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Dale and Bradford Take a Look Back at the Bruins/Rangers Series and Discuss Where it Went Wrong for NY

May 26, 2013|

Dale and Rob are talking B's and have been looking ahead to Pittsburgh, but they also decide to look back at the previous series and try to figure out why the Rangers struggled so much against a similar styled team.

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This is a total different team -- Washington. I don't think we got caught two and a level we needed to. That I know I do I think there are deeper team that we are so we need to play different level we needed to get. A number of different things from different players more consistently I watched our team fight tonight. To try to extend this series we get it on the big guys stick Callahan third period -- an opportunity to tie it. Which course they deserve to win there the better team they deserve to win. John toward -- after last night's loss for the New York Rangers the head coach of the Rangers I will say this. Until you watch him for well in this case five games in a row I'd probably don't appreciate or didn't appreciate Ryan Callahan enough. Many to tell my team Jack and I were talking about this. And we wrapped everything up last night and -- at the same thing. Jack Edwards said -- Ryan Callahan could plan on my team any time. When you looked at the Rangers before the series -- a lot of the of the conversation was about the defenseman that -- the big bad. Can be physical can be totally different in Toronto. What surprised you about what we actually soft from the arranges. How challenged they were offensively. That was the thing that surprised me the most now they they finally got the power play sort it out a little bit in the last two games had a couple power play goals. But they were so inept on the power play Pierre McGuire had that epic rant about their power of life in an game four I think it was. I was surprised at -- challenged they were offensively. I knew I knew Lundqvist was good although. I kept saying missing people kept mocking me for. If if you judge body of work you take from Henrik Lundqvist every single time over to arrest. He is a vezina trophy winner he is an all world goalie. If you judged just based on this year just this year via duke has been better than him and that's why I said. At best I thought the goaltending matchup was a wash yeah and I gave Tuukka slight edge -- Yeah that's how it turned out now so now the Bruins peppered Lundqvist. They had forty or more shots in three of the five games. And and I think that was a bit surprised that the did the cliche about the Rangers how strong they were defensively how they packed everybody back in how to block every shot. They gave up a ton of shots and that surprised me as well. Boy it it is going to be interesting you talked about rafts being pretty yet. Take it to the next level but this is this is challenges it's like anything he's going to be based. Because that's I said before you have a he with Pittsburgh. Which is averaging a goal more than any other team entire goal more than any other team in the playoffs. But they don't they're not -- -- the top 45 shots taken. And if that showed he type talent they have and it -- yeah I think that you should be confident about -- study in this series. But let's be honest again this is not going to be the Rangers of these -- no no this is a much better team offensively. Up reds up -- New Hampshire hey Fred. Eight monogram -- -- all right -- good good very good. Of that deal agenda now know what you are talking about Mike on the pop in the -- why is that. I have no idea. Well my guess is that twelve games one goal forces. To indict seven point eight million dollars and expect. In the playoffs he's gonna take 01 of the games especially when he now uncle Rick -- did not. While I didn't check I didn't check the final stats last night but I know through two periods last night he didn't have a shot on goal. Where are all those people that were calling up at the trade deadline last year saying you know they got to get a -- The -- So -- they don't pay out -- got to bring in national wealth just dump a bunch of people and bring in match. So you get a guy to pay it seven point eight million dollars under salary cap. And that nobody else the past the practical and when he goes out what happens that you see it right yet. It surely does not get enough credit for and that's what I was saying it has one goal three assists and went screaming that he's not coming to. There's potential. I mean you see this but we're almost calling for Rick Nash I. Yeah I hit it through here two shots in the apple two in the third you can make an argument Fred that is bad as Nash has banned and I agree with you by the way. I'm Brad Richards was worse. Brad Richards went from from you know a regular guy on on you know top a couple of lines to the fourth line to a healthy scratch and now he'll be a buyout in the in the offseason. Well beyond what you have to buy out there and bought out. Who looked at. Ready and I had they've bought out that you can't can't write. Now know that in buyout -- I don't think. They did a well know and and with I can't remember they they have a buyout remaining and it'll be it in it will be Richards and it'll be this offseason. I signed a a six year sixty million dollar dealer whatever it was. And and ended up being healthy scratch over the last two games and and by the way I don't think toward Rel was right. I mean the -- -- that he put out there on the fourth line from the American Hockey League gave him nothing. You can't imagine she really was a personal and when he had -- re hire the coach in the beginning the. 34 years ago can you imagine what this how we do want to -- if he handled the team like. The the rink sat. Don't I mean he can't it's it's ridiculous and people open your rise -- -- we have here in Boston. Because it is so much better than every other place we take care -- Well I won't say every other place but it is among the best fighting to -- Chirac does a great job in Pittsburgh. I think Kenny Holland does a terrific job in Detroit. I think there are some great organizations general manager slash coaching combinations but I think sure rally and Julian are among. Well this talk about match first second Apollo. What you looked at that third period last night's game obviously immensely talented player but it. Did you ever get the sense that he was gonna do it Bluetooth -- help or there is no word desperate situation. In order to do what ever it takes to to make this -- Now not even close match it -- plus three for the entire playoffs. North eighth -- is right now. I'm guessing around fourteen or fourteen now. If fourteen preachy nine. -- nine. You know it's it's do you need more from that sort of guy -- Easily and -- -- each for the second straight series. In a deciding game just became the most physical force in the National Hockey League again yes. And and I mean not only two other teams I have an answer forum other teams are generally trying to stay the heck out of his way. Yeah because he's crushing -- and I going to be honestly even you talked about that the most talented guy on a certain team. You -- -- Kessel did more to say hey you know what -- -- -- -- the -- and don't will my team to win it was a good an adversary that fact yes absolutely. Rick Nash disappeared Brad Richards disappeared to such a degree is coach scratched him and scratched him to put in guys who really. Can't do anything other than fight. At a time when nobody really fights. So much so that Claude -- instructed his fourth line I don't want you guys fighting Campbell important I don't want you guys fighting. Because you're too valuable to us out on the ice right now. And and I don't want to trade off one of my valuable guys on that line for one of their not so valuable guys. And then finally important the frustration level just got to win with -- that says. That is engaged as I've seen -- a fight -- YouTube and you don't quite the National Hockey League without being engaged right he was emotional in that fight with -- He he had just decided enough was enough. That tough guy code you know a guy goes down Yahoo! he would give you don't hit him when he's down he was trying to haul him back up so that he could get -- -- -- And and it was says it was has attached inside seem important in a fight all may be all season long. In the fact is there we go wherever we're talking about say yeah that debate. Sport -- part of that debate where you play what you do with Orton and then he hurt moving to series gave little spark. Well sports point well -- towards doing great right so port. We go into the series and the conversation might change but as we sit here right now -- team feeling good about himself put not only that. -- team which the debates art. Running rampant like a lot of these series we've got to -- -- right. In going into this this year this playoff year Shawn Thornton had played 67 Stanley Cup playoff games in his career. He had two points in the 67 games and by the way was still a valuable contributor in all of those games. In twelve Stanley Cup games this series got three point already yeah. And it again valuable that entire fourth line Campbell pie a gets the game winner in the in the wind down a New York. Campbell gets the game winner in the empty netter to seal it last night. And they they are contributing. Huge key goals. And giving upload Julian such a valuable offensive option. Here would weenie weenie for you with a -- -- those guys gone bad and there there start to get little light a little spark a pin them down there for about a minute and a half and they go out and doing. -- Johns on the cell phone hey John I don't. But they'll Orioles very well thank you -- a quick question on -- they support. There's been some talk. Recently that he may not be back next year and a list contract is not yet his contract is up. Yeah I understand that number one and one -- naturally everything to do with the other but. If they get paid rich apparently with their -- -- The number one I don't I don't she would the issue would be although this salary cap is going -- -- more importantly -- so. -- who replaced that we expect you -- forward here. Well I look. I'm one of those people who went into this playoff season thinking that it was possible that that you wouldn't see Nathan Horton back. It's got nothing to do with with liking or not liking Nathan Horton it has everything to do with as you pointed out. The salary cap is going down. And and Nathan Morton you know makes a pretty good wage right now if if you assume that it's gonna go up at least some. It's it's entirely possible they're not going to be able to afford to keep them. I'm just concerned they'll look like sad because he would not part of Europe or wider area -- Pretty why I don't wanna make about to be decries it but it's pretty important player. -- listen you'd be you'd you don't have to convince me about what this guy brings to the table. I love everything a bottom as as you do I just think that you know in a unfortunately in a sport in which there is a hard cap. You know it's not one of these phony baloney soft things and you do this and you play with that I mean -- it's a hard cap -- the National Hockey League. It's me. It it it may be tough to keep them now I'm not saying they can't or won't. You know they'll have to massage some other things perhaps. But you know he makes a pretty healthy ways I'm looking here real quickly at the at the numbers. Nathan Horton makes four million this year. Rich -- next year makes 3.2 five million any makes 3.2 five million a year after that yeah now now. I'm assuming -- look port would come back for the same four million yes I think they bring him back in a heartbeat but don't you kind of assume he's gonna wanna go up from that. I think you are right -- I do I do think marketing effort that you would like to be back but again. Let it to be coming back into the public as. I mean I Adam my theory is there a couple of guys who could ultimately become. Cap casualties here I thought -- was one and I think Andrew Ference is another -- and unfortunately and parents this case the play of these young defenseman. Might help precipitate that now I know Ference wants to come back I know he'd like to stay here imply. The play of crew can -- how -- may make that difficult. We -- right -- it's it's it's probably going to be tough obviously pretty tough decisions so we'll just happily Hewitt that was as good deducted. -- appreciate call thanks very much -- 6177797937. Up Peterson -- hi Peter. I don't do that great -- -- Want to call because and then I was tired. Of this constant battling engaged to us. A fantastic job. What's gotten into the course. But the time to do this morning show. And they get to the top on this station. And I aren't even hockey team that hadn't given the Bruins. One minute walk and implemented good hockey meant it too much. And they didn't do the hockey minute. It wasn't them up. You can. The debris in the Arctic ice I would hope that all of a -- hockey players -- the greatest athletes in the world have. The thing with the greatest recent -- where it's absolutely. Pathetic. So -- is so so you prefer Peter that they continue to ignore them. No -- like I I'd have to prove they can do with yet. Idiotic. -- news stories in the Red Sox minutia. They have to say yeah but that's immediately. Peter I I I'm I'm a little baffled here and and other than the fact that you wanna complain about John and Jerry I'm a little baffled by what it is you want. I want them. To. Being yeah. Trillions -- and and -- admit. Admit. They're pretty deep. Below. And and he. Really. They Peter they didn't be little hockey they didn't. Peter I -- listen look look at the pavement. Dictator well you know what this is this is your lucky day. Lucky two days if you north covered up tomorrow when you tune in at 6 o'clock in the morning. -- -- -- -- So. Well I'm way more Robin -- Ellis probably good an accident itself that that'll work on that -- out that allow you to calm down. -- the grip on everything and just been destroyed the greatness that is that is -- hated it and every single morning after that as we go to the -- Let me let me defend John and -- here to this degree first -- they didn't do the -- -- that was Michael -- when he was on with -- It was a joke it was a it was a bit it wasn't that Michael and I only talked hockey for that minute obviously we talked cocky a lot. It was a it was a funny thing that we did John and Jerry. Our hockey fans and I you can believe that are not Peter as you wish. Do they know as much hockey as says as rob Bradford does of course not no one could. What do they do they have these programs at their disposal bull that I would get the Internet right before the show court. -- last -- but this idea that that they mock hockey that they make fun of it is just false it's it's not right. Did they talk about it as much as as I did went when I was doing a show no they didn't. Neither did anybody else in this town including the people across the street. And I got mocked for it by a lot of people not them a lot of people including a guy that I sat with for six years. For a long time hockey wasn't a sport that was says. As vibrant and it's exciting. And as topical as it is right now for a long time the Bruins. Where that home the fourth team in this town and I probably talked about the more than I should have when they were that -- the fourth team in this town. But but I liked I I like the sport I like the team. And then and I probably carried the banner more than other people in this town. The idea perpetrated by some in this down in a while we're the only place that's ever given the hockey fan of Google Voice it's a crock. Now they can say it they can claim that all they want. It's not true. They happen to catch the tiger by the tail when the Bruins were on a Stanley Cup -- -- how hard would it be to figure out to talk about the man. Yet in in the thing is obviously. If everything M -- with the Bruins -- we understand or -- Right leading up -- -- because people forget. That how long it took them to win a series. A -- how long it took him to win a series and people could have their interest but you go win it. What people wanna talk about that you remembered during that run when they were having a hard time when this series and heart target over that hump. What was going on in Boston sports. There was a lot of stuff going right now also in the Bruins at the sweet spot right third great story lines -- crooked the great story. And where it will talk about it because. They got the momentum starting without that Stanley Cup run and now here we are if there's nothing wrong with that it the other teams are down a little bit which doesn't hurt their cause I don't think it all. But yet it's it's just ridiculous. On a radio station which you can hear Jack Edwards on a daily basis. When you can hear. Barry Petersen. When -- where you live in fire Andy prickly. Young I'm guessing that that this radio station is put a fair amount of time and resources into into those folks wanna talk about hockey which happens at this moment. To be most people quick break right back to the call 6177797937. As the telephone number -- robbed sports Sunday live at Fenway Sports Radio WEEI.

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