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Dale and Bradford Get Into the Curious Case of Alfonzo Dennard...Quite the Polarizing Issue

Jul 14, 2013|

Dale and Rob give their take on the Dennard DUI case and what the Patriots should do with the young DB's future in football in their hands. Rob says they have to take the wait and see approach and see what happens on July 31 at his court date, but Dale is of the opinion that Dennard's judgement is clearly so off, they should just cut him now. Texters and callers are extremely opinionated on this subject.

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Sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI dale Arnold and rob Bradford in couple of quick notes we'll get back to the calls you and just a moment it's 617. 7797937. Ron Borges has uninteresting piece in today's Boston Herald. He reiterates what I said late in the week when I was here in the morning with John Dennis. He called on the patriots to cut Alfonso bettered I've found it interesting that down. And I can't remember if it was Ian Rapoport or if it was Albert Briere who wrote the nfl.com piece -- that that ran on Friday I think where. Basically that the gist of the piece was that you know. He didn't he he he he didn't blow up a high number both dropped board yet Rappaport. And that you know courts what. People sort of neglected to focus on is that these reports were coming from quote the -- camp on quote via. As as Ron abort just point out in today's Boston Herald if you Google how to beat a breathalyzer test -- The very first thing it's gonna tell you is don't blow hard and it'll actually tell you why the alcohol settled lower in the longs. According to the police on the scene. He blew shallow. Breaths into the breathalyzer. Didn't blow deeply enough for them to get an accurate reading he did not quote unquote pass his it's his test. He was arrested for. And that number came out below the legal limit not probably gonna arrest you for do you why apple. You think good news that I would play. Devil's advocate here you did Alfonzo debtor it was -- How to be a brothel I -- but I think that the -- it's something that's been discussed that's been talked about that you know him. There are people who the first caller ready -- thought don't don't don't don't take the tests don't do this don't do that. Yeah I I think if he'd probably at some point or another new to do what he did. The bottom line here is and it doesn't have to do with the fact that he was arrested for do you -- okay. It has to do with the totality of the judgment involved here he gets sentenced in March. Because he's found guilty of assaulting a police -- he's go to jail by the way next march yet a big. I think that gets kind of swept on the right yes he's he's gonna serve thirty days in jail jail next march march 1 of 2014. Because you've got to judge who's try to cut him a break here. Allows him to play in the NFL and -- when the season's over and before. Mini camps and I'll let you want to commit and then just serve your time then if that's not inconvenient for you. It's two years' probation and a hundred hours of community service. The mere fact that he's arrested you don't have to be convicted the mere fact that he's arrested. Puts him in violation of his probation he now has a hearing July 31. To determine if in fact he's in violation of his probation if he has. They can put him right in jail that day which means it's going to be a little tough to catch training camp you know for the patriots who start July 26. And and all of these things added up. You know fifteen days after his teammate gets arrested her. First degree murder three days after his owner says were gonna reassess how we judge players. In this organization -- a look at things a little differently. Any know was that one of the more on a day of the provisions of probation is no drug or alcohol use. Yeah law -- mean you can't eat Kraft Kraft saying that. Long before this happens and Dennett -- on the team in so I give him a passing pity you listen you said this man this happened. I don't know what's gonna happen I. Who knows who's right who's wrong it. This -- wait till July 31. And we wanna get into this conversation began also day news of its. Kraft has been saying this sort of thing all along. He can come out with a three reporters and say you want we're gonna we look at things a little bit different. All that's after some ago -- The reality is that they should -- start looking at things a lot differently but that's beside the point from what we're talking now I don't know I don't even disagree with the great beside the point when we're talking about dinner. Well I am woody and his judgment in what we're doing -- would be but I'm bringing this up because standard is a guy who'll. When the -- and end this thing happen I don't think people were talking about that. I'm not saying that we should classify him with a -- -- or alleged -- -- do you lie is not the same no I'm talking not about doing what he went up presented. What he represented in regards to a guy who was going to be drafted in the first second maybe third round flights in the seventh round they pick him because he's a good football player. Even they know what they're getting into him. In so this is what they've done it's no secret but again you're missing my point. I agree with everything you say up to this point but here here here the facts -- in April he gets convicted. Of assaulting yeah police officer he is convicted he is sent to he's going to jail he's going to jail for assaulting a police officer he's on probation with very specific provisions of his probation among -- by the way is no drug or alcohol use. Two months after that he gets picked up and arrested for. As far as I'm concerned he has at this point not because he got arrested for do you why I understand that there are other athletes playing in the NFL arrested for do you why. Not two months after they get convicted of assaulting a police officer. He has forfeited in my opinion his right to represent the New England Patriots as a football player I agree with Ron Borges. I guess the patriots or at least putting on the face Europe trying to gather all the information let's make sure we know we're doing a cup. The damn well what happens if what happens do what whenever wrap reports get fed -- if that's true. Let's figure this and we can say if you Google how did beat a breathalyzer and in he -- baton and it's all Malarkey that's fine but what if it's true what it in the 5%. Since that is true is actually true all -- you're gonna tell you that that he. No because that's not the case okay the reason they gave them the brat the -- or is that they smelled alcohol when they stopped him. And his probation and you can't drink. Exactly okay they broke his probation ha -- A case to separate the judge cuts you a break here kid. Don't screw this up and the judge actually tells you right so don't screw this up you -- you break your probation you break the law once again and the -- though whether the patriots go about doing things. This quote unquote new way again I get him out our -- Right you're right if if that's the case that he broke of probation in any fashion. Yes bureau if you're gonna go by what you said what you said in front of those freed reports that you're gonna start doing things a different way. -- vote until it sure quick side note to that by the way because it -- we mentioned Aaron Hernandez. At the football hall payment Kenton Ohio they had some pictures that were exhibited as part of a a football hall of fame photo contest one of the pictures that was exhibited was taken. By a photographer from the Lawrence eagle Tribune and a a picture that won their photo contest. Was Aaron Hernandez scoring a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers. Visitors to the Pro Football Hall of Fame complained to the staff there about the photo the ticket down yesterday. -- they said in in the interest of good taste. We are removing the photograph of Aaron Hernandez they took it down from the hall of fame I feel bad for the photographer from the eagle Tribune who won the photo contest took the picture. But I don't blame the football hall of fame they had patrons complaining about the football picture being up. There as no surprise they took it as a surprise fees you have an entire team say the you can exchanged jerseys. I have -- Balkan distance and though the patriots already did distance himself from Hernandez. In the NFL's induce him there's not a surprise I do feel bad I would say I knew some of the photographers over there at eagle Tribune. I feel bad for the -- to rockaholic -- -- say it's a woman's name. Okay well I I I sought -- well I would say congratulations to her for forgetting that honor. And I do you feel bad in that respect but it should come as no surprise at all. Text -- in the AT&T text alliance's New York preachy and holier than thou attitude is so off putting stop putting -- down he makes more sense than you'd kind of a given. For the most part and I'd basically 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T -- -- -- 37937. Dale Arnold rob Bradford an -- sports Sunday Sports Radio WB. -- to. Sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold rob Bradford from WEEI dot com is seated across the table. He is headed for Citi Field in New York later this week for the Major League Baseball all star game. Everything is that magical two day period in in all of sports there are no sporting events on yes Tuesday and Thursday. Yes and in any of the league so it's always. The great great time for talk radio at all yet they cannot say it's got its sports movies one sentence at a seven. At. Discovering him ask us through the governor's doing an excellent job today I -- he had a tough turnaround last night who's working on the wee hours. Because he used to in the Red Sox games -- -- an excellent job that is that with the with the powers I also want to mention we were talking about pitch count with Lincecum yeah. So give him some of the top Red Sox pitch counts and Tim Wakefield 270. In 1990 -- that mind boggling isn't an and I do know it's different for knuckleballer although he gets mad when you say that yet. You know he says what there's not a whole -- on a global -- it's not the sense yet now it's not him and also. We should say that this is the jumping off from Tim Lincecum last night on on 48. Which the previous I think in the major leagues I believe was Clayton Kershaw a 132 views but the one that jumps out to be in regard -- Roger Clemens. 1996. 164. And 72 thirds innings. And it. A typical -- what was -- like by my top some Babe Ruth league numbers I kept quiet up. Late wouldn't Lois and Clark an accomplice Everett Kennedy what do you have -- phase of the bullpen manager Dan wow. And and the the point we were making was not -- to downplay the accomplishment of Tim Lincecum last night. ITE as is always the case doesn't seem in no hitters got the benefit of a couple of sparkling defensive plays one at third diving catch in right. He he completed the no hitter. And and I'm thrilled for him. -- -- was allowed a hundred and I retired I am telling you that this is not gonna -- well for Tim Lincecum you govern guy who's gonna be free agent after this year. And I know that lets see who is agent. -- agent is. Rick Thurman. Nonstop force not when he's of a huge guys. Rick -- cannot be happy because the no hitter in the timlin skimmed dossier heading into freeagent is a nice little piece. But you know what's not met and Neitzel he's a guy who has a five you are a in the second half this stuff like this guy's been setting the world on fire for last two years. He still has afford half ERA this year after out and over five URE last year. Listen I just think it's. He should he should revel in this moment dale rubble. Looks like he weighs about a 148 pounds to match his pitch count yeah talking wringing wet. And -- allowed to an end as I said earlier I understand completely. The position that it puts his manager -- and we used to joke with this -- -- -- who was the last guy because we talked about it with frank Tony had a guy who was. Approaching high pitch count but hadn't given up a hit until late and and I forget who was a couple of years ago. And and it was a question of you know where you're gonna let him stay out there he's not tennis and -- to make it to Jack yes I bet and I forget who was now a couple of years ago whoa. As Lisa before Lester was a tough decision for them when he had the no hitter in 2733. Pitches I think it wise for young young pitcher out. Com. Yeah -- for a couple tough tough -- couple tough decisions. You'll back to the closest no hitter that was broken up. Will remember the -- showing no hitter in Oakland -- and Stewart. Broken up with two outs in the ninth couple years ago. So it's it's never easy but one thing as John -- points out the you have to factor in is what kind of -- is worth it. How high how it. Why -- you high impact -- out leverage its. It's this is every time they make a decision regards pitch counts they factor that in how many long innings have their bin. So -- you're up nine nothing in the fifth inning chances are some of those pitchers aren't that tough via. But no hitter you're gonna have some of those innings though it's liberalize strain and 61777979837. -- on the -- on good morning -- I'll -- say yeah. And put Betsy on hold if you could explain to about the whole you know 102 -- thing in. Turning radio down because she wants to give us some information that I don't have and I wanna talk to about it but let's try to get hi Betsy how aria. I'm -- out of L it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Primarily criminal defense work PW light work better and also -- general criminal work and -- that the patriots player is going to happen major difficulties just with the probation violation. Because that basically call the sentencing deal. The thirty days but deferred until next year. Most judges are upon arrest but -- -- -- like this and the second violation of a condition of probation meaning that no drinking violation. We'll revoke probation. And she can be sentenced up to the maximum beyond the line of so this thing is I'm much more problematic. Legal problem for its players than just the idea that -- and you know next year to thirty days. He could be sentenced up to the maximum on the underlying. A charge of a battering a police officer. Betsy help me with this because I remember when it happened and I apologize for not remembering the name of -- the female judge but I remember. Her you know rather strongly admonishing him saying you know we're going to be keeping an eye on UN and you know let's make sure that that you keep your nose clean year. Does this go back in front of her almost as a slap in her face that she cuts them a bit of a break is as our sentencing his concern. I remember especially high profile -- I need I I I don't know whether it will go back in front of church -- don't typically take personal jurisdiction -- things -- at aha but work to do so. You know what he has serious consequence for him and I think that -- my ultimate point is from a PR standpoint but the patriot. This thing is that a lot of but I think it could just a lack a better word -- Given what happened with Hernandez. I wouldn't blame them one -- are taking. Very aggressive position on cutting the player. -- Betsy. One of the things that jumped out to me when revisiting. The decision to defer his jail time. Was why did they differ it's a time it's it's as it's it's unbelievable media say hey we know you have football season employs so what what you serve his jail time. After the football season when it's only when it's as little convenient as possible. Well you know you don't know what the underlying facts are the original case I -- But assuming that the player did not have an extensive criminal record. It's kind of unusual to meet -- -- I would go to jail for her her first or even a second offense. -- something like that but the fact that he's getting jail and it. Help me either that Yucca lined up and looked pretty problematic. Meeting the real problem. At incidents where that this guy had the prior criminal record -- I'm not so I don't know. Are -- those two things but I will say -- on probation. You know when you've got to independent violation -- -- -- into the violation of the no alcohol condition. All that Iraq in terms but the underlying and the thing structure and the judge can basically call the cape code and do whatever he or she want with. That being said you know -- I would think the patriots simply taking a pretty aggressive position on them. Given the fact that this thing could be a PR nightmare you know on the tail of -- Hernandez situation. Especially if they revoke his bail when he gets -- on the probation violation. Betsy described this as a cluster is that a legal term. Cluster is that a legal term I'm just kidding I didn't hear you know you said you described this as a cluster. I said is that it is that a technical legal term for the kind of got a thank you Betsy I appreciate the call and thanks our -- -- we've had several of these text messages on the AT&T Tex lines toppled right there the Lincoln police clearly have an -- to bioethics at the same guy he keeps tax or maybe it is the same guy because I -- but I that we got this again -- that when we were discussing -- I don't know why he's in Lincoln. Let's for the -- given the benefit of the doubt let's say that he's in Lincoln. Completing the 100 hours of community service stipulation of his sentence let's say OK and so that he's got a reason to be there because if he's not doing that. I don't know why won't -- -- where he went to college and that's where friends are and maybe you need to find someplace else to go that's the case ever again I'm gonna benefit of the doubt say that he's there. Completing the 100 hours of community service stipulation and the -- Explain to me exactly. What the police gain. By having it out for Alfonso -- there they they clearly have an ax to grind here. Yet judges wouldn't see through that what -- it it is the point here that they find him at. To 10 in the morning by the way. Weaving across the center line. So they shouldn't stop that person. They should they -- yet. Which is what happened here until 10 in the morning they see a car weaving over the center line. They should let that they shouldn't pull that person over because it might be Alfonso data and I don't want to appear that I have an ax to grind. Them stop there guys who were weaving across the center line at 2:10 in the morning if nothing else a comeback to. Why you do the -- report report were you saying well this isn't right this is right this isn't right. He's on probation. He violated his probation by drinking correct yes OK we know that yes. -- It's pretty cut and -- to manage food that's why I don't quite understand this. And I've seen other people with this exact same tape which is well you know the Lincoln police have got about -- they're just trying to get this guy. If you're weaving across the center line at 2:10 in the morning I want the police to stop you. Even if what they find out is that your sober is a judge. But to just a little tired and you know come on -- you gotta get home get some sleep here even if that's what happens. I want them to stop. I don't have a problem with the -- -- waiting until July 31 until he goes to court. Because there's an opportunity to to put all the facts out all the evidence everything else. What we know now is that he was drinking he violated his probation I don't know what the ramifications going to be from that I don't know what the judge is gonna say. But that's pretty certain that that's gonna come up on July 31 so once it does -- later. Simulator 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. We appreciate all of the yeah. The additions there eight -- says that he or she believes that it was Schilling and Oakland I don't think that was it. Quote is that today said it was a tough it though Francona quote yes I don't think it was Schilling and Oakland because I mean he gave up the no hitter in that went in the ninth inning he went and he -- yeah I don't think the pitch count was extraordinary high. I wanna say it was a group might have been that Lester no hitter. -- might have been. I remember -- Michael and I were talking to him about it and he was joking about you know. As to what would have happened if you know if he kept going so I would've sent barrel yet pitching yet and it was laughing about it. Because you know once that first ball who wants to face the NF it was at Fenway because it was -- it was the whole idea of going out in front of that crowd that take the pitcher routes so was the -- neared a literate yes I don't know Lester no hitter was right MAB was that the but somebody and other attacks Jeremy TT -- -- -- -- guess what you know with Adam's gonna make his money in free agency. Oh really busy is he really. I mean if he goes out has a five ERA in -- second half of the year coming off a year re already had a five ERA he's afford half right now. You mix to opt out say this he won't make a point three million dollars is make him right now. 6177797937. Its telephone number and for people who keep doing this okay. And I've I've seen about for the -- he didn't fail the sobriety test. He was pulled -- The police officer smelled alcohol that then gives you the opportunity. To ask him to take the field sobriety test. He was asked to blow sharply into the breathalyzer. On two occasions he didn't do it. He didn't pass the breathalyzer. He didn't blow -- sufficiently to get a an accurate a breathalyzer. Reading. He -- he then refused the I guess was the chemical -- the blood test or something like that which is within its rights to do don't misunderstand me. When the police officer pulled him over and smelled alcohol that gave them the right. To arrest him for do you want jail ward do you have a problem when I'm -- irons in -- borders once and cut right now. But what -- your way it's probably just distorts wait wait a few weeks. Either way. I think that they're gonna feel some obligation to just give him obese guilty of something and a court of law after what you've said that you can change your philosophy. For an organization. I don't know how you can not come home. I don't mean because. -- and I understand there are the guys on this team who have had run ins with the law and incidents where you've had problems. But we're talking about starting right now. Starting right now so after a barb crafts that that office in says this is we're gonna change the way we look at things. After he says that been a player on his team. Is convicted three days while charged right three days later priest charged okay to guide which does Bennett does -- -- on July 31. Yup if something in that courtroom says you know what he did something that was illegal. And I can be drinking it goes against probation that I don't know how the patriots will this new mandate. Cannot cut him 6177797937. As -- telephone number dale rob sport Sunday Sports Radio WB. They -- right there -- furniture once we all got together. You know look though was short track certain you know try to build a foundation or we're trying to do. To detention at each other -- game. It was it was it was pretty unbelievable so. While most popular baseball history better now you know each day that's -- that's the opera style so it's pretty special group -- at all. -- it looks like a guy Osama is bothering him -- Dustin Pedroia playing as well as he did in his MVP caliber year carries his best year yeah I think it is and gold glove caliber defense is don't don't elements is best year the question again can improve -- perfection and which has been going on in his world for about thirty years. But I think that the difference in this year. Obviously not the home runs by pitchers are approaching him different and they weren't 20082007. Sure. He he's the book is greater on M yeah right he's had to do a lot more. NB a lot more this team to Denny was back then that all that has to factor into -- -- every year he says. My thanks to the techsters who came up. With a porous and they were exactly right it's the Clay Buchholz no hitter his second Major League start September. 2007. He and I was just look I just looked up the the game log from the game to a 115 pitches in fact the game story. Which was written on now mlb.com. By Alex -- Phillips yes I know Alex and it says and I'm quoting here buckled struck out nine walked three hit a -- as Boston won tendon -- before 36819. And he threw 115. Pitches. Before a work load leery Red Sox front office. Which gleefully celebrated with hugs and fist pumps on the last offering don't want to -- a -- that -- Nick Markakis and I remember that's what it was because we were talking about. Pitch counts and you know -- 315. And I remember. Joking with Francona about you know what updated -- because. They kept cutting ten. The to the GM box seats he -- up there and you'd see the baseball are out very nervous the -- and it was like in our company we let him throw. And I was joking about what have you gotten higher up in the pitch count and in his joke was yeah I would've sent barrel at stake him out yes and and they were very concerned about how far they were gonna let him go now we throw a 115. I'll tell you this they never would have several 148 pitches never -- There there isn't no there isn't that pitcher on this roster they -- well drawn forty pitches. Are they certainly not a guy in his second Major League oh my goodness now wherein the texts are also had another text are brought up earlier this year he's right. Buckles had a no hitter I think he was in his seventh at a 109 pitches yeah. That was being debated. In. And I guess it -- do this can transition into a conversation about Clay Buchholz. The Hulk which is Clay Buchholz just on his own. Buckles has about the same build as is as you listen to the very symbol and I think that you don't. Buckled might be a little bit more sturdy believer non. -- You know it isn't something we're Clay Buchholz. How much of a you know let. Go with him in regards to pitch count knowing what we know now about this is the only knock -- and Clay Buchholz getting him through a season healthy. And it -- never seemed to happen. No it's it's added it's gonna become an issue than that it's still great contract. You get this guy locked up through 2017. Team control -- stall for what he delivers a great contract. Getting back the -- -- for just moment we'll get back to call the whole bunch of people all texted him and am paraphrasing your but the gist of the messages all the same. It it is all yes sure you believe everything the police say right dale no I don't believe everything the police. But I believe the police more than I don't. I don't go into -- into a situation automatically assuming the police are crooked. The way some of mark techsters apparently deal. This -- says is it possible to police officers or human beings can failed to act with -- integrity from time to time. In rejection by mean of course this is it possible that they see here this players in town a guy who punched one of the heiress and -- and with an ax to grind in preconceived outcome. No cops have ever been corrupt I guess the only thing I'm saying is that that seems plausible albeit far fetched and low probability but who knows. I agree he's an -- likely guilty but the severity of his guilt so to speak may be significantly less materially and -- I agree he is likely gone is it possible. At the Lincoln Nebraska police department knew that Alfonso Bennett was back in town and a slow to swallow around here now will will find him will get some. And it is it possible yet it's half of those in town. Our job is to take him down meant is it possible yes it's absolutely possible. Do I believe that that's the case I don't I'm sorry I don't and I -- and then the -- severity of distrust the level of distrust that some people after law enforcement. Is a little frightening. Now I freely admit. My experiences will law enforcement have been positive throughout my life by haven't had a bad experience. -- if I had one may be at look at it differently. May be I would perceive of police officers differently if I had a bad experience. He was convicted for assaulting a police officer. Do we start with the fact that he was convicted of assaulting a police officer. Why does he get the benefit of the doubt from new techsters. But the police officers don't. Let's just say once again that you wanna give him the benefit ago. -- July 31. It's of July 31 in front and judge and then let's make a decision. And I got a feeling that what we're gonna find out. Is that the police officer didn't have an axe to grind there was probably probable cause I don't know what the end result going to be for the pro UMB probable cause. Mike's on the -- Mike I don't. -- -- How did this literally out. And really over the top I'm not a lawyer so I cannot I cannot I cannot comment. Come on what that woman was talking about the way Chad are a few minutes ago but I tell you. Know. The question actors are right aren't -- first of all but you know I had never heard question authority. All right and I her have I heard the phrase of course at the Christian are yes yes. Right okay. I don't even know David -- and the cop knows what happened in the -- other option where they're at the time that he get this guy. They're just human beings first of all and there aren't cops should take liberties obviously. There are some famous cases are they which I'm talking about that all of the -- all the site. This -- incident. First of all I you know I disagreed with what she was talking about first of all its foremost. When we first came out. He refused. A breath a -- is -- whatever it is that correct what. IIII I don't know what you heard he. He blew into the breathalyzer twice the police officer said he did not blow into the breathalyzer in the way he was instructed. -- but it didn't come up until a few days later. The first reports were that you -- Hutu rebel fighter. And then all hell broke loose and such that's what I heard the morning so I listened to sports talk radio on the way to work object we all 45 minutes get court but anyway. -- no everything changed. All of our mash up but I don't know the rules -- Nebraska every state. They're -- a lot of ways and get a lot of other way but if you wish you must be felt -- first. -- -- -- -- No no that's incorrect. He violated his probation by being arrested. It was a question no no he was charged with DUY. He was arrested he was arrested and charged with DUY. The the mere fact that he was arrested violated his probation. US but he was rushed it to four -- Now that. -- only what was arrested. They erection and tricky lie cheat cheat took that brought all eyes are supposedly Larry. An agent refused to quite -- That situation now that cannot be found guilty for what you are you wearing correct. Don't get out because she she problem -- -- that he'd want to understand why that's a different. Match that Courtney -- different. They might -- can I interject -- quick. So he's on probation correct. Right in part of the probation is that you can drink. OK okay so if if he gets busted. And in that hearing on July 31 not for drunk driving the does the fact that he was drinking. You know I I am not I cannot take that out -- -- yet but I'm trying to tell you guys should. There it. -- -- -- But -- you know up part of the probation within the terms of the probation. There's nothing in deprivation that I know of the says if you get caught for Jay walking that you violated probation. All I'm saying I'm I'm saying this I'm try to break it down for you when we get to July 31 and the patriots have to make -- decision. And it's termed it as defined he had violated probation even for drinking what should the patriots do much. Double what I'm asking you I'm asking you what's the patriots do. Well they have no other recourse obviously they have to do this. I'm not trying to say that you keep this job that's not what I'm trying to say I'm just occupied -- court repeat WI. You know a little girl but I I know what worksheet. You have to get. Somalia the charge -- net but that charge and convict -- -- now if you -- can hit that right now. He's done -- simulator. But if they are in that you know he was driving down the short -- it was directed the truck driving. And it's not. How it's not a military on the policeman's part. He can walk away from this and still. -- -- a pretty good. He violated his probation by drinking. Right now on -- -- your you know listening to make. One of the terms of probation in the state of Nebraska is no drugs or alcohol your infect you you're not even allowed to go in to -- bar. But you're not allowed to drink or use drugs. Oh yes they did that why -- that's why they asked him to take the breathalyzer because the officer smelled alcohol. But he can't he can't do that -- -- hinted. That he didn't get the blood. Abortion which are because they don't they don't really applications. Are so I just I really am. I meant to Witten that sort of -- OK it's my opinion. I think -- and and I understand you and the your passion for the for the situation in and you're equating it to your own situation. The fact of the matter is it's different than yours apparently then and the and the facts are as will find out July 31. He likely violated his probation by drinking -- ball. Yes -- do white do white thinks that there are dirty cops out there were just not trying to test ticket to the to the little guy yes they're probably are somewhere. I'm sorry I think 99.9. Percent of the police officers. Are like that. If if Alfonso debtor gets up and from the the court on July 31 and said I wasn't I wasn't driving. Drunk. I would have passed breathalyzer I chose not to take it but I do admit drinking. You violate probation. I don't know what that's gonna lead to I don't know if it's good amp up in jail time. Me to jail time right away or whatever but if organic the conversation about what the patriots should do. You've had someone violate his probation after the Bob Kraft mandate the big -- do things differently from now -- To me is cut and -- And I and I love this you can't prove he drank dale -- you know he was drinking. People keep wanting to it to try to hang their and I guess they they just really are afraid that the patriots -- of a quarterback. To play for them. When he was pulled over for going across the center line eight to 10 in the morning. The police officer smelled alcohol. That gives him probable cause for asking him to take. The field sobriety test and that's where it all began. Now and I and I love this so so in other words. If you get pulled over for drunk driving and you just refuse to take it by the way you -- forfeiture driver's license for year. And that's fine and you know he I guess can afford car service account which he used it in this case. So what you're saying is what he didn't drink you can't ruby drank. So the police officers smelled alcohol on him which is where the probable cause came from for asking him to take the field sobriety test but none of that matters. And ball you know. I admitted I made it clear I feel about Alfonso debtor in one -- what I think the patriot should do and how we should wait until July 31. I had I don't know what else to say about it dale is -- we don't know we don't know the facts we don't know. We can guess at the facts what we do know is it if it comes down on July 31. -- he violated his probation in whatever fashion. Unsealing. See again people who who. I said I I happened I think that 99.9. Percent of police officers are are good honest people. OK so I exaggerated for the sake of making the appointment now people Israel what it's 60% at the most. But most cops are jerks -- nurse who deals with the regularly dale. -- people of that some. That experience is out there haven't yet short story about a month of this. I say have a great quote. We can play an idea I can read after break into -- creating a -- I thought I want music behind it -- -- -- -- but it's John -- Say exactly how why he approaches it counts the way he does. In which I think is pertinent to talk. 6177797937. Its telephone number the AT&T text line -- 37937. Many of you have but. Taken the opportunity to reach out to us on Twitter -- Brad -- -- dale. WB. 6177797937. Is the telephone number. The AT&T -- line -- 37937. And you guys got all mad at me this morning because I for the most part and believe police officers and I am a lot of you don't. A lot of you don't and that's you know -- different experience that's fine. May be -- exactly right and he usually is in these matters you know -- -- -- -- -- -- of the subject of tough all the you know maybe he's exactly right it will just wait until July 31. And we'll wait and see what the the July 31 adjudication of his case is. He'll have a hearing on whether or not he violated his probation. And at that point he can. You know theoretically. Suffer the wrath of craft at that point I find it interesting and down Albert breeder tweeted this few minutes ago and and we forget about this part we forget that Roger Goodell. Could still get involved here. Tim autopilot went with the president of the Detroit Lions. In 2010. He was arrested for do you lying convicted of the line. The NFL. Suspended him for thirty days later reduced to 21 and find him 100000. Dollars. The NFL did forget about the legal ramifications the NFL did this is all brought up because then. The united you got an interesting case going on in Denver right now. Where both Tom Packard and Matt Russell have been arrested for do you why. And according to the Denver Post. The senior executives of the Denver Broncos are gonna meet Monday. To discuss discipline for their two executives who were arrested for the why. And -- maybe this is a a preemptive strike on their part to try to. Get their own punishment it's like beating the NCAA. And you know we're we're gonna announce a sanctions against our program hoping that the NCAA leaves you alone. Maybe the Broncos are hoping that if they do this now then Roger Goodell will -- Malone later on. Because Roger Goodell make them down like a ton of bricks. And email to -- come down like a ton of bricks in this case as well now Russell. So I question -- in order to question authority dale. What I wanna go to Tropicana Field and I see the security people bust up the taser guns there ha -- but I tell you what they had a run. -- to -- two days ago -- rarely ever ball. It was unbelievable they were. Remember it was there was an incident I think it was in Philadelphia and it came under some scrutiny with a security guard chased a guy down the oilfield in taste. And in around that time Tropicana Field big gave taser guns to security people there. And it was nuts they were teasing everybody I don't know it how one time no exaggeration. In the middle of the game they had a guy his head gained against the top of the dugout and they had to taser gun. But it up against his -- a law yet and I didn't fire document and that would -- I'm not sure I mean I don't know what happens -- tase somebody in the -- but guessing it would be wrong it was the rays dugout and all the rays came out and was watching this where they had this guy's head and against the dugout with a taser gun pressed against it this is the -- the game who said Tropicana Field while. Do they still have taste and all you know I can't imagine they do. Because I haven't seen in the last few years there have been a few incidents of people run on the field. And they haven't done anything about it. But I remember -- Manny Delcarmen about it in to the bullpen and Tropicana Field is right against this statement against the wall yeah and he was saying how all the time. People in back -- the bullpen for game were gaining pays left and right. So that's where I question authority today I'll. Yes. -- you know at the risk of of alienating some security. Officers in ballparks across the country I don't equate them to police officers but that's just me. Yet what was an authority -- -- you have to respect of people if the respect of people running after him from all corners and yell field. Couple quick texts at the AT&T text line do you -- witch hunt to pay those salaries and pay for the -- cruisers. I'd never heard of cops saying he smelled alcohol most cops are corrupt -- coast. How is that really help people go through -- assuming. That most law enforcement officers are corrupt. And if we had a great race has no particular tool we have little vacation from that post April 15. Nowhere you know police officers sent. First responders and firemen and yeah you know there was that -- and huge gigantic hug put on and on that entire community and appropriately so in my opinion. How people actually think most cops are. Shouldn't go through life like that really. Barea obviously you should. Question a lot of things button. Over. Is that something you wanna teach your kids. Of those people texting in the Italian kids that I don't believe anything a police officer and now his son it's. -- EU should be educated and everything. Looking and everything that's why I'm looking at the -- case and say let's give the facts in this find out what's going on. Buy it when you're both people taxing and is that what they tell their kids seriously not to be the -- holier than -- parent it's my job yeah well I guess it's my job true. But there is a bit if that's not the way to society should be kind of -- you wouldn't think which. -- and Rhode Island paycheck. -- -- I'll put him on -- -- if you can find him -- also in Rhode Island good morning Terry. Yeah. And good morning. Issued. I think if you're. -- -- I don't know anybody who disagrees with that I guess what what -- -- point he has is that you know he he wasn't necessarily. Well do you look at it a twenty year old college it -- a terrible. But. I don't. Electorate can. It others in the Arctic -- and talk that it that it didn't -- I could return to action and he had a bad -- that it happened. It. -- it at. All. -- Terry is Terry you talk about common sense and you're absolutely right because you this to say that Alfonso -- had a drink. For normally that wouldn't be a big deal a guy isn't legal drinking age he has a drink but this guy is going to jail. I had bought in on March 1 2014. He understands that once that alcohol. Hits his lips. He's under suspicion for possibly going to jail right away. It in and ruin his life are rolling his -- literally. He knows what he knows what's down the line forum if he does that act. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At least. A couple of the people the that it struck you and it is that it. Eric how did. -- don't. -- it looked at. All now know you annoy you can't you can't look at it that way. You hit it good you can be you can be you can be Smart in some ways and really really domino others. -- It sure that. They want to get. Lucky. It concluded that it is it that you know. They shut it that it that -- -- You are important to note that -- like with. Yes -- I I don't know when they shut it down yes have in all athletic venues. There is a -- cut off point you know tired the end of the game and they just only to have alcohol after a certain point and and nobody I don't think has a problem that. Well you hit it. At the hope that the real problem there. And it took it as it. Should be and that it. You know you got ERE. Electrical. Work. Eight that the middle. -- bet you exit that they'll get out. While MMM and a and no this is gonna alienate some more people out there -- worthy the civil liberties types but let's let's play the game okay. Let's say Alfonso Danner has not had a drop of alcohol and not a single drop. Because he knows that it puts him in violation of his probation and I'm not taken a chance I've got an an NFL contract to protect I'm not doing it. I do feast at the blood tests. Yet it doesn't make any sense. That would make obsolete if I mean yeah absolutely nothing to -- exactly -- -- legs. No matter what the legal. Legal -- Is in regards to what you should do what you should do and and like we said before you Google this -- you Google that you know if you put the situation you shouldn't do this or that. If you haven't had a drop of alcohol. You to -- and you're trying to protect your NFL you're on track so. Why wouldn't just yet yeah absolutely out I'll give you blood I'll give you every one -- as they set -- -- four games in July 31 but that once seemed like a no brainer. It seems simple to me. And and and by the way I -- I know that their people say you're under no obligation. He's got a little different situation you continue -- half. This situation is in an -- I would assume he now knows it to be didn't know then. His his NFL contract could be called into question. He could be cut and I think the -- found in violation of his probation will be cut. Cost the patriots 43000 dollars in -- money on the cap to cut Alfonso -- do you think during the hesitate now. An issue and if he violated his probation nation hesitate. And and for those saying or Alfonzo -- to be said well you know I didn't wanna do that and wanna take a breath -- I don't wanna take the drug the blood test. Because it could be flawed. Well you know what if you haven't had anything to drink. And it is flawed in that comes up. Is saying that you had something to drink but you immediately go down somewhere but he says I haven't had anything to drink -- do this again. -- has -- drinking alcohol is not a violation of -- to probation well according to the laws in Nebraska it is we looked it up on Thursday. It is among the things that causes a violation of probate -- in Nebraska it is on the surface it seems like an extreme thing but that is the reality that is the letter of the law. In Nebraska anyway and again assuming he hasn't had a drop he uses innocent is as a newborn bay. Yeah absolutely I'll give you blood sure no problem. It just seems pretty simple to me a break right back to the golf and the other side Sports Radio WEEI. Our number three. Sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold along with rob Bradford from WEEI dot com. At least in the interest of trying to get this is correct as I possibly can god knows that doesn't always happen. I mentioned to you that on Thursday when I was in here working with John that we pulled up the probation regulations for the state of Nebraska. Internet's a wonderful thing and find pretty much anything -- yes and it's said that among the violations. Among the things that entail violation of parole. You can't go into a bar. You can't drink alcohol use drugs and there were several other things as well. Others -- written by Michael Widmer of the Boston Globe which ran on Friday. Just a little. Parenthetically addition here they've got a picture out of Alfonso dinner. At his April court appearance this is when he got sentenced yes by the judge. So it got a picture of dinner at his April court appearance his sentencing appearance. Wearing his Nebraska -- cart and skip your try to go for a certain sympathy vote in. In Nebraska -- wearing his Nebraska letter jacket at the sentencing on. Fairness that's what -- he did in the episode and happy days you posted beside the point I just felt. Compelled add that anyway it's true there -- -- there's. I don't maybe we don't know all the particulars but if we take it on face value that is a clear cut. Avenue of defense for for Alfonso -- the sympathy vote they look what I did for the for the hometown team. It's amazing that its first ball. It's amazing that he would even think hey I got an ideal where my in my letter jacket any tonight's Jack anyway there's a there's piece written by Michael -- the picture just happen to be attached to them reading from a here. Com and and what they're talking about beat Lancaster County attorney. Who prosecuted whose office prosecuted dinner in the first place a guy named Joseph Kelly. Said his office will make the decision on whether to file a motion to revoke probation. But only if the county's Probation Department first informs them that probation violation may have occurred. Beat chief probation officer for Lancaster County told the globe that's a safe assumption. That they're gonna say that he violated his probation now. Here's the part that I'm in the interest to try to get things right I read to you on Thursday from the Nebraska probation. Regulations. According to this guy who's the chief probation officer for Lancaster County adult probation a guy named Jean -- He told the Boston Globe there were fifteen conditions listed under -- it's probation. Consuming alcohol was not one of them okay. Look at them and read that I take it back -- NN in the interest of getting things right that's. What this guy disk Jean Connor told the globe that there were fifteen conditions. Listed consuming alcohol was not one of them there's a quote from him in here that says the number one condition it's pretty much every single probation order says do not violate the law. The first condition in his order of probation is shall not violate any laws and shall refrain from disorderly conduct. Or acts in jury -- to others quote unquote. The point is I think is if there was anything on that west that he was doing even the most minor of the fifteen thanks. Then that's where the conversation and in regards to him should he be a patriot or not. It also said that this case would likely go back to the same judge. Who sentenced him in April. That that it is likely that that's where this will go back to that that judge who sat down the initial sentence. Will be asked have to have you know look at this thing again. Judge Stacy is her name. And this is what she told him when she sentenced -- quote there are a lot of people who are watching. Young athletes who will model your behavior your attitudes particularly about law enforcement. I hope this order of probation gives you an opportunity to set a positive example and positively influence people I encourage. To take advantage of that on what has been. What has been the Camille and know that it was a police enforcement. Related communities terrorists and I don't know what duties he had to Baghdad to perform okay. Well I think -- -- it was the same thing that we've been saying bill is that you get through July 31. You figure out what part of that. If any part of that probation had been. Gone against it whether or not he was busted for drunken drivers -- non citizen. -- at peace if he's well if you wanna be just a no brainer then right that's that part of the equation. But I think it and we have to look at the terms of the probation. And we have to look at it from one to fifteen. Even the most my new. If any of it are have been have been violated the if -- the New England Patriots. I think you have no choice off what you Marty said. I'm quoting now from the globe piece written by Michael -- quote according to the Lincoln police department of the 23 year old was driving a red Honda Accord. That was observed by a police officer to be straddling lane lines. After stopping the vehicle the report states -- quote emitted an older of alcohol and displayed signs of impairment unquote. Following a series of field sobriety tests. Isetan never had to do this thank god but I assume that's the touching your -- I was walking the line following a series of field sobriety test. He was brought in -- a breathalyzer test. Which he refused to provide according to police that is the two attempts shallow breath sorry to say in the field sobriety test who did did say in whether the officer off of those test -- -- -- that's why he then wanted him to take the raffle OK yes in other words if you if you sail through the field sobriety test some -- and I'm guessing Russian actions. I am guessing here. I'm guessing you that are asked to take the breathalyzer but he was brought in for breath lyzard test which he refused to provide according to police. Now again that is the did it twice shallow breaths didn't give them the proper you know breath allies there. He was cited for DUY and released given a court date of August 12. Which is three days after the patriots pre season opener at Philadelphia. The piece goes on to say it would seem that based on a do you -- arrest while he was serving probation for a felony conviction of assaulting a police officer. The dinner has opened himself up for possible disciplinary action by either the patriots the NFL for the Nebraska legal system. Bill if this -- say that with the first two training -- July Torre's third -- like that July 23 is the status. Like -- third is Alfonso -- going to be on the field July 23 of the pitchers. You think no I don't think he will be only so I don't I do. Other report to training camp on the 25. I'm sorry 25 first public practice comes the next day which is the 26. He's very -- we have you're always probation hearing the hearing about what three violated probation is the 31. He bring him in here for five days four days five days ship them back to Nebraska. The hearing then -- yet you violated your probation you go to jail and indeed do that -- the patriot and I don't know the answer -- I don't either I discuss the -- sense that there -- number one you know way to July 31 and when he gets cut tomorrow be -- wrong once again I understand that I just get the feeling they're gonna wait -- that if they are gonna wait -- July 31. Then they're gonna be and they're gonna go down the road of hey you know what until proven otherwise. He's part of this team. 6177797937. Kevin's in Providence take Kevin I don't. You never thank you. Thanks technical guys I think that it's a decline because he clearly does not have any respect for probation not for the league. He's Larry doing that's when he's. Has even played yet how to going to be for the rest of his career I mean that -- got a god given talent and east thrown under all the way right now because I have that one or two drinks. By Kevin let me ask you this -- is there any problem with the of -- with -- waiting until July 31 before you make that decision. Because what happens as the say you'd be you cut him. And then he goes to its hearing on July 31. And he gets off yet the judge apologizes to -- -- shot on disagreement and we can sit here and say what can stay here and say that's not gonna happen. But you never know. So what's wrong with -- waiting until July. 31. Because they think it. You know it's not -- -- it's what it lessen the risk with -- Alfonzo bettered. Was well before what we're gonna have to what -- -- what happened here the risk was the minute you draft that you knew what you were getting into. That transgression that Alfonzo debtor had -- gonna put him in jail next year have been before he came to the patriots. Albeit think that -- You -- sign that things. And it automatically -- there. Think to himself all right I need to be answering narrow I gotta be good old boy yet because I have this great opportunity explain in -- felt something you work for the -- light. Yeah I would like to think that that's how he would of -- approached it but I guess people are saying -- -- three years old these young. Come on -- kind of break. Albeit I don't care how -- the is that the job and he's a sub -- job he had you know -- -- -- -- single -- arrogantly and he's already in trouble. They know about that you know out in the open at least -- -- think that the chances but not be portrayed him he decided he violated probation. -- you know I mean allegedly right right. Probably yeah about but still officially hasn't yet. Really that's that's my point is it what's while not technically has by being arrested. That's true yes. Yeah but they can make ambitious set an example. At the page it's on the back to the patriot way and everything they should make an example of this kid right now and there have -- no tolerance law but wolf. By our our -- and I know what you're saying. But in my opinion there's nothing wrong with -- waiting until July 31 because. You've taken -- -- with -- -- on this when you view brought me over to your site broadly if if if if for whatever reason. Something comes up some piece of evidence comes up and it turns the other way. Then you look stupid. And then it is just what -- -- three weeks two weeks three weeks three weeks. Wait out the -- that kind of play him in the game in that time. Texture from 97 made on the AT&T text -- says maybe I'm in the minority. But I don't care if they even find him guilty I want him on the team he's too good in the -- to take in the PR hit so why not get the benefit from it. That's the -- on the part company with the texture here look if if but that July 31 probationary. The judge says mr. -- and I am so sorry there's been a gross. Overstepping the bounds by the Lincoln police department you should have been stopped you should have been arrested. Our apologies sir your -- ago. Then absolutely I -- on the team the next day. But short of that I mean if they did find that that he was in fact driving under the influence he did in fact violate his probation. I understand you think he's good football player and I sort of understand that. But if you're Bob Kraft how do you say OK -- -- Here's here's I think that you go look at the page with the way to do things are going forward as in two in two lights. You have the BM am in the AM the before media meeting after meeting via because this is a true. All -- the last few years Bob Kraft Foods -- said. Once in awhile that that we gonna do it this way of course we look at how these guys are bubble block well we know that. That they were gonna prioritize. Guys being football players -- fine that's the way you did it. But now you sat there -- those three reporters he said we're gonna change the way we do things since that meeting since he uttered those words. Alfonzo -- has had this incident three days after yet the were okay. So now you have to act on it if on July 31. Something comes out -- from the five light says a series of field sobriety tests so they were gonna keep giving him another test -- failed one. I think your misunderstanding of the premise here there is there're a number of field sobriety test again and again -- -- Pleading ignorance in terms of what you know what I think they are reasonable touching your nose counting backwards from a hundred. You know walking the white line there's a series of those tests that they again. If you then want those tests whenever the the series as I don't know what they are Nebraska or anyplace else they then ask you to take a breathalyzer. Some only say a series of field sobriety tests they don't just ask you touch your -- You don't do it properly accepted you know we got you now there a series up and that's the point. I love this this tax federal why. But it opens up and credit covers station. From a five no way -- no tolerance policy question mark question mark question mark that stupid. If Brady gets arrested for -- why are you gonna cut import more question marks it's it's it's such a dumb premise I heard this later on in the week if it if he were on probation. And for assaulting a police officer and then did this. Then you've got a legitimate question. No they're not gonna cut everybody who gets arrested for DUY nor should -- And that's not the premise here the premise isn't he should cut him because he got arrested for DU why the premise is. Sixty days after -- got sentence for assaulting a police officer. The accusation is he -- violated his probation and look different story don't you think. Yes a little bit different when it opens up another conversation because as we said before Bob Kraft said. I don't know what zero tolerances and use zero tolerance is so extreme and what we've learned. From all the way patriots have done things ever since Christian Peter is it you can't do zero tolerance in the NFL it's impossible. It's impossible to field a team with zero. Tolerance. And texture says this sounds like police harassment past two breathalyzer test and a field test instilled taken and and he didn't pass the breathalyzer test. He didn't give up proper breathalyzer test. And he didn't pass it. He didn't give abrupt lies or as well -- this sir your your point 00 fill your free to go he didn't pass it. And people sort of hear what they wanna hear and he -- that tomorrow policeman appreciation. -- 6177797937. As the telephone number. AT&T -- minus 37937. Dale Arnold rob Bradford sports Sunday Sports Radio W media.

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