. I think organizations. You know it's not perfect like in the organization and there -- so anywhere else. Home. Be. I guess if a guy acts out. I guess you can call the mistake but it's not like equality for guys like that. There's a lot of guys recommend -- With the past. History and you know. As a person as a out of Gaza older as a coach that a player. You know you got to give people second chances and you kind of don't wanna put all the rules -- stated what they did as a young man who reputable people are gonna grow up. Go to mature after to get to a certain place in our lives and they're gonna make better decisions they're gonna understand. The magnitude of being NFL player. Being under a microscope there and being in the Indian in -- to the public guy. So when guys come out and didn't get arrested and get themselves in trouble. You know -- -- nobody's perfect. By. Certain things that happened like weather that has happened here. It it just doesn't make any sense to me. You're one of the leaders on these patriots teams. I know you didn't have a problem telling a guy what he was what what he wasn't doing on a football field and get it together whether it's being. A tentative attended the meetings or whatever how far. Did you feel comfortable taking him if you. If you saw a guy doing something away from football. Whether it's lawlessness. Or on the verge of lawlessness did you feel comfortable going up to him saying. I need to get you need to get it together. Yes from me we had that type with team we were Brothers we had that type of chemistry there and a lot of times you don't know what's guys walk out of there we know what to to have scored on -- -- I was there. Back close to a certain to. Gave may be a guy I was close to that was close to another guy was so information which travel within the group of guys and you know. Everybody is not in everybody's private business to me at the end of the day you know we are -- -- -- And a lot of guys have families or have their own lives outside of there. But if we knew that there was something going on now was not only affecting. Football because when you talk about this Hernandez situation and everything -- scored on -- Footballer so my new. At at this point somebody lost their lives their life -- made. Somebody's probably gonna. If convicted could be in jail for the rest of their lives there and lead in kids and family -- and so. It's this much bigger than just that it. I respect teammates -- for and somebody is -- soft and all the field. A lot of those talks in conversations happened at least not just about football. Spectacles on once you walk into a stadium I mean there's he's been a majority of your of your time in inside totals buildings so. What would you have felt comfortable talking to Aaron Hernando I mean if you knew some of the stuff that he was into would you have felt comfortable either saying something to him about it. Knowing just how serious even before this issue came up with the old Lloyd. Knowing how serious some of what he was involved in was would you felt comfortable saying something to him to the coaching staff for -- the ownership group. Forum. I don't have a relationship with -- commanders but if there was somebody. While I was steered. That was going to move from something of that of that nature before it happens from got to this point. Yes would I -- are I come from the inner city. Home how witnessed a lot of that stuff take place and understand it but I know what goes -- with that. I know they can result. To a lot of those staying loose and I've seen it firsthand so how would still feel very comfortable having those conversations just let him know it. You go down the road that it disputed here here. And I would have a problem with with talk in which he made -- mind. It follows in that situation. And at that -- like -- say it's about the livelihood of -- person as that as a man as a person not. Not just a football player me it's it's bigger than that. And if you care about somebody. And you're -- with somebody knew your teammate -- your colleague. Did and I don't see anybody. That's you have a problem with just sit down have a conversation -- noted just to say America's everything are right. I know you -- do some things. I don't know exactly what but I am I here you you know your ball out of some things that you know might not be. Good for you as a person or groups what is being mean. Certain guys should be able to court to other Gaza to have those conversations. How good -- -- going to be without Aaron Hernandez and gronkowski at least for a while. How they respond. Oh lead talk you talk about what their best players. You know brock's going to be okay is gonna recover from the surgery. There and he'll be back on the field but. Anytime you lose you know. Really really important. Really. Good players. If he's gonna take a step back. And you know you have to understand that. It's never stopped the patriots in the pass something they've been. Without superstars. They've been with them. Bill Belichick understands how. To make adjustments. Josh McDaniels. In oval -- -- coordinator. They understand you know Bob personnel and have to be able to change up things and schemes and stuff like that but as a team. Especially grunt you know are what are most productive players I just thought that team but an NFL. So when you lose a guy like that. When you lose a parent or -- there is. Somebody else is gonna have to step up you know don't don't want CNET. That that team knows now. Disguised off a case that we can do about it it's over with. Home let's move forward you know we're not gonna harp on that sort of we're gonna we're sort of figure out ways to become a better team. And not replace -- -- just the do we need to do. Has also as a unit. And somebody else needs to step up. And they make plays and as long as they have staff philosophy of place was stable always has since I've been there. I think this team is gonna be okay and the -- you know we're not talking about. There's other guys they got from other change that. Are capable make -- a lot of place somebody could -- -- dole is one of those guys that. Can come right -- -- be an impact player sort of for the patriots. Ballard if he's healthy he's another guy and that's cities Hernandez or gronkowski -- he's another guy. That can come -- to make plays. -- Holmes from buffalo. You know Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have a unique. -- skills making guys play on another level. And if his guys come in the new guys in the guys they drafted. The young guys they draft a Q commander soak up some what Tom Brady has and so there are other teammates have. I think that. They're not go to one Olympic team down and they're gonna give all they had. Talking to Willie McGinest now the NFL network here on WEEI a couple specific adjustments we sort of Michael I've kind of tried to. Trace the history of of how the patriots have developed over the years in the early parts of the dollar check. Regime and it felt like more of a ball control type of an offense. Game management short passes developed eventually -- Nemo with Randy Moss and to more of a running gun. More high flying attack and in the last couple years using those too tight ends to create mismatches. What do they do now to try to take advantage of a specific matchups on the field. What debaters do -- -- not who Mikey was there would have to pay to -- and they won a Super Bowls. Policy different things every time. Exactly so they would go to church would that mean it was good to their brand of football which you look at -- they can wonderful ball really well they have done that. Home. They know they don't have one game plan which you got to understand what is -- their game plan changes according to who they're playing. So depending on the -- depending on the team. That game plan is gonna change now as it is is that it's a little. Handicap because certain players are not going to be -- -- year -- give -- you have to suggest you have to find a way. Who. Serbs to move forward -- it changed things -- oil. And when we won our super bubbles. We didn't have guys with bad. Athletic ability yet to try to position or we can have a Randy Moss. At the receiver position we have guys that were available. They were consistent. They were good they were really good. But I mean you hear people talk a bottle. Like you do some of these other guys -- bad chips on their shoulders and there were consistent they may play after play play after play. You know also. As far as. We have having to have my name to be successful. I don't really buy into that that much because rob wants some bubbles. -- guys that. The public didn't -- ask superstar status. Julie mcginnis you can catch him tonight NFL network NFL total access beginning at 7 o'clock. And they start their big comprehensive training camp coverage inside training camp live. Is Wednesday less than a week away July 24. Starting at 10 AM early patriots -- eleven and five by eleven at five. There you go -- Mean you know you know I've got that game in there with -- with protections you know that that can be actually going to weigh out I don't know. It detectives Texans can get over you know that the page to beat him six Lebanon file we don't know. Homecoming. The Texans are calling it home common well. Here award TB two page reduce its resolve coverage for the patriots the. I. They go hey Willie thanks a lot -- to do it again are they really there's Willie McGinest.

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