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Bill Simmons is a sellout

Jun 14, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing ESPN's NBA coverage and how Bill Simmons has lost his edge in recent years. Gerry praised Bill for anti-ESPN tweets following the coverage of Game 4.

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Inside media spot to be in this rainy Friday by the -- ever operating. Where does I didn't make it to the end of the game last night. And really amendment and the heat spurs game. I wonder what happened. And the king. He's gonna play. Yes and he and that's what he did -- that's that actually that was bituminous the book at beginning of laws magic said in the pre game he's got -- like magic. He's got to play like Michael magic talking about brought up like -- Michael Smith. -- Michael coop know regardless. Golf with his mouth cancer. Michael -- Michael hall. Now it would have been. I'm like right that the king has to play like magic he's got to play like Michael. And it's -- it's on sports center actually it says like magic in -- Us up and show him going -- went coast to coast a couple of times. Just like magic used to do and -- again. And then they flash up like Michael. And racial and with jumpers and then the third -- at like Tebow. And that it so ESP and -- we get to that it's. Told the -- but Simmons mister he has he has the most powerful man sports media that happened is set. What happened. Simmons. Us and to this lofty his cards right. You know for an -- to -- -- he started a little offshoot obvious be in the come August when you have that kind of control over one dot com to control the number of what you members use a lot of time devouring his thirteen thousand word misses he doesn't do anymore is it right yesterday -- for two days ago they don't get -- yeah yeah a thousand word about half my power to them. Your kids now I ever -- on another dark down now I do not a -- I don't get usually read his podcasts he you to listen to do not there stability to our podcast and Zach law. I agree I don't usually -- -- a million -- among -- huddle me in my monopoly but does the fixes him lightly either so it's true -- also potential. A tool against a lot from Bob Ryan what is the fascination with -- bill statements I mean I don't find him repulsive I don't find it exciting I use he's like. And ice cream I think he's driving he's a good writer I think you're right at least he's basically a writer. 810 page. Beaches in Sports Illustrated that from another year they like from it's like school courtroom sketch -- gotta be good. You just don't have the time on the -- on the plane and you sell many more choices. This is the Twitter universe this is right you're you're on the Internet you have a lot going on -- can be on your phone. On your iPad watching TV this a lot of ways to -- -- you don't need it and page story cracked Serena Williams semi look at them I say. I mean I used to do that at least I hope people would take the time to read it -- beyond the first major but I think if they're good there's still spot for that thing you. Reference of the day in runner's world was great it's probably 28 was one story though that was and always a district that is somethings good its a long it's it's worth the bit you're right if you're writing. 171000 words and Tim Duncan or on Jose Iglesias relax articles out 2000 your care accounted. No you do know he said. It was thirteen thousand words I don't doubt it I don't doubt and people read that -- thirteen thousand work that you Sports Illustrated at all -- 800 -- -- -- -- of 850. Nine idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's on a bad thing I wouldn't hear these snobs stock above people don't read anymore that's a lot people read -- reasons smaller bite that -- run twittered their on line. Read more. That I ever have in my life and I am but I don't read books as much as I'd like to. And I don't read ten page stories out in sports those tailoring ESPN magazine. I read in on the paper obviously but if I'm on line all the time it's it's different kind of Reading but it's in you might think it's not as good for your mind right ever. And people don't -- would mitigate. But I am I don't mind admitting I've read it on Twitter read stuff on line. All day right well it's solid go back to the club. What I don't read thirteen thousand words to select the guys that aren't so to you both agree we can all agree Bill Simmons is a good writer. Are there not a bunch writers as good or better than cowboys played his card was he came in at the right time in the Internet. You know there's an appetite Ford and now he's kind of spot on this world grand Linda's been successful was thirty for thirty movies he's produced. Have been successful for the networks we have will -- the pull he put himself. In that chair okay so now he -- is the year of the guy that store for stars of the game I make him the third star does magic is the fourth that he Sox. I would say -- the -- the nose but I have to expect that's a decisive stuff right there. I have the last couple who I started watching in the playoffs regularly and I disagree I think will will -- miscast as the host. Simmons I think Jalen Rose and Simmons actually try to say something it's that the unique concept but Simmons tries to bring an opinion. That they that they have they should bench this guy and bring this guy in. You know they should go he tries to say so up and and magic is the exact opposite is just nothing it's his dribble if he weren't Magic Johnson he wouldn't last five minutes on. He wouldn't be on you know New Hampshire you know. A close circuit every little -- given a weekend if they -- they wouldn't I mean he's he's he's illiterate he's he's right I mean he imagined John Bagley. And that's spot saying the same thing Dana -- I almost I would Dwyane -- because he set the tone. First defense of relief as well as offensively. And then he got his own guy going LeBron James. This was. When the Big Three play like this there unbeatable hit eighteen in the world beat the Miami went. Now that's you could listen JT the brick at 4 in the -- and -- and here's some half drunk guy you know it may or put out what some call up. And say that exactly that mean there's actually zero insight to that this is quality vs right. Impressive yeah collapsed and and Simmons has -- -- once in -- I I did and -- -- he wrote that they conduct to what Imus synergies to be an iconoclast that you got to where he's got. -- -- -- Mischievous. But -- and a critic you know by being a wise ass and he became this establishment -- -- became just the opposite. And when he Everett turned on in elect. Now now there's certain bad guys as we know that the the Twitter verse in the Internet and in of the critics except in this others that they embrace and and accept and embrace and -- of this at the -- -- like skip Bayless is a bad -- -- -- bad bad bad you know skipping OC can't beat. He gets into the right into anything right. Bill Simmons an opposite -- could go on TV. And you know make fart noises in -- arm and and reaching deep -- us in judge -- whatever -- mayor guy in New York Times will say it was a little weird but it back to bill you know thinking outside the box he's suggesting he has so now he's getting going along get along. Sort of in the anyway it's been changed why well. Yes yes -- it will last well not a matter expected of money to buy his grandkids you know -- you know great great great kids to -- he's he's cashed and and and obviously he's like Howard Stern I mean how would start cashed in. And nothing matters after you make 800 -- right you can do anything and you make -- hundred million. Everything you say about you could say he's a total sellout I say we'll have a price. For all of my first ordering Simmons -- -- -- -- in the 1999 the great and Internet started and he wrote things that you know wheat people thought but never never read -- Jones argument that. McCarver was bad these guys from bad guys that anyone off right -- -- -- Princeton when Bill Simmons back then with a written. A great running diary crapping on the pregame show is currently -- right so we've become too big to kill Magic Johnson well bill doesn't kill magic Johnson's show all the time. Mean all the time now Johnson showed deserved to be exactly. What. This sure deserves to be killed this match right yes is it ever killed is he ever can go over these are quite right they'll sit and that's why I'm always agree it was a great reporter. Why does magic keep getting its chance to get his own show he goes AT&T'S bad there they -- -- prettiest in the making him the basketball voice on the network means -- -- Do things two things and assist this is as superficial as we can obviously it's his name right this is gonna surprise you it's his smile. I'm telling you the ability to look at somebody who seems like there have a good time and seemed to be why why don't people who know nothing about golf and know nothing about the background in the game -- future. Like this kid -- he's got to -- mistakes I -- that's also soft more so simplistic but it's there that there is this Q factor there was some looks like their have a good time. Then then then you liked him. And and and that's part of it and as shallow as that is that's part of magic a lore on television and of course first and foremost he's Magic Johnson just like thirty years ago. -- -- -- Bob Cousy Oscar Robertson together around some telecast because it was Oscar Robertson and it was he was absolutely horrible. So it doesn't last this Oscars -- -- Does this last because he smiles. Miles of these magic Johnson and then -- king's. Alma played better. -- played better I mean it is a hundredth time I'll get that magic. John light them up yet right line a month all better than -- to let him Donny Marshall. Right -- much better in the Magic Johnson. -- -- to appoint someone worse in -- someone who has that. That visible at that platform right senseless but the reason we bring up -- sentences he tweets and again. -- mean the guys good guys count to the guys I respect the fact that he's made a fortune in the most powerful man I do this. You know old built the skunk at the picnic yeah used to be trouble -- -- the (%expletive) people off -- people. You go back to his old days and would hate him because he was kind of a -- come. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would challenge anybody to say would you take that kind of money -- itself you -- in -- -- we all would. Or two million a year at least make the reason we're here yeah well -- to have more on better for sex change for. Just a month right yeah that is listed a paper board and not return calls. Because it kept on trying to find Riley made more money than he did right and I think. He'd -- Riley did until Simmons became grant and all -- And now we problem and may make more now Dallas back 'cause nobody makes more in the -- was another one rightly gets killed on the Internet and on Twitter. Good rallies could say what you want about personality. -- too good call -- the guy you know is a craftsman sometimes. Well yeah it was excellent he really is an enemy is a -- column about the US open when it comes on Monday maybe -- column on them and how that works -- -- -- -- -- -- it'll be good will be well written. It will be funny. It will be insightful. And you'll say is good and yet he'll get killed because he's Rick -- and he says stupid things looks and -- -- He wanted to want to know that he tweeted out that news whatever it was first memory got color analyst that was the Roethlisberger connected -- to -- to to give -- credit I had it first and made him look foolish I primaries himself the guys like Lance Armstrong also you know. Fine just say right to -- -- back and look at the best Rick Reilly is known better I mean he he really is. No one of the best and he makes like three million a year and I hung them for he has kind of -- think -- anxious Dick yeah it felt I was told that story word took a cab ride and he was the bigs aside. Make him -- million dollars a year back then. He and his wife me in my went -- -- at ten bucks he he is the guy gives -- a ten bucks. At least -- immediate implied in I thought he was painfully capital migrant work weights over five and yet you're scheduled to 50 I don't know what he says but he I'd I'd literally game time. We split the cab. And I epic -- parts some -- -- -- yeah probably remember forever you know the meeting Carrey's. But. You know he was cool I played basketball before and did. Simmons not -- a media column. The Boston Herald now a for the people ready -- to vote just on -- this digital cities where it started right he was at The Herald couldn't get ahead. In -- remembered forever they used to be fun time of people treated him before anyone that we ones yet design I welcome to -- I guess it was. Nice toward -- wasn't -- to him like some people were. He never mentioned it but I was -- to beat them when works. Now why is there you wrote something. When he was at The Herald about how -- electrical whoa what's that he didn't write crap from The Herald he wrote for the did you -- for the web -- that he wrote for -- prior to that -- really long time ago the digital city was like -- 1990s we started there. Either way whatever he wrote about me I read in the paper. OK yeah -- referenced. Yes and I and I a -- I caught and it was completely untrue it was he'd be based he based whatever he wrote on something on an assumption it was untrue. So watch called him at the paper. I said bill -- -- you know I'm not questioning your methods here what we're well -- just you know kind of a hypothetical as we can portray as a hypothetical. He's what he's talking about the bullet fired on the air and said something about. Since we don't know that Bill Simmons is gay. And then I said in the -- added to whatever it is you wrote about me how would you feel about that some will be inaccurate. And -- from that point on whether he thought I was questioning his sexuality. Or his civil suits and when he talks with the case may be there was this cold steel wall that came between. But that's -- here but anyway the point the reason we brought him up as he's upset on Twitter. Because somebody ESP NN news out companies said on that show with the magic Johnson and they -- -- GOP front tell from the streak of the post game of the halftime he said it from a television and it was a hell ought to be made a joke. A boat Dwyane Wade -- Germans platelets on a -- game four and and he said. Watch sports center as though my joke about wade going to Germany passionate -- people who shreds just like -- did -- -- Steven Smith. Since I loved the little few -- -- -- -- that Stephen I can say whatever he wants what's at the Edward and nothing happen in the next week the rigidity of studio TB is really discouraging let's just say a lot. Capitalized a lot. Makes sense after these past eight months to that's good that's that he -- gone to a back that's old Simmons. That's what you want I missed that punk. That's you know what what made him what he is today at that surprised me -- it would knock him out though because that's you know she has asked for athletes -- -- -- negative thing about some argued that TV station doesn't that. Stationed as -- its ass kissing for athletes 24. We can I would tell you it's the NBA protecting shield. Right but let's not think that he's actually doing something illegal to get back on the course Debbie clearly positions joke and it -- -- -- -- the MBA -- League NBA -- the control I'm sure they deal surely try volatile continent now nor -- -- but surely weigh in all of this show on the you don't think ESPN knows the NBA would frown upon one of their for prime time studio anchor or host suggesting even joke form. The Dwyane Wade is doing something illegal to get back on the court of -- I asked shyly proud product use and control control over but it is in sent a message they'll put this -- yesterday -- no good -- -- it is a TV network is involved with a TV show or radio can you say negatively about it the TV station may call the radio station or. -- may call TV state and weigh in if they think it's being betrayed an example of their radio host at a particular. Radio shell Wright said something very very detrimental were very critical of an owner. Of a franchise and that station happens to be carrying that franchises games right do you think the program director the general manager of set radio station. Might get a sense from the owner of that. Team that their boy it was a bad boy. Yes that's never makes sense to me because the radio stations one -- the money to the and act like it's like -- act like the radio station -- the team in fact -- -- -- on the team as the radius. Just liked -- network ESPN as in NBA right sport we have million. Send a billion whatever it is it's billions and get ESPN is at. The beckon call and service of the commissioner they should say -- are asked ambassador back there were LC go cash your check. But practice and I hope this copyright opens a big following -- He ends up this rogue. You would be it would be the most that would be a must read again. We get that twenty million word than them Tim Duncan he wrote about how -- experience screwed him. Aureus and you know favors Stephen -- over him or -- over him. At every right. If we don't work you devour it doesn't interest me for stuff doesn't interest me now will somebody tweeted that out somebody and between them Yeltsin it's kind of sad that used to be. Must reading and I just -- look at it and go yeah -- closure you assume nieces and -- establishment guy. -- week if if if he has the stones if he has the the DNA that was the old Bill Simmons then he should probably do that if not that we know for a fact that he is biting even his own tongue as opposed to criticize somebody else he won't even defend himself because he's taken a check right yeah -- -- -- And this affects me and even though this this is off. As far as I'm gonna go is this cryptic little 140 character deal. On Twitter yes and that's it. Yes let's just a thousand words on the gets more and. Oil that wears it right we know where they get a run Tucker and I don't run around the problem please write sat. Digital city was this roll out -- his mind he can write about anyone. Which -- which is why he became in on this must read because there was no which the term that's been used in the oh. In the area and there the slogan. Novo. Ray Leonard you know like we owed nothing anybody you know were right on attached and that's to want to Sony's crush relationships say. You know. You look at any key issue with the -- in Comcast ESP and who's in him was -- doing that. I. I don't think being Acela makes you bad guy I don't think it makes you. I think he could blame it mean he was a digital city probably make it in. 121000. A year and make -- less the minutes make this year. And but he was this if this Rask you know this row this scoundrel and it was must reading -- he's making four million a year. And don't unemployment now not with a check with Howard Stern. I am and I'm Gary B pistol freedom that's how it still is the biggest seller out in media. Does that make him a bad guy not does that make him a bad some good businessmen here is a great. Hello I mean I'm right I am as big fan as anyone may -- not as big fan as you know. That the -- from Brooklyn you know or angry thank you -- -- -- but he was the producer and it will be but anyway. I listen and this is a guy you used to be you know this totals. Iconoclast like -- total -- and you couldn't wait now he's. On talking about. Spending new years he with Jennifer Aniston was -- -- animal acts on NBC it's -- that's that's yeah that's true for the money but anyway I don't listen that crap but. When I heard he spent New Year's -- some you know bungled it's not bundles some castle probably in Mexico. Would Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimble and Brad Pitt and sent. It's not right you're supposed to be -- foot those people. It does not want somebody started make fun Rosie O'Donnell -- -- here because he says they're good friends now they have launch the hangout. Rosie O'Donnell. And he won't make fun of Rosie bleep and O'Donnell and you say wait a second Howard -- it's and then they play the problem here as they play the old stuff. And when he used to be on edge that's crazy. Now he supports Mayor Bloomberg avenue rule against -- you know slowed and you say what it used to be the biggest libertarian. Nut case well. And he would destroy. You would destroy Mayor Bloomberg this rule this law against big -- right. -- as you can tell that's it's we have morphed into a free form Friday and it's a long time since we've -- -- free -- Friday I think it's a direct outgrowth of the fact that this is off day. You wish the Bruins are playing tonight I wish the Bruins for playing tonight and the Bruins are glad they're not playing as the Blackhawks are as well after playing two games the night before. So this is an -- tennis with a little insight media stuff. More difficult things to do whether it's a radio program magazine and -- so much but certainly the newspapers and bloody -- -- your Boston Globe. Off date stories correct I mean this is this is this sort of desert of dryness and your thirsting for something -- exception of finding out what's up important. What's up with crew. -- we're we're looking at inventing things but we need the newspaper as an example I think every publication. At the story about the 1993. Overtime Edmonton to to which we covered yesterday at blank is all the details who scored when school and a score where -- How they recovered off. That was all covered -- yesterday so yeah I already knew yesterday that they are present this. Sort of you know -- desert drought in the news flow that is the finals of the Stanley Cup. Sold on the table Doc Rivers wanna get to that I think that's something more than anybody's even thinking about here a little puppies debt. I mentioned Portman crew. US open -- UFOs. A salute -- recession to the to the state house yesterday which I wanna get into this teacher with that. The NFL requires each team. To identify. Who stars. And there's a reason they do this alone explain it to you later. Each one of the 32 teams in the National Football League has to identify. The league who stars on their team. And the patriots did this yesterday they submitted their two names what was Tom Brady -- what you think about who the other ones will be right. I have -- a question too before -- -- that it's this we get back. A at a Miami sports bar on the water and resolve the deck collapse that a hundred people fell into the oceans. I want to laugh about that no three were critically injured we -- no one died when he had yet. As long stones' dead can I chuckle. A little giggle local law it seems fair. If what I -- I'm not do what I do you know you eat here here's here's Bartlett and a British rule if to die you can't -- one -- you can -- -- You know guys nobody guys don't like yeah. Well. You gonna have the men talked again this I feel like laughing at this I really do the right.

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