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Sports Sunday with Dale Arnold and DJ Bean -- Reaction and Analysis to Bruins/Blackhawks Game 2 (Hour 2)

Jun 16, 2013|

Dale and DJ break down Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals in which the B's were able to tie up the series after winning 2-1 in OT. The guys get into the physical beast that is Zdeno Chara and the awesome, MVP-like play of Tuukka. Is he the leader in the locker room to take home the Conn Smythe?

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Number true sports Sunday Sports Radio WEP -- my name's Dale Arnold TJ -- from. WEEI dot com is still in Chicago where he covered the game to win the last night DJ joining us. Accurate ESPN radio out there right I am I'm a -- I wanna be in Montreal with my Communist friends while back to. Look and and please don't take this the wrong way BJB -- you know -- the Cisco the Cisco. Exactly real hard to figure out what was wrong with that and the parts I and taken away from you here authentic. The couple both. I read it yes I think that that probably the Chicago Blackhawks out of date notion. A blow wrong with Nathan Horton pick -- -- being. I was guessing here without a doubt when you when contacts made in the guys grabbing his shoulder and -- In these Blake killed over it you can assume what it was. But I I just that and and by the way that notion that. All the people who took over the team are supposed to be rooting for the team looked in eight -- All the -- sort of way they -- -- Because it's good for business. It's always very well that's that I said like I root for them to to go far though the playoffs yeah I like eating pizza and Chicago and just like putting on that god knows how many pounds. In in a month and a half spend but I I like to do that so yeah share Bruins will win win all the games the world edit it and by that we -- not the only one hated it you know everybody wants it to continue. We all love the run we all enjoy watching it we all the sale like I got into this business because I like hockey so. It's not like it's -- I'm not enjoying myself here. Yeah it's and -- guess everybody roots but I'm just down does not like the pom pom waving whatever you wanna call it but but nobody on the Bruins -- is and people get accused of being fan boys lord knows people say about Hagerty and stuff but. We're we're doing our jobs you know word we're not there to. It's like I mean -- even though. I I will also say this if you watched last night Manuel did based on the TV numbers. On it looked to me like like Nathan Horton was avoiding contact little bit and I'm not blaming him by the way. And -- And I wish I could go back and I'd -- I'm sure I can. In -- watch previous games because he's been dealing with this the entire yes the -- entire post season. So I'm sure that back to when he missed games at the end of the regular season when he fought with -- -- again -- and -- thought it was arrest. Yeah we obviously -- sort of some Henderson though it was not that that was that that was the injury he suffered it in that fight and yeah we all thought it was hand wrist whatever. That's not the case that's where his shoulder first popped out of the socket and it's been doing it since then and it's happened at points during the playoffs and he's just popped it back in -- he's gonna need the -- -- -- tickled pink car procedure. The at the time I get my medical schools for you DJ so I don't really know right you'll he's gonna needs something in the in the in the off season. To -- to make it so it's stops popping out because he's been able to pop back in and stuff but. From from what I've been told to and from what we all saw. Game one was just. Excruciating pain for him and he couldn't even think about coming back into that game. And I actually heard some callers to the station suggesting this -- -- -- of Gregory Campbell complain on a broken leg why couldn't Nathan Horton have stayed out there white. I don't think people understand what he was dealing with and right and and believe me Gregory Campbell would have gotten off the guy sooner -- -- could have. Right wool and people keep saying look when we put the story up. Some of the comments and some of their responses on Twitter were. Oh c'mon Kenny just tough to vote. He's been topping it help the whole -- entire playoffs every game before every game this guy's -- receiving a shot to deal with the pain. And it's. He's still not only is he playing through all this pain at which supposedly -- it's very very painful I've never. Played through something like that for most notably because. I don't play hockey anymore. And not only is he. Able to go out their play he's better than he ever is in the regular season so this isn't a guy who's just playing through pain. He for the second straight post season. Because he's only played into post seasons remember he never made the playoffs with Florida he missed last year because of a concussion. Both times in that he's played in the post season he's played through injuries. And he's been one of the bruins' best players he. Self we will woes and the dislocated shoulder separated shoulder in game seven. Of the Eastern Conference finals in 2011. In many scores that that game winner to -- in the Stanley Cup finals. And now this not only that but if you think about it every year and as teams eliminated from the playoffs. Almost the day after their eliminated we get this lengthy list of surgeries and injuries in this guys headed for knee surgery and that guys headed for shoulder surgery and -- right guys gonna have his wrist cleaned out and if it goes on and on every year. When the Bruins finally finish their season either because they've won the Stanley Cup or god forbid they've lost the cup to the Chicago Blackhawks. Gonna get that's sort list from the Bruins and make an important going to be on that last. Right in not to not to speculate too much but. I asked. I asked -- AA after the game I said you know you you've been dollar received -- a fourth letter on this team but. You still but on this team and you've seen that this. The team has not been able to get production out of its third line. So how big can this be for the team's depth that now you have what seems to be a third line they can work together in the can produce. In high eight who's the nicest guy in the world would never wanna do anything detrimental. To his team answered by saying. Will you have to consider that those guys have been dealing with injuries Kelley and had this Kelly we know broke his leg. Rich -- Missed one game in the regular season. India was supposedly is a healthy scratch so we don't know if he played through something if he's playing some threw something -- right now. That's gonna be hard information to to find but. Hi accidentally. The volunteer that information that cleverly at least had to or is dealing with something so -- Wonder the assumption I am not even be in a Smart Aleck here I assume everybody's day everybody has some sort of that they never every single guy with the maybe the possible exception of Tuukka Rask and I'm not future pressure to exclude him. I assume every single guy is dealing with something. Which if this were a regular season game in February that might not play throw. He ends I mean who knows how were. How Horton was leak in the in the season because he missed the final five games this season after that again we'll fight you fought them. That's where your shoulder and he was in the lineup for for game one against Toronto who goes if you would have been able to go. In that previous week when they were sitting him but I mean he's he's still -- with a lot into he's been able to to play his way through it. Who knows how many other guys are dealing with things but as you said dale. Normally when that list comes though it's so it's usually pretty lengthy. Text on the AT&T to. Text line at 37937. Says dale. Please ask Vijay what he thought about the Chicago crowd almost every band where's their Chicago game Jersey and even though I'm the biggest Boston homer. I think that Chicago building brings that more than the garden and it really pains me to say that. Eight plus 1000% correct that that guy is is -- on. That place gets loud and obviously that the National Anthem is we retirement last week that's a really cool thing to it to see in person. -- The start off loud and you think this is. These guys are into it this is a crazy -- And then when it gets two in the rockets' red glare they get louder and then as that goes on they just get louder and louder and louder and louder and not to and when Cornelius and does. Hand gesture would apply it was still parity well and go yeah and that -- not to that. To its steel a term called DuPont's the narrative here but it really makes you think. Geez when when you can hear the fans. These places can be pretty not necessarily intimidating to play in -- but. I mean you know the year there you know whereas in other buildings the gardens one of them. They decide to generate their noise from playing loud music and maybe that's because they wanna force people to to get up and walk around and maybe get a pretzel or get a hot dog -- spend money and stuff. Man when you can hear the crowd actually generate it's own noise. It's it I mean it's it's goosebumps city I think. I think the garden does pretty well and and I think the atmosphere here obviously a Stanley Cup championship two years ago certainly helped increase that but. Now -- to an empty seat a long time now the atmosphere in the garden is is generally pretty good. Chicago is step above and that's not knocking anybody here in Boston when I say that I've been to Chicago and called games there. You've been there the last few days and seen it as well. I I I don't disagree with the DuPont in this regard and I know his favorite term is audio porn. I love the game presentation at the dark. I love the musical selections in the videos and the flag banner captains and and you know by the time they're ready to drop the puck for the for the game at the garden. I'm pretty -- Rico we're talking about the the and that just the marathon stuff and how they've reacts to it. That's thus been unbelievable and it's I'm critical of of how they do things from an audio standpoint. And it's -- you mentioned that audio porn is is Stoops is favored term. That's pretty fast that's a pretty fascinating detail about somebody for their favorite term to be audio harassment. Bret I don't know my favorite favorite term is but I but I mean. I mean a Bangladeshi army is that what can -- with Stoops and we did we even to the podcast about it it's could be if they lowered a little. Stoops has suggested that if you. During an intermission or something he would. Pay for advertising that would say like this minute of quiet this is brought to you by you my company you guys can speak. To each other guys are both buddy daddy's not want a client. I want it loud I want a music career while I don't I don't while I don't want a moment of silence in my building I know. Look what we both been in Boston a very long time and we know we can generally it's tell you of people from Boston are like in its. There's no shortage of possible level when it comes to tout these people are they're loud they're rowdy so why we drowning the -- with. All this this crazy loud music and generally I mean I love all music. It's generally not the greatest music and it's it's it's overpowering. Let the fans and what they're always know where you have to place elections from the DJB. IPod for you to get all crank it up about it will be. I could have a pink cat from Montreal would spread out. Let you switch sides -- just like that as soon as -- started complaining about the musical selections we can all be on the same side if you just come over -- -- a -- Communists with me I might try that and by the way I -- several -- on the -- -- text -- -- talked about the fact that it is a larger building it has a larger capacity. So of course it I think like 2000 more rights 3000 led Diallo but -- have the trust me the differences not the fact that there are 3000 extra voices in the building. It is a louder crowd just in general. And and they get that way from the time they walked in the into the building in and -- you know they they carry it on throw out. I'm not knocking the Boston game experience because I think that TD garden crowd is. Pretty good. Yeah and and actually most. And I -- I meant suit to -- it is a call but then in the playoffs the kinda did the days. Kind in the hours run out pretty easily this'll BI official plea two two Renee were in court. To go back to. The -- Appel let the crowd carry -- anthem because. As not necessarily awkward as it dot once the crowd stopped singing it and Renee had to keep coming back in and that's why they stopped doing it. I think this would be the appropriate time to go back to the -- polish anthem and there's certainly an opportunity where you can let the the crowd generate their own notes I would love to see. And do that and and I would love I kind of wanted him to continue through the regular season and they probably understood that you know that wasn't gonna work but if there was ever a chance to pull it off I have a feeling tomorrow night's tonight to do -- Right eye type -- I think they should and you know Renee was. The death that attorney's job that's his thing he's the guy that Eddie's great the right to beat the organ plays he sings and so I mean that's that's his show. And it's. He gave that up. Which share was it was the right thing to do but. You don't you don't assume that a guy's gonna do that so that saw a grenade does deserve some some credit there for giving that up in making you devote the city. And I think -- be great defeated again. I was reading some tweets this morning from -- Our buddy Kevin called upon the Boston Globe hall of fame writer haven't called upon them that -- gets right post say that. And he said if -- if the playoffs ended today who would feature Conn smythe trophy winner any seemed somewhat surprised. That the vast majority of people said to Rask he thought Patrice Bergeron would get more love and nobody loves Patrice Bergeron Andy's game more than I do. -- McDonnell does Joseph McDonald might like it a tad more than you do that's not possible but but it a bit beside the point. I don't even how you can even suggest it could be anybody else than to. Right did it has to be two. Chris G I feel bad for because how many post season since yet to dominate. But now or he gets consummate consideration and look. They're not gonna win the Stanley Cup every year the marketing of the Stanley Cup finals every year David creek she deserves to be a guy who wins it at some point. It may be in I'm not saying they're gonna win this year right I think they are and but David -- If he keeps going the way he's going could go down as one of the better post season performers to never get a Conn smythe. Yeah right. I I feel bad form in that regard because he's been spectacular. And end to end also it feeds into the whole thing I would truly. Crazy in the first -- honed. Every time David -- you'd have a good game all the Toronto reporters and there are some very good Toronto reporters this there was an -- -- -- on the Toronto reporters. Every question to every player was -- didn't -- underrated. -- -- Did where the media were the ones who decide whether I like how we rate him. Just -- the David -- using a very good player and suddenly he's not underrated anymore so it was like this this mystery that that they were trying to. -- to uncover whether or not David -- chief was underrated so it feeds into this if now he leads the post season scoring. Twice. Potentially when the book both of which are mostly really -- yeah erratically yeah and he doesn't get the consummate the neither one. Then a lot of people in Toronto are gonna go -- He is underrated. That -- and Tuukka Rask. I've I've I'm sorry if I had to vote today -- if I if I had to pick one through three to grass would get all three places on my ballot you wouldn't be Ray Emery it would not be so much. Ray Emery did get a vezina trophy he got the number one that doesn't vote. Raced race who received Ray -- parents wouldn't do. -- received no first place votes which was very surprising to me. And I know that we we talked to vote to I don't know if that's been on the -- not we've talked about the that the -- and a picture and I didn't mind it's. Grass not being in in the top three I figured that he would be three year for some things he finished fifth two it was a little surprising. Dexter in the yet AT&T -- by -- -- the music has no place in hockey especially before face offs. Once they drop the -- it sounds as quiet as a church. Honest to god to people really wanted to sit there and -- in here I mean even DuPont doesn't -- like that doesn't mean he wants a -- selection for once in -- -- And I'm actually don't know would Stoops listens to do we we talked about music an awful lot but. Generally it is in a boat what what he likes Wilson too although he did last night let it rock by Kevin Rudolph was playing. And Stoops who can sing along to -- was confused she treated something like this. Whatever this audio port is I like it actually do that this this is. A bit of getting -- momentary lapse on two and a part onetime dukes came up to me and fluoride was it was being played in what is that that's added James rate. I think so and it's. Do you test goes who sing in this chorus I like this song. And Knight said I I think she's dead but hurts but targets and go on but not -- -- UW's latest and like a new artist or something that's funny. And going back over something that we discussed a week ago detector at 978 on the eighteenth tee text line says. Chicago is not great during the anthem it's disrespectful to scream and Holler during the National Anthem. You see veterans of the color guard doing anything but standing silently during. Like I said this a week ago but it bears repeating you probably weren't listening a week ago 99% of the time I agree with the this is the one this is the exception that proves the rule. I don't mind the fact that Chicago does this because it has been their thing for decades. And it really goes back to the Iranian hostage crisis and that's when they started doing it and I'm OK with this being the one building where they do that. Right in it to be honest I didn't know that's where it originated when we're talking the last speaker yeah I was last week. And I set I was a huge fan of it and you explain to meet to what it was and stinging you you cannot get when it has the -- says it has in its. What they're doing you know they're not doing it because. They just can't wait to be allowed that screw whatever song the -- -- guy's gonna come out here and saying we're gonna be allowed now and we're going to be like that until the game starts. Period they're doing it -- out of respect for the country and I know it's kind of an odd way of showing it but. But if I mean it's certainly cool to to witness -- in Quincy hate. I don't -- how you doing very well thank how right now. This -- nicest thing callers ever says it's appropriate noted that next to a notre dumb I mean debt Nostradamus. Dale all right. Really wanna thank you for calling this a long time ago because of you. The draft all the way to now. And you predicted this I don't know if you predicted how far he was going to go and what he was going to do but. No I I've I've been a huge Tuukka Rask guy and I know DO -- Did -- dropped to music while they didn't draft and they got him from Toronto and trade but yet but they got a -- on the on the draft day so. Assists close and the lottery -- that's right. I just think that he is so strong mentally -- Yeah I mean I think that. The theme of the the Bruins two years ago their cup run. Had to be don't stop -- because one knighted him in Lake Placid David -- she -- -- a bunch of the guys wrote to dinner at their only two places to eat in non. In Lake Placid because everything was closed so -- Mean a few other writers. We're out to dinner and a few Bruins players went to dinner at the same place and David -- she went over to the jukebox to it to put on some music. Any accidentally played don't stop believing this was when they were trailing in the Montreal series. In its. We. Took me and judge Joseph McDonald Steve -- go to each other rarely get. If these guys -- in this series than what they're gonna win the cup because of this moment and so that was kind of the did the song that you would associate with that post season this post season. As lame as that sounds it to be hip to be square by Hughes in the news because -- -- square on every single -- The Iran and every single look at the Blackhawks have. How many times has he sought -- position. That he needs to make double plunging saved that makes you think wow this guy's great he makes it look so easy because he squared the puck every time. Just trying too hard now. You're going Huey Lewis thing you're just trying too hard I did should it be individual songs are cut no. No no no that's the actually my my usually use the old Hewitt Lewis thank you -- will be you don't appreciate that the I notes that. I know it's a stretch. But. The main point is to be getting square. -- it's -- work and and Huey Lewis reference. No comments. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. That's DJ being in Chicago I'm Dale Arnold Sports Radio W media. Well we had just like second period that we lost the pace of the game and that drink. We had the perfect start of the game. And then he stabbed who and we mean -- would make successful you know stood around in you know they -- no certainly I don't get into is. Maybe -- out there and integrate did. And everything right that first part of the game again. It looks as well. He didn't -- look at the do. Long game and we're going to be better. Joel Quenneville who. Had an abbreviated. Session with the media last night after the loss. I think if -- if we put a stop watch on it closed session with the media when about six minutes. Quenneville went about a minute and a half and he looked like he was spit Nickels the entire time. And talking about how his team just started so strong and then just sort of stopped doing the things they were doing. And I feel bad now -- -- I wanna apologize protectorate for -- three says dale and you go one show without being a jerk. I cleaned -- a -- I think not not you know and and now I'm feeling bad because there's another text -- pointed out. You could've chosen I want a new drug or something so you really did do was well -- you could do under the circumstances. I mean it's the fifth with no I mean what other songs. Now known and be distracted and think to both songs -- -- that involve being square. In its new element in the not to be productive there is the show. That was a really really good point to make a lot of good points so for meat to think. That one of my points was exceptionally good standing had to be outstanding because I mean. One of the smarter guys out there just generally -- -- really know what I'm doing and it's yeah for for me to impress myself there. I did not see that. That Dikembe Mutombo rejection coming up. At. Now I feel that I thought Texas bring up an interest and when I promise we'll go right back and calls here. A texture at five awaits his -- -- right on about -- being mentally tough. I don't listen to the third period and OT on the radio and I never seem to worry any time Chicago had the puck. Because of exactly what you just said he's this call was can be. You can tell by the way the guys in the air sound every time Chicago shoot they sound calm another techsters said the same thing that. He makes it easy to watch the game in there is something to that. -- and look his greatest Tim wise two years ago his his style of play it was a bit more frenetic. A bit more. Not out of control but he was -- all over the place in took its case and I think this is part of his part of the problem he's dealing with here. He sold. So called soul so solid technically. That it looks like Chicago's just hitting him and -- I promise you that's not it. Well that that's the point I'm making every shot they take and a lot of this also goes back to Zdeno Chara and where he's forcing some of those shots that come from but every shot that they take. Ends up. Right. Dead in the middle of two Guerrero ask what does that Chester or whatever. That's on -- that's not on Chicago shooting you two got that's him adjusting so well and being so well positioned that he's. Like I said he squared every single thing he sees so it's right in front of them whereas Thomas. Yes the kind of -- Iraq who leap around and do anyways great race that he was a few loose ends to the point where. Other goalies couldn't fathom doing what he did. Roberta Longo as he was complementing Tim Thomas -- the tire pumping started right right was genuinely. Just astonished. At how remarkable. A goalie Tim Thomas was for his ability to stop shots the way that he did. To -- never gonna stop shots that way you're never gonna say wow I can't believe that he came across is Ned in mid air ball all these things. It's not gonna happen because everything that to PCs is gonna be right in front of him because he moves across the Internet so it's. 177797937. Mics in Rhode Island hey Mike I don't. All right we'll open water I want you -- warning either a few guys the end are actually are sold what was it was. At about home with their own children you're exactly right thank you for reminding us all law. Look of the squad one are Cherilus who got an ultimate last night gain. All Lotta people believed that audit but you know sort 2000 lengths all you know you watched charming guy you lol. You want -- when -- The 2000 and at the 2000 analytics up pretty cool what. The war in your life in Iraq. A bit fortunate to take -- -- at -- -- they had no alternate venues. Almost all the hallmarks of the currently in we don't want the Olympics and had the athletes -- Ali -- -- incredible. What you wanted out. I mean that I have seen in my life. And yeah. I got a huge hit -- slap shot hit the board it's on what we. I think which -- last night. We know that the first period was out. There's no question about it well played all over the experts would seem to actually be -- only -- in Egypt would win. Or maybe that why should age. What he twitch and you stop preaching I. I don't know what what -- they didn't walk will all. In period when he batted it in what way you want it seemed. And it. And the. Active period he was. On his. Other area they are actually hear them and they'd. Oh what do we get a -- you know we're gonna take it in order to not. China are a little cocky is what the black. On. The issue here in the region Eleanor what everybody right now. -- -- -- -- Is there -- deregulation. Or one over time. You know -- -- creepy. Comment actually it when it's another thing you know it's going to be corrects my attitude this right yeah. We want to yeah. -- I wanna go out here at it may know is that I wanna go out -- -- And that's what sport about it but the Eagles. Thought about the big money I'd like that I would replace sports it's about having won -- one out he would do his job. Whatever the -- You know whether it went on those districts are doing this for what we want. Well you don't really. Important point Mike and it's one I've thought about and I and I forget which player was in the last couple of days who talked about this. How tight this team -- and I her chunk Horton talking about it with DNC on. Friday he was talking about it as well it is an incredibly tight knit group of players as you know hanging around and DJ as I've seen. Shawn Thornton was joking about the fact that there's a eight text change. And somebody sends a text out -- gets sent out to twenty people all the same time. I mean it's just the it it is the way they they have operated and and you can tell how they plan on the ice how -- how close they are and how much they care about each other. Right into it to his other point on and on Chara. He might be he might go down is and perhaps the greatest one time Norris trophy winner ups of all time. -- if if he doesn't win more in his career because. Look. This year isn't. On paper charge didn't band and even just up to his own standards. This wasn't the best season of -- his career so he probably he wasn't a strong candidate. For for the Norris I don't I think I'd. Now they give much my third or fourth place voters something like that. But he is -- noted note. The toughest defenseman in the NHL the play against he is. A nightmare always talked about entering this series and that's hyperbole that's not true it is no we talked about but one of the things we title this Blackhawks team was. Wow watch out for Brian Beckel this guy is making himself some money he is a legitimate power for this that law. He's a third line player right now because of Zdeno Chara. -- That's the impact he has on guys I was talking to Jack after the game last night. And -- say how many -- good looks that aren't from that our perimeter shots has has his Patrick -- garden. Through through the first two games may be one. Zdeno Chara shuts down opposing team's players and when you have a guy playing his -- to displaying. You can legitimately think. If Chara is at the top of his game these these guys are borderline unbeatable. And I know that's ridiculous to say it in a series that -- both games go to overtime could easily be two nothing right down -- Blackhawks but. That's as tough challenges you can have as an opposing teams forward having to go up again today -- -- Chara who's just such a monster he's so big and unless. Some some kid with a future in basketball decides to instead of being a power forward in the NBA it's -- defenseman the NHL which financially I don't know why you do that. We're never gonna see another guy like this again. Yeah it's he is an amazing physical specimen to begin with he has went. When the Bruins pre season every year they do these these fitness testing things and ray Bork had all the records for years and years and years. Until chart showed up and then blew all of them away. He he is the most he might be the most fit athlete I have ever been around -- I've ever seen in any sport I would agree -- -- at least I mean -- I -- go to the Columbine every year so I do see a lot of well conditioned athletes. And I would agree with that. It's it is an amazing thing that he puts his. His body through and himself through year after year and look I promise you at this stage of the Stanley Cup finals at this stage of the season. -- -- I mean it it is hard to do what he does night in night out not have a ticket physical hole on yet he just is so strong mentally and physically. He pushes it aside he just pushes it to the back and goes back on over the boards and says OK I got to do what I got to do for 45 more seconds. And Waco. It's been to mean we we talked about Conn smythe candidates. Didn't. Know no matter what happens -- -- -- win the Conn -- this year but. I look at the Bruins. Two years ago and I think why they won a cup. In its Chara in Thomas were kind of Kurt Thomas and Charl or like 11 day for me and then from there it do you look at the play live of Chretien Bergeron it just the depth that team had but. We kind of we tend to sleep on on Chara -- in its. The contributions. That he makes he does make his goaltenders are much better because a lot of the shots they face are from from easier angles and it's. They're easier saves to make so. We can't take for granted what a special player we see each game and Zdeno Chara in its. Yeah Alec I said this wasn't his best season by his standards but by. A defenseman standards he's always great. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. Quick break right back to call Sports Radio W media. DJ this for you and I'm frankly a little surprised you put up with that. Knowing full well. You've got Tina Marie all over year iPod. The fifth of the -- how you can come up with a square fifth. I'm embarrassed at the thought you needed I'm embarrassed. Now I've been there. -- but it. What it felt that a quiet. What the world we're sitting out here or listen to music revenue get time in the yet to bring embarrassment into -- there's no such thing is guilty pleasures are alike doll like when it comes to music minutes. They how how can you Q how can you hear -- isn't feel anything but just like Julie to be tendered and not a Dexter at seven it wants us to do things his -- hall of Famer will the Bruins retire his number my answer would be yes and yes my answer would be yes and yes. I think that that's how goodies and I I think there are probably in all likelihood will be another Norris trophy and is in its future before he's done. Others the very real possibility. That he will be the captain of a couple. Of Stanley Cup championship teams. Yeah I think yes and yes and and if you go back to that off season. And I know you know hole. Fairy tale about this with Jeff importance signing and all that stuff. Hey yeah technically yeah I know technically and I also know realistically. The -- I also know who how this happened in and if you go back to the signings. A Zdeno Chara. And Marc Savard. And how that that to date period turned this entire franchise around. Which is crazy because I remember thinking when they did that. And so I mean I was I was obviously wrong -- that's a lot of money to be spending in free agency. You've got to build through the draft insult meant to free agency these guys are trying to build through free agency. I think the lesson that's learned is if there's any way you can get today you know Chara you get them and that that's worked so wonderfully for the Bruins. And -- even gone back to -- once they made to the cup finals a couple years ago. I start think about like. This guy's gonna but yet we all figured he's a hall of Famer anyway and if you're all fame you're gonna get your number retired but I'd never really thought a vote. The fact is the deal -- was one of the bruins' all time greats ends there's no denying that he is in the that number will definitely be retired no matter what happens. 6177797937. James in California hey James I don't. Know what. The bill loved you on that and -- -- thank you appreciate it they don't I -- the younger that I haven't really had I wanted to create. What my whole point is that between playoff hockey and he drew you dominated in the back the Red Line was a couple of so you basically had to go into the offensive zone and set up that point. But wondered -- the plate having a I'm adjusting to that in the beginning that they really didn't grow up with them it right we're back here. And then begin dumping gate compensate you about what went from an epic all that. I don't think that's set. I think quite frankly it's just that deep fences are so good and so aggressive these days. That even when your man down you play the game much more aggressively than in the old days. Where you would retreat to your own end and set up that defensive box and hope that you'd be a block of pass and clear the puck. That date they attack people everywhere even man down now. But I bootleg but he wanted five -- five like I go and the penguins in the decade needs to go and the offenses down -- area because you couldn't make those that. -- -- -- I don't see stretch passes though used much when teams are on the power line. No I'm not -- up and talk but in general when they're younger. It's looking locally he's a hall of Famer who entered the park always peel off and -- hit -- Korea and headed compensate compensate. You know what I mean. DJ what do you think. I would agree with what you said and also I think that it's been long enough. That that those changes have been made -- guys to be used to it by now. I mean this is the league it's kind of ever evolving rules why is probably more so than than the other for me or the other major sports would do you agree -- Yes great so I mean I think that would changes mean in in guys go through them. Held we're not seeing Karl soared over play right now because he's still figuring -- with the size of the places like. -- and and I think that we don't care how well you targeted -- -- -- quitting on people eighth I don't care. Right and admit that that's but that's been an issue with him though because he generally that holds onto that to the puck a lot belongs right. But the ball. Is that he clearly has so a lot of respect for Patrice Bergeron things that he does. And he's kind of willing to to share the wealth in that respect he's playing with those guys I. I think fit. It was a disaster when he was playing with Kelly and was it Beverly I think yeah. And and he obviously knows who they are I don't mean it you know like -- -- you guys he he did he does not have the same respect level for them. But he does for we'll specially for Bergeron to a lesser degree probably for march on. -- in fact he has gone out of his way to talk about Patrice Bergeron almost on a daily basis right and most guys who play with a -- that you competitor Ron Francis out which is pretty. Pretty heady praise. Yeah and Denny you talked to vote -- heard of these guys. My thing was when he first arrived in Boston that was my take away -- he had looked like not only had he never played with. These guys before when he's playing with Sagan and -- and did he actually had never heard of the improv which obviously isn't true he -- you knew both players but the way he played with them the -- is that he made to them. Maybe it's because he was over compensating for. Knowing that he slower and these guys but do remember the passes he was saying these guys they were almost always like acres ahead of them. And to appoint word we're say you know margin were fast guys had to really -- get on their horse to try to catch up to these talks are being sent to them. I quit baseball -- -- Red Sox lineup is out for their game this afternoon they wrap of the series in Baltimore against the Orioles. And Dustin Pedroia gets his first day off of the season. I split the first seven games to get today off today a Iglesias will play in his places second base and I think Pedroia. He made his first error of the season last night. Probably is at that point where a day off as a good thing to have Monday off anyway. So it's an even better thing because you know he can get two days in a -- off I'm sure he doesn't like the idea. But I think it's a good thing and I can get today off today and Iglesias will play in his place this Saturday night a fight for the cup continues. Watch game five in -- way you never experienced before. WR PI and WA AF present attack of the killer bees on a massive HD movie screen. It's Saturday night's super sized at the historic Wilbur theatre in Boston can be a part of the big loud fanatical crowd and party free. With personalities from both WEEI and WAS. They'll have a full bar and a mammoth screen that put every playwright upping your face it's not free to get in. But to guarantee your admission reserved seats now at WEEI dot com slash party. Or WA AF dot com slash party game five. That's next Saturday Boston Chicago see it's Saturday night super sized at the Wilbur theatre eighteen plus to get in doors opened at seven. It more info and your free tickets now at WEEI RW AA app dot com.

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