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Dan Brooks gives us a little Sabremetric food for thought on the 2013 Red Sox

Jul 17, 2013|

We discuss the 2013 Sox with Dan Brooks.

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All star break ending it today's sort of that weird day after the all star game espy's tonight. The Red Sox have the extra day off this year so they don't play until Friday but still wanna talk some baseball again Brooke Anderson got a top two of them Brooks baseball dot net. Where they track pitching -- power -- surveillance. We're doing very well wanna talk in a moment or two here but what you guys are doing in Boston a really cool seminar gonna fill all proceeds -- to agree -- caused the Jimmy Fund. Which is near and dear to our hearts here WEEI -- stocks and baseball first. Out with the Red Sox team that has surprised everybody and nobody expected them to be where they are. If you're is in to see if if you're hosting something called the -- seminar I'm guessing you're not giving all the credit to the canister the and the atmosphere created by John Ferrell so what are you give it to them. Well I think that helps. But you know I mean that they're they're pitching has been great their -- there's been great this year you know I mean they've got so. It's an incredible performances out of John Lackey recently that I don't think anybody saw coming. Especially with you know -- -- dealing with some injury issues. You know bit bitter and he thought. Who's there who's your secret weapon from a statistical standpoint I'm not gonna limited to pitching you just. And you look at numbers all the time and look at trends in and in charts and all those things so. You tell me what are what are you seeing. You mean which player let's go to -- the Red -- You know recently like. And even you know a couple months ago I don't think anybody would -- that. And now he's been he's been throwing you know as some some incredible gains you know getting swings and misses on -- -- like -- never gotten his entire career. And there's been a lot of fun to watch -- -- public enemy number one of -- for a long time. You know basically reluctant to contract and you just been he's been really fantastic to -- Dan we've we've spent a lot of time every week on the show talking to John Farrell and and other time just trying to figure it out ourselves what is gone wrong with Jon Lester they say he's not hurt. They say it's a matter of concentration issues later in a battery -- later need it later into an inning when he's already thrown a bunch of pitches and has got himself in a little bit of trouble. I I mean you look -- your site the first thing it says and your side -- baseball dot net pitch tracking simplify. What's wrong with John last. Well you know and actually out rob Bradford throw from ER and it did a really nice profile in a couple of pizza garment you -- you -- out. All of which really looked at how his -- has been has been going for him. And down the -- the pitch. Lester has really leaned on heavily in its career. In order to get out of two strike count you know get their ground ball or get strike out on the heat through -- -- and it hitters you know quite a bit. On and that that which really hasn't been working for in the here I don't know whether it's you know sort of a mix sort of port location issues and you know he just hasn't been able to get that same sort perception that it but you know -- just hasn't been there. And and I think they know that you know John Farrell has that thinks about that but we can really look at the data are that trend that's a real -- You know I mean I I think -- server. At a pretty good clip against this country this year and admit -- what the case earlier this career where it was really dominant pitcher. We just mentioned looking at the data -- on your website right now. -- -- your pitch FX tool how would you explain that to people who who are really sure what that means. Arms you know -- -- contracts like -- that little thing in the bottom right corner -- Rick Fox brought out the -- you wherever it's located. So the way that works actually -- they -- cameras that track but like a football the entire let the ball. And what they're -- you it's just built the final and so where the ball crossed the plate. But in fact. We have and I am LP has made available this huge research database but every -- that has been thrown over the last six. And what my web site six all of that information and sort compiled in Kuwait that people and I'll look at and understand and so you can go look up. You know how much movement. In a particular track or how pictures a lot changed the course a couple of games or a month or year. And you know whether or not he's picking up more -- and so -- sort of that same system that drives that that attracts. That they are on that since. By but it sort of -- -- And explain why coach you -- is able to get an eighty mile an hour fastball by everybody. I don't know the splitter pretty -- -- that. You know that there're there are these guys that seem to be able to get by with. -- -- -- -- Not good stuff. You know I mean they're gutsy you you -- -- and you're like all right Stephen Strasburg you can -- threats are all by everybody Matt -- you feel for a fastball by everybody. And yet coaching here our our Hideki Okajima a couple of years ago right well he's throwing like mid eighties you know and and he can get -- people -- like how to network you know arts and Whitfield another great report you know -- 76 and somehow got sweet in that -- -- -- that happen. It it did is is a political mysteries of baseball on one of the things well like watching -- huge baseball man. This this thing you guys have it it is cool when you've done a few years it happens to be your boss which is great. The sabres seminar he can get tickets at -- seminar dot com August 17 and eighteenth. The best part about it in addition to all the gas analyst -- more about it. Is that every dollar if I'm not mistaken every dollar every single dollar. Goes to the Jimmy -- Pretty -- Yes so I mean that every cent that we raise goes directly to charity. We have really great sponsors in Boston university and also -- mother and -- web site by. While perspective and expand ground and like baseball reference. On that support us and give money people put the -- on and then -- everything else is it just directly to Richard. I hear -- in August 17 and eighteenth against -- seminar dot com is the address you buy tickets in all goes to the Jimmy Fund what do I get from today as. Are so you got an excellent -- pretty neat things aren't so we we try and bring in all aspects of baseball so we get. Some Saber metrics guys -- you might imagine. Like the statistics are at work for the Red Sox like -- -- who you know the guys who are behind all the -- -- calculation tempting but they -- there. Com we our scouts -- so people who you know act. We go out and out gains are coming in and talked you know what -- -- in a particular player they evaluate you know some -- that they only get you for two days and in the judgment about that. And then we have both players on. Brian Bannister is going to be there this year and we also. People like into -- in the past Mike port you know put it executives who can tell you about how nobody used it's information call bill keeps. It'll be great about this. Sounds pretty -- and again every single dollar goes to the Jimmy Fund pretty important incredibly important. An amazing organization here in Boston Dan we really appreciate -- as -- and it -- baseball dot net and for tickets to the Saber seminar discourage the sabres seminar. Dot com thanks -- and we appreciate it. Our understanding others damn Broxton and that the stifled Lester is interesting. The idea that it's just his car. We get talked about injury can talk about concentration. You can -- just before straight to them is it possible that it's just the simplest is -- is gone south on. But but. I don't think it would be that simple. Because. It would be that simple for he's number four number five career number four number five starter who has good stretches and a number four is gonna have. A long stretch -- long stretches where it is not productive. Jon Lester in his Major League career and last year's side but it is his Major League career has -- top of the rotation starter. In those guys usually don't go through slumps. Let's start may continue into July. It's just it's unusual for a guy that good and who's got hurt. To have an ER -- well over six. Since may twentieth you know. I don't ever get the Red Sox go with about a minute and they're not going to be the kind of World Series contender they're capable of the Jon Lester isn't John last at all for India and how can you just say. Cutter is kind of went south but if Carter went out since may twentieth my cup is coming North Africa where we come back. On also doesn't have three other pitches he can throw. Amid until he gets it back giving you something else instead of continuing did it to give up big hits in big spots with the -- Title run it's funny the -- this like magic pitch right like did in Texas couple years ago Mike Maddux goes -- starts teaching the covered everybody and all the sudden they go from having a lousy pitching staff. Doing good pitching staff it's supposed to be the cure all thing for anybody's got a problem baseball star -- I mean not everybody's gonna they're Mariano Rivera's cutter and it was a nice moment for him last night right -- kind of -- fox blew by the way. What did you realize he was the only one out on the field at the time. I didn't I didn't realize I well I like -- watching in in the jewel box as in he's the only one out there every all star he's the only one out in the field. -- -- -- You don't wanna kind -- us. -- mean that's pretty cool that they let him warm up by himself up and say how about a full. Field hand shot and they made -- relate to sack yes but you almost didn't even realize what was going on anyway the covers the magic pitch. Michael why would Lester guys had so much success -- Now is enough trouble. Yeah I -- in it I can understand why he would have trouble with that everybody loses. They're mechanics for awhile everybody goes through. A little bit of a rough patch I just don't understand. -- business long. They keep saying he's not hurt. Maybe he hasn't told them. These are these guys I think that that's the only export their refusing to tell us. Because both things are believable mean -- we've seen nor go at it could be one of those -- absolutely yeah you're right. We're talk about Curt Schilling was on the station earlier this week. Is you know but Herschel and his administration as far as an actual plan to -- he said that. Discomfort is just part of that's part of the job that's part of the job descriptions are the reality for starting pitcher greatly -- and you make an enclave buckle. Some may be with Jon Lester. He's not hurt but there were some discomfort somewhere. -- he -- -- and he's -- -- -- -- -- data continue to pitch -- take the heat and not say anything because he knows his team needs him out there every five days it's got -- pretty -- and there's preventing him from taking the mound but maybe what is preventing him from doing some outside of running him from being as a -- -- tell you what they do end -- -- in the playoffs they're gonna need him to be effective -- this team has designs to win a World Series. A good Jon Lester not just a going out there to give you innings Jon Lester is going to be pretty darn important to the process are at -- surely will join us in twenty minutes Bruins general manager is his team better now. That it was a couple of weeks ago we Alaska Mac question -- more we would do for for a little bit early we'll do it next -- was making it. His triumphant return not to mass media. Find out for for an -- -- W media.

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