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Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson on Hernandez's jail

Jun 27, 2013|

Bristol County Sheriff Hodgson joined the show to discuss Aaron Hernandez's living conditions in prison. He said that there will be no special treatment for the former Patriots star.

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Bristol county sheriff Tom Koch joins on the AT&T hotline good morning sheriff how are you. Group -- you are you -- doing very well as a jumping off point you're sheriff but what were Aaron Hernandez first hours like yesterday in your facility and what to the next several days holds for him. Well he when he first came in of course. He's spoken. He was schooled through the standard screening that we get from mental health and physical well being and I spent a few minutes and -- reporting out and its effect it would be treated particularly here in the that are worse. -- and get them you know repudiation to problems what you know but -- -- be -- -- He can really. He wasn't observed it seems you've wondered what was their polite and respectful. And after that peace initiatives. This prison -- -- it is since he was assigned to be medical unit where he's currently sickle cell. And will be. And if so what Thursday. Still probably. That we can that would take -- there to support legal access these reports we get to do security. -- assessment as well we've -- to protecting the best picture as well. You know which is around during the recent support. And that there are in the discussions with our intelligence unit and that point the determination. We're on the security assessment the medical assessment but assessment. The it was consistent. -- because -- general population or had -- Yeah we had a number of people some from Bristol some who were friends with them some who seem to know what they're talking about and they are all saying the same thing that he is a Latin -- how does that change his status how does that change how you deal with him among the general population -- Well I would go to with the fact that so. That you know beat somebody caring -- secure. That would be like any other person that could have -- affiliation. Bill would. Have to be looked desperate -- -- -- -- -- -- they have any potential enemies do good and -- whenever the -- here but apparently didn't have. Acute -- issues of marketing repertoire. Facility itself. We want to make sure that little reclassify any of these gang members who are putting into the rival gang members of the population. Where it would create video restore security so. That would be very careful assessment is different religions they have potentially is beginning to -- currently or previously. As I understand -- he had a solo a single. Room last night how Long Will that last year. Let it would say that the medical unit and depth look he's got into the last public. Through the weekend and they'll they'll assess and through those three categories -- talk about liquidity you know he's coming from a very considerate of acute shifted. His lifestyle obviously 2% to one of the principle to a certain four or conceptual. That. For anybody would be I think pretty rude awakening of the fact -- you know to be apportioned just. Just based on nutrition is not. Forward in the Houston. There's this certain things like that is that they progressives and -- into our system. The freedom that the lack of freedom immediately -- talked somebody's you know. To Rome with the deputies to. You can and so we can do well in critical wait so there's not that we can probably used to doing these extracurricular activities -- -- towards. You have no TV's no. Weights he's not working out there what would Kenny do for those 23 -- read a book. Listen to listen to radio. You have basically. It's it's it's a pretty austere satellite -- about you know pure and but wouldn't come here. Regardless of your status of the outside world. You basically. Get extra careful he's is that. A life where you walked into the stadium with thousands of feet orchard form to the count to the facility where he just becomes a numbers of this. There's there's those transitions that. That -- -- political stark reality for people. The that it really sort of the the Marshall. Has. Something that requires adjustment we can close attention to what does he do that. Other hour of the data free day guests are short enough look at. Sure -- -- -- when they India have no idea has yet to secure -- -- from local to reduce. And through that -- but that's essentially it. If you go to jail population -- On the court he should he was he could potentially be put and so with the road. -- very -- still sort of -- market for so I would with a double. News you can describe in detail what his cell whether it's two people one people one person looks like it's seven by ten no television is our radio. Are no radio -- our window. Auditor will go to lookout. Yeah. And drove it sink and that's that and about -- -- don't -- pool table conceded she's governor pulpit that the. Well actually they they believe they're not in years there's been quite a reaction to that point that -- you know. I'm surprised that. We don't have I'm I'm I'm my philosophy is if you go to Q were American inspectors Monica. Provider came with the distraction with the things you. Amen I like this so so there is a chance you use at 23 hours a day in that sell there's not a chance who were you working on some work detail like in the kitchen or a -- floors or whatever. I don't know now now. I don't know though doesn't permit people to do that have to work your way into the classification systems vehicle to earn the opportunity to turn up. Yeah and I know the state a broad general admiral general question but it's what the experience sheriff when when people. Who get in there and and and I am sure there are a lot of Aaron Hernandez who were in the 7100 square foot house now on a seven by -- for itself. How long does it take for the stark reality to impact them psychologically where they just final look themselves in the mirror and say. My god this is my life for the rest of my life. I think it depends on the person's background on -- and how they grew up in whether -- -- it. Some people are impacted immediately some people. Over the course of time -- didn't -- Repetitive sort of reminded that it's not likely to be outside into the summit. OK so it -- to -- And and that's why we we've sort of the degrees earlier all the QB had a good time presumably sequence picture the picture of mr. jobs and properly. Is is it easier or harder for a celebrity and athlete like this. That to get through the day. Well I think it depends on each individual but but but certainly this is it that extra piece of of sort of being. When -- start in -- or some other other than you. You know star quality what happens -- city even so it doesn't. You know business people that we're rebel sort of around you -- people that have problems. Present problems that's why -- here so it's not -- if you cross section of society without fear. You know giving directly and supporting you'd basically you're very. Sort of monolithic environment -- -- There -- -- -- actual source of support changes. And it becomes people in uniform who were here to support you and we're here custody according to want to get up with a sweep. Which can be. Which it's -- reveals that so. It's -- it's a big it's because. He said he was polite yesterday did they ask me specific questions the other thing to say during the stern talked. Well basically just our peace. He's been pictures you've displayed as a picture but appreciated. And they're very unit told him if you have issues with the which -- responsibilities. Are pictures we've got Richard comes forward so. I don't expect that you're having problems and issues our staff altered it pretty -- provided by our policies. And done. And so I think you know he shouldn't have these these concerns radler bird or professional staff. And it probably doesn't make much difference if he's in that cell 23 hours a day but I still have to ask will heat in general -- share be celebrated. As a big shot. In the facility or or doesn't that -- lead to these to these inmates who he has was. Oh I'm sure it matters to some immediate patriots fans but a lot of the -- Massachusetts in an effort so. So yes there will be some of that so that's one of the factors that we have to look at you know with somebody comes in the -- -- status. With a particular population is that it is in the unit where we expect that they have more -- and so which would be. The general population to get. Two hours of record that isn't so it -- it what do you have to do whatever we. Have to. That he that we have to be careful that it's. He did you like that the people are coming up -- -- take you know to have an autograph for Paul -- will be. It would have cooperated very it's sheet on the outside. Can't beat you to be supportive of the bloggers a threshold where they because of irritation in the back to create picnic present. You can create security. Issue so we we we get a look at all of that would that would work just talk constitution. What did -- have for breakfast today. I -- thought he had a Nagin will be mr. -- -- -- That and it better not be like like each comes on just the basics like going to. We don't -- that note that we do our part primates all nutritional we are coffee -- -- -- call for girls. We don't have 52 look like they're trying to paint chips has not -- -- -- it's really a request that was. Was. Or potentially the Republicans would support such but it was creepy and he went for a. How is he able to exercise if there are no wait he's in his -- twenty hours today public push -- Viet. And so that's it. I'm I'm staying out of prison is not like him who has got. Yeah you know it's it's not a place that what people should go or should feel okay. The as. And what's the biggest problem you face with inmates is it bites. What -- fights fights between inmates and what do obviously. Yep in the army and book -- we don't have a real problem with that -- that -- that's something that pick it happened and of course and every person. It that you possibly -- every day here trying to find a way to beat. You re election system. How could I could smuggle the American. You know try to -- step person and so that was during the great speed and they're looking for any kind of pick your next piece of bread. Passing of note that we do put myself very very disciplined program map and we have a group would have to problem. That the that the kind of thing to succeed normally prison Negroponte. It's good to hear OJ Simpson I love you weren't as sharp cut -- president has he had money in the in the commissary and he ate like Chilean. And cookies every day can you do that in your prison that -- and this obviously has money can be just by a much junk food. You're limited you're limited on this public when he community concert equivalent. But put he cooked body. Forget the bar cookies we have some things in you know. Is that the -- exceed. If they can access the cup but it's limited in them. So when you turn your back and if you're not -- gateway. You'll be nutrition except -- going to be the becoming heavier putter needs to get the portions of food you can hear it. Six period basic and that's when bill is formed don't choose to protest. And lectures. Final question for me it is based on your description of of what he's when he eats a -- he's in a cell with a cell looks like is the biggest enemy of inmates just boredom. Sure absolutely your club it's it's yeah it's it's basically got a month it would and we appropriate here of course the peace. The pre trial -- it likely that these actions humans are now. But we do a program to debate participated which which were constructive way from. The other -- Harvard they'd be cities -- for the -- really other systems design we we we believe that. If we limit your alternatives to coordinate programs -- self respect yourself before. They're likely gonna be motivated to go to a program is something that helped sure. At school student who voted -- came into the court to be -- by people. And because he is awaiting trial and not incarcerated their for whatever length of time. I would assume he's not LL -- for one eager to successful program you have something called choices. Which in major taken a schools to speak about students speak to students -- -- slam students -- a message those kinds of things on applied Aaron Hernandez Hernandez -- I don't know no we don't take pretrial. Detainees are particularly cal two schools -- going to be carefully screened. And -- it. You're reputed to have its third street from religion for people who shouldn't. Interesting stuff Bristol county sheriff Tom Watson appreciate it take some time out -- to talk with us on this busy day thanks very much -- -- great -- -- -- your -- and -- doesn't -- -- on the AT&T -- AT&T -- LTE. 23. Hours in a box that sounds like hard towel and. But it's it'll popular topic is you you think he's polite at the he never gets so I think he gets out and 4045. Years on the fly in my mind it's he's in on Monday less than one fewer day after day -- so Scott knows account. Aetna yesterday talent yes you get that -- today it's time served. The time served as I have to take you all get credit for that seems out of course can now it's Massachusetts -- get out. Republic's six kids Wally didn't. You know look what it's like -- options put up an economic summits out of his control of all TVs and radios -- -- did take away our calls the American chops -- -- Britain's wars that's not so bad. On the worst meal but no coffee. Violent cough -- no booze no we'd know sex I'd rather get Rehman wild gang in Latin kings -- -- -- -- That's sounds awful -- you feel different now. Now that's sounds awful really does authorized the boredom and normally we see the move which violent stabbings and the rapes. That's not the biggest problem here and then -- promised to just make it -- golf life taken forever if you don't read. -- no waiting on TR -- We have no TV no radio no Internet how to push ups can you do you don't know how he phoned him to -- I hope I've found dead man you'd be -- strength. Wire for -- leisure imagination -- school and yeah if you are few here at all really like your body may well if -- -- -- on the -- what are your rooms and take three steps away. The two steps back to the wall. That's essentially seven by ten that's the size of the box he's -- -- -- has more square yes he does beat the shower every other day every other day -- and every other every other day yet but at the ticket to stay in there and to a child like half an art show -- agreement on the -- -- putts that didn't take away the view. -- -- window. I'd estimate the view it like they can't we wanna take a wash -- allowed to 100 hours -- selling off good day out quicker it. -- there is Harris guy in there. Who doesn't regret. What he did to get in there I mean I know people don't care and I believe that the god told us. Scary guys don't care I'm sure other people who lose hoping to get into despair without tub outside. Is there I mean right now Aaron Hank Aaron and useful regret -- I think I would pick on the season -- he regrets what he did it mean. There's never want to that we want to do that yeah I know we talk about the famous scene and in the longest in our legal guys. On the issue and -- she -- -- thirtieth apology and a -- -- in Burt says was that worth that you thanks for sickness. From -- 130 he has -- -- their guys in there who were -- fourth time in there and that's their life you know I think. He gained. By committing this allegedly committing this crime and what he has given -- we've discussed that but it was like he was masterminding million dollar -- bank heists in that department in the party -- -- exactly -- -- was that he was he was gaining anything other -- -- -- some sort of caught my -- much -- revenge and so you know it is the big single biggest problem because it's in the root of everything is the posturing posing -- -- -- In America via the -- Foster trying to -- tough you know it's it's. A problem and so many ways whether it's domestic violence. Shootings Scottie Pippen Scotty the Chicago Emilia Cleveland linebackers the guys south almost killed him it's it's a problem and it's on so many -- -- just trying to beat off. Gone on to be much also tough now I'll show you know street TC and road range example just time when you know. When you look back on the Smart -- to drive away -- ever questioned and his toughness means that the players have big guys yeah habits during the program gets it it's all -- street -- and he gained man he's got major street credit that we vacation next time just experiment. -- your bedroom. Shut the door and leave your budget TV in the badger yes yes TV in their right. -- -- Don't turn the Radio One you can take as many books an issue like that stay there for three hours on the -- we gonna do that job yet have a big ultimately in the -- that I was forty iPad owners like at 930 have to shut -- yes. That's okay. Be nice every now and again and then and then the people in the next room he's agreement Barton. And it's square and masturbating at. The and rate Banesha. It just -- you guys to on the weekends anyone's -- to his credit has turned. Presently yeah it's a real arsenal in this is no. Country club my favorite statement from him lately to my favorite statement from Harry was he's I don't think the taxpayers should be paying for televisions and prisoner cells is a genius that -- of some pool sticks around there. Q yeah -- all. -- that and I think what you give them. TV's the ball that can -- Avoid the problems they stated they want to -- -- fight yeah it's average rate beat Cilic is busy watching the view article what's on TV. You heard that guy that you hardly varieties and boy toy. Said he didn't mind prison to the east watching HBO and California this would watch movies this wasn't so bad seed like this show car in this place that's a joke -- needs a good point you know I've got to -- Flat screen TV and went out our hand is the picture itself the PP sat out some by July aren't Hernandez like by the way do you know this is just breaking the FBI about it. Picture of a guy looks like Aaron Hernandez cities one in murder. And I wanted for murder they are asking the public for help. If the act of I mean with our identity of I just I wrote that felt so much better. After the bombing after the bombing yet had the this Sarnoff is like in 24 us instead we left it to the F -- And the OP dropped the ball and the big pricey you read the piece in one of the papers this weekend that said all -- know it was a piece on the fourth of July the -- -- -- -- -- Uga put together right and and a big concern obviously is she security this year more than -- been in the past but even more so this year. -- that bizarre offs. Police officials. In detectives found out. We're targeting this fourth of July but they got their bombs built Goosen couldn't wait and couldn't wait unbelievable your phone calls before we wrap this thing.

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