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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 05/13/13

May 13, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't yet touched upon... Mike Tyson making cartoons, stupid fines handed out by leagues, women giving birth at games and more...

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-- Now word excel and -- swollen already roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. Mean. Well we solved it Ali and sports radio and W -- don't. Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is -- 35000. For saying quote I see how things are going I watch very closely we're not going to get calls that's the reality and quote. What is the most ridiculous fine you've seen a coach or player receive. -- Last year bounty gate. It's one thing to be fine 500000 dollars like Bill Belichick was. 750000. Dollars for the organization by the patriots weren't fighting. But for Sean Payton. Is spying -- his entire. Salary his yearly salary if you ever heard. I think five or six million dollar fine. For echoed that to me that that takes -- taking a witty take away his ability to earn his living and that that to me was wrong -- at the time still I agree. I always thought the fines that were given out like Joe Horn for taken out the shark -- some of the fines for Chad Johnson I thought those were a bit much. -- Chad Johnson was fine for. Not having -- Sox pulled off -- -- way but. At the same -- the NFL me a man's uniformity and I understand that it's part of the brain of the whole league I thought the most ridiculous though was when they find the referees. Or wearing the pink for for route. For breast cancer or risk you're -- that was the most originally. You know what I would do that -- -- part you know back to the -- fine. If if farm on the candidate for a job. I go to the owner and necessary. There's going to be my salary whatever it is. And let's just factory in an extra 350000. Dollars. Where -- season we're will be fine because I let it strategically. That's envoy to rip you for. Orders are on safety to anybody who wants to hit a receiver coming across like look I'm gonna get an army to ride so just put an -- -- out of 50000. And it is gonna go straight to the -- startled some guys that will help us. It over the weekend Tiger Woods on the PGA players championship but not before causing a -- was Sergio Garcia. Sergio took exception -- tiger pulling out his five wood. And now during Sergio is backswing on the second Saturday. After the round Sergio said about tiger quote I'm not going to -- he's not my favorite got to play it he's not the nicest guy on tour and quote. -- this feud benefit more Tiger Woods or Sergio Garcia finally get benefits. Either one of them although it does at least bring some level of spotlight to the golf world but -- the benefits Sergio especially when you would triple bogey on seventeen off the powerful. It's the island hole there at sawgrass but. He's the only guy supportive or call eight that's quite a bit of the tournament other than the hour now -- tough ones want it. I didn't see anybody else put it in the water he -- twice in a row with a chance to win so. Is Sergio can squawk only want to I'm sure tiger's not the nicest guy in the tour here. But yeah. Huge huge. Huge summer Canadian patents -- just -- you feel like an idiot. -- your name off your voicemail -- protect me now it will benefit Sergio Garcia because. Why would be talking about him otherwise at least we have mentioned his name on sports radio and nobody has talked about this -- since. Misty was in 992000. He was supposed to be a strong competitor to Tiger Woods. He has been a pretty much a failure. As a big time golfer. By the tigers playing better because he's happy. You buy that now these with Lindsay bonds happy with her in and everything's on the open now they've admitted their relationship. Announced their relationship I don't buy you by the that is anything to do with his his game how could he won he won tournaments and he was seeking dog. When he was. It may have any thing and anyone that moves well he was happy then to go back that's -- they without a budget that I was. Happy about here after the NASCAR usually is about a little more transparent than it was before. Mike -- getting his cartoon on cartoon network's adult swim the show will be called Mike Tyson mysteries. The so show feature Mike his psychic you're talking agent and a magical face tattooed. Mike Tyson mysteries will be funny or not so funny. I don't think it be funny and I think it's probably got -- last. It might last a season among the -- thing away. But someone that keep me from killing you saw. Other -- his job. I -- -- ship has sailed his -- his entertainment ship has sailed in my opinion and it's not much there it's going to be particularly for you -- you like what. The I don't leave him money either. -- multiple reasons but I find -- funny and I I want to kill -- of the -- -- long affair with Mike -- -- -- the last -- last year's hangovers this money. Ice out there I just don't he's convicted rapists these guys who -- -- when he was heavyweight champion in the world and -- it falsely accused of rape and rich -- and a woman. The rewards intent. Just. He was funny what you could laugh at him and is -- trying to use this language and her partner. While I appreciate that while when he defeated the Bolivian that was on when he's actually trying to be funny not one. It -- watch it you'll want to respect I don't even nor I would -- adult swim but he would have liked it and I don't -- your -- in three years you port on your mind now you're related -- won't happen. -- go out and watch the way adults from its own Cartoon Network. Cartoons of the -- find I'm not a cartoons and articles all say all right here in the army -- -- -- -- romantic partner and -- cartoon adult cartoon family like tunnels so far. And there I don't like the Simpsons -- like the guy -- right -- right here or substance. I just put the ball in the same breathable animated comedies that. Well now India -- -- for us this script I. It was just like a pause there and I. And the indigent severe weather does it showed my microphone so we don't know it out there I don't care. -- and. During game five little block of wild series east team to look -- -- Yankee is particularly. Well and get him make eye contact with cannot make I can. Stared him down to elect him staring right out of he won't even look at me through Google. It's gonna take revenge on you all day and night during game five of the Blackhawks wild series Donna -- -- that was an aunt was in attendance and refuse to leave even though she went into labor. Donna said there is no way we early in the game after the game -- rushed to the hospital delivered her baby boy. What is the craziest thing you've done to its end game I've woken up really early in the. Morning to drive the bus from from Los Angeles to San Diego to see the patriots and chargers that was the game that was the beginning of the end in 20022003. The amount that lost oh yeah Diego and two missed field goals and there yeah LaDainian Tomlinson there for about 200 yards I did that I've I've taken you know I've. Loan to -- -- white at your door and have a good game there in the coming of the pictures next year. Or or shortly after it was what much longer -- -- not like I've I've -- I've got to gains -- flew from LA to Oakland to go to games. Your story just destroys us now is to say look with my wife's birthday was taken out for a birthday whenever. And neither the Celtics game Celtics bulls in 2008 after the championship -- the second game of the year. We're sitting there I didn't think. She was close to -- going into labor but the first quarter that my water broke. Are we gotta go you know we don't let her know we don't either good -- And my wife is a wonderful either. Gotta do anything like that. I did I do remember -- -- life flashes -- a couple of your first first steps to your -- you've never -- of -- -- operate with your first yet for water breaks you water you don't freak out you just sit at the garden. She didn't freak out. Now what you didn't freak out. I did I kind of secretly -- -- here are whoever they had me I kills. What. Source -- ago. If you're not gonna let us that's what you have to have at least called doctor if you weren't allowed to wait until after dollars. And I remember right after that. -- character she was she was shown on the Jumbotron she was. A hall of all is well. You're sitting here. Figure waters -- the know that you would she show we can -- your -- with you don't really don't know randomly. Chose randomly on the Jumbotron. It that advocate theater at halftime but we're going to however got ago so -- was a there was Mittal and from -- the camera guys are American's goal was to tell. -- my jacket and I just remember walking out here -- huge. Maker than walk all the way to MGH from the garden -- -- apology over over in comedy -- a hearing it's a good experience walking up Stanford's three down to everything I gave it. Daughter Brooke if you will -- the halftime the least you can do is walk probably trying to -- Estrada by the quicker throughout the security guards like. You're coming here is that her water broke a guy and a girl go you say don't let -- -- just about -- aren't that is today is four at four.

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