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Mike Lupica: Brad Stevens is a Mozart of coaching

Jul 15, 2013|

Mike Lupica joined the show to discuss a possible 150 game suspension for Alex Rodriguez. Mike added that he loves the Celtics hire of Brad Stevens and that he is a perfect fit in Boston.

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It's been awhile since we've chatted up our good friend Mike Lupica you read him in the New York Daily News you see him on ESPN's sports reporters might run him loitering at a Barnes & Noble any particular point. Up Mike joins us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T four GL TE good morning to look at how are you. And again. But there some sort hi Mike. Now and other were teammates on the radio station you think what you know what they can spot the -- -- your. -- I miss hit it have got a fact for you under a little stat you all of this route 95 games at the all star break. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter combined earned 27. Million dollars and play in one. Game the Astros total payroll is 26. Million dollars. Is there ever been an acquisition. Or a contract that is the unabashed unmitigated disaster that is Alex Rodriguez with the New York Yankees. You know -- -- about two months ago endured deadly group produces by shell and New York we had that bad contracts bracket -- to the madness yeah. And I'd -- -- dump the ball on this because I thought that that Iraq was the number one seed it would absolutely just swiped at the time you know. But because of that we we we brought the fans into it and because Bobby -- I think is being paid by the Mets still from now until the end of time. He is about -- not a volume this year volume now it's the dumbest contract in the history of mankind. You know John I wrote about this yesterday if you think about where we weren't baseball. The last time an all star game came in new York and and if this were call it would that crazy one default. Fifteen inning game ended about 1:38 in the morning and I I wrote about I looked over in the -- etiquette that stay with my sides until the end. That would kill people on the top step of the dugout still -- and it like crazy. Terry Francona and Derek Jeter would stay till the end and a lot of courses -- -- in and in Manhattan. Chandler has led to another 300 year even now Alex wasn't gonna hit fifty home runs and 1035 day year. And now look where they are now on Jeter's breaking down and and A-Rod. According this story at our paper yesterday is is working on a police barking and imagine this. The guy who is gonna break the all time home run record we thought before we found out about steroids. Is now working on a plea bargain that may knock his suspension down to look 400 hit. 150 games is that what you expect to happen here might get the 150 and and everybody's happy. Well I don't think everybody's happy I think you know it's funny -- play a 150 sound like forever you know that would take the girl next year's all star game. They -- but the last. 57 games of this season in the press however get to the -- But. But he hit yet the question what kind of shape it's going to be yet another year from now with two surgical hips. Looks like an old man playing in. In in the minor leg but -- take that guy keeps pocket he's worked his way up to AAA JR. I don't like you -- insult. Who The Who undoubtedly go to -- there are still people in this town. Who who believed that they are not going to see him again -- Yankee -- support the whole thing to me is everybody's establishing a legal position now. Happened if he retires saying he's physically unable to perform. If the suspension comes after that could suspend guys without a ways already retired I think. And then how much insurance money did the Yankees get. It be retired saint he's physically unable to report that there. There's a lot that this is gonna happen here I don't know what it's gonna happen this would -- it keeps saying this week I'm not sure that that's true. But I think he's got to get banged and I think bronze in the back. -- Well I don't think so I don't think it I don't think they're that close but it's every been reporting the week after the all circuit I'm not sure that that. You have been all over this one does it come down or if if a rod gets the 150 what is brawn again. Are you might get I I thought -- might get the same room like a hundred very might get that big hit you know and blind. I -- as part of Peter gamut about this yesterday. -- has become so this crazy pinnacle -- figured that that you know that that was brought down by his wild insecurities and. And pride in that that crazy tactic that's I don't think there's any sympathy. The Ryan -- in baseball and I think players in baseball are sick O'Brien brought on. And they all looked on it more after he got lawyer out of this is non suspension. Not because he -- and -- -- challenge that the science in the case but because the chain of custody issues. When he went into a touchdown dance OK he just put a great big target on it on his back I don't think -- can -- what who. Looking form but guess what once what I Genesis happen. I think they'd be as happy to get broadest they would they were. I -- -- talking about this last week he says every Major League clubhouse he goes into Michael guys are coming up to him and saying they want him to go down and go down hard. I -- I don't think there's any question about that I. I think we all look. Agree that he hit it just shut up and walked away woke up whistling every morning that he beat the rap because. -- version of things that somebody tampered with the static which we talked about the job. Which happens to be a federal that's. OPEC will beat you try to act like he was the most falsely accused man sent Sean Bell -- and like -- And and self brick and going to do -- you know like one of those really fancied them yeah. And it brought in baseball -- after everything they've tried to do over the last ten years I don't think so. I -- NBA groping for just a second and the Yankees want it to happen this way chronologically he gets suspended. Out whatever it is a 150 games they then don't have to pay him before he tries to come back and all I'm trying but I am no longer able to perform. Is chronologically that's the way the Yankees elect just happened. Yet got its victory situation right I really think you know he came into this year being out I think it's a 114. Million dollars. And you know every time Yankee fans are worried about the future -- -- don't worry we've got it -- in 2000 that was good except we don't there at third -- Yet I would think that odd that a 114 John if they could not go up a third yeah if if they can get out from under some of that. But again you can't have much sympathy for them because nobody they would bidding against themselves he had opted out of his contract. During game four of the Red Sox Rockies World Series and then they did everything except that him to come back. Does anyone in New York think he has any game left at all. No but if you look at -- yankees -- most amazing records that they have the most amazing record in baseball. Sabathia is nine and aid -- just another pitcher -- -- their best pitcher. They got a 43 year old closer that they've been running about Bernard welcome Lyle Overbay and David Adams and and and all the guys here and somehow they're like seven games over 500 I don't have any idea how they've done this. But I wouldn't be an upgrade if he can be you know all round habit I am telling yet. He is he looks like he's struggling to get a hit in the minor league I. I don't know what those -- can do turn an indoor baseball swing I. -- I'd be very you know you can fool knows but I'd be very very surprised if he's. If you could even met met the measure being in the 21616. Home run guy he was before the second hip surgery. And what does Jeter have left I mean I know I know he'll he'll win a gold glove but other than that. Other than that what do we expect. You know it was funny the other day because everybody was acting you know personally gets like a seventy foot traveler for -- -- hit him like that of course you got a base hit connect. And then I watched -- running around the bases. In the in the first and -- And I thought he would run around like a furniture mover and -- which are -- well if he can run freely again I think. Wait a second and then you know now it turns out he's got a quiet strength Gary I have watched Derek Jeter from the day ran out to shortstop in 1996. He has become everything we want sports stars to be. He's become as much that face to the Yankees is anybody they've ever had but the one comparison. That we made with him. Is that he is this generation's demise here. And what I am fearful of now is he's gonna look like DiMaggio did at the end of his career and I just. You know I know how much pride yet I know much talent he -- I know how stubborn he is but I -- -- he just look at this you wonder how there can be a really good ending. Here I you're a New York butcher also kind of a diminutive guy if you could pick 12 baseman to start your team with wouldn't be Dustin Pedroia or Robinson can now. And I'll tell you -- That you could I was gonna get one of those contracts now okay have backed a friend of mine it was a big Yankee fans what to watch the yankees' double a team play the other night. And he said. What what can get their so called prospects he wants them to now assigned to go to the twenty year contracts. But. I just think in about four years he's gonna start he's gonna start breaking down to it. Pedroia -- to me. Is is is the kind of guy who you know even the way he throws himself around. Let that play you may remember that the plane that the other night against CA suspected double play -- that there's something special about him and -- a point guard -- basketball. The -- dubious at best point guard in in baseball and and I. As big -- I was good and I'm prejudiced view integration of acquired -- dallas' second baseman. And and and my best that I would have dreamed about him to be able play baseball like he does. I kicked the door. A question from a Mike on the Mike -- -- got trendy meter of hip cool and trendy things in New York is it's safe to say that that. A year from now it'll be the Brooklyn nets and everybody else Rangers -- Mets yankees behind them. I you know what you're I'm not sure you know -- -- argues that had a great line when. Tony Romo was shown early speed for the cowboys as blocking. With them after a Monday night game to the bus and he said. Let's not be too fast to anoint him yeah okay. I'm not quite anointing the Brooklyn match yet and because. I you know I know I'm talking about to Boston sports icon but that. These guys to me at the end of last season looked like. -- today it -- play for the museum of natural history doctors okay. And I would like to know how many games we're gonna see what those two guys are at their best crush sure about the Mets. And people have developed amnesia are ready that the next 154 games here and and people act like oh yeah admit that that's he's it was a disappointment is that they wouldn't have signed up for that I'm not ready to see the New York City to the match yet. Well we we know it's not going to be the jets do you suspect that SX he -- he will be the first coach fired this year. To bite it. You know the first guards it fired -- getting gored by a ball. That they would come on guys -- Do you think Belichick running with that lipped approach. Yeah -- Com popular and I compliment bungee jumping look at the -- at the pictures of the -- out like a strike that statement. Big you know wide -- Now I I think though at number I'd say that it did the jets are gonna fire during the season he's gonna have a hard road. Tick tick and based giant -- in the general manager that he should keep this. Hey Mike I know you're a big Glenn Doc Rivers fan as were we the year. He do you understand you realized that he lied on his way out of town that he said in the -- initiated it was very disappointing. From this and those one and you've felt. -- yeah I I bet that that whole thing and you know. -- -- Abdullah says that's what will whenever you visit sports book I just look at real life and -- -- -- so that was a good divorced since they got a good divorce. And I I would you know I like that they've reached out to him several times than any he's a friend of mine but to put it is it what's the reaction. There now is is is is almost years now did they get turned a dishwasher because that's the big. Now just disappointing -- -- he rarely steps in -- he rarely makes a misstatement and all had to do was say listen I'm not up to the rebuild. -- or or they stop listening to me and it but it said well we're disappointed we understand be on your way. He'd decided go to different direction and saved well that's the Celtics originated the idea I didn't really want to -- -- we decide what's best for the team best for me it it was necessary Mike I guess he went on sale. It it would I would say now what the public only commit once a year right yeah. That that should be a very lively night at. At the TD banknorth but right now -- -- -- getting sent. Danny and -- grows by the owner says it was all doc called off and on the -- anyway yeah -- I don't Danny has bounced back beautifully everyone seems to elect Brad Stevens got -- from got a 1000001 round picks. This is how you go back to the bottom of the society rebuild but. I never thought Doc Rivers would leave. This way. Now I I I'm actually surprised -- -- let me say something. Went went Mike my kids are cute college basketball that and and I'll tell my kids always know like he can you talk about god each -- trendy at all -- yes. -- that they have got Brad Stevens was a rock star from the time he can partly to the first. Final look at. And the second time it -- was one of the great talent that's what coaching -- sort of what I got the text for exactly that the Tibet date that the Celtics inside Stevens a -- Did you think it was about god and what whipped it out swinging the candidates signed an -- to realize it was Brad Stevens okay. And it was such. Outside the box thinking I might split reaction was I wish I had promoted this myself. I think. He is a Mozart this guy I think he is going to be great in Boston. And and good for any. Percent look at the best college coach out there com -- it was just out east school of OK Brett Stevens about any went to Ghana and by the way. Get it completely underneath the. Yes amazing that's the upset of all time right there. I don't know I don't know I'd love to Brad Stevens I can't wait to see how this is gonna. Put the rebuilt it play out -- You can read the new York daily new -- concealment ESPN's sports reporter what current book in the in the bookstores Mike. I would be whipped. Dennis and Callahan. Sometime the last two weeks. -- September with a book that's called QB one which is being described. As Friday Night Lights meet the Manning Brothers in Texas and already we have got the greatest -- -- just read it and it said that that the book at all fathers and -- to read some pretty excited about. Look forward to seeing you in September my friend thanks Mike. But it got Mike -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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