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Comedic Renaissance Man Dave Russo lands on The Planet

Jul 12, 2013|

Mikey welcomes Dave Russo, Host of NESN’s Dirty Water TV, to The Planet to talk about anything and everything. Dave weighs in on the Red Sox turnaround and explains his influences during his time on the Boston comedy scene.

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Whatever it takes its Friday night we all feel good let me just totally who's already year we already have and I think when he -- -- what he's supposed to come -- But we have Friday -- Italian guys I think. I had met at a Italian voice you just heard was the voice of Boston comedian and self Dave Russo RU SS old. Strong. Maggie thank you very Macquarie -- and doing fantastic I haven't seen you since the ropes to the rose yes to make alive yes it did decided alive -- the one night we get -- -- the -- little roasted. And I know you well enough to know that you for -- Sports ultimately come to sports -- sport that play hockey. Baseball football like a rolled around with men on its acquisition Diddy and I was on the wrestling that's something even -- -- hasn't done. Exact -- -- I -- on the wrestling Dan I would statement. I rolled around -- -- it is. They've -- of course is a guy who's robbery you know last count was but it via the -- -- -- component sub continental and great college symbolic that is -- comics come home yes and don't you you're all over the place having your name is always in the paper for being at a different comedy -- your active. You know I tried to -- I've been on the world well I have been cut that. In which is -- you if you walked around their for a couple days have you nurtured drinking our round. Lowly all of that and a -- well yeah given you go on soaring and puke your guts out a lot of the customers and -- -- the more you drink double tolerant look -- a -- -- Go drink here -- and how tall are you 56 and heels. That's not bad -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at the -- I used a couple short jokes old school you -- formula jokes run out of a book and I know you've probably heard before but I thought they were an item that was great -- into an illegal because you know what my background personally think it's a beautiful of those skeletons amid the troubled. So Dave Davison around with us for awhile and talk about stuff and you know the -- primarily if you don't mind because -- you know topic -- speaking out of the Red Sox are like on the balls right now. First place. 31 place not just first place most wins in baseball. I mean I can't believe it you know it's going to be the coach it a bit to think about this now. Last year they had 69 wins they got 57 right now on the need twelve more wins for the whole rest of the year to beat but they did last year. I think you know at this this is my dad take on the -- sucks right now because everybody's been looking at the the Bruins and the and the patriots the Celtics now there's no pressure on them they displayed -- fun and that's what sports is all about Jeremy and have fun -- really do it until October. They're they're loose they're like it has there's bowels after the professor at. Being very very loose to played beautiful baseball right now we -- -- I I just hearing out there so beautiful here she doesn't know Ed Asner is -- that's right -- -- now she's right to your regular Google that. Mary Tyler Moore show Ed Asner played -- in. -- know that Ed -- and -- well I loved. Past and 9911. Anymore it's not the -- nick at night. No it removes the morning now it's like fresh prince of Bel air and that makes me feel little sentence yeah usual was big get a hold your birthday is coming up right you're going to be that very un fun. -- New Orleans couple dozen. -- the thirteen none can -- twenty we'll learn who doesn't. Right I don't usually point three that really did -- -- right -- -- right that's what they can somebody tell him the word out lately he's usually here at seven if these comedies is you coming in is that I don't. -- It was with a cramp things up with that cricket OK I thought I thought when he said he'd be here Friday I -- as I worry about people you know I do mrs. and mrs. altruism. At its very best. At the glue that now. Ahead of the darkest lazy you know what he's one of these guys you like clockwork reseller released most of -- seven leisurely seminal date fixed incomes and holiday. For the for the Friday yeah usually and he can't text us or tweet us -- him because you know high tech -- and -- -- -- -- that I rotary speech the so where you towards your -- going off these days -- where's your where's your next -- easy tonight an item a giggle out tonight -- -- beats the 830 and and we actually have a -- -- It's myself we have to get there on time I had to look I'm on the Atlantic alone last. We have -- central front of the show -- -- offering TV we have Steve -- love those guys we have -- Stinson was very funny guy from Maine and we have -- truly Dave -- dot net that's all tonight giggles at. Because I guess I was scheduled to frank was scheduled and it was scheduled. And a lot of times because you know deals have been around 25 years sheriff has come -- all of our hometown club trillion outward and gonna do against -- in the old days -- -- show embassies clocks and always going to be a great show you crucial in the he didn't show obviously he was -- -- as -- W John in current times somehow. -- we -- late baseball tonight as the Red Sox go to Oakland now. The Oakland a's would -- were kind of like him almost laughing stock for awhile because they were. Even though they never really totally sock to the -- Maybe these aren't you if I was an open and obviously you know big weapon. Sure those guys but I do I just for the runway that's would that they had them though there -- beaten. Right well beyond what's it called. Able money ball and and they've been doing it -- mirrors for a long time now they got my guy Josh Redick or loved news here. Efforts was a freak you look at me you know he's a freak too. Certainly put up some good numbers here and the and he got in that trade for Bailey who has been lost twice out of three times. I read such reform but I always like -- or vice premier real good pro and he's now back for his injury and Oakland with the second most wins in the in the American League. You know at some point I -- -- I think it's great but the thing that kills me -- You'd think with the scientific knowledge that we have right now that we could actually pick players just play well -- Fenway Park is that departments a unique and -- go fields of the field well provisional you'd have to games there and it can kill you on the other end of what you know that's what you do split rate and blood and it lightly doesn't make sense to me it does helped I think tailor your audience toward your ballpark you know you don't wanna have a dead pull hitters at Fenway. There have been very few exceptions to this guys they have typical little -- left field with a pitch from outside all day long they don't. He hit a 380 in the bullpen in right field February. At the poppy can't -- Mo Vaughn cordial but certainly yeah as an all those guys. But they had to work the -- so that they get a pitch and they decided to have fun anyway that was coming Shaq is not gonna hit a ball outside Brooklyn over the rape and while it's over to you and given Internet channel what I like about -- lately in the last couple years is that I don't have no knowledge of any steroid use AB. He's he goes to left field with -- authority he gets a lot of really hard line shots off the left field wall and it's able to make the -- He's on the ads in swing and buried -- quickly you know and I think is because he probably lost weight. And we thought it was steroids who knows what may -- is what isn't as quick but then that's why he's -- left field to see you know Dave -- -- crap all the time because I'm the first guy to come out on somebody's case if I think their on steroids on Israel everytime no matter who it is not -- -- VMware is -- to brief thought I was jerk but he was ebony and and it rental three right. Well he. Did -- -- much -- I was probably tournament ninety sell -- with the Indians who don't know it's weird because everybody's been doing so you know it's one of those things -- now. You don't know if we do we want to legalize within one I mean. The record Brooke how is obviously if you say okay it's -- to do steroids you're gonna seek people out there with veins pop. -- there had incredibly gonna get the crap beat out of the equipment coming and Miller. I can. I'm Roger Clemens. All -- about it -- the broken -- yet again -- what he's -- an end you know and it was a broken bat it was a spike and I ended children Vienna what do you know just that. I wish I don't violent you know Dunston that wrestled the visual wanna college I could have been WEE I would of -- and that's Malden right -- -- We felt Google it you know your balding guys have a Mulligan yes born and raised -- wealthy you know still live there do you. I just moved back my plan this. How they how -- how are they with that none of these and he -- -- And I just actually build. Yeah I'll moment. Yeah -- I just I just a deliberate and -- spray for last 455. And immediately moved back mostly the New York he lived in the talks. I I -- into that -- 13 to the talks very little line now that's my new. Open spirit took star. That all the guys will back the moment there's. Famous people -- -- -- it wasn't until Walter Brennan the the the old old geezer actor -- -- from all the guys as the Levy is I think they deserve to -- it was from there. You know loss was it again and Eddie who does Roger Rabbit the voice of Roger -- over don't want. Welcome back in his sled dogs like which one. He was one that wasn't a regular he had the Curley and the Epstein but he was -- -- and don't know what -- regulars to the visiting guys the visiting guys and that applies career. And I think who is on welcome back -- -- -- from -- that would be John Sebastian and from the legal doesn't -- should be some all the peace among I don't think you know I don't think. With -- somebody like neo. Someone from got -- on the line in the and I. Bit of famous people from all that would be nice topic for. So neighbors is gonna hang with us for awhile I guess -- -- -- -- writer is here resigned to become an -- and of course ever be whose birthday is coming up and -- general special feature -- The most important on this every radio talk show our -- about sports. It would be your phone calls you the radio listening audience. Use the proud. Members of the Red Sox first place best record in a best most wins and they protect kids at best I can't even at the assembly that I didn't even I didn't realize they doubled in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- teams are in the the 26 thirty -- but I've been mistakenly. Saying that they had the best record in baseball technically because the St. Louis Cardinals have a little slightly higher percentage points higher winning percentage. They don't really have the best record but they have to do most wins in all of baseball is a -- for more games and. Entitled I don't like being informed plays like that we'll look at the red wings over the different ways and blocking yeah that be in first place to get the President's Cup every year in the there and knocked on the planet right it's to say if the patriots got all of the patriots -- of the patriots. No matter what happened there in the season they always peak. At the right time champions -- it's really just play -- 162. Baseball games. Lot of games a lot of games and I am an affinity for playing baseball now I don't want to get some money because it's a lot of games and now an alleged steroid and hear everything you know immediately cancel until -- Well at least don't kill other people with guns that you know obviously as far as we know for the most -- what was -- your -- is a heart -- going to pats -- and I -- where my -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- patriots that no it doesn't match the -- them and it to be honest I need to blown -- that's part of it I I -- you know what this whole thing I think Robert Kraft. Has done a phenomenal job with the patriots don't forget I remember Steve -- we remember these guys from back in the day right we've had some with -- and classy players on the team why is it like one bad apples and normal team. -- Tom Brady is phenomenal phenomenal person in him his life for charity and and an -- this kid who. -- go a long history of great tremendous people you know Austin -- and you know host -- -- details great -- great you know I don't think David this bad apple as you call and is it is it is the only -- it makes -- susceptible to is the other people around the country who are jealous and would -- patriots and their fans. Because of the winning. They're gonna hold it up we really public they did with spy gate Shula and waving around like that was unacceptable and like the idea that it was too bad that if that is that the world of technology right now and you know. And by the way I -- there's only one coach said the best winning percentage in all football before and after -- date he still coached the team -- -- -- conservative and that that we tickets have been celebrated events and it was just I would have brought Augusta and of course -- just like every team all acutely Adams analyst -- a fan of the -- new entries very funny but that he is on. -- is on national TV you know vote for the jets one right -- right well in the way. Now -- run it's a lot of comedians in your travels to do comedy all over the place -- or -- your favorite I we have -- on the up and he's starting to mastectomy or -- your favorite. You know either guys that if you know effect that you would drew drove you in the direction comedy or. Just his -- love to listen to you know. I've -- I always liked Jim -- Back in the day when he was on an and it -- don't. Considered to be traditional in a comedian and I just thought he was just if so count it was facial expression and physical comedy. And and just a comic actor yet but he was some I would like but I always like like Bill Cosby back in the day was clean could make you laugh with a -- Eddie Murphy. The local guys you know I've always there's -- -- and in the -- Gavin -- you know I'm sure have Angela who really taught -- a lot has grown up just a couple of the the -- wants is the boat. You know comedy -- one basically yeah you have them -- radio wanna -- -- -- the basics you know really learn the basics and a. If I was taught by affirmed -- -- and at a hotel room -- it's just a little planner and resistant plant -- -- -- to -- But the -- guys have an edge of their -- around the country there's Austin's reputation for. Not mass producing but certainly you know being prolific when it comes to put -- our comics. Look at if you look at national TV right now you have about Cologne as don't show up Boston red guy yeah Leno has his own show on it right from clones of BC grad one of the head rise Cologne and I -- for its land now the guy from. The warm up guy and the Booker for Letterman is an amazing guy right just like everybody I mean think of all the guys who have come out as Denis -- agreement that is great -- hilarious and -- and letting of course. I mean. That's -- -- from Philly right Philly guy love love he's a funny that was they have big beady little -- reed Brady in the in my -- I -- -- -- involved with -- commitment -- Yeah he's -- he's a really really record count. So we'll take phone calls as we do on the program and -- got the you know questions or -- or throw it Dave Dave played like giggles. And a whole bunch of other -- of our friends. This evening after right after he leaves his program we had no orders to get it up and get a drink your -- that's a tough person to see a few people you know people. Our number 617779. 7937. And Sarah. And deal with them do you have any so far obviously people -- typing away while others -- well in traffic. And says so we -- -- -- -- so on the radio I grew up around the corner from him -- night just to bizarre and other mall -- that multimillion person. Here I'll just give you an amber ready with a -- all of we couldn't get up and tightening up -- and somebody is also. Pat calling you a stupid home where I dare me your meat yeah -- -- four. Because knowing nothing he really David Ortiz. And his suppose it -- Well what I mean -- drive proof in you know this is like a court case you can't say certain things unless you have -- alleged. Yeah allegedly like I'm in hostile to he has an open and I think that would put aside there's a little girls it's all those guys are fresh cut -- It's not fresh like guy like -- recent. You know skirmish text reads you are my hair and turned -- -- now a nice -- right so hates that guy can -- the fattest part of my -- and that would take all week -- takeaway and a watch that data is at hand. Our phone number against excellent service -- -- -- -- seven right -- meanwhile we get the Yankees not too much storm roll in in in Red Sox quote Red Sox Nation people should be. I say in his state happier. It's like when -- come -- comedy show. Yes you don't want them leaving Saturday and they came and we know that the fans given this red sexy and real down. What you think the cult who's gonna win win situation and he couldn't do anywhere from an edit any and any I think he's earned the respect of the players absent and playing hard -- And it does seem like a lot of prima -- pregnancy. First baseman gravity Natalie house not house left the only result that BO LA you know he could just wasn't tough enough and now these two so southern -- or does it up and yet because every time -- -- -- ask the questions so would it was -- well you know I went before and and I -- we lost in 91 but you know it's probable it is is a bit of the -- young man and his team is is put that out because you -- area is I still marvel at Daniel novels for God's -- you've written off the team almost completely by all the fans and people -- that you -- -- look at exit to 93 -- -- -- winning run yesterday. He's just a key guy in this mix Ellsbury who went kind of a crappy start. You know leads the league in stolen bases Brad 30 wait a nineteen game hitting streak things a couple together real nicely for who left on the city of free agent actually. I heard that one more. Run it one more year of of him Malia and I believe that's the deal that is. -- does the bums me it bothers me sometimes when you see these athletes who equaled the final these in the content to play -- now mean. It's a game. At the bit to conclude that competitive I want to win of course of them in the face an even more so this is one of the things. -- -- -- -- Obese onto the ice I know I know it's just -- a hockey fans LP -- what are your joint indictment. I won't you know might get a look ebitda result you're you're you're working -- -- by the people up on the line I love it makes me. -- -- -- Well you know me. At well. Well it requires. So I am out and I'm in shock lagging countries out here and all -- -- and -- a I know it's it's not and so -- my buddy green out demanded that they're pretty near -- go to the direct order on each and every. Every -- in the area. Is there -- got some mutton. Given the relative to pay that tab. Out -- neglect and that's probably. My. Where are. Important so we got some free meals that waited yeah BOB have. That our values that you took care of me the greatest viral thing that. Yeah I'm out don't go to the spat on some island higher in my and you guys Don and I love football and I static on -- you know what post are shown being on the planet planet one of the greatest -- There in and that fox airing at this local comedy the very -- and by the way -- every continent of Africa but piper the legendary. Kenny Rogers and you're right well -- idol. I don't let me ask you a hockey question. -- -- I got here who's bigger Russo or Peewee Ferraro. And then I mean it brought it up up up in the auto mechanic in Italy -- total. LB I gotta I gotta you know you you're absolutely right day for Iraq wrecked the -- rise in the labor by fox I've probably learned just as much from him and from Gavin those guys. The phenomenal athlete phenomenal guy and suppan to these are balding guy. Okay are motivated from Connecticut okay and is putting extra guys he he he went to northwestern. Super bright guy and now. He's one of those guys that should be famous he's he's he's on the -- beast on the cuts he's right -- -- -- Yeah and I wanted to say it there there're there are people planning to quit. Now and then anarchy or human being any rush and that by that -- -- -- doc is going on what you need to keep brawler and then you'll. Well not many people out if it. -- -- Hey hey LB were part of a very important fraternity -- of drug experienced the doctor Leonard hair restoration process how's your hair. I haven't seen me if I had that -- -- our bank yeah. I think it would be very important freak out yet -- -- it went out and start or just. They did you go around Halloween is Carrot Top. But wouldn't you know I I'm not even -- it ridiculous might. I believe you you know eight straight -- if anybody out there any you know did your beautiful -- I do a full heading here a -- Taylor had every day yeah. There's any funny guy that that is under active market baldness. Tom BOT dot Robert Leonard and now not only this game will be -- It's good stuff hey LB you have a nice Friday -- say go to little man will forming. Or how big are all right -- -- -- -- very Lucille later as Lyndon byers. Who has -- son -- is my both of her son's name will overcoat a little guys you know I'd. And I can't believe that he's been on the radio seventeen years now -- -- I mean he is the only -- and they seem to charity event to your audience -- a mile and he still excellent by the community. And and you know that the level on the mall today he'll be different that -- in the luggage and the oil -- -- I think it was over ten years liberalism like -- potential but he's he's been on the rate of seventy he's -- he's done a great job he's also saved my physical last -- at the AT and I am more than more than -- educated just by being on hand. Are we come back Sarah's gonna give us a text messages David Rousseau and you can find -- on Twitter. At Boston comedian. And he's also FaceBook dot com slash David -- comic he's planning giggles tonight will be right back.

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