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Toronto News Talk 680's Peter Gross on the Maple Leafs loss

May 9, 2013|

Peter Gross joined the program to discuss the heartbreaking loss of his Maple Leafs. Surprisingly the city of Toronto was not all that heartbroken.

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Well I can only imagine the heartache and the heartbreak in Toronto this morning after coming this close this close to even in the series now find themselves headed in the Boston. Drilling three games to one and on the verge of -- elimination. A sense of what's going on up in Toronto. Talk with a sportscaster Peter -- Seattle sports for 680 Toronto knows good morning Peter it's -- Kirk and Jerry and John in Boston. Thanks for taking a couple minutes how are all my pleasure actually I'll what's the load up their devastation in early -- they try to keep a stiff upper lip as they are not over yet. And so what you -- about the problem really is that throttle hockey fans are so thrilled to eat that apple playoff game. That there almost predispose. That losing would be OK a lot but it was kind of a tough loss on. I think dropping the ball hit the post in the middle of the the overtime period and an investigation going on now because we believe that that -- -- not closed. But that just about managed to get that pulled closer but stop -- it's it really isn't devastating job. The defense have a wonderful time because it's been so long since we've got any playoff hockey here you guys a little bit more used to -- archer. Indeed and I and I wonder is that a good thing I mean we've heard from you know Steve Simmons and other people the great Toronto hockey fans -- great Toronto hockey fans but don't you think they need to expect more and not be satisfied with just a game or two I mean it's been nine years obviously an end and you're telling me that the two games will be enough for them if -- -- -- win in Boston. But yeah I'm I'm afraid that I have the -- that everyone here realizes that this is a young team. There's a team that's inexperienced playoff why is -- considered -- dreadful. The team won the last several years the improvement this year is palpable and dobbs you know maybe next year people say hey we gotta do better. All right let's -- it possible to refer cocky to how much I don't want to look at something -- -- all. But you gotta have a better hockey team. And we that's true but you Adam at a better over time in the bruised it last night -- yeah. Lot of chances but basically it's the Maple Leafs play. But they're very best game and catch the Bruins on an off night the beliefs are gonna win but it but -- -- -- played our best game. They're going to -- much question about that. So you know it right now lead the the ought to just stacked against police and everyone realizes that -- leaps when it would be from a terrific story. How much of a beating will deal on from the take for the gaffe in overtime. On the that the certain level of the apple world world and a lot of clips of which. But what really worked -- -- -- employer owns up to any any additional Gupta wouldn't a couple of clips. Last night he was really being pressured by the reporters got a little bit testy but. -- he's he's admitted that night that we just -- -- hockey that kind of regain is that. Well I don't know you guys it's looked like you kind of excited about your -- Foray into the playoffs and longtime -- it's it's. How open them from outside the Air Canada Centre. I'll probably all over now just well very forgiving sort out here. Yeah you could turn your attention of the blue -- I guess now. Well I don't focus solid Ricky Romero did for the -- -- eight. Saw because that unfortunately we haven't had great results from -- himself. I'll very very happy that the -- had a winning season. They played a couple of very manipulative for a good game last night -- played a very good game came to me enough. In Boston and then you know we take that with less than -- political forward. -- it will it would be nice to fourteen if we thought thirteen was as good as the one point. Then that'd probably be different overall attitude I think that when this series is over and it did. My guess is it's going to be over Friday and -- believed to bring it back here again but. People are gonna say yeah that's a nice start political -- and that's just the reality. He is up Peter Rose -- a sport for 680 news in Toronto Peter thanks for take a couple minutes and given us the oil land up their north of the border we appreciate your time this morning. Peterborough Tbilisi gallon on the AT&T line different different sports at a completely night and I'll let them must be nice and a heck of a year and they just happy we're forgiving lot with enough. I don't believe we we've talked. Pal Steve Simmons plays -- the same single. They're just. Happy to be there have obviously it's different W have when you -- having been there in a while and you have a young team sort of a combination think we'll be back right they probably don't think it's gonna be another and it's not a that's all well and good but they have. They went to overtime and they hand -- the pressure was on the progress shots. Had a feeling it was going to be 122. That I concede and Stan. That held run we had a good season -- scared of the -- right forced to game 61. More. Party outside the air and can he really and we talk about these numbers. Speak for yourself on those I. They're not be in these good morning mark. Their eyes. I wanted to thank you very economic hard work our record about the -- hockey game that lets you know unfortunately where urged. By I was able to you know it all on the radio. On the Internet while in Clark and you know it's a wonder will you would agree with -- fact that -- -- talking about all the different out here -- It's the brutal to -- to you bet you a light game three and pork. Compare that the Toronto -- -- 18 thrilling spectacular hockey game in overtime on the road in front of 20000 people and shot the ball up. And we got like 45 and all the I don't think -- at our -- seed in shaken this bears that are -- -- and you think they didn't play with -- -- You know I think thinking into. An argument that intensity. You know and yeah Alex you're here that you see if you don't even one game. Personally I don't Nokia -- he orbit from in which argued that. Last night we mean listen let's be fair do you want them to go -- undefeated in the post season. They're gonna be games you -- -- played well but their energy did you think did you watch game did you think -- -- -- energy year are shocked by the that's the Jeff Bowman gamer yeah. No energy no energy and he said last night to yes there was no -- yeah. I made an overtime was it was us in the war yeah it was good to get a cup -- -- -- energy over the -- I don't know what is it's a 53 to twelve well whatever that was more energy into O'Brien a lot of energy into that thing and it's a good thing to tell us the streak the sell -- streak at that based on -- to Leah Fenway Park. People. -- mean. Not -- watch the Bruins obviously I'm sure it -- -- and -- will reflect that with their ratings. Nobody the ballpark. After the second inning after. This. When you element to vote was 98 not just say it's impossible to do that to it was 98 as a kind of talent cannot. And minutes so. -- Menem and intimately studied the film yet no because I was focusing on the Bruins but. That's five losses in six games via now they're no longer in -- position for a assurance all of this is John Farrell times. Do right the ship probably textures have asked about looking investigation of of Peter saying they're closing net by an -- -- -- these -- -- -- -- I am a Magnum and on the case that a collectible Kris yes that Americans put their sticks down and lift them up to quicken the faceoff circle that -- and that's all I -- in Rhode Island -- -- undermine this morning. Good morning gentlemen I'd trophy is -- and why -- is an independent. Yeah I'm a little surprised. As the other three guys are good that's why. -- -- Well they're bigger at least two with a three a bigger name should say Lundqvist and let's -- The will -- -- best one and only. Bobrovsky liberals Blue Jackets. Yeah I in the -- we couldn't shut outs lines. Yeah it'll save percentage and ninth congress -- -- He could and a finalist very easily -- doubt this is maybe that's what motivated him last night yeah. -- I felt really good about the chances when when they show the face of the goalie he did not have the scared. Marc-Andre Fleury look on the face it looked very comfortable he's on the road hostile environment incredibly intense game -- -- you know have a good time. Odds -- good morning Jake. Jake 08 I think I wouldn't call it addresses at salt yes back that matter it's. So has been up -- in February and later this. Year where this again. They don't miss this year which is except. It's 330. -- which we know who will be issues -- ebitda last ready to wait. So we can get it. But the back is eagle which it shouldn't wait -- we actually never -- checked it lately and the addition China light. -- Better especially here. You think -- better right now. I don't think that's right. I'm sure you catch a live a couple of good tunes -- -- And why it if you look at -- career. Elite eight in the previous -- if you have to actually get Korea definitely pretty. 883. Years. That opt in -- and it. On below the hockey player. The -- you get a doctor. Is not a great situation that he does not eat it right. So you big plus minus is like the most importance that it. I actually think that's where this really shows you what to expect it -- the French and sure want. They consistently. That the best in the -- and that's minus. It's strictly. I don't give you this I'll give. Here's your plus minus leaders. Pascal to plea is number one. -- was crew across these four. Bergeron six marsh in seventh say against time was seventh they all they're all good cholesterol are better players and Phil Kessel. Are they on a better team than Phil Kessel. They're dedication. And you have to -- -- thing about -- -- even when he was with us. The -- that union and -- entire career here at bat even want -- last year. -- Say that about most Bruins. And -- in a moment. I guess you could say that about most Bruins and -- worked side. Break that I don't I mean is -- -- -- -- get that flash without minus letters unfortunately. Well -- me if it's more Republican side -- fourteenth in the NHL in plus minus. I mean he's been a plan of Newcastle. Thanks so you don't do you think that every you think Sagan to metaplayer vote I didn't say that. Did you say I just a great she's a better I decided I don't want Kessel on my team Johnson north and -- John next. Hi John thanks. -- -- in the gulf Arab action. In the employee just still looked a little lie he's -- student. -- -- Lot of people who don't play last night which -- well. I don't know if you remember on the -- in turn around. What he hadn't seen us in particular -- honestly want to do. -- -- hopes and -- And that and that's like a tour according shall I don't know Howard Burton says yeah yeah you it was that. One guy says that this person could send out and how would you -- he's never gonna look for a lot of people say -- -- your first thought that brought -- obsolete or at the first minimal -- He's never gonna look that quick because he's so tall and he's defensive minded and that's true portrait got turned around it -- us in a remedy how often do you see that that the defense get turnaround -- movie you've ever seen Ciara. And up in that situation and -- C went Kessel looks up -- not there is a little bounce in his step. They'd be you know in the -- he changes things when he looks openness to our or -- on enemy knows he's he's don't know this morning doesn't seem like the morning to. -- -- or the ball bashing going yeah yeah we're gonna run just be happy about it now -- The Toronto that's average. Thought we move on from enough. We would we be able from chart if charted that with a note that last night. So you know between just based on whether you -- the post yes competent to -- deeper now we'll hear from put up some of them rather devastated us Steven John we'll get your phone calls next X 6177797937. Or to talk to Ben gross from Ronald succeed where everything is rosy out they are just -- Yahoo! Sports title five bench during an 805 rulings on tickets and we'll give you warnings. Yak off -- -- we get back. Oh sweet interrupted the Cleveland operation on it and slowly individual this guy is not kind of knew was gonna get worse forgo other. Did it was god this course the span. Well and there was the potential that that was you know. A body somewhere yeah we don't know and that that was also flooded or German American hero returns a made to be able flawed that struggle should get into that too because I can't believe how many people jumped all over me. When I dumped on Charles Ramsey you know that's the first time in our show's history do you know you and I. All these years showed some patience. Yes first time we didn't jump to conclusions says it it and we said let's wait on shelter them -- dwell on this guy and that was Smart for once we made the Smart move we waited on Charles Ramsey and turn out to -- -- We'll be right back.

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