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Ian Browne, MLB.com and Alex Speier, WEEI.com Join Rob Bradford Live at Fenway Park

Jun 30, 2013|

Ian Browne and Alex Speier sit down with Bradford to take stock of the Red Sox season so far as well as looking ahead to the future of the franchise. With half of the season officially over and the trade deadline on the horizon, the boys talk about what they would like to see the Red Sox do in regards to acquiring talent for this year.

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-- man -- men and -- the Internet for the sport I don't know dot net news. Celtics interest important. When -- authority with thirty rob Bradford. That might that. Little sound bite the -- play audio. That will be on now we have videos somewhere some video of -- in which on. It. Off that. You push the minute you Pedroia. Right clearly was going out. On -- 6177797. In 937. Lot of lot of great calls -- Rondo talking Red Sox -- football well -- a well. -- -- So we talked Rondo tucked in Celtics talking. Red Sox Torre will willow stopped by explained everything. That you would want to know about why the Red Sox did what they did yesterday in those two key moves. You can catch on W I dot com -- that audio. Also you wanna follow me on Twitter and I know that you do is Brad -- He followed Jolie's Albano sitting right next to me. At what is it Joey Joseph. WEEI. Something it's GO ZW. Atlas to record where goes the weather. The thing. People criticize my Twitter handle -- like the Mendoza line of understanding Twitter because what you wanna do you wanna have short to state. Twitter handles so you can fit in more characters. That's the coal -- that short. Save that one. Our rights to 27 -- to have a seven died 790 three's are going to get right back to the calls. You'd think Rajon Rondo should be traded who do you think the Red Sox needed to trade deadline if they need anybody at all. And you know. I think is out at like 901. Should Jose Iglesias be considered for the Austin team. Was thrown out there Francis Rhode Island you don't. Are you doing. It was on. I won a total of the Rondo. I think back that means in the past closed community surely. You -- -- person that runs off and now the subject of course they're gonna put him out there because they wanted to see what they can do it now you can -- like. Dwight Howard -- Josh nipple you know two big gains and and you have to give -- you do that that makes sense but a drastic. You have all these young guys on the on the court you need somebody to -- guide him Garnett guarding you don't have garment you want broader. Item for answers I mean I mean it's besides the position Frist has started era. But besides the position that he plays do you want this guy guiding young players in the team. This. I'm just standing and I have but give a lot of I had he went to a team way he had to prove himself constantly. Because he was surrounded by battering. Now he can honestly really more around he's still a great player you can't participate in the car. Volatile area and Francis I don't think anyone has forgotten what he's done for us for the Celtics. I think that he's he is a very very good player. But first it's also brings up a very good point. And if you do trade Rondo we keep talking about root trading Rondo in wanting to to move on from him because he's not a guy you want to build. Well how the position. You gonna need to get me to point guards tomorrow in the way and maybe if he is one of these guys again these draft picks in the next few years but. I heard Jeff Goodman talked about this in the united I think you're right on this. Is if this is -- traded up to get my god Michael Carter Williams Hamilton -- Eric Hughes went to Philadelphia point guard. -- -- you can translate into an all star point guard but he's a point guard. And then you go from there you have a point guard maybe he develops may -- that you get another point guard the draft he developed then that's when you. Entertain the Rondo trade rumors or trade talk. Because they were reportedly maybe. Asking for one of the better point guard they got back from doubts board -- traded. You've got to needed another point of view trade -- at some point somewhere down line. Ball met field I don't. They have -- Michael. On the Rondo I think what should happen is certainly should -- into the clippers can be about -- -- hall and that is not happening my friend but the can. Like the other topic is Hernandez and I I just find it hard to believe in the in the day of private detectives on the Internet. I think that they would have followed Hernandez before they -- into the big multi year contract I I just find it hard to believe. Well Paula here's my -- my heart sports date on that Hernandez situation. Because I think that. I don't think they thought he murdered anyone. I'll think they thought that he -- -- -- if they don't -- I don't care how much you've got used to personal stuff. That is still sign -- deal if they think that's the case but but Paul one thing that this exemplifies. Is that. Bill ballots act signed that deal with Hernandez. And he knew the type of person Hernandez was. He does not care. If a guy is a little shady if he can play football. And you know what he shouldn't because that's the way the NFL. This -- life. Right I don't I don't know if they -- below the extent that we're talking and -- Well and then that would deal not being terrible deal he'll say at least. Please twentieth -- got to be honest what it is thanks so much. Okay. I gotta be honest you. We have one of the great guests of all time who just walked in the studio. Fresh off the starring the clubhouse threats -- clubhouse because if you -- know we're at Fenway Park. 6177797937. But before we get to the other calls Ian Browne mlb.com. Stumbled on and. They're literally stumbled but. It's tough to break up a great solo artist devotion with an arrive on our way enemies just he's carrying a Shell Oil spelling is gonna ruin his mode -- By Cameron there pleaded thanks guys for rouge and file will pick up will pick up. It will start a new moto. In the first thing I want you to do. I want you to tell us every single bit of information. That you guys. From the reds clubhouse it was unbelievable there were just nuggets to fly up the wall. That. Oprah pretty slow day but you know one thing we got out of it was David Ortiz if it does me today I mean those guys play at least 23 in a row. You know and nobody would have ever -- a first come back retirement implant three and around and getting in Africa thing. And has great numbers against -- but just general soreness. As John -- -- -- from you know -- just from being 37 years old more than. The -- we'll think about it our stark room after the game last night about how much he's run around the last few times he had a couple games ago we had the plate the plate. Yesterday he he'd probably -- the hardest on first base it may be at all year. So I think that. -- -- that he huge surprise. In thing is every day off tomorrow Austin this -- this actually use of two days off -- -- that one. In awhile so I think it's as a win win and maybe he helped to win this game later in the -- nothing else. Hey Stephen Drew got a treadmill yesterday you did that's presented I -- -- that it would believe that does not mean anything. Actually it has already done it yet John -- says they they still don't know he's he's still no closer to knowing what went into play again. Quote clay buckles through Asia throw 75 feet today. Rule all kinds of excitement now. It's really you don't use you and I think on the same pages. When the report comes out and say -- went from 75 -- 1000025. Don't talk to me until he gets on the Brian I want honesty maybe want to throw another bullpen. Series that I mean and that nobody expected to last this long when it first happened it was dislike -- the only couple days. That's going to be a couple -- days and he keeps having setbacks and you are going to be concerned until it does actually ground pitching and some kind of game. -- I was asked this question for disease and I know that you had your headset on in the clubhouse light beam. Cleaning all the information and and I I also wanna get your take on -- because you're probably the biggest Celtics fan in the Red Sox. Press -- But. The Red Sox question throughout wise what do you think that there priority. Would be heading into the non waiver trade deadline. And what is the most realistic name I wanna hear -- you wanna hear about Matt Garza. Teams can overpay for -- cars to what what is the priority in what is the name. Cliff leave and 04 or yeah well yeah sure go for it but number one that the Phillies don't have to train them there's no guarantee the Phillies are gonna trade him. The is that TV deal that the -- don't wanna give up and give that percentage given -- And and what do you think the -- To get past they the Red Sox and and -- those maps from up there at that the one of the few teams out there you can afford. The united that they loved him for a long term but -- trying to get him many July 31 -- live drafts ago. I think it might make some sense just won't -- sentence. But don't keep a couple Butler avenue store. You know what you bring into the right now on Thursday. Like it's the Michael Young thing. That makes sense to me and a bit and and I know that you opportunity. You know you're gonna we all assume that imposing places to keep hitting 417. We understand that but Michael Young makes a lot of sense to me even if you don't play. Then -- Michael Young man makes perfect sense because you know this Stephen -- thing has been on again off and on here with his. With his injuries in Islam so that way you know you get Michael young and can really play here. Iglesias a lot of as shortstop and could play young -- he's always he's always hit well Fenway Park. A great clubhouse -- he'd fit right into the scene so. And is is not gonna take a top prospect to get in all likelihood because his contract comes off the books this year is 36 years old. So that's a good one this is whether it's a question for its outlook I have a better answer for the yeah -- -- let's -- there. Our wanted to frequently hear I know I don't you do. It's it's. It's little disturbing but the the other question I have which no one really has responded to me at all so I just ignore it cares. But I just -- of yesterday which is do you think Jose -- should be considered for the austerity I don't think you should make the all star team because of the position he plays but should he be considered. You know let. I don't think -- of that I don't think it's fair for the guys who've been out there. Every day offseason that to have this one guy is doing a little over a hundred at bats is get a about a third of the amount of the past a lot of guys are going to -- The small sample size or should he be rewarded despite getting hot at the right time where these other guys have been. Don't -- right in the peaks and valleys here for for three and a half months -- oh against them in general. OK so you don't think we should be in the comes on which by the way there's many more stories about week. This is the big things should he make the author and weight behind glee season. That it is that the home runs. -- so why and you'd think logically sees I showed you stat yesterday and I don't care if you don't find it fascinating idea which it is. So he's played in 38 games 38 games of the season is may twelfth for the Red Sox on May twelfth. That -- that number one hitter in baseball city 371. It politically it is hitting it was so that would I mean -- -- issues that the author. Myself -- -- and eliminate royalties -- economic we keep going along saying all you know yet and played them much -- -- -- them play -- play that much it's no big deal well 38 games now. So so and here's the other thing. So Mike Trout and made it last year because he's only seven he's only seventeen games last year ahead of where glee season now -- another the other's almost three -- the -- there. Nazis now -- there through around. I was at double that about don't ask me answer it if it is a couple double and a subject and it's my last question. Blast baseball question and I want is stick around in an answer some of these Rondo calls and you'd you'd. You are the biggest Paul -- apologists and after the captain captain. So and so. What what has happened this I haven't brought up. What does happen to. Fans in the stands taking their shirts off their game except. Yeah I remember back in the 93 Libya there -- unbelievable. Of the tastes great less filling. Chance and -- the drift and you had the -- hats and you lucky yes day and everybody get their share. Seven statement that ended estimates that they did not know you didn't. -- -- If you find one do you rock when there are pleased well and it's a way to get to the call 617. 779. 79837. When he gets. The calls but first. You hear me do -- free Ian and a key stick around after the break after -- okay. By now you've heard my IC dot com you've heard about it. My seat is the must have app for any sports fair with you at the park listening on the radio or watching from home into the gaming him. -- -- When you download the free might see that you can pinpoint your seat location. And that of difference. You can take photos and store those memories for life. You can't even explore all the happenings around the park what with a WEI want boys and girls at the ballpark this season and you'll download the free advice the -- They'll show you all the cool features you'll love it. My AC dot com Ian Browne would be right back after the break 6177797937. Any -- -- questions you have for us. Or if you wanna get Rondo -- a down. All right there that's right -- Right after the yell before it was a tyrant. You have yell like that that's where you jump and I'm rob Bradford sports Sunday Dale Arnold is on assignment somewhere. Google Earth that. Apple respond. You might see him I have no idea is to be. The phone number here 617. 77979837. Or you can Texas at the AT&T -- line. 37937. Before we get to all the calls Joseph gave all of you. I still wanna talk to Ian Brown of mlb.com who's nice enough to swing on by here at Fenway Park studios. You are enormous all the nightly -- Mujica you view when it comes to like the early late eighties early ninety's. That's your wheels on them it's a more amenities -- -- viewed as a toddler if there. So first question is what we talked about again I want people to call and -- we've got some great debate on this great discussion 6177797937. Ian should they traders on -- Now I managed to hang on them because this -- -- guy. I think he was humbled by last year by. A how bad they played well when he played would be. How to how well they play when he when he first went out and is it he's got a lot to prove right now. At least we come back hungry and he's gonna come back better from this realized that maybe he's gonna fix some things as personnel he's gonna become more -- no doubt it's got a. There probably agreed off my goodness Mike -- a lot of theater owners you well all right so we have to we you have to. Defying the statement you just -- -- think that they should never should this is the -- -- build around -- -- taking all these topics are you to say you -- trade. -- -- -- that should see what they -- with -- -- the -- the I'd like -- -- if we did learn you know sometimes a guy sits out for awhile. He thinks about ways that mr. thinks about how is that just a lot of minds that. How well hey what are we talking about Paul Peter -- he needs to go off while we talk about February while I can't -- -- and -- today it took a while takeaway. Who's to say run a -- I'm not say well honesty is what I just wanna see what you have when he gets back what kind of player is. What kind of leader is and then. Go from well Paul -- analogy I think is a good one because. You think about oh I talked earlier in the show about how he just was not a captain when he was named captain he was not a captain I don't care what you say. He was not a captain of the Brett says bush admin account and it's gonna be acted on walker was the captain of that team. Like him or hate him Antoine Walker with the captain Paul Pierce was not ready to be captain. So now you get into that rebuilding process and it's interesting and we understand that he's matured and everything but -- -- the rebuilding process of the Al Jefferson years. He still wasn't. Really the captain I mean he wasn't the leader you go up and you do the -- -- thing the press conference that the Indiana. And I agree and it took awhile and then then you make the trade that you make the deal. I think that with peers. When you've got Garnett when you got Ray Allen when you've got those guys that's where he kind of took the took the lead of those. I'm in honestly cage he's been accountants has always -- no question but you know appears appears learn a lot from KG and allow for -- But about what it takes to believe and I think that you know maybe maybe run. But so so we're using the popular personality. But how long did it take for peers and my point is is that with this trade they're. Banking everything on the draft so. What the Celtics are doing here is it their identifying the end of -- contract. As the year in my opinion is that this is what will be ready to roll. What yet ready to be -- -- they could be. Now first or second round team some like that before that -- ready to go to ready go Florida after the third year. And there's no guarantees that that they are everywhere and did you when you heard that trade did you expect today. That's in the all the expiring contracts is going to be draft picks with the stimulus expiring contract this one. That's why it's Chris Humphries via -- right so it is so. They're putting so much into hitting on these two these two takes a year for probably a year for the next three years I mean I think -- a lot of confidence changes that after Hewlett hasn't wanted to strike now he has a lot of confidence in themselves that I mean that's that's -- -- he has to do if you look at the traffic through the years. You know it maybe human moan and Marcus Banks are heavily on -- -- -- hit on he had on you'd go back to Delonte West you back to Tony Allen you go back to. He's hit on campus that was Jefferson yet -- Kendrick Perkins. Yeah he's hit on some late guys he's also -- everyone misses we understand that. But. It's it is amazing he came out after the draft it has night. And basically said yeah the guys that we traded up to get in the thirteenth pick the lesser role where Willie is where its -- will appear with piers -- where is that right around right around there right. You think Rick Pitino to come out and says as you know -- or discuss federal plan. Paris's. With terrible after an honest I don't know why aims. Traded up of a particular evidence in the north -- -- -- I still would have been there was all him. First before we get into -- further 6177797937. -- Ian Browne mlb.com here. We have been talking Red Sox we've been talking Celtics talk a little bit -- -- Hernandez I did my prediction for the Bruins pick. Tonight. All of it 6177797937. By Twitter handles Brad -- Ian what's -- Twitter and in amber around commission put the at the end of brown. It's again are you he had -- And I don't blame you for your Twitter handle for a year kind of locked into the name thing here. But it's you do you see some odd that this short and a short term well by -- Ian Browne said that was taken well that's why you can save up all that mlb.com money get a dish it out once in awhile there the U but. So in regards to the draft in regards to Rondo. One thing you said hey you know why did they trade up to number thirteen. When you're gonna roll player. I thought they might make a move to get a point guard there because that makes and Jeff Goodman said this earlier earlier this week. That makes the -- conversation even more interesting. And loves Rondo though army disturbed he is just the he has an alliance of this guy and I I don't know athlete trades have been named -- finally -- he was wrong about them. You know I don't know -- you via. Why me why because the stakes Iran knows that the second covering many games and they were starting say anything derogatory -- -- -- -- -- It's perfect drop -- what do you think it shipped to say that. Even Doc Rivers Bailey said that you know -- he was yelling it from every corner of that locker room. Iran of an inch round and went on from high school Obama's -- you know what you do you trade -- and you say hey look at what we did I drafted him with the twentieth pick in the draft. Nobody else identified him and I was able to not only get production out of I was able to help rebuild the team because they traded value good value back. Here's the thing of Rhonda re talking about. Where is gonna take for granted that he that he's healthy that Dallas -- themselves desert look at Derrick Rose is still the comeback from a from a sentiment that mavericks released harmful -- I yeah I think that's I don't think they can sure having the you have to wait -- least. Bright January or February before they can -- and we have a show leadership is healthy for. Yeah well it's. Yeah it is here's the here's the real issue is that. Do you just hold them out as long as possible lose many games as you can or do you bring him back and you try to -- a poppy trade value having to trade deadline. Yeah I think that the you do Teddy try to bring him back and you try to amp up the street arguments in theory -- form it is. It is kind of violence in the if you want you to wanna lose some games. And -- Jack you're overwhelmed by the -- what a great story with and car. The other the other day -- is just going to vivid detail news. Tanking games carries all the they'll rebel basket Paris holding Rick Fox started and -- to. Us the past. Who else was on that team that tanking -- day the -- -- all day was like that note that the isolation. -- -- the ground in basketball basically told them to take Islam and -- injuries. You know Roger I think with a team. Both of well talk about that's I don't wanna get back to. It's too bad I'm sorry sorry gonna have to go back to its top. Well it's it's a reality in in this there is no certainty -- at all when it comes to this Celtics team rebuilding. Especially answers -- much better place than they were ten years ago that this -- -- the over the first by. Now and now. He has run and in the run. -- movie were you just go back to the trade in people get on games for it hey he made -- couple -- -- there and that's what built his legacy I don't agree with that. A thought he drafted pretty well he made a couple key acquisitions. But up until that point. When he took over remember each rating in 14 Raef LaFrentz. The ventures -- that was and that was an important piece that we talked about. -- off a commodity. For something that you need you missed on that so what he's doing this time is different it's hey you know what. We get -- makes this we have enormous draft next year we have two picks in it we're gonna be really bad and we're gonna get our superstar next year. 6177797937. Real quick. With the Red Sox because that's why we're here we're at Fenway Park people lining up on the street. Getting ready for the Red -- -- Mark Burly. Ryan Dempster to right. And I noticed a case you don't know people coming to the park David Ortiz not in the line up today. As you brown talked about before. Rival hardware is in the line bravest credit Snyder is in the lineup -- places in the lineup. And -- now -- the eighteen today are you concerned very concerned. Order a I don't know the question as I'm concerned that after a fair. It's a bit about it that I just want to make sure that you concern -- are you concerned about Mike Napoli deaths -- today with came out looking like he was. All the -- to be MVP candidate the way the seasons aren't -- I run producing machine. And you know now he's he's not go deep at all -- -- -- David Ortiz isn't isn't in the same pitches to hit anymore because Napoli is not that threat. Behind them you know agents -- them walk Ortiz intentionally the other day if -- they should keep doing that is Napoli seemed to come through they do that anybody belted a two run single. But he has -- slow a slowing its long. And and I'm worried about the you know is this -- they finally finally catch up so. Yeah if IU -- who knows about -- of the mystery illness yeah and who who knows about it all we know is that he's not producing right now. The guy who was in the first in the first couple. In the first couple months was amongst the leaders and extra base hits has two extra base hits and a for the entire month. Nine the amazing thing is that for a team that's a lot of problems just the fact that they're in first place right now that's. That the pretty fortunate to be really arguments over the -- they've had with the closers situation. With Napoli and yet still would be two or three games up at this. -- it's amazing I think it really is because you come out that Detroit series and you're really thinking hey. Bit this is -- this is a slow week you have the bullpen has amassed you have some key guys who are hitting. And it is just not gonna work out in this is where you gonna tail off and what they do. They go out and sweep Colorado. State visit two games against Toronto and you're on your way I think that. Due to -- deserves a lot of credit for the team but I also think yeah maybe this right data do it because -- to -- coaching staff has been. Kind of in the news the coaching staff I think is all the cohesiveness of the coaching staff. This is what we've learned of everything that was wrong last year I wouldn't round reference here when when that look good -- compared to the coaching staff a manager the -- -- -- massacre absolutely. How Alex -- -- on. Knowledge yet to throw in the little red -- This is that rain is that your efforts yeah I was dead. So does so we finally get the round table of baseball people that the hot -- -- all of it really is we have Ian -- a Middleby dot com. If you're hearing Alex Erica. A lot of outs we're gonna fix this -- we're gonna be going to break any second now but we'll get out Ian Browne. Double B dot com we have Alex spear of WPI. Dot com. You know rob Bradford that's me. Dale Arnold is on hiatus is on assignment. It's sports Sunday. So if you -- baseball -- a diver and a baseball right now we've talked about Rondo we've talked about the Celtics we talked about her new and it's all week long we're gonna dive -- we get about an hour left. -- -- dive and a baseball and phone number is 617779. 79837. Will be right back after this break. Sitting here all by myself and my hotel room -- celebration. And know really where you covenants. The great music read -- well I like Levy breaks I like the guitar -- -- yeah now. The come out from. What what are we trying to say about ourselves our our read the levees breaking yes we are Alex spear that's Alex spear WI dot com that's Ian Browne mlb.com. I'm rob Bradford sports Sunday. Dale Arnold on assignment. Vote number you want to talk baseball that's because Ian Alex through the best baseball guys in the business I feel honored to have them. -- studio right now. As -- leading -- Red Sox baseball 1240 with a great Joseph Castiglione and Dave O'Brien. And John Ryder. 617779798376177797937. Alex even with a wealth of information coming from the club as he typically you so he told us that David Ortiz is implying -- are there other money. But the threat no real old -- -- -- treadmill he was on the treadmill. And I said I believe me from someone who's on the treadmill that guarantees -- -- -- Yeah well I think that we had about a month of Stephen Drew on the treadmill and fortunately after his compassion and in the spring so. A treadmill updates typically are promising for him it's not fair by the -- -- challenged -- Sunday morning. In the clubhouse women that nothing ever goes on where you. Walk in you when you walk into that door when you cover in this studio. Live at Fenway Park and better -- -- calendar -- Why would I ever wanted to challenge you want information when you just came from the club that to me. But it. You don't talk to vote Stephen Drew in some callers -- calling early on about what they can do on the left side of the infield. And it really is interesting because we -- Michael Young is acute it would seem to be a good fit. But if the trade deadlines today is July 31 with today. What do you do -- you go down that road as insurance. Down the -- Michael Young yes -- I like that's just because this is the thing right is that we don't know what it Iglesias. It's they have no idea what any of those guys that's the thing that's so bizarre so puzzling. Do you know what Wellman a Brooks is going to be a month I don't know us apple would -- but -- how about Stephen Drew. How about Jose Iglesias have Alexander Bogart's there are a lot of moving pieces here. And I think it's incredibly difficult to forecast that that's why. That the speculation about what the Red Sox might be interested in at the trade deadline. Is almost premature because there's still more data that needs to be drawn we obviously referred to things like a two month sample as. Permitting us an opportunity to like to start to have an image crystallized what guys are but for a guy like -- is just getting his first exposure AAA we have no idea for a guy like Iglesias -- You know whose two months have been out of whack with anything in his track record. No idea and and so that's why when and reports about like New York Post report about. Mikey and he desperately want to forget -- expert it desperately want Michael it's like Romeo and Juliet situation they're thinking about cyanide. Really guys FAA have to have them in and as you just said Alex you don't know in the first thing you have to do it for any team is you have to figure out what you have internally. Because if you have those pieces internally that you don't have to give up even -- Barnes or or someone anyway. Oh god you don't give up anything of value for a you know for a -- Michael Yelp might even once you want I want clearly acted desperately want to find Cliff -- and then you start talking about that the arms of the of the same thing when you talked about Obama that they're they're pretty. Well positions to be able to deals in trade chips and you know Barnes and -- the year. As being viewed by the industry here a number of people in the industry is the top protect pitching prospect. I -- said that he was maybe two or three in the organization. He's he's the number six right now which is crazy and out of the guys doctorate well okay I admit Pentagon's don't expect. You look at -- -- -- but until the end and if -- Renato Henry Owens Alan Webster ruby Della Rosa Brandon Workman. And our Barnes spoke I think that you could make a compelling case. It's kind of like the American League east entering this year you could make it compelling case of shuffling goes six names in any order but. That that's a pretty interesting well of guys. You know with the exception of Owens all of whom are up in the upper levels -- that's OK Ian -- you give up for closely I must be realistic that you. What you give up one of those. You know one of those guys the middle Brooks. Well while very generous couple. Of the problem as people call and text in in in. Texas about meadowbrook Wednesday a -- a huge deal that you betrayed them bowl that you couldn't be any lower than it is right now -- still I mean he's still. Is that edit the entries and play I don't I'm -- on -- -- he's intriguing but he. You put in a Cliff Lee trade. He's the second or third guy. And if you thought that was apparently need to get them to make electric happening with Cliff -- they're going to have to be two or three real I understand that but it's like it's it's just. With no one. One metric you with a little bit with the bill and young go -- -- and Brooke if it's just that's it it's a tough call. Because as I've cited numerous times -- -- maybe the arts the fine baseball now middle Mueller is little middle will middle Brooks back guy and if he has the potential will be that guy that -- have a hard time given a -- For it especially if you're gonna already give up one of those -- -- -- -- other ask yourself this so well middle Brooks I think -- I think. The upside it will middle -- is that of middle of the order -- -- -- -- probably. You know 25 to 35 homers legitimately the -- huge. But who's going to have modest on base percentages let's say you know let's say in a best case scenario he's. 33340. On base percentage you know those with respect and -- answer. Right in that was that was with a really good year obviously. Do you do you think that makes him the most likely third baseman of the future over. Either -- -- Bogart's or hate it if Iglesias is real prisoner -- or overeat parents Ekene. Who's Rupert who broke out the guy who's going to be for the post. Far more modest power totals well at three -- -- -- going to be Cheney's the thing -- -- -- -- -- that you do have -- logical next. Pitch he. Or Butler or vote right so it's not like Bjork you're the first if you had -- at first base. You said all law you know what reactive but we haven't been back. That would be different conversation but yet you're right if you feel like that you have other guys who can -- what middle Brooks delivers. Okay include a minute clip we. I mean the interesting thing to me is that I think that it seemed like there was this logjam. On the left side of the Red Sox in -- in terms of prospect inventory entries here because you know middle Brooks is there Bogart's apparently sees there. It felt like there was probably going to have to be some kind of movement frees them up and maybe it seems immediately liked our fight would be Iglesias right like he's like well are -- -- -- Because he's in his last option year and -- of an underperform maybe you'd be able to see someone giving up your mind about -- but now how can you do as well an afternoon and -- to a somewhat in play defense he cancer last night that it's funny you and Spotify is it fun. So by the death of one in the UTT -- -- which you can get in on 937937. Says. What that you do it the deadline is bring in pat for a prospect. -- -- -- And I don't know if you do. It because this is the other part of the conversation that we -- to -- we talked about. Exploring internal options first there are -- really really intriguing options in the -- pan. And identifying. All Rosa and work either what -- relievers right now but poll might translate into. Mostly in the but -- don't they arrested the other day that. You know they put the and the bullpen me to be a force out there just does he have the mentality for. You know they gonna start grooming him for that in the minors that's. Thing is that you would think that they might start going down that road now I understand you -- keep starting pitching doubt this is why Savvis is still starter. Especially with morale thought but Alex why do you think that progression might happen in regards dollar rose. It's a great question because I'm not sure now's the time to do because he's been unbelievably dominant starter when he straight scoreless innings in his last three starts its nineteen. That's zero point 74 ERA over his last eleven starts so you really want to potentially rob Peter to pay politics etc. You know but if you if you're going to make that transition and in the time when they typically done it with cuts passed. Has been right around the trade deadline if you look at the history of guys like Papelbon that was in August conversion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In terms of what they had to give up in the trade market so. To that point -- thank you think it's intriguing and I do think there's certainly conversation going on with -- -- especially because. Workman has experience available and -- on the deeply in Texas fan. And with Papelbon it's in nice name to throw out there. But the Phillies are packed can't be in it and huge rush to get rid of Johnson palpable. That would there's no need for them to be so just because he pitched here in just because. The Phillies are having a bad year and just because the Red Sox might need that sort of pitcher doesn't mean it's -- app on the tigers and a leader that. Yeah and I think it -- it would probably be little more rest now they have some guys. That it Albuquerque team -- they have. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- -- he's been pretty pretty well in the minors but they also have some internal options but they're pretty aggressive in terms right -- prospects for veterans and exactly and so Brooke before we go to break -- from Brockton thanks for joining us some really really regrets to. It. In it and he got in mind a bit -- -- college in -- you know the first person who said that the Veba. You can not. I wouldn't use the cents in the dollar -- east -- You need those crimes that explains. It he writes don't you not to side. -- -- Buchholz or Jon Lester -- that it did in insisting. You to buckle he's in insisted -- injury prone. Last year. I'm hopeful. Now which you Cuba Rio or -- Salaries so our semi -- do what they do with the aging in Dallas traded basically mortgage the farm systems painted. -- to do one -- two guys here. To make this happen because he'd be a front line -- you know you don't always get from buckles. Lester I think it's really troubling that the way he's pitched lately. Can Lackey do this all year adding -- and do Brian pretty much know you have those two guys that are kind of middle middle rotation -- SEC if you -- -- -- there's anything wrong with if you wanna win or if you wanna win a World Series though. He won one World Series -- series gotta you gotta go -- sometimes. Well. You don't do and we're always playing for and sometimes we got to step plan for next year sometime the. You played navy or maybe I would seek two years down the road -- you -- it's. Down the road with a book guards and the guy yet to decide. Whether it is -- Garrett. Basement and eating guy or -- parks or whatever date don't you don't I wanna build up my my system to the point. It's like you to break somebody down. In double A AAA and I have somebody help me -- you don't do it now. That's exactly what they have right now though their farm system in the upper levels is in a position there hasn't been in. Since maybe 2007. To -- so that leads me to my question David before we go to break David. Give me one name that you think whether it's. Internally or a guy that you think that -- acquire at a reasonable rate who you think can -- difference maker for the last two months of the season. IP group we yellow rose to fix it could it be different she did Allen went straight up up up erected at at present. I don't think he is -- a little bit of Major League experience. I great he'd better. Going from within because we all know what happens when you trade outside. And I'll go into ignorant -- -- -- was total disaster. You don't wanna -- yet again. Well -- David I appreciate the call good call. And we can talk more about this after the it's a really duplicate those trade is really interesting because. This so many different ways we can -- off a bunch of different way I don't know if you got to hang around for next segment. I'll answer oh wow very sporting of you thank you very much. 6177797. In 937. The eighteenth he texts like some great text coming. 37937. -- get some really good baseball talked to a 11240. -- 1240 Red Sox broadcast great Jokester Leo and Dave O'Brien John Ryder. All will be with you but up until then we're breaking it down heading into about a month ago before the -- waiver trade deadline will be back after this break. All right there that's where you -- men. I'm rob Bradford sports Sunday -- -- a -- hiatus on vacation on assignment whatever will be back next week. I have with -- -- At Fenway Park Fenway Park studios Alex beer my colleague at -- I dot com and Ian Browne. And the mlb.com. Poll fine fine beat writers covering the Boston Red Sox -- or talking about right now. 6177797937. People are waiting to talk to you guys also AT&T -- -- 37937. I'm gonna go right to -- first hold on all you guys on the line. I want you just answer this question even though eight dressed to meet attacks are addressed to me -- ETT tech line. Bradford would you try to trade for stating from my game. And stay status quo and pictures and internal solutions like that the war. The status of that today. You like -- then do what you wanna go down that road like give up the farm friends and Hillary literally you say you would give up the farm for. You have to -- the -- that's -- and I have to say add up to the program resist the temptation. You would die let's assume that you would have to give up Bogart's in probably one of the top pitching prospects as the yen as the foundation pieces. That's that's the fascinating one because Stanton as a superstar about to get expensive. Right this is going to be is first arbitration year coming up. But at the same time that's three pretty impressive years of control and there's no there's nothing to indicate that he wouldn't be open to signing a long term deal -- guy with. Ridiculous power and his early to mid twenty's. Who gets to present isn't okay it. Entrusting these okay I'm doing okay and yellows -- -- it's just that you bring up all cars because there's certain trades where you just aren't done -- Carson deal. And that was the case Wednesday went down the road exploring the -- theories and should concentrate Miami. They knew that they were can be again that while arts and and so that's a big reason that he wanted the deal but. Closer raised through Saturday. It is an interesting tie -- dynamic because you wonder at the time going after I was raised the the contract. But that you see the kind of player who is it raises which you guys want Jose Reyes and team. Yeah. Nobody knew what you make that sordid deal with it it seems everyone doesn't wanna give up to Andrew Bogut I understand. But Jose -- is an electric. So would you would you be willing to entertain them like for Bogart's well I guess if this -- in the imaginary world. The bigger Bogart froze note that it. Knew that too but I don't think long and are firm stand. Yes denied to me represented different class a complete game changer in terms of the outlook of of how lineup looks and feels. The Reyes is this is a really good player or someone who has diverse skill set. Who can -- Andrew game -- up for a long time but a big money also little injury prone to go wrong stage of his career might not -- -- shortstop for the entirety of that contract and I agree it's one thing you know I can't ms. Stanton is a different age demographic he's you know and a different level I think it's important start identifying words -- -- -- -- line out with a Mendoza line is on. Setting impacting -- keeping them for the long call 61777979837. Patrick thanks for hanging on wordy -- They've got a I'd sort of talk about it straight on straight and an -- -- -- and a great job I think rob. EN it out here in the next couple of lending analytical approach while think it -- -- it is the locker thanks for that. Or say I think I think it sort of a consensus top five -- back -- in arguably. 38 even number one in the in the country. I think you can take over our people still think the press are -- it anyone they want to abide. I think that it's over the tomorrow. You can any one of three props that you might like. Four closely in the note on Michael young and I think Beckett got. I think. When you look at the Red Sox -- system. It is so eat and it's so critical to the shop open at three months that this -- started. That prospects number two maybe maybe Cheney's separated so the prospects number three to say twelve or fourteen. Arm. It's anybody's best guess -- pan out I think there are some have a responsibility themselves to to shop with this much depth. I think they're going to take their shots I I think your point is an excellent one because I do think that there their pool of prospects is deeper and more impact from the that's been some time but the reality is bit. For a lot of other heat for a lot of other GMs if you don't make the top prospect available it ain't gonna happen because you know sometimes it's just. A matter of you know you say okay look we need rate basically the talent is so great that if we're not getting the tea top five or top ten prospect back. In the entire system -- no go for that they'll look for that potential superstar. Over the depth guys you know over the multitude of -- guys but I don't disagree with your premise because there are teams that might -- open. Two to dealing from -- dealing from the temple when you look at for instance the model of the Adrian Gonzales trade look at that time Casey Kelly Anthony Rizzo. Rey Fuentes none of them weren't where even viewed as top 25 prospects in all likelihood resort by the close is because he was coming off a great year and at Portland in double A and at age 21 lead you know those guys were probably -- Italian resort probably in the 26 to fifty range. But the Padres were willing to go with the depth model. For me I'm skeptical that the Phillies would be open to that model but I think your point is a really good security because their motivation. They're not as motivated. And even the aging Gonzales. By but by the way I think -- I still don't agree and violent. Glad Patrick I don't question sure. We can -- That that Bogut is significantly. -- are able an asset that achieved Carlos and with three year cop all. Are we convinced of that based on based on performance certain well you know in terms of future value now we're not convinced of what -- -- is going to be but there's you still need to look at the history. -- even top prospects in the flame outraged the the fact that there are number of them who really. Never made never made a real an impact for mark in the major leagues. Right now I projects that shortstop that could be the -- questions going forward such etc. so yep Santa represents. Represents the certainty of production. There's some uncertainty about health. But Bogart's there there are still some wild cards even though I I probably join UN thinking that he's an unbelievable talents if I'm the Red Sox. It may well be the case that I don't entertain any offers for him even if that moves me from. Conversations about Stanton maybe cannot -- in in Patrick thanks for the call really -- call Ian you're saying that you like the unions still it was a great strategist. -- Beijing -- house did not. Turn to winning player that you know a lot of us thought they might have been and that's why you know some people don't don't look at that trade and a great life but right into the concept was great. You know let lol let's look at -- it was spun off and there's all kinds of ways of looking into a tree and one of the ways look at it is which it what they ended up. Which is a lot of financial flexibility but most importantly. The two pitchers. And ruby Della Rosa and Alan Webster so you gave up Casey Kelly you gave up Anthony Rizzo. In point is now Rizzo seems to be very very good player very good Major League player and a hard thing defined in baseball. So good for them -- and -- Kashmir I'm sorry Andrew Cashner up who. The cubs traded to get written -- you don't OK with San Diego Disney shortly he had really really promising you're last year in the big leagues -- in 2012. He's shown he's shown good stuff -- he's he is if I mean you're talking -- a high -- yet based on the velocity like that that's a pretty high odds are I'm getting a little off track but my point is is that Anthony Rizzo. Good player Casey Kelly got hurt we don't know why he's gonna become a yen up without Webster and read and approved ruby deal rose so Ian I think Europe. It by the you'll more identifying -- -- -- if we Gonzales was a pretty decent plot here. Yeah maybe he -- and I still yet fail why didn't quite work for him here but I think was a -- at the time and then take care what they did let. You know like he's they would do that and the Dodgers. I have no problem with the rain network unbelievable how the Dodgers had worked up because if they don't make that trade how bad a situation of the Red Sox and right now they still have. You know Gonzales has become Tony Gwynn out there right and frankly was becoming Tony -- out here that's the one thing that where we're in the trade. I think we all overlooked it made the Red Sox over -- it does well the impact of that labor and surgery on his ability to drive the ball for power. I'm not sure of his powers -- coming back. You know for them to get out of Crawford's deal he's obviously missed the last month that be a real fine for them it wouldn't have the depth that they do if they kept running back is lost for the year. Okay 61777979837. We continue with the Red Sox talk with a baseball talked. Rudy from Palmer what's going on. Good morning guys -- good morning how are you. I would think it was a it would Dodgers being here about Andre you hear it be a great -- you know what will come and spend and Crawford coming back out. You know they do have an access about the illustrate that and they do have boundaries his best friend I understand this but still -- he had AM. I just don't know if that's the need that they have for what they would have to give up for country I think if you -- seem like a better fit a few years ago but. I don't think he gets along very well certainly as he read on jobless and listened to. I would drop monopoly not to be -- -- -- really really cruel but I think the guy's heart I don't think keeps playing well he's got to have vertical whatever means that. -- -- I didn't units of bouts of vertigo. Well you know latest news eight -- wise and he just said that they never were able identified it was a some sort notch here. Flu or whatever wise. He said right now he says it's not an issue. And they keep running him out there that's all we know. And and we have to title this is one of these guys we have to ride up the next month because he's had had some good second half before but if you do get to the end of July. And apple is doing what he is right now that the conversation changes things we're Mike Carp when it when -- on just sitting on the bench you know. You know I -- that's the thing is it do they start in and because appreciated. The when do you start going down that road in my car of integrating my carpal little bit more for now in getting. The point of each year to me he looks like a platoon outfielder who's your tiger and us and against against left handed pitchers someone who's kind of at the wrong age age range of his career. With a pretty bad with what could be a pretty bad contract going port for the next. Four years or so so that's to me even though the Dodgers have a surplus and held I'd probably subsidize that because I -- You know that that's not the right Qaeda target to meet you target guys who can make a a huge difference -- a stand and that's a leak that's not necessarily in each year. As far as the. You know the Napoli -- going. As much as Napoli can mean to this team if he can get that he give it until about that that July 31. Trade in the right around there they determined you know is Napoli -- -- you start down with a with a -- -- well we have right. You know it and I am serious and that's Ian Browne mlb.com. Alex -- W dot com and rob Bradford. I noticed they were you saying seeing -- get to the end of the mom -- get to the actual trade deadline. But this go for two weeks two weeks from now what are right now please do the same thing he's doing now. It sounds good that you get to the to a that trade deadline in the month to see if use the -- -- won the right Clinton. But ended -- but if but we ended two weeks now we're talking about oh. Six weeks and missed three games you know -- are just talking about now Leah is six weeks and if you're six weeks in of doing the same thing I'm not saying that that's going to be case. But I don't know if you you another two weeks yeah and to me. I also wonder you know wouldn't you wanna see what they're not nepalese production could improve in the shorter term between now and July 1 by virtue of perhaps having. Having -- rotated in for a game two games every week -- -- planning its favorable matchup. Aaron kind of narrow rundown permitted a little bit more cage for see what happens. 6177797937. Be a little bit more to go the Red Sox broadcast I was wrong guys 125 of 501215. Not 12401250. Threats like broadcast Jokester you know Dave O'Brien John Ryder all the greats -- you talked in Red Sox. Alex spear WEEI dot com you Browne mlb.com. Also yeah I should ever messed Allstate Twitter again. Out we haven't mentioned it Twitter account that's a technology followers right to break it off. At Alex -- Nice very unique and -- brown don't forget -- don't -- yes -- -- let me put it on the bumper stickers and I'm Brad -- you can also Texan on the -- text line that 37. 937. Some really attacks coming you know when we talked boat this attack HTT tech signs -- Because when we talk about -- in the baseball show you did the baseball so even with. Alex before special that is so if you get this the the conversation -- because -- some really good question convinced that the conversation. We'll get to a lot of those tax we'll get to these calls. Again 61777979837. For about another half hour or so. I'm rob Bradford you brown Alex there will be right back after this break.

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