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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/15/2013

Jul 15, 2013|

We tackle four topics we havent touched upon today... Rondo hates the heat... Carly Rae can't throw... Johnny Football and MORE

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-- And now our -- -- totally swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball for. Fun game. -- Well we solved it -- and sports radio and W. Rajon Rondo -- basketball camp run to address the crowd he'd say he'd never ever played for the Miami Heat. -- -- -- a lot of -- can't today saying one thing you'll never played -- -- the Miami Heat. -- could hear the crowd go wild if you played one of the four major sports. What team would you never ever want to play for. So I'm in the Yankees the obvious answer but. To me the Canadians be vigilant be really hard to put on that bright red sweater want -- -- it was pathetic franchise professional sports the clippers you your objects you know. And platelet note that this thing about this is par for all of us to match now we have the ability to place to play for the Democrats have -- You have the ability to play professional sports -- and I for one day from one moment here for Clark -- report. The ability to play for professional sports. Tell me answer. -- too -- for the general you have to pick one team he would play April 20 you have to pick one. Of course if I were an actual athlete average crafted to one team I would play wherever anybody there haven and wanted to go to the end of -- -- imagine that sort of -- great athlete you know. Like a football separate John Elway ability. We've drafted by the colts and he says no way now. I'll play baseball. I'm not playing pretty. In the in the fourth straight would you go that far yet that ability. The jets draft you and your great player and say -- -- Five for others it is that for that it got your work aboard the right work I'm not. One but for the -- -- -- please. I don't go away you couldn't pay me enough to -- play for the Winnipeg jets. Positive person but I would see Obama I would pick the team in hockey summit by my great hockey player and it's also very funny I'm a great hockey player. -- a number of teams Columbus Blue Jackets Phoenix Coyotes. Nashville Predators. Play in the -- -- NHL you have liberal Winnipeg. NHL I have to play -- -- Florida. They've kept lightning all those teams. Humphreys -- actually gave his answer tonight. Don't like anything in their ambition and you hear about things you don't really pay attention to it so happens. What's it actually happened. No success to. So he's saying that the only Timmy didn't wanna come to -- the Celtics -- on our guard says the guy who played for the nets and who now is for the Celtics. -- -- Over the weekend Johnny -- though sent home early from the Manning passing academy officials of the campaign meant so both claimed it was because an illness but rumors -- in the -- state that is behaviors. Will Johnny -- -- make it as an NFL quarter. Yes indeed it's fantastic he's amazing. And -- got a lot to learn. As a as a quarterback -- you look at him this year he'll probably win the Heisman again. And he's that good he's not a finished product and you see some of these guys in the NFL. Pool already. Aren't as good as is -- has yet to be fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do your job the next day when you're at a camp -- in a phone that does not fall on on innings and I thought our -- and Obama maybe both mr. Obama. It was the character from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know man. I don't think there's ever going to be great NFL quarterback. My junior quarterbacks you get all the good look at it's a lot of beautiful. Currencies AJ do well. You're looking live -- AJ McCarron -- for a I don't I don't know that he's got the game -- gonna translate to the NFL I know it's moving more more towards allowing some more running. At some of the things that he does well he's six foot one there. -- he's not a particularly accurate passer I don't know that I saw him. Is being a great NFL player characters -- -- -- and Manuel hoped that he -- at 2 o'clock. Johnny about well. There's dramatic rise to leave. The factory. Further -- Jefferson of calming maybe painter at the first pitch of the temporary candidate rays game -- it was terrible. She felt the ball game saw her warming up and I this and this is somebody tell user given. You're gonna have to go back. She gives -- great effort here we're gonna have to go back to 2009. The official. The belt holder for the worst ever. First pitch of a ball game was Bob Bob booted from the New York Mets don't have mountains in New York Mets game back in May of. Does dad what does the worst first pitch you have ever seen. -- the mayor was in Chicago couple years ago the mayor of Chicago America Obama doesn't throw well bless his heart and it's not a game. Beat teams like pretty good basketball players in nice form when he shoots he can't throw. Comes out there with the mom jeans and any threat and he just tees did not ball players -- and -- is just Kaminsky park. -- -- he's 5%. To change. -- maybe. -- -- You can he get that -- real quick over the weekend. Job. Who's the mayor who had absolutely awful for for children mayor of Chicago I think it was it was something like that well. It was in Cincinnati. Was cagey. Cagey throw one out. Within our Robinson marital laws it will Denard Robinson Denard Robinson -- Denard -- here or you're also thinking of the Cincinnati manner OK so those two -- -- kind of confusing the two of them right. The Cincinnati mayor had a disastrous first pitch and Denard Robinson was awful. Then that what Bill Russell threw one the Russell Bennett if you are. John Wall and it had a horrible one actually has an average of great athletes that some of basketball players if they'll. To me what's worse is that -- right it's Denard Robinson. He threw a football -- with -- back right. And he couldn't throw baseball was really strange one does kind of translate to the other. I never lose doing it. Earners. Thing. Submarine in the program. That it fraudulently this is great hill. Couple years ago it Hillman screw one off. It's these past that crisis Dexter that he had as juicy Kucera he. -- It's a -- and yes but hopefully -- look -- Little up and tonight is a home run derby in the participants are Chris Davis Pedro Alvarez Bryce Harper Michael Dyer Robinson can now. You only assists speed is Prince Fielder and David Wright who will win the home run derby I'm. There it is we all went after it offered without we all win. It's going to be Bryce Harper. Hit. It. You know his -- Bryce Harper there -- that we needed both. I'm gonna take a winner who I can promise you his dad will not be pitching him tonight. And that's Prince Harry made up and I still they're still on the outs to -- yes that Prince Fielder is going to in the home run derby tonight I love watching prints on my favorite players. -- -- You -- what a difference. Yeah hard violent swing. Our home run derby guy. Or are you mean. When -- under. If I didn't have kids probably watch a fair amount does nothing else on tonight but. I'll probably watch non. Like tonight I'll probably watch dale turner on. Those things that you -- out of what you guys that are difficult to convince my wife. That we're going to watch some of the home run. But that's a hard argument to win like I can always winning a let's watch that team let's watch this is what's that wanna watch this it's important for workers wanna watch it. -- in hand I really wanna watch the home run derby here and say. It's made for TV but the -- TV makes it is just too long right I think it was thirty minute one hour debacle I could that be fun but it's like two and a half hours drags on right. It's kind of like baseball. Chris burns first awful music reference to do with Alltel Ford. And what are -- it just speaks to it. We'll -- Indian city field. That's got to factor in Center City -- so is gonna. I'm summer in the city pop time summer in the city's Art Garfunkel repertory at all the people were from. We're from queens hung -- tribe called quest reference of course to open RJ reference. -- we -- -- you see it that I'm going with pop -- summer in the city who was not loving spoonful. It's going to be something completely the I have a -- -- It -- open Mike thing here give it your best Chris Berman musical reference to outline that surprise you. In particular to the -- In the call him a call on the York city. A lot of big colts fan which I don't I know. Actually I know she sells sanctuary actually pretty good railing. But the -- I should call made that song right about now started out I don't know I don't know the -- was all she settles there's a couple of dollars. I just -- sure. I've got a good Chris Berman musical reference for tonight is up in the open Mike bottom right corner of WET I live. Yeah yeah always writing by AT&T you're correct New York City really had to play some at bats I don't know. I'm guessing I don't like -- really electrical. Uses back in your group hello. -- -- can happen. That's like give it if the guy has a couple of outs in a row but then he gets into a groove he's going to be back in the New York group well David Wright proceeded right -- he's right or Robinson you know. Tell me you don't you don't like yeah this is it. Iran that if your brother I think you -- Susan starts thing Donald got a mild left soon as he starts -- an amount half -- left a couple of out. Which is named -- something. No this is not me you know I know -- like yours and I don't want ancillary you know aspirin and but it was in some. Yeah how he convince your wife to watch something like that you know how do you convince us this. Closer to watch the SP because I usually enjoy the SPX I would. Jon Hamm is hosting tonight. Or tomorrow when it's Wednesday Wednesday night -- injury. Enjoy that what she does. Sit there and I know this. But sanctuary right. -- is Seth Myers hosted the -- few years ago before that it was Justin Timberlake like it's pretty easy day I think to convince you like to watch it. And I feel like an Asia think it's pretty. Pretty entertaining I guess after Bruce terrible last year that's the guy we know we was questions of some movement -- riddle he was the one. It's -- -- Scenes stuff -- just terrible. I thought he was I thought he ruined the espy's last about it was not in any way entertaining. And after a couple of really good years with Seth Meyers it was really noticeable. How bad it was last year and I know that a lot of people make fun on the espy's kind of manufactured. But it usually is usually gives you a couple of pretty good moments. Member first of all that they've done really good -- Com. -- like nice moments like nice awards like long time service award honoring people they did the -- a few years ago for the two guys after the two olympians John Carlos and like on the promise yes it would be I would drop their heads and out but that was an amazing night and really amazing thing that they've done. Two years ago or three years ago was the the guy who'd been in jail. For wrongly accused for years and years and years really gone out thank you remember the names are terrible. But -- -- also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you're allowed but you know like all the names of the people in this building glue Phillies couldn't be a Tom is a national hi Tom. I it going guys good. Ought -- out first pitch I've got already won local Doc Rivers are rivers what I wrote you really can't drew first match. Now possible. -- -- Carl Lewis. Why is awful. Here's the thing Harlow says hold on with Carl Lewis his income is so bad that you don't remember that I don't even think about a for a hit -- with Al Lewis just want to -- It's no better and better -- -- and caddie the look on Eric gave it to face when he caught the pitch you thought he -- her. -- Absolutely. Off. Oh good all right thanks Tom appreciate 01% to John thank you thank you for remembering. If by the way you did you got the wrong I was do we do we Bazell that was the guy's name who'd been in jail for. Altar where they were honoring now it's taking you -- thinking of hurricane right now -- look back it was a different one it was -- -- and that's who they were on it was a very very cool moment this year. I'm just reading via text here the -- again on the point stick in the sun with a lifetime achievement award on Wednesday night we should be very cool special for those who was here and make sense. Given everything that's happened this year. I -- and they. It's what what an inspiring storm if you wanna think about the the marathon and what makes it great and lots of people have stories from people who have. Who have given water to the runners who have supported. Strangers absolute strangers with encouraging words. There's also the voice and you just can't you can't beat that story some -- they're getting some more publicity Nash. And I'm getting ripped saying what do you mean you got to convince your wife the watcher and was are you you don't have that issue in your house really just -- -- opportunity how. Tough guys are pretending it's mostly higher -- I let -- know what. I do what I wanna do it. You don't whatever I'd say yet.

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