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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/10/13

May 10, 2013|

The shower man is... Tom Caron?

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Mean it's so rude I can't believe that -- so yeah. This is around. Your friend. Explosives in them. In -- unfortunately all good things come to an end it's my job -- went zone and Ali I. I have gained by Libya and blow us. OK okay boulder Mountain View high right now you guys Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. -- that no I don't court. I go to. Before the first ticket and now. My job to do have a problem turn off his nation it off weeks all can holly. And brought to you by AT&T. WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins at -- four G coverage in New England into the question -- and appear about 56 minutes. Texas -- question any question 3793 sentinel and I hope we have today my I hope Andy we've heard from a lot of people a lot of angry people. Calling from the -- 35 mile back up according to Johnson policy. To west so yeah. -- -- -- It's what you have another way all I do my commitments which way it's an appeal steals my -- no shortcut. Not really sure company's reports to place our. So while we're gonna start with via open -- again nice how -- we get a bunch of these that I absolutely anybody in the shower I want to exit. This is John's -- today. So us man love seat Vietnamese who are seeing a bit I. If a lot of that is just for these yesterday right for saw some occasions they're startled sound like softly ended up sound like meter. There's -- sense really is an example where rooms and news. Strength. A a and I -- To reach out and yeah. I thought it. That's funny replied. No laughed more this weekend. -- game five come alive laughter. -- year it being guinier play G wake up but castle's got up that beard Indies that gold brooms. It fell apart there really hit it but the soft spot in points after he -- that is bad there that's enough. Now though doesn't -- Hillary. Now don't. What was that. He accuses of being out there teaching profession our shower -- you see that TC. Felt like Tom Karen didn't you play again. -- -- -- And plus DC -- for -- -- plus didn't say anything about being -- pilots don't know what do you think. Dan Shaughnessy. Is -- curly haired. Cho. Who showed that show about the I don't know that -- -- -- but the then. Check urban dictionary I can't see it it is on where my beer -- were allowed to say it does not define it. Definitely knows that art the. It doesn't have to earmark that -- could -- -- good -- what happened. I picked up right field and all of Goldberg had to cry. Everybody laughed all it can't take your break speed and idiotic -- The goal it's like this -- we're night. And match ups are I really training he was raised race -- at all on the other other than that part that was a Michael -- this is your life. Except I thought it was first based not right field. But I couldn't return could happen at all. But quit but hated it did before I go to a -- but you did right after this commercial. And the message from a secure Alfred I don't know -- -- that that's a pretty good -- a guy who has the audacity to tell you what's coming up later in the show sounds like a jerk. Maybe David Ortiz and did a lot of equipment and Teddy bear the weight Clinton bit back in the nineties it'd be completely important but well. That's why don't have a graphic on the -- Sort of. And this message. You know let them. At the logo that's a low life I don't wanna get into like the local but trust me it is. The -- but I don't make good broke drugs or killed that cause we have lot of David got hit he got weren't that good it's Christmas did you know that notices group who have. The judicial because my cooks. And while you're out Taylor was a low blow OK and I have to explain it to you like well what can you tell me about low -- It was because his daughter was sick. His daughter was sick and she wound up throwing out the first pitch at Fenway. Many years back and that's what. That's why Clemens gave my -- is unique context and that -- anyway. But problem that they're currently article. There -- these. If you have good heads the body will be okay yeah. -- We have to that was -- it there's certainly toward risk some of these problems Turkey's yet seen the article but the woman to do with Turkey. Through it was don't want this. Deterrence broke the window the fire department. Is that right yeah. Now the other dead turkeys can fly yeah it's. Cage -- chickens. Yeah they can -- -- -- like Ronald that they can't like become airborne -- that -- like a little bit about not a great surprise they can't -- Point squirrel. That interest to know about the -- it was a groups. It looked -- my went well thought the window was open I -- right into the Wendell. That felt the ground -- Or not they rusty you brushed. These teeth and Turkey's unique lasting image of carcasses you know when I checked. -- -- If it he appeared to be handcuffed. After that so anyway that -- to put him in a dark room for a little while like in the NHL and are credited your America -- -- Turkey flew around this crap all over was used in typical. It's -- watch your back. Typical Turkey behavior. Apparently hit that -- between. And the ball and I think. I. Don't. Know I can't wait a bit. Extra. I'm. -- About this the definition. Of -- of the where is doctor. Eric guy hazard great that was the great. Little rant -- and now there have been educated and Gerald here. They weren't court did not do. Vulnerability of what they'll do level it's been reported one Ottawa. That I didn't hit -- Talk about a low blow a shot at the guy because he can't play in Denver because it's because -- was -- sickle -- or whatever has. Yes -- Right. Can't take a shot and tradition of the golden boy he. It really even think he's operating needed a little bit he asserted Texas as my friend had a Mallard duck. Fly the -- chimney. -- -- -- -- -- -- Flight into some. Free. I would for ago tickets you know it they're not willingly acknowledge that -- -- wrote to force partners forget exactly definitely buying apps my little sisters ten years. Was Oscars go use the question really and you were doing once we went reign of the house. Man that is that is Mike brought to buy AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins the most orgy coverage in New England looked -- the question your. It's time -- answer the question jerk -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question -- Mike Adams is with us it might turn in my own microphone -- time good movie -- it was an increase of him. -- -- -- -- -- Hey cabinet ministers and vindictive towards children. Structure be sure about it what's wrong when you guys I don't think it's showed. It's children aged. A bit now and then as a right out of thousand dollars I -- there. This is what you surround the content to your lips distinct from a year ago -- tournament have noticed you -- show -- for years it's the question -- by -- restoration specialists of your property your facilities manager or insurance broke call heiress to ensure unity disaster restoration game plan in place call 8774611111. Or they are asked her. Dot com disaster restoration in that they like. If you have some of those wild fowl and around there I just like says that especially if they've they've messed up they mess up your slow them. -- and improve when your -- karma born Rich Hill to take care Turkey's perch in trees that night that they can definitely inflation -- -- climb those trees they'll say they comply you're right if life's short span and they admitted I definitely -- -- tons of merely. Really in April for days ago they Pope forgave rabbits and two ponds around that enabled by Google pallets well. -- and I haven't noticed them necessarily do you Arctic. I straighten out what went Monday when you recruit you when you work in his yard and when a -- law I'm gonna see what they like never rabbit who. The -- -- little rubber -- what they like never. The worst spot wrapped up court awful dropped -- -- anything except you know doing it it's only do now. Avery my daughter loves those apps for the -- when you actually teach -- normally you can just gives an iPhone app for that -- like a trading at she pressed that's coming outrage. You press it's got a bunch of pictures of animals it's just presses -- picture makes the sound that the animal makes. Animals don't really make noises that you pressed the rabbit ones run to discuss it goes. Something. -- it runs away. Very good at Comerica screeners six reverence and productive well duplicate. Jerks with the best book you ever. Now besides. Which all that. It where it was a member technical. It is rhetoric here went into the room and that's down development done this this -- -- practices. She noted that you woods chipped it. -- -- -- According to not showed its show Kate Roberts stated since 1970 degree. And you've -- -- you know. Why didn't show it to me. It's. It's it would definitely and other other. Applicable with the best book ever read. Once I was thinking like one this item paradise is a great book a fair world Jones. That's a good book of mice and -- And the giving tree. Not -- certainly one fish two fish at. Catcher in the draw direct -- right now recaptured him and love love this Paris -- -- next. Articulate the money. Big -- biker -- as it. Please plea next question earlier four times after that thank you for your next question. -- -- -- you use little bells answer yes or no sound biting your intro to this segment that's a good replacements here. Simple yes or no answer now. Put it into the great -- radio. I was driving around the city laughing out loud constantly constantly. Yes. And so for next question is more attractive Mikey Adams -- John Ryder Ryder Ryder tomorrow. Not -- -- you you heard me inside -- Next question that that's exactly why we kind of thrive where it. And he didn't it didn't art OK Mike you -- more attractive black. But you know writers I'm still not willing to say -- strong handsome and I'm still never had command I'm still not willing to say it's more attractive right now hanging in hanging in I'm gonna go right. Let me get this straight one Welker catch -- given in the Super Bowl but one spot to play by Bob it was a relevant yes absolutely. Welker catches that ball -- -- on the clock you're done. -- you when it was time -- made exactly my point which is why I was told it I don't believe it -- yeah it was and I was lost or are they let that tiger and commit the game was lost in your problem with caps is what. No actually you're one of them now Bill Buckner was response was partly respond partially responsible but get ready to get the Santa Claus on the Italy if you're making equally polite Sharkey is number five or six analysts network the -- -- -- -- you cannot do. -- -- The artist doled out your mentors told that I'm due to do it by creative and I don't care I'm glad I don't blame high end. Doctors statistics which are safari next month and I rely on a safari I have that -- cook the you can have which bring in my chopped liver to up to restore job and accurate job mommy's job liver that's what does that. This old school sit com this is pre 2000 models -- a pre ninety. Pre 1990 I'm gonna have to go with. The Jefferson. Mary Tyler Moore was by extension. Oh. Yeah a taxi. He will make me laugh aloud today. No love for Sampras on your severance and that was good to their already box really wanna go back to Ike is still kind of fun. Considering how old that is what nineteen OK you're really wanna go back I -- little click here. -- -- your next question. Problem with the you know I don't seriously. Wrong with -- and I know what is wrong with guys that can't. Does the Bravo. Next question jerks who's. Which clothing choices and worse white leather shoes with no socks or white leather belts the white leather shoes. To the -- the white belts out the why don't you might -- the now. Maybe try to be ironic. What the white -- right. -- -- -- From from the -- next question are finally. How much do you tip the open hotel room after tonight's you know what this is a great question I. He -- about things they they have they have picked up your dirty draw. They have major -- it. They have cleaned and cleaned up after you. -- win on demand related to stolen -- and look at some things. Could you not could you not to have a little treatment. Three bucks in a hotel and now now we're about a nice hotel you -- and I -- I believe the change did it change gather from your travel trip yes and I can change everywhere that happen are not talking about the got a hotel where you -- by the hour now I'm currently than at the hotel. I have great at a restaurant Celtic great at the -- -- That's not a sympathetic and particularly want. You don't automatically hero oh why not really an. When I leave guess what it really isn't about what you guys -- do you -- be cheap about it. Put -- the do not disturb sign and leave it there aren't enough tires to I've done it and you did not only in that case do you sake -- -- I do have -- a note as well and then you still get to 11 o'clock morning skipped out did not historically it and as reparations from you want them to give him -- -- ten dollars it's the -- it really is the dirty -- me ten dollars about the guy -- dollars a night. The guy calls a cab for. Google tip the caddie for sure if your Boston. Or -- especially New York now. I don't need cab got to create New York City are -- cab. Now there if you're in the sticks and they are no cabs from miles yeah he needed a guy who's gonna help via Mikey. You ready for -- generally you guys figured weird. I'm not weird. We've then are the non weird Mikey Adam's experience comes at dad will be back on Monday we'll see if the Bruins have wrapped things up by then my. I think it -- to worry about that combination I enjoy it man. But it weakened him. We do prove written -- we do. Do we go through two days ago.

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