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Hello Brooklyn, goodbye Boston for KG and Paul Pierce

Jul 18, 2013|

We listen in on a reluctant Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett as they're introduced as the newest members of the Brooklyn Nets, and can't help but notice that Paul Pierce seems less than excited about the prospect of being out of Boston.

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So Brooklyn. All the press conference a long time in the making. The one you're all waiting for. The official. WW we like entrance for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in Brooklyn I will say this for their press conference today. It was not nearly as. Low key right as the one that was held near Boston just earlier in the week. I would think. The Celtics I would -- would have I would have released a statement put out a statement because you don't know what you're gonna do. Maybe there. There intention today. Is to keep all of those guys. -- things can change in a few months and who knows if if Chris Humphries -- single game. The Boston and it only does it Chris Humphries was wondering whether or not he was ever gonna play as I would have released a statement then Boston Celtics are excited to announce. Officially the acquisition of forward Chris Humphries in and guard forward Keith Bogans in March on Brooks and -- It does do that right now this -- Put him on a conference calls that they can talk to some of the writers who wanted to write stories about him without that without actually putting them out there. At a press conference they did. The -- and -- what they wanna not be not a good religious sort of seemed embarrassed you're not a good -- -- a great way to describe now this press conference today I don't know about you guys that hit me in the wrong way I wasn't. I wasn't ready for this I understand what the Celtics did. A endorse. The move it was time to move. I sincerely believe it was time to move well once once docked with the clippers. Once once they lost for the knicks in the first round you can see here in the -- aren't afraid. At this time it was timing you know catch it and it your first round picks -- about the future but saying in the hearing Paul peers. During this press conference. Talking about being in Brooklyn net. Like a punch to Africa for you in for. All -- don't. And it's tough when when a situation like in fifteen years. And on console organization. As a Brooklyn that's. You know when you look at what they're trying to do here. When the championship bring in the pieces necessary. Normally even homeowners who are excited man. There really brings a little bit excited. Kinda Texas since screw the New Jersey Nets in their child design black -- fit. But really -- didn't want him. You didn't wanna be there he said with a sinking in form. And I think it was the same thing with what you want to Olmert -- -- -- it's sinking in yet what -- was at the same thing with Celtics. We'll equipment segment your Celtics fan you know this was coming. You you know it on draft they -- that trader Paul Pierce featured Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry go -- to Brooklyn. -- it's over and and Paul Pierce with his tribute to Boston. Yesterday thanks for all the memories. When you actually see them up there together and hole. The whole press conference with Billy King is there and sitting next to Jason -- -- their new coach in. That is weird by way at a given the battles that they are Jason Kidd hit a fact that he's gonna be coaching pierce and Garnett is weird. And it's got to be weird for them don't you think but -- it's weird for us to talk about is it weird for them. -- -- It doesn't -- Chip together three years actually seems less weird I fiercely with him seems a little lesson is we saw that with in New York with -- with Girardi right where he's. Manage some of the guys that he played with -- I can -- but it was Carlsberg I now I think kind of understand it. Managing some are coaching in this case somebody like Jason Terry it's more the people that he was just doing battle with and really did for you Paul Pierce have done battle forever. Mean he was that he was playing for the -- is when they had the unbelievable comeback game and and Peterson. And that's another just really strange part of this story I wonder if it's why -- seems. So melancholy about the whole thing. Doesn't release procurement -- figures released partisan terms as we speak. Just being in this arena. Some observers -- you up in the locker room slide not a solitary that was hard workers cherry. Black. For me -- actually. Easier now looking for a place to live. In the Selena. Trying to get to -- -- way around the city is really started sinking in now that it's become real. So you talk about it's sinking in it's starting to sink in for pierce. This sounds like the David finally sunk in for you yes. Yes -- it's -- -- prepares -- -- -- probably -- for you guys to even more than yesterday when we were saying yeah where you gonna miss the most and you said Paul here yes but that just. It still wouldn't think in fifteen years Celtic. It lifelong Celtic up there. With the Brooklyn nets and he said there's an excitement I don't believe you all do not believe you're not excited. Not excited to be a member of the -- You said. The first thing he sent -- welcomed Brooke here's a press conference -- welcome to the wives and here here's generally -- and here's -- -- garden had. You know all these here thank you can't question we have two microphones in the odds -- that the first thing Paul -- says as well. I wanted to in and -- Well even strange and I don't wanna be there and I -- Brooklyn. Text message here any chance pierce retires before the season. Is there now. Now that for you a 100% sure after listening to on the there's a there's no chance he's gonna retire for a disease and now for the season starts now. Lot of money he sure out at me a lot of he sure when he's gonna need -- the -- who live in New York -- -- -- expensive. -- no mater Boston Celtic. From Brooklyn that. You know that's what it is right now means business. When call about a -- -- it won't and you know you're trying to create. Some from legacy here Brooke. Basically gave -- version version of it is what it is he did start aversion he can't say that clapping. Where where people say it is what it is they're not excited thank you know what to do business business is business it's not fun anymore it's just business and your ram in your lousy city here -- -- -- Boston Celtic. From Brooklyn that. You know that's what it is right now on this business. Have to move move -- and you know you're trying to create some kind of legacy here Brooke. Some kind of legacy. Thank you can't say you're very lucky let the other side jobs good effort techsters taxes and so what are you agree that this might. Texas with KG was all smiles. Let's take you didn't even think the Boston fans brought me the wrong way another techsters. It takes it it took some of the shine off of Casey's dies and greens statement. That he was theirs and was -- Brooklyn today. Some fortunate that we are -- remove -- from Boston. -- filling -- also born in different directions you went on to say this brazen assaults on my family's embrace this opportunity. Moments before too. He did he does seem to be handling it a little better than Paul Pierce didn't. But he also hadn't been in Boston for fifteen years and his entire career outfits -- moved on before -- so that trade that -- of Boston's six years ago. He was he was in Paul -- situation like long Minnesota Timberwolves. Then he goes to Boston. -- he's fair and -- obvious championship situation they haven't they became. Contenders that date instantly even though they inhabitants. In July 2007. And he grew to love this town -- -- Longer. Longer as the Celtic the KG was. As a member of the rules. And there was no desire in in -- case the owner came out says it. -- armed -- and a Taylor. In Minnesota -- media at the end. -- never said anything disrespectful about Paul Pierce and say. And let's move this thing along they're Paul Pierce is past his prime so it is it's not like he was being. Forced to make a decision. Being told that they wanted him to go somewhere else. It was very comfortable in Boston you can you by the sort of that you just shocked. -- -- wanna get to the calls -- second 61777979237. Did it sink -- for you more today hearing Paul Pierce be sad. Or hearing Kevin Garnett kind of ready to move on in and ready as he said for the next challenge. Text message your sister 37937. -- -- whatever color uniform he's wearing. That's true point I think -- compliments right I mean it's not always what you wanna hear -- for so long he was bleeding green Celtics green. But he's a basketball player more than he's a Celtic right I mean you start playing basketball and loving the game of basketball long before he ever thought. He would be playing in Boston -- definitely grew to love it here. But he's an intense deal he's going to be intense whatever he's doing or -- every point you can't take that away from him. Yeah like these are -- actually welcome it when it when they play they were bad. The last a couple of years there Minnesota. He's depleted Celtics know KG and in Kirk used to get into it happened about her for the Celtics and KG for the tumble. So -- was treated here. One thing he said -- -- -- -- personal it was never person course so I was. I was defending the Minnesota Timberwolves for. Moderate heat -- the senate added Jason Castro and cook up an -- that he -- -- about personal retirement and up. Well actually a trip to bring you in nine days. All five. At the big. That was part of my side now that it's accurate. You member get the calls -- a second 61777979837. In the text or get right back -- he didn't you know as a compliment. Your member you -- player Omar Sam -- -- the plane is in the league somewhere now. You don't when he played at Saint Mary's. -- -- -- Awesome player like one of those big get. College awesome call to our hand on the pros I don't -- that we got drafted earlier remain in the pros for for very long but. He had he had these battle Saint Mary's and -- -- is great rivalry right the WCC. And I interviewed him after he really gotten into it with. One of the guys from -- -- forget which one in and now talk to many said. -- -- you or the enemy I. They hate you for that day there are rival he's the other big man who were out there on the court I despise him with everything I half. And it's members like what a great on a stance that's absolutely what I want for every one of my players. That's what I loved about KG while he was my answer yesterday is when he's out on the court he using mercenaries for the Celtics at that time. He develops the entire percent of mean mercenary the way. Was thirty use that as an insult for LeBron or even for Doc Rivers or some other guys this is what wait for the -- here and throw my heart and soul into it. And I don't -- other -- views it quite the same way. That that Garnett does because I think he's a little bit -- here I think the world a more emotional as the guy. How about Helen Garnett is numbers as a mercenary who quickly becomes emotionally invested yes -- your team -- I -- long but you don't have that you don't have to brush him up on team history you don't have to tellem. But this is why we don't like this guy he -- hey are you -- -- I hit the next from the Celtics perspective because of that the Celtics and -- And now they're in the states are the what are the same target some other Celtics were to get good this year in and better than they were supposed to be they have one of these miraculous I mean notes and -- you know. Just an amazing season. But at the end of the year they actually develop into a little bit of a rivalry with the net you think he can beat the Celtics yet to other -- going to be hard for Paul Pierce. I think this whole thing is very do what we're OK -- good KG yes. Career KG could pierce province -- -- -- thought many times about returning to Boston every army thinks about it he starts -- after it starts to cry totally different guy 617779. 7937 rich in New Bedford pirate. On a I know move -- -- about the trade of doctor -- not out but I think it was the wrong time for everything that happened like that it bigger make that trade with KG and not all your got to make that trade probably years ago. Aside they could invent yet the possibilities. Yet the possibility of very keeping Doc Rivers throw a lock if you want -- here but. -- -- -- you've built in those like last two years and he doctrine -- keep -- interested in what you guys have right now. And continue to them because in my opinion I think Doc Rivers probably -- the bad coaching in the NBA. Flat out. I can't read every -- but I mean I'm not the biggest pocket the -- But I'd welcome to our parent -- -- our pocket didn't exactly start out -- it will bring a championship at all and I appreciate that I don't think you have a great athlete. Well on -- and not to be -- he's overrated -- US and agree here's a great athlete you know the -- is the only Paul Pierce was great academic calendar bring that point on it yet I. LeBron James ray and under an average you're. You look at LeBron didn't like it look at it and you'd -- there's -- a better body than Paul Pierce and he's a great athlete as well in. Let our public Paul Pierce can always do better if he -- site. He turned -- you put more complex conflict corporate either let. Not always the pickpocket -- started it a rocket ship. Yeah. All that out a while -- such -- thing I've you Pierce's. We talked about this yesterday rich it's funny he does look like he's -- baby fat on and still even today he's never looked like that ultra trim. But he but he gets to the basket his own way he's not trying to beat you with quickness rich he beach with strength. He's a pretty powerful guy. For his size for his for his height -- -- pierce is very powerful what you're talking about is is body type into my definition and there's nothing there's nothing you can do about that that's god given -- Oh. Richard Sarkozy Tiger -- doctor you get that popular I would tell you this. He's in phenomenal. Shape. -- Paul Pierce works hard is this the guy who runs as the guy who runs before games and sometimes he runs after games heating. He's in great -- was never guys seem like he was wearing down at the end of game what does he -- how -- LeBron James looks like. Aegis is just screams athlete he looks like a football player looks like a bath -- looks like hockey player. Whatever he can be could be I. It could be a right fielder of -- whatever it is whatever the sport he looks like he belongs there some guys like that some guys are a great picture today. Earlier today Larry Bird Larry Bird. At the garden shootaround practice maybe before game and he's talking to read. And it just the photography black and white photograph awesome but. -- was standing there and with labor great athlete of course he won. Was he ripped now. Was in good -- yes. So it's too bitter comment the better to personal since week it is Kevin McHale. Who also sort of never seemed like a museum rippling muscles in his arms or anything like that there -- -- long and went on for government. It is it's it's it's a it's. It's funny how just that perception that vision of what their arms and -- what they look like -- will completely affect how we view them athletically and -- point Chris is in the car hikers. -- They don't make great shall for almost. A nuclear so I'm a great call thank you currency appreciate. You bet got appears -- mean it was at that today it's like you can be it's like you words. Fine with that fact the goal in Peru whatever article keep you know now it would be part of it. Right up on you know and so and with a lot -- he'll talk about. Parent project -- that you can prepare all at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Artwork and the winner class -- he never hear data on the peculiar -- the organization. Is all importantly it's if you. Little different he grew into that -- more than Jeter enemy Jeter sort of deny that from the beginning you go back to Pearson. Not his fault specifically that he was stabbed -- -- -- -- ups and write some ups and downs written off Fisher I was watching some of the highlight real appears today rip off the shirt after he got thrown out of the Indianapolis the Indiana. Game and it there's been a little bit more up and down -- criticized -- pretty early. But I like the text or -- on the difference between them said. -- -- Michael you've earned your right now to retire is a great author imagine if you don't have to go retire as a former. It's like car if you had to go farming for a couple of years before you were done you'd be pretty upset about that as honest -- sport certainly -- me maybe they think Brooklyn -- the equivalent of a foreign country I don't know -- -- farm country but what is -- -- -- Park -- -- -- yes like he's going to be raising these kids with all the strollers and Park Slope. Where's he go like Brooklyn Heights with a great view back of the city and animal gritty here where to go here's -- Reporters go to Manhattan does -- You can't do that Kennedy. Are you can afford it -- and what you afford anything in this in the area but if you go to. You live in Manhattan to Brooklyn nets fans Connecticut that fiercely. Well we're not good enough for you now know you're not good enough for damages and eleven Manhattan I'm incredibly wealthy no you're not good enough for me. If you look at that team that they have and I know some people like -- have to break up one collars and in doing. Went too soon. -- A better team now are both of them are our Doc Rivers. Is Doc Rivers on a better team now and then the Celtics would have been with KG and pierce coming back. And is is that Brooklyn team better. Now then what the Celtics would've been with KG pierce and Jason Terry come back. By early detect here your little bit more like chipper Jones and Derek Jeter I think that's a good one little chipper Jones and -- I think that's he'll identified with -- one club were really long time and chipper was able to retire without club and they were good again right right up until the end for him so. I I think it's a pretty good comparison Paul -- literally in Williamsburg he's he's gone all hipster he's wearing ironic T -- he knows -- years before anybody else does. Ironic Paul like guys -- Paul Pierce what Italy has to do in the case -- party hasn't been -- started -- mastery with history class right now you're gonna have to go -- classes. Or is that you hit. Where is that is that appraised at I think that that he's got -- there's -- is -- his way over that by Pierce's house -- broken and I am house call that he's gonna have to start brewing his own beer at home. He's gonna have to start his own beer brewing in history in his brownstone. In Brooklyn about poetry poetry like like we beat poetry poetry slam poetry -- I think that's all I think that's overkill that's over I think he's passed all my heart I think he's broom is on beer or maybe something next level like he's he's raised he's -- something in his house and selling the two hours -- he -- himself. He's gone -- hipster man he's Brooklyn are coming up here. Coming up we asked this question yesterday and we didn't have we didn't have enough time to get into it but it's coming back to the Celtics and and and hoping that something should work that is never worked its alcoholic WE. On the moment Boston Celtic. From Brooklyn. You know that's what it is right now means business. When we all have to move -- -- more than. You know here's our recruit. -- -- -- -- -- -- Governor -- out with -- these guys going in different directions did you hear every month on here. You're used to be easy. Evolved from. Every song about performance -- for -- you'll hear that just for the -- and the play constantly what's the most famous song of reform. As -- no sleep till Brooklyn. -- That number one is like the most well known most commercial yeah most commercial success no sleep over is at the biggest on a -- just -- with a -- here from gangs. And unfortunately it's a totally -- Way. Welcomed. -- it's been. Of guys that left. Who situation is going to work out best. Like ABC it'll look as a pierce and Garnett in New Jersey. Dock with the clippers and then Brad Stevens and the rest of the group that is coming here to Boston. Which is gonna work out any of them probably -- Think doc has the best chance for success were. I was looking at a you know it is so easy to make clippers jokes right. The net for many years where the clippers of the East Coast that can make fun of the Newark New Jersey Nets and in the go to the West Coast -- make from the clippers but. The nets are putting. That they're gambling -- anybody because they've got a rookie they got a rookie head coach. And if god. An aging stars who were supposed to reinvigorate their team in the three guys introduced today. All of them in their mid thirties that was on the court at a question about it and pierce had a funny response of the guys who how -- you. This got started getting up there are you a lot of people here in -- fifties and sixties but the -- had a great response is that but they're not playing basketball. Like you are. So they're they're gambler and an -- one if you have a major injury. To Garnett. Then forget they are probably not gonna go through a lottery but see you know forty and 42 where the Celtics were last year 4140 accounting. But the clippers the other day just some of the moves they've Maine Chris Paul coming back. Obviously got Griffin. Some nice moves with the acquisition of. -- Acquisition of Jared Dudley. Their role players. Brought back aren't. -- I didn't think they were legitimate Western Conference contender before they -- So I think at dock -- about the tumors and then what about here because this is where we we started to get into the conversation yesterday I feel there's a lot more here we can. I'm curious for more of a fan reaction on -- and have a lot of time for fan comment on from listener comments. 'cause they're seemed to be a lot of people excited about Brad Stevens right there are excited about the Brad Stevens zero. He's kind of he's an interesting guy he's sort of a young energetic. You know the name because you watched what he accomplished with with a couple of teams that he didn't expect much of -- had so much success in college in. Nearly knocked off duke and -- what he did it in college is such a great story that we can't help. But pick up some of the excitement of the fact that he's coming here. But you also know it's never worked. You know that there's never been a college coaches come to the NBA and had a ton of success and it certainly hasn't happened in recent memory. Because the games are so different and what it takes to be great coach in each of those two games is so different so. How do you how do you justify. Any real excitement. Over -- because there's a lot of people that aren't. I can't get excited about it he's he's a cool -- on the different type of an idea and what I love about is that the Celtics didn't get caught up in. We're gonna do it everybody else is doing we're not gonna get caught up in hiring some NBA coaching retread that you know isn't gonna work the Byron -- the Mike. Mike Mike my bright brown thank you. Those staying. Those guys can coach. Broken all of the sudden get Mike Brown is not in all of a sudden get it and the good NBA coach is not a good coach. He's not a good coach so I like that they went out looking for somebody off the off the off the beaten path and instead of just bringing in another chump. Tried to do something to lead rather than follow. Okay they didn't want to see evidence in a war on cancer they get something different they deserve applause for that. Why would it work in and why didn't the other guys work. Is it is a better we're looking terrible okay good on one mile I mean I don't help Arian help but he noted work their ego maniacs get in in the in beyond being an eagle mania for Tino is adamant yesterday. Didn't know the rules about the cap he would get away from the NBA for ten years he had never been a general manager before he was giving. Presidential powers he hires the GM he hires Chris Wallace. And they were totally screwed up on the capped -- -- he worked at where just the coach maybe maybe if he had just asked to coach the team. And let somebody else by the grocers could -- have had success. Maybe cut them open. I don't know if there was a ten year gap between. That are immediately -- New York the simple answer Equus a blazers know because he never would have allowed that. He's such an ego maniac he wasn't going to just be the coach he was only coming to get all of the power. -- it was maybe it was a little less in his eight years whatever but it was it was long enough where the game had started to evolve bit. And he wasn't ready for that and he certainly didn't know the rules well enough to be in that it be to be that powerful. In the organizations that's why didn't work with him. I didn't work in Chicago because they broke open championship team. Jerry -- was determined to show. That ship when it was great quotes with championships when organizations. To which Michael Jordan once replied. Hey it was in the organization that played sick you saw that night we won that game so you want to prove it will about Jordan Pippen and Phil Jackson. It was a mistake to employ it was a disaster. And habit and it's been a disaster since I mean that's the other thing at least to help Arian pitino the -- on back to college and had success -- show that they were agriculture coaches. Floyd couldn't even do that enemy gets busted the bags of money USC and in. He was a terrible college coach even after he was a terrible NBA coach what what what -- the Celtics provide. That those other teams did or they're providing. The championship general manager yes they are but that was done before which Chicago then they want a championship. But Danny -- just not trying to prove anything and he didn't force. The greatest player ever the smallest -- -- -- right did did did the general manager winning -- -- GA championship general manager Chicago media Michael Jordan was that you you have to -- -- Drawing pictures this every projects. Yes but they are that your Mexico yes but I think we can also -- I talked about this once you can get somebody to buy yen as a coach in the NBA you deserve the credit for getting the body he got Jordan to -- in. And then once had Jordan's buying in everything else he did was easy after that well he had he had Jordan right. So that that weather has -- Jerry -- extra. Tampering and Scottie Pippen that was he made the trade for Scottie -- He brought in horse program. I mean you have to give them -- given some credit for those championship -- -- -- a little bit but don't you think he'd gotten somebody else instead of Scottie -- they still would have been really good -- few championships. Leaving just gotten another good well I mean like a -- there's a lot of players out there they could have played yet another it would have been relatively the same count now is a good player I don't mean to me to say that to trash Scottie Pippen but. Don't think that he could've found somebody else to be Scottie Pippen Rodman Pippen. -- going to be difficult and while it's easy to find a just go -- and -- -- Scottie Pippen -- -- -- -- -- -- On top fifteen player in NBA history for the top twenty. I don't -- at the top fifty with an -- at the top fifty right well that's what I mean -- put -- -- somebody ought to be president he was the perfect running mate for Michael Jordan and horse grip that those first three championships. Was perfect you but the bring back to the Celtics. Trying to think of I'm trying to find obvious mistakes. The other teams made and the Celtics are different because fell on the -- well I can't find it. I see the mistakes that Jerry Krause made I see the mistakes -- about Rick you know maybe the Celtics podcast and made by giving him all that power. I see the mistakes that John Calipari made in Mike Montgomery. -- the Celtics are a situation. Where they have. 836. Year old head coach coming in -- to a rebuilding team. And there are giving him a long contract at the positive. They're giving him a nice salary over three million dollars a year that's a positive. And they are saying we're gonna you're gonna grow that's in this team is gonna grow with you in your gonna become a champion tees because that. Maybe because they believe in his program how much they believe they can teach in the NBA game. Hasn't than what these guys like if you look at it Erik Spoelstra. OK Erik Spoelstra never played -- But he's been one of the house of a coach -- these video guys you've been around basketballs and the promotion was promoted to the -- spot. That. Out of court and it wasn't surprising. That this is what the NBA game the same thing with Frank Vogel an Indiana could never played the game. It was a video game video guy in the league long enough where I understand the NBA. Brett Stephens and play the game has coached in this game in this league it is weird right I mean. He's such an offbeat choice and maybe that's why I just. I don't know I think it's gonna work but that's why I hope little war I think everybody wants to write because he's a likable he's he's. Barney Harris ripped bodies that are you kidding me what -- terrible choice and yet it -- never worked before how do you feel about 617779. 7937. Just curious your thoughts. Right now on Brad Stevens think this thing is gonna work not not necessarily in year one and only we're expecting to win a championship. In -- woman he's been given a long term deal with decent money and a chance to rebuild with a -- on X. Is the right guy to develop them. I think it can work but I bikinis one thing to break in his favor that's coming up soccer -- WEEI.

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