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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 06/27/13

Jun 27, 2013|

Before we go home, you ask, we answer.

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It's time for questions. The question what's. The big question. So which could be years. Quest. -- Answer the question -- Adams is here as always brought you by heiress restoration specialist at your property your facilities manager insurance broke -- heiress to entry of the disaster restoration game plan in place 877461. 1111 or go to -- are asks her for a dot com I like him I'd like to be in your -- the question because he tutored in notes -- reputation ninety T estimate it was my nickname the smartest man alive Malia are and how it usually where you are. It was the drugs you -- I'm fine now back to them all my brain cells come back so I -- once again. -- smartest men -- -- you get into this first question why the cars take different grades of gas. They don't really actually it's just a big joke why -- they. Felt different grades. I drive a hot cars of the dual car while you had her hooker you know a big big engines that they would open up all four barrels -- -- premium. It's a joke don't ever by a -- gas and also it's also game needs it's I'll always by 8799. Point 9% of current run on regular guest just as well. There's certain -- that time. Recommend that you are those like ours that are made by by companies that are dead with a gas company or maybe it's high performance vehicle. Right that's different you -- -- yet -- got -- ship JaVale SS 396. You're gonna need for me as a which are driving around this what you are. -- from -- wanted to. Guys know what you think Hernandez knew he would be cut yesterday or do you think it took him by complete surprise I bet you're surprised you're thirty in jail at that point I think is even thinking about putting I don't know about you surprised that so I think you -- he would stay on him I would -- -- -- That was great you know he was it was it once -- is her right away you once he was turned away he could have been shocked when he was -- -- you even knew he was in jail. He's sitting there like you got a call on watch he's in handcuffs in jail when he was cut I think youth. Police command like a soccer he got caught some of how does that go it was hanging around was driving around that are not rob I'm talking about leading up to this leading up to the arrest driving around town like there was nobody went after being cut. What by the time he was caught he was already in jail. In this you know argument to rest some guys tubes you know Howard. And have your ointment here autograph Acadia -- -- here's your rent your car can you imagine. Next question I have only one of these for the rest of your life would you take Brussels sprouts or cream court. Incorporated Cornel probably creamed corn -- -- -- not an Oscar record is very very good to have you ever -- green. -- -- Now it's consecutive night kind of proof of anything you can meet him did you choose because opening its. I would think. What at what of the -- at that they'll write what day of the week is appropriate for -- -- -- or is this is your expertise is like a Tuesday. Was ignited kind of right. For right -- court that it fooled the body knows it you know -- that just passed it through. My dad -- -- -- -- gets very upset when the corn is not ready -- -- he will not even think -- court until July if you try to buy -- in -- -- -- lecture from him about it or not I'm ready. It's cool calm Smart men prefer tomatoes well. Next question. All right who would win and a slap fight -- -- Liz Walker always him. Let's -- on my favorite people. It's such a great person she quit she would not dignify that would even go there you color with you know our at -- reverend do you you don't know hours Elizabeth. Grows on reverend Elizabeth. And she's a dynamic return to. Liz Warren. Now listen to this report was walkers should beware you refuse service personal. Liz Walker she's very nicely. Assault your wife is going to be more excited to see Wendell that you -- giving -- a question mr. strippers question next. -- what is. Your favorite crime it was Wendell when I thought oh. And yet you have a favorite holiday for a crime they want you know a lot of TJ locking. What it meant like loitering prime over the years -- -- a team like yours to criminalize you know forward. It differently like is there crime story you know the most about the -- most interest things. That you actually -- as far as -- for a huge and assassinations. And Egypt a much you know about this assassination of our -- briefing. And everything about it I would certainly answer -- out of -- The the more wounded Robert Kennedy was shot from west and warning to waive his right -- bone and answer in. According to tests that go close execute on the Golan was on the that's their answer and you know where he got that gone about it that day which. But it was there after it was originally stolen. During the -- right next question. Thank you -- -- -- our question for you guys a girl girl wise currently are sick or real. They're in her opinion Caribbean real yeah the younger. And a no. Duplicate and I don't I don't -- rail thin and that's a sign that my wife does not stand and then. On discussing it might by far the safer mostly neither much on with the electric energy collapse. You'll want to choose one of the extreme what do you mean like something in between we're right there. -- And he -- that he means that act of extreme. This is the question for Mikey. Was the closest we've ever come to -- all. Just trapped could involve the rock star they are talking about drugs. And guns pulled me I -- A identities and it was. Whether -- while swimming with your different. Held underwater to the point that it gave. No incidents to terrify and stop struggling I was dead. -- thought you know I had a similar situation that most women I'm coming up for air it was already diamonds for mining. Had his hand over my head. Terrified me well panel excellent because of that I've come close at nine of that but it does happen next question. Thought those on the move. Stupid. That's obviously industry game kind of making fun of them it's reasonable to them like overly. -- it's in excess of double -- yet to. And plus Walking Dead is trump calls us. Show. Us. Jerks about it did hit -- river -- my way home from work to avoid Russia. Well that's a great. If -- table games I think they did that it's in Lincoln road and get our. Stunned by Britain's east they have great history there radio lipstick too far how far from here. Now are four for five minutes not. Fifty. Fifty minutes to think about 52 minutes that I turned that into being -- -- away from work your your little black Joseph Torre you know they were the next question moved to feel you make of that. Favorite Tom -- -- -- -- Shaving I mean now nobody is. Forced to artists as -- fourth -- sports. I'm trying to think the one that I like -- like forest -- At a candlelight is that what was in the -- and our campers catch me began as a religion that's -- grateful grateful. As the Google like that Boston accent though yet I don't like it much like the top tax due to green pile but he -- prison. -- Now hand ready -- -- -- absolutely you'll hear a joke of the next question. Not only like these rocks are consequences Jones. Political -- You don't yet to be used to lose yankees even -- run. That's true story is there any chance you guys recover discussed the sort of fronts this year there's many intriguing stories -- -- at my desk here today. If you -- to do that right after the soap out -- that something that we're -- to -- the Tour de France maybe. Big bachelor party Tory story on the Tom Hanks. Our final question have you ever seen a dead body before -- real life test is -- when asked what did not. -- -- cavium and that question was not in the room with listeners about him in the Obama. Senior -- goes driving home from a -- that's close to home school. They're pulling out here now. Cement shoes extremely. We your traditional casket. Just. Stairs and I went to one -- I knew who died colleges. Tree fell open casket I don't like plummeted immediately -- -- -- it doesn't look like themselves know. Maybe stick to it and that's not my thing -- we're done we're here we're back tomorrow. You'll be here tomorrow will be Jerry Remy stomach and it. Stop by say I'd be over -- -- -- to six tomorrow Mikey I want Peters now we have the daily planet meters long -- the -- tonight. So you guys think what you think this the Celtics are gonna happen. What are your instincts and the architecture is gone through Garnett and petered out and according to ESPN. Garnett and his people have been contacted. He's been asked to if he's gonna waive his no trade clause in waves notre club maybe the deal goes through different first round picks rejects rejects and prediction that some players and -- great -- happens. I'm with the of mrs. Kardashian -- involves areas where he has the expiring contract to miss Kardashian I think it goes aren't Mike -- up next we'll see guys tomorrow to -- him.

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