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Butch Stearns - Bring on the Penguins

May 25, 2013|

Butch Stearns discuss the Boston Bruins Eastern Conference opponents, the Pittsburg Penguins. Will our young defense hold up and can we stop this high scoring offense? Butch answers these and more of your Bruins playoff questions here.

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On tonight everywhere on the phone lines -- 617779. 7937. Love to hear from you got a couple of open lines on the tax line at 379837. A couple of -- I read you real quick. Which it is -- team is different -- when the Pittsburgh beat three times this year Bruins. Now the text for a three butchery I don't care what team what time what's school. I want cook take it out and taken out art don't get mad get even watched part Alex in north campaign. Love to see that happen as a bonus this series but not the time place not a priority right now. At all. At -- -- to follow me on Twitter. Lots of different conversations on not Twitter jet royal had a good tweet out earlier said. As a question. She put out there she said. MVP of the Rangers series to recruit. I stayed -- question the kid was amazing several people chime and and again you can follow acquisition follow me on Twitter. Pat Butch Stearns ST yea RS go to Anthony in Coventry Rhode Island -- Anthony what's on your mind thanks for -- A very good. One. I'm a little surprised what I'm hearing mean I think everybody thinks it's going to be a pretty easy -- they're angry and slower. I don't know what you know I think everybody looks like it was he's gonna explode as you are very bought. I think it's a different team that talks were not a great only end. -- might undergo a bit thereby. I do I think they're just Ecevit -- scoring. They're playing. Could really get -- Right. You know I I think it's going to be attending games there's going to be pretty compatible. Well I mean it's no surprise. To me. That everybody's pick in the penguins -- -- am looking for odds are given to you wanna get them. I mean is as surprised you the penguins scored a 165. Goals this year. You know Chicago scored a 155. -- you know we got a drop down 67 goals the Bruins by the way were. 1234567891011. They scored a 130 wants the penguins scored 34 more goals than the Bruins and while the Bruins gave up a 109. Ping would only give up 119. Now when you square that many goals a lot of teams get demoralized. And you don't score goals but the Bruins were third in the league in goals allowed Pittsburgh was 45678. Nine so. I mean it's pretty similar the gap between goals allowed in goals scored it it favors the penguins. Both ways -- in and then when you look at the playoffs the -- which have more firepower in the playoffs so I'm not surprised. The penguins a favorite I do agree would you point -- we Anthony -- I think most. Most you know veteran hockey people expect -- series to go six having games. Yeah I Pixar I really -- you know Brooke are engaged actually putted out I didn't I wasn't sure -- any of that but. -- Either which -- just watching both teams and indeed get a great team to start and I really think it's going to be considered well there are definitely changed. I look at it like. You know see I look at on the big golf fan when you watch a golf tournament when it comes down to Sunday. And guys have been competing in the Keegan Bradley is competing with Tiger Woods or some that -- is the better golf. Tiger is the storied history but it's. They play match playing golf if you get -- nine on the first call doesn't matter we commend the second hole. You know -- the penguins win game 19 to two but nobody's talking about the series is over all the Bruins got to do -- it's like match. It's like that Sunday in golf also. It's like you can compete on one around on one hole. And in series it is one game at a time. Bombs so you know at the penguins -- thanks for calling -- the penguins are clearly the better team. What haven't we learned now that playoff experience. Means something. Assuming those words come out of my mouth I think to myself story crew. And a hypocrite. That was playoff experience meeting. Why are no it could mean that these five games you just played a Bobby Sweeney told us last Sunday night on sports Sunday night Aaron WEEI. That you know I quoted the Bill Parcells line -- he civil rookies all the time or young players all the time what's great about them as they don't know what they don't know yet. So cruel is just like you know budget -- buddies who graduated from Michigan State this month the -- living history. No better this way it's supposed happy. -- -- -- doesn't matter to him to maybe these five games a huge company in this series and he's not supposed to be year Lipper come off. For crew get into the series. Here's another question for. Dan and I were talking about is the break -- to his credit brought -- up the yarder -- question. You automatically keeping yarder on the first line and into the series. Is sick and stayed on the third. Part of the success of the balance of that. Mean has been nick Krueger has been so played so well and so is -- cow -- meaning that those young defensemen move the puck up so well they alike. Once Reagan's out there with them because they can get the puck him with the speed coming from the back and speed up the front and I also think. That it's better for the team overall. We -- would better players. And Sagan would lesser players sort of speak no disrespect to anybody but I think state again can handle it better on the third line. I think you get more -- -- younger and Sagan combined with that combination than the other way around. What do you change that in these seniors. In other words if you agree with me. The when you add up -- -- -- -- And I am I yeah we don't win Bergeron and marsh on if you add up yarder with those two and Sagan with the others. It's better overall. Maybe a better for -- the better for younger if you flip it around it's not better overall you still keep with federal overall do you make it more power. And go top line. With even though it's not top line -- Gucci by definition the top line is -- chief Lucic and Horton. Put you put -- backward Bergeron and -- on and unite them again and go back to this I don't know. I heard Mike Milbury say the other night and when you see a coach changing lines that's desperation. What does it desperate measures before a series and you start I don't know I do know that wins this August and she's been hang in on banks -- an -- you. -- -- -- -- -- And I am silent -- huge spill Bruins and then there was not helped enough out here is what New York. I series at your Bruins. Are out app but I mean they just seem to dominate state dominate they deserve to went -- -- They get that read about it with -- but that was -- -- the radio that got called in that stand about Pittsburgh. That's the end of -- city itself but all the I -- -- that until -- -- yet. And I absolutely love it or not. When I wanna beat them I think they're going to be attacking the city itself. Was beautiful people are friendly so it was great we had such a great time there. I think the great city and they love their sports like we love our sport I respect that. Do you go there often on business or pleasure what do you do their letter to keep the ball field we let it sepia part PNC's nice isn't it. It's beautiful it's you -- Clark do you regret that you'd like. I went on Earl Lynn if you've gone to a Bruins penguins game in Pittsburgh I cannot I'm not. Yeah I think it's I mean it's going to be interesting I mean one of the things for the Bruins. They're a good road team. In the playoffs they win games on the road -- went up to Toronto 112 games on the road they won game three in New York. When they won the cup they won game six. At home and -- wanted to Vancouver won game seven. To win the Stanley Cup so -- did it mean that Pittsburgh can be is crazy places it can be. And all that stuff as you mentioned about the city and their fans can all manifest itself given the Bruins can still win that in. Yeah and I think we're going to -- rhetoric we have I think weekend and I am nervous about it I think it's gonna be tough series I think we can't win and I'm just saying I don't. This like expert I know I don't either eight. I respect for them -- the city and their fans are really do so let me let me assure my getting it's not a -- national question went. The -- -- situation starting this Ceres. You keeping yarder on the on the Bergeron line and you keep in Sagan on the Kelly weren't. I think they've been doing acting didn't -- I'd like to see maybe I didn't even get a goal he's there he's that good he. He's at that I get on to keep up one article thanks so bad. The intent to elect a category here is -- I only got one goal. I'm actually get preachy and -- -- Which is their leading scorer he's been the best quality players I play well what they're doing so are at that helped keep it LL exploded highly thanks Alcan. 61777979837. We're gonna hear from. Com Tuukka Rask coming up in just the second and -- hear from -- MVP of the series which is given to -- crew coming up in just the second tablets go to Craig in a car who's next I Greg. They were gone public how are you added I just wanna say I think like a religion as. To be honest with you I think -- some reason it. Well in some reasons why you like to chances. What bigger more physical team I think that got outplayed physically gotta hurt that and got a and they got -- the -- they got a they're very much of the net scoring in -- that this entire crazy mad at all the time which can't catch them -- Not I hear you I hear it it didn't like about maybe that -- -- what it's like the patriots ran up -- that are out that you got it. Team flying under the radar I think that it -- -- handle -- they have to be physical physical possible. And and it -- the -- -- thing I don't think they -- that they should put them on the same line how traumatic it kind of goes against what that the early to declare let me be clear. He's saying you think you should put Sagan backward it was all year. And yarder back on the third line that was. I don't I don't certainly like that together it different emanate what you probably they're not -- -- and I together. They're not together in the same line. I know you would marketable having them go on same -- and I was talking about either keep them where they are switching them back. The site law by you were saying I don't know I would sing about it the other that are terrible like I don't know I don't know. I was saying look quote made the -- this series he put Sagan. On the third line actually made in the -- sooners didn't. -- could say get on the third line and he put yarder. 'cause they treated three -- they didn't get again where they need to get something out of this guy I think to me the argument reporting. The argument -- -- Sagan -- Bergeron and marsh on. Would be dead if you believe that the penguins. -- one into their top six. Have more firepower than the Bruins. Venue now have a chance Sagan that one guy. They do now of the chance to do that. Now. MIGA is there -- that third final bit Oman on. On saying that you. If you if you believe dated a difference in this series might be. That James kneel or one of these other guys -- scored six or seven goals for the penguins. Could be the difference do we -- whatever but if you need to if you need to equal that. Sega is the guy Sophie puts Sagan up on the second lining to believe that. You know he said to sluggish series started show some life in this series. They need to put them with a better players and you're gonna put yeah yeah I mean -- is simple maps taken what 21 and younger is 41. Now the argument against that would be that yarder came to life a little bit in these last three games. Had a lot of good scoring chances but is his age is his slowness part of the fact that he's not score those goals when he used to. Mean. Yes and that exactly -- really good -- like thirty to 452 but I expect they'll pretty quick and and that's that's been a problem. -- -- up it is going to try to cycle pocket and then when he got break out getaway lagging behind Ernie. Yeah thanks for the call. You know it's it's it's one interesting question. For the Bruins the other extreme question it's going to be the young defenseman. I mean is anybody sitting group now. We were it and we both agreed. When cruel Hamilton we did -- What did you say. I said I'd keep Hamilton in their boast a group this was. After Cruz scored the second goal in the second game now. I'm sorry I'm change in my mind -- reserve the right group can't sit. -- plane out of his mind there's no way crew exits. Mean what do you what do you do know. So the next -- to come back is probably read and he might have been -- -- before Seidenberg it's inching its Seidenberg was the first one to combat. And that if -- gets healthy. I think -- is the one to sit. I was whenever it for that guy because of the way played down the stretch that we played the beginning of the play offs against -- I think redden is could be good addition to this T by can't sick -- stock. I mean -- not only impressed me. The course is magic touch -- Well. She hesitation shot that pass he made over to Kelly on the right wing today is they've got all the power -- you can't -- there's no way. I think Bart -- is the next one to go down that's case go to John Somerville high John. What happened and what. Everybody network. I've been. In the I. And I don't think so. I think they could take this game to seven make six maybe seven games but I don't think they can win. I don't think they have they need. They've got three really good player. -- -- But he didn't. Obviously they didn't mind. You're living on the Internet and I ended up. Can match up -- them and I believe they can compete with -- I just think my book I want Miami to lose I wanna I wanna be wrong. On this John I'm just saying that. After teams in the NBA -- a championship you got to take it away from them and I'm not sure the pacers can take it away and I don't think their battle tested enough. I don't think it's gonna happen to me about it and I think this game is an independent. Play its hand do -- it in his opinions about it. Didn't read it right now. I'm capable of anybody's night. I'm not -- expect I didn't have the perfect big game black -- -- quality is. It's good to me is the closest thing to Edmonton in just don't think the problems. And then there's been a -- and it's not as close as the game. They might not have to. Do you can tell you. Rick John just made two very good points I agree with -- I don't know if they're the closest thing to Edmonton but they're Edmonton like. And for those young fans who don't remember. Yeah I recurring and Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier and on and on Peter clean mark and on and on and on mean that they those guys the Pittsburgh has that -- Of firepower and by the way they've had it for four -- five years that it since Crosby. Has been here with -- Malkin and other. Well. OK so. Yeah -- know I second. Your second point I'll answer your point about. You know and they score four goals a game if they have to score four goals every game that they're probably not gonna win this series your right. Iraq but it just what. You know what the scores were and on the first one that said before the regular season doesn't matter but you know what the scores were in the three games. Between these 2203232. Into one. The so -- yeah I'd. Say. We'll see John I like to call. While Iran to John I never disagreed with somebody more like the more. All right. -- -- Richard quest field -- Chelsea you guys are next time Butch Stearns this is pearl and post game on sports Saturday night on W -- Who calls for Gregory Campbell and one from -- but -- crew who netted his fourth goal in his first five playoff games he's the first rookie to do that NHL history as the Bruins buried -- Rangers 31 year final from the TD garden to arrest tremendous -- -- -- -- -- 2728. Shots. Rangers struck first. When Dan Girardi Barrett a slap shot that was all she wrote for the Rangers who joined the Maple Leafs in Boston's week. Up next for the -- the red hot Pittsburgh Penguins who finished off Ottawa last night at five games averaging four and a half goals per game and that series ridiculous Beason -- meet needs are met in the Eastern Conference finals 21 years ago with Pittsburgh sweeping Boston on their way to a Stanley Cup championship. One other game going on in the NHR right now the Blackhawks -- to extend their season they lead the red wings 321 at the United Center. Red Sox got off to a slow start today on a rainy one at Fenway Park but a four run eight inning put the Sox in charge they win seven of four. Daniel Nava drove in two runs Dustin Pedroia still -- on the ball he went -- -- for the run batted in Jon Lester seven innings allowing four earned got a no decision. Andrew Bailey got his sixth save of the year. The Indians and Sox play the fourth and final game of their series tomorrow 135. Gets the pregame and every pitch right here on WEEI. Your home for Red Sox baseball. Sox look like they're about to take a share first place in the -- rays closer Fernando Rodney had other ideas. He blew his league leading fifth save of the season en route to a 43 Yankee win. In eleven innings. Other finals on the diamond tonight -- top the jays six the five at the Rogers Centre of the twins knocked up the tigers three -- two that's snaps a ten game losing streak angels all over Kansas City seven zip in the National League the pirates beat the brewers five to -- the reds beat the cubs five detail that's five -- percent the and the giants. Got a walk off inside the park home run. Look at the say that's and very often to beat the Iraqis. Six to five. One lawyer Boston Bruins playoff coverage in one place possibly visit WEEI dot com slash Bruins for -- audio on demand columns blogs stats and more. That's WEEI dot com slash Bruins. More with budget coming up next I'm Christian -- can't and that's the sports slash. I think it's huge you know we definitely wanna go back to New York. We felt like. We -- we should. Finished the series off like your last game I've read and play good enough and then you know coming home. Game five via which -- played real solid game. Finished things off and -- expect to get a couple days off its list. Two harassed talking about winning the series talking about beaten -- Rangers. Start tomorrow moving on to play the Pittsburgh Penguins. In net tonight to go with. 28 saves gave up one goal. That goalie was screen dot. Com from Girardi. That was it or give up stopped 28 other shots. Speaking of the goalies interesting -- coming in the eighteenth he text line went -- says Thomas spoke whom foreign one. Against the Bruins the last two years another text -- says penguins foreign one -- Tuukka Rask. All time. Another text right before that says our goaltending is better watch several text worth reading. Physical in the neutral home is going to be huge says 978. Defense wins championships have a great night which I'm out. Now the text I love this one when Lucic hits Bruins win not a one take cook out we love the power play. Actually if you -- cook out and you do it illegally you gonna put the penguins on the now. How can anyone from Boston say they like Pittsburgh. Who as the cheap shot artist Matt -- come on now butch coconut Savard career and Ulf Samuelson nearly ended care ambulance. Some. It's -- the penguins. So like the city of Pittsburgh and Alec differing points. -- only Steelers -- their fans. Idyllic city of Pittsburgh at times. Which I agreed that Sega needs to be reunited with Bergeron and -- Our during the season that was the best line even though wasn't number one line you arteries to slow. Which -- got all of the negative Nancy's -- predict our teams to lose but then go but I hope they do it those are real hands. Bruins need to would one of the first two games to get home ice advantage no scheduled for the Pittsburgh series yet question mark answers to that. The NHL will officially announce series. Wants the other series are wrapped up in the Western Conference Blackhawks are extending. Series by all accounts now -- to the third period there -- 321. Against Detroit and Omega three institute of Chicago -- force in game six. Back in Detroit com. The kings and sharks game six tomorrow LA leads that series 3:2 at 7 o'clock start. Blackhawks red wings game six would be Monday night so we may not know officially. The start of the Bruins penguins series. Until. Wednesday. Next week now I doubt in the day and age of social media will melt the NHL might not officially announce -- will know. When it's gonna start go to Richard wash west Il hello rich. -- aren't much to. Thank you you're relevant but the this Saturday in game before the Kansas City. I'm serious direct charge or 2 in the morning show there. I brought my -- first game or watching you from outside better way he went to many out of the greatest thing. You bang and I was mean rob Bradford. Yeah I remember he was banging on the window and I pointed to -- -- the way he was all excited yeah there are a rich. Let's hope that watching us through the window that he has some other bigger highlights in his life okay. What you think about the great -- all right all right guts out by Eric -- and I. I think he's going to be deep fat in all honesty I think it's Seidenberg back. -- -- -- -- That what -- -- He looked pretty good tonight I mean they said Doug Hilton they started Dennis Seidenberg. He was coming back I'm looking at the numbers right now he played -- when he 337. He played 29 chefs my goodness he played the only body that the only player play marched surprise surprise and -- Chara with thirty. Birdie right after I thought that's going to be to cheer you stay healthy. It out. There. Well Doug Doug -- sat. So big the real question the real question now rich becomes. Part cow ski and Ference. That's the -- that's the next question -- so. I think that no -- At our power he really bring yeah. I think the argument I think the argument will be twofold one would be experience vs inexperience -- that go with parents right. OK but the other would be fight firepower with firepower in other words the best way to neutralize. Help neutralize Pittsburgh's offense is to get that -- ally your own zone. And Bart koskie even a Ference is no slouch part 'cause he's a better puck mover that's a strength of tennis. Yeah I. Hit it where we're at right now. And -- -- -- I I know I know I look I said the same thing after game two in this series instead I would sit -- And I think a lot of people felt that way but you don't sit decade now do you -- And you know I haven't arbitrage. I honestly thought that I've written argument that it better -- I am. Not sure bet -- Lee is right now. Well I mean I thought it probably. You know during during the -- -- not where I just I think you about a pop controller I think he has a better vision a PR -- And he just. Natural talent that I think that you're still too long it needs to just. Have a lot more experience. In that should either but I think crew breakdowns political atom bomb because. He's got older -- more which. Well it also is an argument or debate for where you want a player to develop. I mean for all the accolades. That -- Hamilton got for all the lessons he learned that the NHL level this year. Was tore recruit better serves. Planned out more dominant game at a lower level for a period of time as he was developing you know what I mean. Sort it's sort of like the it's sort of the Jackie Bradley argument it's not working for Jackie Bradley right now. But there are guys that need to pay their dues I mean when their time comes. To his credit -- crew was ready. Ryan let's let's be honest I mean they're not. You know this isn't an undrafted. Free agent coming -- crew was a whole B baker finalist when he played at Michigan State. It's a good hockey player. Who got his chance and to his credit was ready when it came. Yeah I agree. Yet again I think right now I just think cute. You've got to keep playing in and -- actually you bring parents into. Okay thanks for the cholera to appreciate 617779790%. We another half an hour ago or thereabouts here let's go to. Is it Chris -- V Chris and Chelsea. It is its secrets or shall -- -- be -- step out. What are we do it streets are hitting their problem is that true. I'm I'm gonna let you continue to try to prove to me why V Chris is one of the best cause in this -- -- tell you what they did we sure it would be like. That maybe you can go to the reform and particularly as we were keep. Their -- At. That point about to go that -- that it was a little about all the way to think. It. -- -- The case sneakers. I survived that experience. I consider. What else I can say is if you would like to chime in the number is 617. 779793. Cents and if you would like texting. The numbers 37937. Recovered a lot tonight and we're covering it looking forward no one really wants to talk. About the Rangers anymore because their history. The Bruins portable way to final. We had hoped that they would put them away. On Thursday night but they didn't get a bonus game out of -- some people who are happy about that all the bars and establishments down to Guidant. Down at north station. Greatest -- Every other place down -- affords. All hang out down there. I know there are happy -- -- else is happy. Buddy Higgs -- big ticket agency -- take its all those guys there happy. Yet another bonus game. Some money in their pockets Nike apparel and penguins. Dexter on the AT&T -- science is butch the Bruins are not scared of Pittsburg. Bring them on other text you can't beat Pittsburgh by defending them you have to beat them by attacking them. Why don't I feel like herb Brooks and the movie miracle. Member on the on the board you don't beat these guys -- play in their game you take their game to them. No one has worked hard enough to do that. We gentleman will work hard enough to do that. -- Olympic -- know this is final four Stanley Cup playoff hockey and it's the Bruins in the final. Pumped about it. About this. I mean you know the so to give us some good runs the Bruins gave us the cop Ron. But then you know the -- faltered last year. It was the run now given us the run. Got two series under their belts. Are going to the Eastern Conference finals. In all this is this is the AFC championship game but a seven game series this is the ALC yes. Put a seven game series like this is the NBA Eastern Conference finals these Stanley Cup Eastern Conference finals. You win this at all bets are off. You survive this and all bets are off because once you get to the Stanley Cup finals you play with broken bones. You're in your plan for the cop. And you got a bunch of guys by the way the nucleus of your team. Already have their name on the cup Sean forty golfer's name of the cup for the third time. Chara cementing his legacy. I'd been a multiple Stanley Cup when. Let's not get ahead of ourselves -- it's the penguins they got to get trying to get you guys on the team at their name on the cup to. But -- yarder as his name on the cup couple times to. -- Flavors -- ray -- moment. In -- -- of Calgary. Hockey fans -- him up for a look at. 61777979837. We got one more segment to go to take some your calls. Somebody attacks on the AT&T text line at 37937. I'll read too before we go to break. Nervous about the Bruins penguins series it basically comes down to which goaltending. Shows up put -- for this year's. For the penguins another text says. Ruins of the defense to stop Crosby and Malkin. Bruins got six. Have very good defense so Pittsburgh not as good. Of anybody as a defense stop. Crosby and market -- limit. But not -- We're back would more often. -- -- I think Boston as a really good chance. I think -- of that stuff has done a heck of the job with the club I can't believe. Some of the people on the second guess just being in the city for for a few days and and the type of job that he's done here. That's a good team and they're very well coached. And -- season they've been through before and I give them a lot of credit to as far as what they've -- with the club through good hockey team. Outclassed here by John toward relative. Given the -- had a text of force that it isn't any reason why twelve relatives -- my thing and change. Pop -- usually don't come off. Big along the bench basics of the is that while it's nice. That's unusual in the coach's name is Stanley Cup finals. But if that happens we -- a few minutes we're done and eleven here we get a few minutes for some calls if you would like to. Squeezing minutes 6177797937. At 6177797. 937 texture says no butch here again when no cups in Calgary. First conference finals since 2004 game was flames lost in the 04 finals he has not won a cup so. Again was playing for his cup. -- planned to cement his legacy if he needs to the image of those numbers NBC put up tonight. 193. Points and a 198 playoff teams some like that for younger. I think it was correct. Ease ease the all time active leader right now but he's got. Four assists no goals. In these playoffs. Although how do you feel about -- is it coming for yarder. Early break out here he's had more scoring chances. Had more scoring chances. But he doesn't escort historic broke. Four goals in. Its. You know text especially guy comes out of nowhere. To shoot you know some adrenaline. Into a team a Boston team in a playoff. I'm trying to think of -- Henry did it for the Celtics -- the bird years that I was in the regular season. Who came out -- Well there was Sam can sell. That they stuck with for a while who else. Started Scott -- Scott Wittman hit some jumpers against the lakers couple times numbered years. I'm Danny Ainge had some streaky stuff but but those guys didn't come out of nowhere they were role players on the team -- -- quote -- Came out of nowhere. Like Craig -- And Bobby Joyce. When they came from. -- Olympic team I believe. Around -- came into the Bruins in those years. -- -- -- We'll see what's gonna habits can be great series again here's what we do know we do know that the Rangers are done we do know that the Bruins are moving on. We do know that it's gonna be a seven game series that starts in Pittsburgh. We hear not confirm the bruins' playoff tickets for the series. For the three home games three possible home games. Games 34 and six will go on sale Sunday at noon at the guard. Trying to from that -- before the show ends but the -- one hour sale action just extensively on pol. Yeah I'm always gave me some stuff came out of our little -- that. -- like but is anybody even cruel like. I miss and anybody did performed I mean football and after we won game in a playoff game they came out of nowhere. You know. Me was every -- -- crew before these playoffs started. Is an unprecedented. Dexter says completely put to rest the Bruins coaching argument. I guess so. This that you put to rest. This you know close to pretty good coach. Gregg coaches win game for new York and wanted to come back for game. Then again coaches don't of their goalie give up a goal like -- arrest in -- some -- and the other team. We also know that Pittsburgh has the better offense and probably the better team. The better offense is a factor. Into this office and occupation. The better team -- about a regular season. Good stuff. Margaret Buddy -- -- comedian Greg Murphy just texted me and said Craig are good read rob good. Yes great call good was similar thanks Craig as noted Bobby Sweeney was on my son and I brought that up and compared crew. Greg are good and it was mentioning because you see the two articles in the paper the next day. By different guys bring up the Greg -- comparison. Think they might have been listening. Either attic and on themselves. I don't know I know that -- has come out of nowhere I -- the -- to big part of this run. Ellsbury and -- seven -- texture says I'll disagree because -- very split time with Coco Crisp down the stretch. For for all of mean Ellsbury had did this before. Ellsbury did not burst upon the scene. He came up halfway through that year as a matter fact it was a Jackie Bradley typed debate beginning the year not as much because he didn't start the season. But they brought him up in the year and he was a semi regular players splitting time player -- -- at the post season. He was nearly enough. October crude after the game at a lot of interesting things to say he is a star honest right now he is he was this. The -- this reasoning -- to recruit. After winning this series against the Rangers. Dallas. -- -- the puck up top and Obama is trying to get out there are just topped off. Or hop onto the -- from the bench and try to get open position do I get my shot through and you know when I take one timers and try to make the -- Agassi with his hands and fortunately. Or are you describe your. And it's pretty. And it's it to get him out there and the more the coaching staff switching on the ice the better -- feel. You know it's a great feeling when your teammates are coming up Tia pat you on the map can. All the current rules have room. I shot my -- sorry about that. Yeah he does have all the confidence in the world and why not wouldn't you. Can be interesting. You know this Archimedes surprises coming into the series Pittsburgh gonna know what -- is done. Like as a guy that they haven't seen a lot of people on. They're gonna look and try and find holes in his game they're gonna try and find some weaknesses and and one of the things. Is. You know he's claim a lot of confidence and taken a lot of chances. Pittsburgh comes back at him. And does something. To combat that shakes them up a little bit how's -- gonna respond. Get applicant says he's -- saying is Bill Parcells said about rookies they don't know what they don't know yet well and make a mistake when the lights are brighter. You don't I gonna handle that yet because the lights had never been this bright rhetorically. But again as he he's living a dream. Techsters when I threw the -- crew got there hasn't happened on the Boston sports and in the playoffs before. -- and don't forget Tom Brady came out of nowhere Dave Henderson and 86. And would. None of them Dave Henderson. Was a key player for the Red Sox during the 86. With the unlikely hero against the angels. When he hit the home run yes even come out of nowhere. Rating you could argue -- nowhere because. Bledsoe got hurt but he played. And started. -- fourteen games. So. When he got to the playoffs. It was untested and nobody expected him to perform the way he did so that that is a good to the -- But again -- Krugman is this year is Tom Brady and all crew was an afterthought. Just two weeks ago. Two weeks ago we was an afterthought. You make is any -- debut in the playoff that he played -- see you even know. It looked at up should know that I'm. Kruger is a story if not the story tonight. Quote Julian was talking about him after the game. Tonight. Tickled well you know so that guys can command and and help your team out and no doubt he's. It was magic person in this series and you know scored that many goals and -- additional confidence that the show would. In -- in this series isn't pretty outstanding so. It always he's a player and up there we've always felt. Good about in our organization and I said he's been he's shown what he's all vote so. We sent ice in his veins and that's what he's got. -- pretty high praise from the coach. I thought at the beginning of that might play the media about again and listen just to the point where he says. He says. He was good in this series of -- emphasize this series. Well no so good guys and command and and help her keynote and no doubt he's -- it was a magic person in this series in the yes so I thought he was Ari can you pick up the bite from there -- you scored that many goals and that -- confidence that the show would. In -- in this series isn't pretty outstanding so. And it can always he's a player and up there we've always felt. Good about in our organization and I said he's been he's shown what he's all vote so. We -- ice in his veins and that's what he's got. I mean up until the end I'm reading between the lines -- play in this series he was good in this series doesn't mean he's gonna be great in the next series. And he says the player we've always felt good about. And nice proved himself he's got ice in his veins. Thus far does it -- Mexico -- are no chance if there ever was a chance. So. You got -- crew -- there. You got the jogger. Sagan debate which over the next couple days I think quote you -- want to keep them on the same lines coming into the series the new -- In every aspect it's a new Ceres. A different team different match ups. Different stuff going great story lines in this years. Younger again. Matt -- To go rats never been this far in the playoffs. Thomas vocal -- backup goalie all of a sudden the number one. Since it. Try to win another cup an NH. It's all going on and it's all gonna start this week it's Bruins penguins in the Eastern Conference finals. We're pumped we'll have it all covered for you -- EI a nice job tonight Dan we rocked and rolled and crank it out Bruins did their job we did our job. It's WE I get ready for another seven game series. Would delights as bright as they can be or just as bright as it can be the brightest lights on the series after this. Have a great Saturday night everybody have a great weekend -- -- this is WB yeah.

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