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Jul 17, 2013|

Mut and Merloni speak to four different reporters/analysts that cover an AL East team.

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Couple days away from the unofficial second half but he MLB season beginning Butler -- 937. WEEI but a great time to go around the -- to get an idea for. He's team's field heading into the second half the AL least looks like it's going to be. If not the best one of the best divisional races races. In the second half of the year and so will take you around the division live. In the next twenty minutes is so I don't wanna start in Baltimore rock a bako a mass and joining us and and rock out I'm curious how Chris Davis is dealing with. His home runs not just the number but -- the criticism noble can't be doing it for real constant questions. But he must be getting about drug use PE decent Major League Baseball. Yeah it actually and that very well optional Walters pointed that out. He's not bothered by the pressure. It whatever Russia that are -- -- not all of at all he knows that it's unfortunate byproduct -- now you're a big Geithner hit a lot of home run in your. I think career high people gonna raise an eyebrow just -- Test of all the time like everybody else. How does every -- illegal and a big guy and I'll call back on that should sit approach to hitting a -- -- -- And below the left field and -- -- -- the left center are that they're not the center right center and right field not just. All the already are -- -- Belmont you hate getting alt field developed. It looked good hitter at 300 hitter right now -- -- an -- they are real steady at bat that vehicle at all time Major League player. You know -- -- the AAA and he's kind of on that shuttle Rangers opened down to order go to when I had Cabrera -- spot uttered about sushi dot. We -- dot. -- and asked did any any any rumbling down there as far as big move for the Orioles some and we look at their. Their team we look at that that the bats we look at their arms and their bullpen but they still seem to be missing that top of the rotation type of guy. They are and what are also missing the key is to get that top of the rotation guy that problem I mean you know things -- a -- Bachmann on the hurt out there working a part in January and -- wanna get -- -- to scope which are opposition prospect payroll company they know at this point so. There's really no way to get that -- shortly but they like that start. -- -- output and talk to get him and I get the Astros dropped a lot but -- Sheldon of the -- they were able to get for you know area. And I don't stroke they went ahead and get an active quickly with a price when not they don't have. What it would take to go out and get that big guy and the right now relying more on that what you did last night at the rotation as the number one sort or they've got everything else and placed the offense. -- 2% in the major. The confirmed whether the -- because they've got a bunch -- 345. I guess about rotation it'll happen naturally hate that they're gonna go what they have right now getting Sharon back healthy which you'd. And it doesn't work out into Catholic on the looked out pitching but it's more debt neutral and that it is getting a big number one guy. What's been the biggest surprise with many Machado is game this year rock as you watch him day in day out. Like if we're expecting that it would double the British public still debate honestly. The -- placed third base I think -- -- at like you gold glove caliber start but he indicated. Last year that are looked at W shortstop -- -- -- the complaint are basic war we're on the side a little bit. Are to get ready just because they were so desperate to improve the defense -- was open air. And mark rental and they find out what to -- at least hold it -- an important that you can't help that they could ever imagine that you beat the -- Not a part to get it in -- Our orbit the major need at QB position and so can understand playing angle like a cal -- about the -- day what they keep peek at this kid a mortuary position. And playing the position like -- noticed polite Iguchi Kelly processing thing that you expects which you're just turned 21. With the natural shortstop and collaborate and now the question why would you possibly move them off or you're better off responding Beijing party can keep an outlet by the eventually that you later. Yes I think that with him talk so much more harper Mike Trout -- -- look at those two guys so Michael that's them physically when these guys just advance physically a look at which auto. SE six to frame but you have 180 looks like this kid. The power he can be added I mean -- think he can actually get stronger the next maybe show more improvement than the other two years to come. Yeah absolutely you know they'll say that the you know the home run a lack of power that collapsed or comment. And it's cool camera you can fill out more you can get more a more on it projected already getting heroic terse and -- Iran that you were drafted. Right now there are more happy after getting over 300. Getting double and doing things you don't sent it over -- called middle that you don't trouble but I actually lead to allow -- to stroll. Rock -- quick Dylan -- sees -- now any chance comes back and pitches in the second half and that's that bullpen. Now immediately underwent Tommy John procedure started on until. You know but our -- store -- may -- June July of next year and that 2013. Total wash for him but -- -- it'll come back -- you know it worked out and out to come back stronger ticket -- here late. And and I -- -- to them back correctional. Rocca -- massive rock appreciate the time today thanks. Let's go to Tampa Bay the rays are charging as they always do because they lose -- manager in the history of baseball. And that's Joseph Matt marked top and our friends in the Tampa Bay times mark give me your assessment of the will Myers heiress so far as expected there and -- -- Yeah he can get and I think he probably had been hit yet or it might ever get -- hoping but I think you'd have been impressed with the hour. Well the debate -- -- literally by the body and bring training that he'd be like a bigger guy who just got a good patient they can be actually. A pretty good aggressive based on her apartment to get an appeal. Only showed that he look pretty good aren't usually look like he really might be an all around player is that a big -- Our look at this team is the favorite no when he since mainly because of the arms looks like -- got it right Morse -- to back out again price archer obvious coming back. I guess they're historic question because Bob -- what is what is the timetable with him and and that seems to be their strength it always has been. Yeah yeah -- and can't copy of the -- like you point out that Chris -- debate is holding out moderate patient. -- really really well he's had a complete game like for the quake there in Atlanta or -- have been tremendous so it's not like they're really did not say. He hit it you'd be seen by a line drive obviously horrible I hobble down having been there. You know doing really well the comeback trail has don't shoot it pretty good hitters today are very demonstrable that pension. Looks like you'll be clear as a couple because -- has been like that the but you name. Importantly auto industry under the -- Asian literally quite a police what it would -- about. Got the biggest question out of that team right now is is the bullpen you know is. You know Rodney looks like he straighten some things out -- some concern how he's used the World Baseball Classic but getting him the ball. Do they have enough there will be an -- one of these guys that -- we saw price years ago. Well -- picked -- pretty good but -- -- -- deprived of these and Alex Torres a little -- that was acquired await economic and I can't you're treated the angels would really get done but that collapsed he years. He got called up about that a desperation earlier this year. And then delight that he -- he's given them that fourth guy Joseph Maddon liked what he cost or even -- I'd get beat it it would lead or what cited. You have rightly call Jake McGee and now I'll order. Feel that he had been. It's a pretty good about that middle and created a little bit of a question mark and junior I've been good lately but he was up and L article there's been. Up and down a little bit they are Ramos and though there's been a little bit weak nuclear but it can beat you up pretty good about it when they get that -- thought. I mean that pitching is always good when I'm used to say and here mark is you know they have the bats to get through offensively and even before will Myers got there because they team that was been. Top five top six in the American League all year in terms of runs scored is it. Just Kelly jobs another seven big years or did they change the approach at all this year offensively and how they attack pitchers. Basically both I'm going to be honest with pediatricians the -- they picked I mean art -- -- -- -- respect the office even for the creative and I think we may talk but your show about. They didn't really hear anybody you know that you're on a lot of public. Yunel escobar's been tremendous at shortstop and after a slow first month -- number serve probably is best in any -- jump -- and -- American League. Jim Loney hit -- and bought it and it look like much it ought be the last either. It in the cockpit and the American League in hitting almost all year leading. That you're leading the major -- the American League in batting -- of that happening on and Ottawa batting average just the tremendous. Picked up so they've added these guys they don't you mentioned as well they've added these guys to make a lot of contact they took out all the strike out BJ Upton and Carlos Pena last year. They had a guy making contact but the ball in play he'd rather not he automate that they're moving a lot more runners and that it -- met. All kind of WAR and -- like -- -- backward -- the angels they went to the World Series that kind of relentless on her back. Our whole question from me is this the year that the race to actually do something that trade deadline to bring in net rental that percent kind of add a little bit of bump. Any moves at all. Yeah I mean that haven't talked to everybody they're going to be an amateur rumored and I think he beat army and that for a one on July 30 and a -- have done anything they don't really. Hello all or anything at that point any -- gotta actually come back pretty good. The RE eight so I don't know I mean they're kind of the -- up in a way they've already got Ryan -- in the minors. And I'd pay to play player baseball I have made it pretty to help the Iran Iraq group for family brought up what Myers. There's not a lot of played particularly go brought to life without -- it's significant -- Mark appreciate it -- the second half of the year thanks. Mark Hopkins from the Tampa -- times joining us this code to Toronto buck Martinez our friend from Roger sports that but we talked to you before the year. You had glowing reports on Josh Johnson talked about how good it. You thought it would be this year it is not gone well for Josh Johnson what has been his biggest issue if there's one he can point out to us. I think armed person on Thursday and we're learning a significant time and then. Kick him allowed America and the actual pre game when he returns that are not that. 21 ballgame -- him in the giants -- servers Cisco when -- first game back. But I then I think -- most recent start in Europe seven rounds they Oreo and each hand and a man that need to have that America -- I think biggest thing is that. He has been able to really pound the strike zone and I would distrust ball and that there's a lot of gators sit look out ever played in Riviera they commander. But if you -- -- she put all this town together up there in Toronto I was seduced by -- I thought that they would win the American League -- it hasn't worked out is there any talks all about. Now almost pulling a Miami Marlins and selling off some of these pieces here -- trade deadline. Yeah I'm sure they're probably considering they're prepared and our parents that something may have reached yet probably with no matter and majors -- because the trade deadlines coming up. But you know what -- acquired. The -- that they don't have or tradable pieces. They as far as contracts are Merck. I'm bad contract servers are absorbing as we mentioned with Johnson and I think that's the one thing that up as if in fact -- got a great -- Johnson was pitching well. Dan he would be a commodity -- keep in the year. If they can get up to great start and he was that you -- on the naked trade limited trade deadline well neither happened and I think they're -- -- strong right now. You know what out of the most tradable. Commodity to have -- -- they Baptiste that I don't know out there in that position yet and if you think about it they -- mortgaged future with this team together. And I think yeah we shot -- said that when they had their eleven game -- -- but I don't know that he would saint banging and selloff and try to at least not yen. Because it's just exactly what they had done in the opposite direction last year when they trade over here -- prospect that in. Well when you look at the injuries they've sucked this year you know lorries only play what 39 games Reyes obviously missed a ton of time Josh Johnson -- We have talked about is it as simple as the injuries have hurt the -- is something bigger estimated have a whining and live up to those expectations. Well I think biggest thing is to look at there urinary Eric started. And you know that you. And I started he would between sixty -- that -- winds. That's been the norm the last several years and you gotta have that they weren't starters in the seventh and Pittsburgh which. They put it grabbing at this point and in the NJ at getting hit in the head and he's come out back are still not back earlier that a lot of injuries. But the bottom line -- -- and injuries and you dispatch -- -- overcome. -- what's he is John Gibbons under right now with. I don't think he's an emerging -- prayers of underperformed in the -- you know he's been guards have been measures is one year. And never got to slow start and and I think they actually played themselves in shape and think you're both -- that. Everything came around and -- terrible start but actually they were ten and 2100. Then they got street together where they won eleven straight in the desert started look everything we spent together chain I think 200. That chemistry aspect of so many new guys coming and they turned over the senator roster over an autopsy that's taken a more public and the other team. And now starting on Broderick find out -- made -- Yeah and obviously it's if you said before it's starting pitching in the numbers and look at some of these guys that just. I I can't believe it birdie on it is what is it happened some years if they do come back well obvious is doesn't pitching depending in this team actually get back in this race. I think began. I think they have a proper -- and Melky Cabrera a couple of big games honoree at least not our way back and I think glory back now playing at the base may think it. He might be that string -- together offensively Rasmussen has them well and then the run production department. I'd bring senator anatomy and about these in congress on the air what they are -- in this unsigned usually catch it stroke bit sore -- -- I think in my beer producer John announces can be how well starter to -- in the second half. Blocked great stuff on the blue jays appreciate we'll talk too soon. That is buck Martinez joining us let's wrap up our -- the pales by going to New York the Yankees will be -- Their first trip to Boston this weekend in her martian ESPN New York. Joins us and a celebration a Mariano Rivera last night Andrew. Pot he's been good -- you expect to become back can be this good in a swan song after the injury year ago. And I've learned over the years not to China Mariano. Because. You know beginning about maybe five years ago and not the near close to go to. Yes Jerry is based in New York you know be on the air I'd say stuff like you know what -- -- -- your ordinary outcome Mariano. Anymore and I did that for about three years -- -- you know. I've been cutting down for three years -- and stop saying that. I'm so -- him coming back from knee surgery you don't count how America what it is stood at thirty say that the -- It's pretty music. There were or what's the state right now out there as far as the feeling about the Yankees they get share back only to find out he's done you get. Jeter back only to find out he's probably may go back and on the DL. There's six games out but I just I don't see the second half surge what's the general feeling that they have enough pitching and really make disinterested. But the pitching actually pretty get -- -- the -- all of your question I think -- right -- most people feel like you do. They're the fan base is a little bit restless and now bored with this team in the -- is seeing superstars. You know not -- truth and Alberto Gonzales and Eduardo Nunez Jayson Nix. So they're a little bit bored with -- team collapse all all you have heard -- Current spirit and also out along with Jeter and near. And you have. Prick Gartner Alex Rodriguez and an old Ichiro and really -- only would she it. Major League hitters burn well and Hafner got borderline. That they -- automatic -- opposite direction pretty -- -- mean. And curt sleeper hit in York -- -- You know are mentioned that you buy credence to be optimistic. First they start out with a how deep they are starting accepted the bullpen in great. Well to follow up on that no superstars not see entries are big factor how much is this luxury tax situation into -- -- this team it seems like they. That they try to stay under -- they don't wanna do anything big they're desperate to get back thundered for fear of that huge hit -- forty million dollar hitters so they could take if they're over four -- money years consecutively. Well yeah I mean make it did not see that they -- a lot of guys you know yeah apparel buying it is not an easy year. That the catcher Russell ardently. So. They pick -- they were thinking -- 2014. Now will they stick with. Going getting under 189 million dollars up to 2014 I'm not sure they will. Economic playoffs. And it's very down about 3500 per game. I think you're gonna get worse -- their -- contention come here in August and September. The -- its ticket prices -- Yankee Stadium. I don't know I think he might change course because in the long run you'll lose money off that it here. He -- back in the people come through the turnstile. All the money that you're shaping you know losing to us in them and and ticket sales so. I think they might do about staged by elected three Q now would want wasn't as the biggest free agent market is there one guy dropped into. What was gonna happen there -- some groups Roddick he's -- they should retool and trade canal on ad doesn't make much sense to me but you know. He's Jay-Z they gonna go for the big bucks. Others that that your yankees had to have a problem because if they need the starters for one to compete. And number cute that there is to keep people in nick -- oil demand in the playoffs nearly twenty years. -- people coming the stadium. So you kind of have to thank you know the -- you're gonna run until. You're gonna get anywhere from a security your countered everything. You're gonna need to know turns 31 October. So you're gonna hit again at -- the only gap with Teixeira. And -- near by in the years in -- You weary at the end of these deals. You don't want just by an attribute great player. By but they adapted elated to know what day. And so I think ultimately he does so I wouldn't. What's the best case scenario of the yankees' Alex Rodriguez. How lag they had an idea that a lot of ways that it short term impact on Monday fact is that. And plays well. He almost -- -- suspended. Then if you were suspended. They would like it's essentially go to next year because then they. In the -- during the suspension and that money comes off the books for that 189 million dollar goal. You're talking about 7UP billion dollars or sixty scheme that he that he misses -- so. Beckett worked to their advantage or communities is at -- gold in the Yankees view probably would be it's -- -- if we have made it unable for him to come back. And they collect insurance money over -- contract. But that your insurance companies. You have a legit excuse they autistic. You know doctor's note from our earned greater -- million dollars. So you know they get they had to make that happen that's the reality skip via a wishful thinking about the Yankees the media and -- -- because utility play. Up the level he's gonna cut it. Hey enjoy great stuff we'll see embossed into the second half this week and we appreciate your time today. A great look around the elites one I think rock -- gold NASA mark topped in Tampa Bay times buck Martinez. Roger sports then just -- Andrew marsh and ESPN New Yorkers we check around. The division and that'll be up online later on today WEEI dot com you got baseball you got Rivera get the all star game. You've got shark talk you got the Rolling Stone cover all the table here 617. 7797937. AT&T text line 379837. -- in a shark talk are tweet up of the energy a chance to. Watch a video I -- part of retreated as well okay would come back we'll discuss stacks in tweets on it in your phone calls -- there.

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