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Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! says Doc deal could happen today

Jun 20, 2013|

Our NBA expert Adrian Wojnarowski joined the show to discuss the possible Doc deal with the Clippers. Adrian told the guys that the deal is close and could happen today.

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You know quasi moral predictable that's who do want. And these problems and Middle East the end of the world notre Don Imus. The great lines -- the -- Predicts that that's -- back that's Bobby Bakalar yeah if anyone should be worried about the early demise of the rather large James Gandolfini wouldn't be Bobby -- he's his left leg is the size again exactly he's. Much bigger than than Tony Sparano Adrian awards and how's your -- from Yahoo! Sports Majorly bummed out about Tony Soprano dying at 51 years of age. Blown away I was actually up last -- watching some. But some episode and I YouTube so that highlight -- And I love. Yeah so good off the box that is gonna get like huge revenue now -- -- so good so riveting one of those guys that no matter who else was in the senior eyes were drawn to. Right right yet I used to see him in the bag see what Somali directors football game even. Even our character to be what do presence for the idea. Yeah it's oh look lol what blows it. And if somebody said fuel before you read the obits and all the information online last night in my in the paper this morning how old is is James Gandolfini. -- a little older than 51 would you not have. Yeah yeah noted it. I agree yes yes hazel 5151. Eight Georgia asking Yahoo! Sports so tell us -- -- this -- working with the with doc and Danny first ball. Is -- a precedent for this. And how is this thing playing out at this moment Adrian. Yesterday guys. Chris Paul. Really over the last 36 hours so Chris Paul start pressured the clippers. And then to get this deal done that if they wanted to keep him an -- And keep him off the free agent market July 1. That they had to get that deal done and a stroller and next extra draft pick -- that they -- just want it. Get that done and all but certainly. Locking down to stay with the clippers and -- start to happen. The clippers called the Celtics back yesterday afternoon. You know we reported that Yahoo! and started dialogue again. In Athens last night late last night. After Bryant shot interview with Donald sterling and a late. The clippers management met with sterling. I don't know they're gonna talk more this more independent that would stir last night. Really cute and their recommendation and a we need to do this let's give them the pick. Let's make these incredible for the clippers incredible. Financial commitments. Get this deal done and so. I think there's a very good chance that. -- and Kevin Garnett go to the clippers. Hope for Jordan and two picks as early ads -- So because of the most powerful man in the NBA that would be crisp ball. Leverage goes to the Celtics. It does and I. Boston is much as people -- seeing that this has been rightly so dark wants to leave doctors are once we additional question. About -- They're not doing this you know this isn't a situation where the change. Is begging him to stay at this for a -- -- ownership is begging doctors stay the rebuild this coming it has come. And for the Celtics -- yet. Remember Kevin Garnett hasn't trickled right did you send him anywhere in the NBA they have a unique circumstance where. They're going to get for -- 37 year old recent real player would still. Have a lot to offer the clippers for what the clippers need. -- perfect a lot of levels that don't you would be 3637. Minute game guy anymore. They don't need to be a second or third option route to report option here what he's gonna bring them tremendous. And he. He doesn't just wanna go anywhere that's unique to play for -- completely championship. Can be near his house in Malibu so for the Celtics. I really think this who would win that they want it our leader coach at work try to warm up well when -- expresses -- in this. To get to first tropics artist. To get a young players the underinsured and it like they don't want. Him I think everybody elite fields. You know its contractors he is overpriced -- I know the Andre is excited about from the Boston feels like. Maybe it's run its course and with the clippers and they go the ball better Boston. This is a situation where Boston is rated Judas to. They're not -- -- and -- -- angrily. I'd -- so Adrian to review it would be had docked just -- and Kevin Garnett to the clippers. And two picks and Jordan to Boston. Right that that was structure as of late last night now -- -- this thing has been well would that have changed but. A different point I could come in and out of the deal but. The deal went back on Monday -- this form when the clippers called back yesterday. This. Conversation they had and I know this the deal. That they brought to -- too -- that deal that the -- brought to their owner last night now. With the clippers couldn't call back this morning and say hey we want elemental war -- Yet possible. Or they could go couldn't sterling -- I really like Bryant -- dinner with them and I'm impressed. Yes it's -- clippers and -- Donald and when push comes shall would and spending money. He you know he tackled the and that's what's already. I was told. That there was a lot of confidence in the organization. Because of the way Chris Paul -- and that's that. They they know they killed since they know that with Chris Paul. Which is steel buried legitimate championship contender next year they're more deals they can make with Eric what so bring back another. -- veteran player. And the possibility of Paul Pierce getting bought out Austin. The clippers would be one of the teams after him and appear pierce. If he does become a free agent and an -- a lot of questions -- -- the week. If Austin doesn't waive him remember so we can pick up. You know somebody in the claim him on waivers pick -- -- deal when -- -- a mile and AM default rate so. That's possible -- so -- pierce give something back. Or insult clippers don't have to clear path to getting pierce could becomes free. But certainly there's an opportunity there you know -- make solved since world Holman LA back with KG and our chancellor with the clippers. It makes all the sense that he does it free -- up with the clippers as part of this group. What is it specifically I mean listen we've been around -- forever we know what he can't he can't do widest Chris Paul had this love affair for Doc Rivers watching dark rivers do for him that while all of this -- do or even Brian -- -- Chris Paul. You know knowledgeable about -- x.s and no losers to stop the person. Well I think the whole package are wearing and what the clippers need is. The other Chris Paul -- referred relationship. Is not great and Griffin has been upset over the last week ten days. Since he fell back there and source that told me that he's felt. That the organization and putting his name out and sign and trade talks with Howard. Wood to about I Dwight Howard. And he was upset with that and you see your organization try to cover their tracks out there and that's saying we're not trading. You know public record that not happening well. If there's an opportunity to do a sign and trade for power. It's possible that that happens that he's willing to go to the clippers the lakers are -- -- paints sign and trade talks which they have not been to this forty. It could be revisited in July but. You know. All knows that. To get to the next level to beat championship caliber team they've got to impeach caliber coach here and you know you you you look at these final Gregg Popovich Erik Spoelstra league level coaches. That they need it and I think he feels. That docs for him. Personally. -- for that group because he also votes. Getting -- and KG. And I know that trade deadline last year when they don't they -- pushing super there's very similar deal course -- -- -- was into the -- are the deal but he is fortune. Pretty -- part of the trade deadline. KG can do a lot for the corporate -- the war you're between a record and he brings another. Leadership presence in that locker room with Chauncey Billups who who who you know another guy who's won a championship. Who can help lead the way to. We're talking with Adrian awards -- announced you from Yahoo! Sports seven quick questions Adrian this this requires you to look at your crystal ball. On Halloween night. Where is -- coaching. Where is Dwight Howard whereas Paul Pierce -- is Kevin Garnett where's Chris Paul. And who is coaching the Celtics and oh by the way where is Blake Griffin Halloween night. Well. A dark. KG Chris Paul. Will be with the clippers okay that's 37. -- -- I'm not. I'd I'd say there's a better chance right now to light lead and states. And that he does believe. I think he's in Houston they're already making for Hampton and I think getting Chris Paul off the market. Really hurts Dallas. Because Dallas Atlanta. Atlanta -- -- is completely out now Dallas needed Chris Paul. To have the white have any teammates need they need to get both of bumper and -- really considered out. Because it's going to be a couple of years away and doubts. Houston that would need anybody to -- like to have an infrastructure players ardent -- apart and so I think there's a -- and like goes. To the rockets. The Celtics. I think you'll be young coach I think there will be an up tempo coach. I think that that the weight loss in the way EC -- in rebuilding here wouldn't Rondo potentially jordin. Jeff Green Avery Bradley that the place faster obviously younger. I don't think Boston's only spend a lot of money. -- -- Coach -- in going after adjusting on nears the end. I think the goal younger. Maybe your sister and I would be surprised that bright -- It's candidate I think bomb that compete with Denver really election -- so. Really about. Public and -- or out with the clippers. Indian with the clippers because I think light if you -- goes he's. So. As far as Celtics -- as you put Bryant show atop the list today Adrian. I I wouldn't put over the top I think unity candidate. That the name -- don't -- has come up yeah. I've been told. That that he will not be a candidate for the Celtics are among the reasons he did not have a good relationship with -- country Jordan. With the clippers. Look that -- relation of the underrated player -- frustrated. There they're not going to bring the accurate Austin have to be there waiting for him I know any like any lot. But I think in a note any doesn't quite feel it is the right guy at the right time and lost site I think -- probably some of these consistently. He's our friend from Yahoo! Sports -- -- and I'll skip thanks for much of the time and the information appreciated journal -- on the road. -- -- -- -- -- he joins us on the AT&T outline AT&T four GL TE Chris Evans ACC bubble talk you Barry Petersen at 925. Sounds dumb boys -- today sounds like yesterday I was right yes I -- five -- about 500 but. I'm not sure that it's -- excite people mean when Eric Bledsoe of Brian's job. Their -- On older but so it's exciting it's exciting for the people who want to start over who recognizes -- want to get it started with -- -- Jordan the more questions you have guys at 30% maligned right. Led the league maturity issue I have with the guys who betray you guys don't because I said they should drink after Jordan they should have. To do it now Jordan let's ought all what why did you waste the last three months but whatever it's over done with. It's shocking to me and you I think the -- in and did this yet antithetical to everything we thought we bought we thought we knew about the guy but yet it's -- he wins you a little winners and losers. Big winners sockets is way doc KG. Paul -- It's it's the five million dollar buyout -- and signs whatever. 1012 million dollar deal and it can be the top the list or in the delegate for five pregnant and so and so he would -- -- -- list of winners he's from LA never mated me. Any bones about right wouldn't mind going -- Adrian says that you know it's it's great adopted the universal departed as well such -- stock is just because -- start with Parker is one coach the clip guys he's the great recruiter he areas we collectively as recruiting. Recruited -- All -- Chris Rock Chris Paul most importantly. He made this and and probably Donald sterling and and and everyone else in clipper management. He charmed everyone we know he's really good at that and best part -- most surprising part Adrian story today. He's gonna get more money. I told him they would get the seven million. -- Adrian. You can include incentives that can bring eight Doc Rivers I find hard to believe that Donald Sterling is gonna pay him more than seven million dollars a year -- Adrian report that it will find out more when the deal is done but he -- taken a -- Barry Peterson joins us in the 9 o'clock hour your phone calls next on going.

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