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Don Cherry on the Stanley Cup

Jun 17, 2013|

Don Cherry joined the show to discuss the Cup Final. He said that he still thinks the Bruins will win the series over Chicago. Grapes added that he would never give Evgeni Malkin a dime and called him a loser.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT our good friend from -- -- in -- Don cherry -- how are you are are -- -- we're doing very well hey if you're king for a day. I just said. -- links you close agencies to increase double sting for a day but if you really -- in control. Would you like to see more scoring so that people outside of the -- Of the National Hockey League looked in on a Bruins Blackhawks game and say 05 before we saw a lot of great rushes and a lot of great offensive skill. And and and skill sets as opposed to 21 overtime games. That's likely would love you to -- because that's exactly what they're ordered to whatever they get their article or reduce -- it's darkened. About the equipment on the quality visual burglar reduce the debt a little bit. In the back there and they would love to you buy or game or the duke fans but you know what your real hockey said 21 in particular more waiting game. There have been -- brigade bit. -- -- games now that you're right before of the new event governor and they dubbed as the electric light -- game I don't pick the coaches would like it put and you're right. The National Hockey League put together two more evenly matched teams than Chicago and embossed army defense offense goaltending it's almost had a dead heat done. You better believe that that girl retired holy smokes cigarettes. Brokered you know what U the Bruins coach is talking in my eyes on Tim. And it's what the Bruins turn -- can turn it on like that it kept way to wait. Both the whole game but there were like against trying to remember they that they all forewarned okay we're gonna turn it right or broke fifteen bit. And that's what they did in the overtime it was like in a frenzy. Dog I I don't know -- did Chicago. The Chicago don't get it. -- repeatedly over time it is not critical along but I kept believing that that. First period it looked like they were born abroad trying to not get it over with and holy smokes some. Julian but that's up that are up in that second period because. The unbelievable public -- -- what is in your experience what does it take to get a team to play. With the highest level of intensity with the way the Bruins did after the first period. The way the Blackhawks did in the first period is that the coach's job does he have to say something of the get that the light that fire. Well you have to have the players like I diary number -- buffalo and the players in the paper the next day at the Bruins played Victor and apparently. And that's -- you have to have the players to do it then broke have got the players. You doubt Chicago played the broad look in the first period but it was thought I was more than broke for some reason but. I don't it's it's the culture here but gonna have the players that do. A double the gist of your greatest locker room speech either before. Or -- for a game or or in between periods. Well I'll tell you that you fortieth day that I I nobody ever thought it had before but I gotta tell you when the we got side by -- learned a lot minute now we have the Stanley cups that right there. I had done what it and I would have I ever go to daylight to block -- -- ever had a patch Q what we were dealt to without them. And we ordered to leave in Montreal at might put it that you if we have a -- chip blunt yet. It was tied going into overdrive for the Wyndham which you'll -- to. And you know when you looked out at night that the best record duke but it does. They rallied a little but we'd lost any help but I was quite best one that's what like -- but but the other one was when we were out to about them. I would say that I said I'd probably you will be back here for the -- gave. That's what I put -- -- -- original bear in you know Beebe did we went through there I have street street but. I'd say those who -- my best. -- do you any good we -- -- I think. The numbers are better anyways right now do you think Rask is playing better than Thomas was two years ago. You know what what you a continued public -- play great that it -- I'm not -- -- -- is unbelievable -- did he did not. He's been a goal right now -- you know reminds me over the type we put -- -- -- the legal. We've been told yet dispute over the -- But -- political one and had the paper the next big. Oh yes always these cities -- all -- that I saw all what are red dot. After that hectic the last game we were shot of 5060 team that maybe it's so. It's it's I that the city of those about Tony but it. Rattled is that they don't like he'd eat it it it -- pavilion a -- by actually yeah. -- what seems debate pay patent do you think the Bruins heavy play the hitting. Took a stroll and that's why they were able to dominate in the overtime and win this game. Well export some guys from Chicago beat Hitler here in this but I figured you guys are here and you footsteps and go a couple of times like that -- Brock united Canada. They get rid of the problem being what happens is to be let's get rid of that the puck early they don't -- particular -- a little bit right or guys like -- sector competent. And that little shot covered. They get rid of the Parker results certainly you guys purity that's brilliant overlook -- guys like that are covered in the volume moves the puck a little quicker. I I know you had your pets when you were here and certainly Stanley was one of -- who who is that Don cherry kind of guy on this team now. -- teach martial under somebody else. Well all of Belichick let -- he could really use the way he's played in you know. I don't know this season that was and that yeah okay -- he picked it up in fact. He was a walk and that turned bolted around in the truck they're likely go to the truck series gulf war one with about fifteen minutes ago. One -- when that you ducked out put up and put up -- around he was -- -- legal road game right and not circuits that can get them. And then he came back -- put up. And and put -- lap that a -- lap out of the wouldn't quite -- would do it indicated got a penalty. He just what embedded in the and that certainly -- get sucked into her apparently. Right but that that at all on the broad exchange does he promote the with the monster after that saw Ludwick is regarded it that turned the ball team around. And when the guy director electorate did you never know you always keep quality one guy -- read a bit but after all these Soviet operation doctor that. So he's got to turn the whole series around. If you're running a team down which you 10 would you give. Evgeni Malkin. Eight years in 76 million dollars. I wouldn't give that guy -- I think he's I think he's -- dog. And that talented dog -- turns on what he wants to turn it on. He couldn't play for the Bruins got -- -- that that you're at your bulletin board younger jagr that there are given every out he's got every party. I don't know he. It's cork but he's given every out he has thought you know detective here but I -- -- that -- and I aren't always felt that I know but the -- is polluters are part. Which we saw on the last series who was the guy who I know you've softened his stance on Euro Wheaties. Is there one guy in particular that changed the way you view European player. Fight but would have by -- Europeans sorry I don't think my mind and Europeans but. But they what I can't read by god is. It is this crowd the when he first came into the league I know he's got a terrible period the broad. Bill -- critic but I tell you what they expected comeback from injuries he played with a broken job. And you know everybody's built Colorado right now but when he first Kimberly was a hot dog -- -- bell. White at all outside he's pretty good occupiers he he's the best -- where in the world bill Arctic. It's different world now in terms of a coach's relationship. With their players in terms of psychologically making sure you don't damage them and all that sort of stuff you're old school. If Tyler Sagan was -- guys and without question he played his best game in the last game. How would you handle him and and try to get him to the next level because certainly he is laboring under the burden of of great expectations -- Well when you don't played the united site again he's one of my favorites that I all of America -- the -- in the wider Bridget -- And I know I'm not I'm not -- the coach -- to -- the coach because there with a cup. But when you don't play. You do you're not going to be any was picked it up alliances you know what yeah tiger -- in Arabic and YouTube like I've but how what I had a lead player deduct. It would replay of the death he'd he'd come through -- remember. What -- but he could hurt -- much is watching this -- so. He's had a sort of a little bit rather than -- woody -- played him that you know what he played -- he played better though if you're not gonna play you know play a lot. Music adulterous career he played by the digit all the way up -- the whole deal he's played it the most of anybody yet when you don't play. You're not gonna produce and no explaining he will produce couldn't. Did he plays the bet he'll look you get a lot of gold support by -- Don't have like your opinion on this I think it was maybe a year year and a half ago that ray Bork was on with us and -- said the Chara. Is a better defensive defenseman. Then both -- and Bobby war. Why -- -- or not. Well let me put it this quickly. The last year Bobby Orr played derby he got 46 goals this. The people look at that certainly will believe this guy's a drive the car. According to -- goals. -- -- -- -- -- -- 14800. Noted that at least every year Bobby played. The other over a hundred minutes of penalties because you block it blocked shot. Being I guess rig workers got a PRMR -- -- Yemeni military -- so 428. We just talked to Bobby the other day and he agreed with a Bork and always among. Are you don't think Bobby facilitate I'm the best movies always everybody was better body of course. -- the body. Thought Don you're lying was the 120 days of 124 yeah I -- come on we picked it. If you had to hire a coach you owned team. Enjoyed your choice of one of two guys John to Motorola or clued Julian do you panic. -- Evil question to assure that but -- paper quotes in the league. -- the way I coach Bruce Boudreau I would like the way he coached up the hard way. But Claude -- You know he is they don't seem to appreciate it here when he gets tired -- the other they're thought that -- no question and Juliet be that sort of relative. He wore out its welcome made with the way he coaches. The -- did he -- -- Brad Richards is unbelievable to me well you have to do is take a look at that Quenneville. -- -- was drive and a much rather have over the whole playoffs but he kept playing them play in a player -- in woke up -- so he -- the interest of about three games ago. I mean that that the bedspread -- is not your higher score score. They have ten million dollars and then anybody can wind up some guys -- put about does he deserve to get fired a -- that should -- -- Marchand guide dog is he dirty yours the just the past. Marchand and you are you a fan of his. And always you know I had heard somebody said that he was capacities. National. That's the guy gets about three record holder run to -- like an idiot doesn't -- these are. What are we need excited. These dirty little hockey player I mean a great dirty little occupier I I'd like I think the world of. Pay -- said this seems to be even Steven so far is -- for one or a 51. School -- in our future here with these two goaltenders just -- -- -- Figured nobody's ever gonna blow anybody out doubt that it's gonna be close all the way to to indict a Mike Roberts plays in super two in the way they played. I think it's always gonna be like that would work 232. -- elect that I don't see a blow anybody. Great to -- to go I just got a text message on our AT&T text like its says the following. Don cherry loves Boston the South Boston midget hockey team. Was playing in Canada. He called us all over and gave our entire team sticks the other team asked can we have some sticks and great said no you're not from Boston and your -- us. Yeah. I -- when I go to the tournament but they're they're from Bartlett. Actually I glory years -- the -- the fact that that makes me feel so good. Well -- put your pick in this year's gone did you. I'd buy a box that I picked but that all the way through. Governor you don't -- -- reasons the whole deal about it -- think I would appreciate you that truck series I have never never. In barely anybody's ever seen. Forewarned with the -- ten minutes to go around in there and turn it -- like that I was I've never -- -- didn't expect out of my life. How are they how they -- in north of the border -- Earlier I would better dud so was I can't tell you how bad what -- Canadian -- he's had been. We had Trotta leader I've read we -- -- all set up they were all set up CPC's -- and they got a and sort of -- -- to automate believes that really heard up to it because that -- and Padraig aren't well -- log until. But they but what you'll do Bruins hit it and did they do it well. Yeah I'm I'm guessing and the further the Bruins go all the more painful it is for Toronto right. Well -- would say that that -- to be very loyal waited till Friday wasn't a bit does have a cup champion could be distribute it doesn't beg your look that bad salt. They like it that way anyhow. -- let's go with this you wouldn't Harry good ones last time we -- and Harry. Larry Barry and I we made up there was awful wouldn't be broke up it would seem that might also over the things we did that. We're friends though not the way it should be very very much yet for the greatest he insult. -- -- -- Don Gerri always a pleasure thanks for the time effort and we'll talk to down the road. Are there right Douglas Gary -- Dennis and Taliban on the AT&T on AT&T four GL DP.

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