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Our new favorite ex-con, "Rabbit," tells us all about life on the inside

Jun 28, 2013|

Normally callers last about 3 minutes max on air. We made an exception for "Rabbit" out in Fitchburg. He told us all about life on the inside, his favorite stabbing he's witnessed, and Aaron Hernandez's gang name.

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Let's talk to Joseph in Pittsburgh -- -- an -- DOC good morning. Hi -- well thanks. I can tell you everything I began -- Hernandez that it either state prison practically every single thing normal. You do -- -- here's a state prison. For traffic -- you know the first of all in all -- pick up their normal oil and repealed you victory before he was the law. You can tell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- arm in arm in arm ballot Latin -- that there at the symbol. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What it would expect as a joke slowdown Celek have a tremendous amount of information and we wanna hear what that he what did he come to Springfield and Holyoke four. Well that's like that's the most biggest population of blanking so he fit in animal -- game and the -- And he used to rock -- they're all kind of hang out -- horrible he'll bring he'll go to like -- pick I'd be in the market are going out there like that those are. Without them up like that anarchy gang -- out -- Bank. You know it like it is a bit -- fight between -- the million light things up at the tree gang were out there related friend -- -- little. -- -- And dumb. Asian Cup then -- and you know those -- later he had that you -- -- do we go to the degree -- it wouldn't you know in Iraq. It's awful and great great guns he did yesterday was geno. Geno geno I guess the pants. What happened -- eight GB in principle that a lot of blood there with a lot of fight in court fight with the elite don't quite solid basically down unarmed and -- it. Oprah is like. You would outnumbered so basically the -- like you can help except madame -- with the aircraft -- -- illegal blood. -- a lot of it right into anger right -- is a right hand erected at. Benitez MOB with a member of blood. But he still have a line want to get upstate though look at eight right now we're gonna -- -- -- -- all six point -- are we doing it would be a great run by the group or. And alcohol enemy number -- never make it to get off. OK guys -- energy -- again -- got what they are yeah. Bet they don't really know what they're they're dead on accurate all wherever that area down there once you get eight partners -- right. You liked the Jack -- of -- He's gonna put him this economic -- -- have any secret there anything that he would -- tackled out of the week you're dating BOT and again that particular. Yogurt like it's simply get. What's this guys name I'd love to talk to what's discussed in its Jack -- Right alcohol I I can look Polly I mean you the biggest -- apple gathered at bat like he knows everything about everybody. -- up anger and everything. They've again. -- slots at Joseph slowdown what's his name again. Chris -- the upper right. And I'll let you listen you got a true calling -- every time he bought -- idea the only. I think a tell -- -- and it is is Hernandez with all these different gang -- and in our three different ones -- honest body is that right. Yeah download it. I really applaud right here I am OP would remember -- -- and it like it or lion Lion King. On right away oh yeah online at the mobile banking. So of electing a blinking at the -- the path to the NFL. A problem with us. Got to control. Either way tablet that's an applicant that spreading their run by the Lanqing. Addict is like that a lightning in a paper then he's not only -- eight and her name and cardinal -- that the present you don't share Shalit that anybody. They pocket their one community shall but he won't speak marketable it'll go all all. Three month break have a Mac yet that if you have a part -- and -- all -- member in the matter. And if that second degree and to immediately -- -- than one year. Over Shirley Mac the -- -- -- bet -- -- -- having been a bit sick single hole like that but. Ultimately have the holder the bullish or is it like Shawshank the whole. Not all you kidding me at -- that it -- -- -- back where the world it's. Out of showed the -- if it got an area that UT had just -- the like antique. They have it -- -- -- TVs there and stuff that's eating you have air conditioning team needs -- they had single solid the last you'll walk all the Democrat but each and then again they shot there are two years to really shut down. Everybody you know in the bottom here at all doubled in the top cute single I don't get it over quick -- -- not panic -- -- -- -- got -- -- -- -- -- -- And he'll do what play three hours a day in that -- -- all you go out from eight we wake up an eight or breakfast or some people you are on the unit that you Cali down evidently -- straight. They're cute short thing then you go back in itself -- Euro from nine and what turned eleven reduce what you hear it. And then Euro eagle back Intel won an open market to 3230. Or. And then you go back in in the -- You go to get around five and go back in the Euro from -- 638. Or 8:30 -- or eight and aren't there. Went after Bristol county is this is gonna seem like I guess the InterContinental Hotel that's of the camp they've sponsored. Yeah he's like all these young punks have never been inevitable stayed there all or too little song they yell and scream like it yet that sent. One got it to the Max you hit the embattled commander -- so that he had been and -- yeah armor in carried out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had that I want -- we haven in the summer at three in the more. Any don't think being pink on the started on the podium that they aren't hey -- I -- that within. -- tell you right now are young you have receiver Derrick real -- not -- -- exit. You know and warned that no we appreciate you wait a lot of what data he duly got spat in -- -- -- in the young it would like nineteen ago all right. Next morning sickness. And I adhere to get ink ink like remarked that it up all right. Thought suddenly got our go to guy in the -- he can go that at like forty per -- -- yeah. Body -- the army not a warm it seemed about -- -- like -- -- stabbed -- -- all the body. The sealed the dark early on -- put the night stand he copy Paul and I went up yeah. Okay -- a bit earlier that night over the you don't hear it currently what edu and proud and year that they haven't yet. Never seen your I don't know which -- native and up but like any you don't even notice that back there and -- No this is well on her honestly no -- air carrier. Saying that -- letting that become the king that occurred more popular blood. Either way that both they both friends of each other they don't fight each other they fight their DD Democrat and I like that. So you think you can walk around in general population -- be safe -- safe and sound. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am apparently can be had -- carrying Kabila who Obama -- in my understanding. What's your real name. All right hey -- what what did you what did you do you incarcerate a joke. Traffic in trafficking via out what was on what was -- Coke problem there wasn't worth it. Yeah I mean I mean I don't know I had to get. -- I mean I had that album -- Like to be your favorite night in prison and other than. Watch the guy -- that portents. That was pretty good that day game got killed pretty about we haven't had Greg Ellis and Rivera and I was learning that PT block out of the block exploded in New -- well not so we go to a program note next it blocked it. That was pretty cool. As you you know. All was going down did you know Joseph drew and. Well what about what you could feel it feels all right I'm like crazy and spinning caring you can see reported on YouTube they're not. Exactly trying to -- the door open it up a Kagan what they're really -- -- but. Did you and they. We give a gentleman companion while you're there. Let's say that's a prisoner like that why don't they are the brochure at like six it tempered in the -- bear down. Subject -- sexual harassment or sexual assault. I have to admit that I never seen anybody read or thought not that they're not. Guys that dedicated that they want to have specs that were expecting army but I get that it hit the second -- you -- -- -- everybody get straight but it acting president that you have your own cellular I was like you know I mean like you know it. You know there is no there -- already cameras everywhere and it income taxes 300 any cameras and it only here. How long how long we read -- only -- this doesn't care of a camera hello you informed. Eight years I devote my time in America when Walt all of -- and I get the media -- getting yanked it only what was your name. Rabbit that got shot in the leg and had a pot or whatever. If the -- at a rabbit can we currently rather's right all right wrap your -- caller stay in touch enjoyed our conversation. Yeah I guess have Chris Wallace. Thanks thanks Gina call Austin Gina. You know doing all we should see happen again should basket was turning this trafficking. Yeah I was an -- -- score some Coke. As -- us had some of the best times it was like yes and he securely to my favorite place. It's not so but he didn't really that I howdy but it really describe off on. Them -- Doesn't have the equipment that the -- -- The new got a comes in this -- that you elect lobster he goes yeah I cellulose -- argue loved ones tonight it's lobster night here. Because you liked poker goes so like poker some volume what Friday night poker sites Friday night. He's sure like -- -- it's not it's just gonna keep separate and I. Will take a break Chris -- -- next with the NC.

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